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Recently, I had an unexpected trip to Aisa. A trip that far from the USA is not cheap so this time my wife had to stay home. I was gone for two weeks. Two weeks is a lifetime when you are getting fucked three to four times a week and experimentation is the rule not the exception.

I took my newly purchased iPad with SKYPE installed with me on the trip. I installed SKYPE on my wife’s iPhone. With no cost at all we could see and talk to each other each day. Little did I know that SKYPE is a long distance sex toy.

I called my wife upon arrival in Asia. The flight for me was 30 total hours in a plane or airport. We talked for a brief time. She looked good in a spaghetti strap top with her 36D tits bulging out of it. I needed sleep after the long trip so the video phone call lasted just a few minutes.

I was exhausted, but all I could think of was my wife’s big 36D tits and how badly I wanted to fuck her. We’d been apart before, but never with video phone call capability. Seeing my wife looking so good just made my desires escalate.

The next day I walked the streets, enjoyed the sights and sounds and had some great food from the street vendors. All I could think of was fucking my wife’s beautiful ass and sucking on her massive tits.

The time difference bahis şirketleri is 12 hours. I called my wife at 9PM which was her 9AM. She had already showered, but was in a silk robe awaiting my call.

When she accepted the video phone call she was sitting on the living room couch.

She said, “I miss you. Do you miss these?” She opened her silk robe to reveal her big braless tits to me.

I was surprised, but very happy to have erotic video of my wife so far from home. She then started playing with her nipples for me to watch and said, “I love touching my nipples, but nothing feels as good as you sucking them.”

I said to her, “Baby, you’re getting my cock real hard.”

She said, “Show me. I want to see that thick cock I love so much.”

I leaned the iPad up on the dresser so my wife could see me get undressed. This whole sexy video phone conference was getting me even harder. She saw my swollen cock and said, “Stroke yourself for me.”

I did and she said, “Wow this is the best thing I’ve ever seen on my iPhone.”

Then she added, “Do not cum. You are not permitted to cum on this trip without my permission. If you do cum without my permission you will pay a severe price when I get home. I will never let you wear my panties again.”

I bahis firmaları simply said, “Yes honey, you know I will do as I am told because I love wearing your panties and I love the sexual pleasure you give me.”

We ended the phone call and there I was with erotic things spinning in my head, a hard cock and nothing I could do.

This continued each day. One day my wife propped the iPhone up so I could watch her shave her pussy. Another time she had me watch her pleasure herself with the vibrator. All this time I was ordered not to cum.

Finally, on the middle day of the trip, one week from leaving home my wife said, “Today you get to cum. I don’t want you going crazy in Aisa and cumming today will still allow for a major cum buildup for the day you arrive back to me.”

She instructed me to undress in front of the iPad. She then instructed me to place the iPad, so she could see me lay down on the bed. She told me to slowly stroke myself while she talked to me. The pleasure was intense.

My wife said, “I can’t wait to get your cock in pretty silk panties when you get home. I’m going to buy brand new Victoria Secret silk panties for you to wear. I’m going to lick your cock with you wearing the new panties. Then I’m going to leave your kaçak bahis siteleri panties on and pull your cock out so I can ride it. I’m going to ride you cowgirl to start and pound my pussy down on your cock and panties. My pussy will be so wet your panties will get drenched from the pounding.”

“After I enjoy myself riding your cock I’m going to get on my back and take your cock in me, but I’m going to put coconut lotion on your nipples and tease your nipples until you want to cum so badly, I’m not going to let you cum. I’m going to stand at the side of the bed and let you fuck my pussy in panties from behind.”

Then she said, “How does your cock feel right now?”

I said, “I’m ready to cum baby.”

She said, “Cum for me baby, cum for me just like you do in my pussy here at home in our fuck palace.”

I first load of cum burst onto my chin. The rest squirted onto my stomach and chest.

I got video phone sex without cumming for the rest of the trip. I arrived home to a shaved pussy and those tits I love. As I walked into the house my wife was spinning a pair of pink stretchy silk VS panties with white trim around her finger. She said, “I don’t care how tired you are, I need that cock right now. Put these panties on. I have a matching pair on. Let’s start enjoying each other.”

We fucked exactly as she had told me that day. What a great return home. The next 17 days were filled with sex and on the 18th day we rested for one day.

I love technology and I love my wife.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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