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One autumn night, after 35 years of considering sexual activities to be mediocre, Julia’s sexual life changed forever. A friend invited her to a lingerie party, and Julia decided to go because she wanted to buy something comfortable to sleep in.

As Julia turned onto the street where the party was supposed to be, she saw a line of cars in front of a large 3 story home, and noticed her friend, Amy, standing outside the front door waiting. She saw Julia and waved, smiling. Julia quickly parked and crossed the yard, and they entered the warm house, escaping the chilly night air. The home was very welcoming, and there was a large number of women there, some socializing and some looking at products. Some looked as young as 18, but quite a few were around Julia’s age, maybe even in their 40’s. Julia saw that several women were dressed in various forms of lingerie.

“I don’t have to walk around in this stuff, do I?” she asked Amy.

“Not if you don’t want to,” Amy replied.

Julia shook her head. “No thanks, I’ll keep my clothes on.” She smirked.

She was extremely attractive – tall and thin, with dark hair, olive skin, and terrific breasts – but she had always been modest. She had dated a lot of men in college, but didn’t sleep with many of them. She married a man in her mid 20’s, but the marriage only lasted for a few years. She’d dated a few men since, but mostly focused on her career. She didn’t think about sex much. In her experience, it just hadn’t been that great. Even the guys she’d been with who she considered to be good in bed hadn’t made any lasting impressions.

Julia wasn’t aware of it, but she had never come close to having a truly mindblowing orgasm. She had never been with a lover who had really utilized every source of pleasure available on her body. Julia had extremely sensitive nipples – just the lightest touch of the tip of her nipple could bring incredible pleasure. But not a single man she’d been with had stimulated her nipples as a part of their sexual encounters. Julia knew that it felt nice when something brushed across her nipple. Sometimes when getting dressed, she relished in the feeling of the fabric lightly dragging over her nipples. But she had never even stimulated them when bringing herself to orgasm, which she didn’t do very often anyway. Julia’s clitoris was also extremely sensitive, but she used a vibrator, which quickly desensitized her clitoris and made it take quite a while to orgasm. When she finally did climax, the orgasm was mediocre. What Julia never realized was that her sensual parts needed a very light touch, not a harsh one. She just assumed she wasn’t capable of having powerful orgasms, and never explored other ways of creating them. For nearly 20 years, Julia had been missing out on incredible orgasms. Fortunately, that was about to change.

As Julia and Amy looked at various pieces of lingerie, a beautiful young girl approached them, smiling. “Hello, I’m Natalia,” she spoke in a slightly Russian accent.

“Nice to meet you,” replied both Amy and Julia.

“Nice to meet you too. I’m the host of the party. If there’s anything you need, just let me know.”

“Thank you,” said Amy, smiling. Natalia walked away, continuing to briefly greet other guests.

Amy and Julia browsed and chatted with other women for an hour or so, eventually going separate ways. Julia found several things she wanted to buy. One of the items was a short slip-like dress made of satin, and it was fairly expensive, so Julia wanted to be sure it fit before buying. She saw Natalia standing by herself looking through a few items, and she walked over. “Excuse me… Natalia, right?”

Natalia turned and smiled. “Yes. Have you found some things you like?”

“I found several actually, but I’m wondering if there’s a chance I can try on this one thing to make sure it fits me.”

“Of course. I can show you to one of the rooms. Follow me.”

Julia followed Natalia. She couldn’t help but admire the young woman’s body. Natalia wore a short skirt and corset-like top, made of some sort of lace fabric. Her long dark hair flowed down her back. It appeared that no one else was upstairs; all the rooms were dark. They went to the end of the hall and Natalia flicked on a dim light, entering. The room contained a few pieces of leather furniture, a pool table, and a bar. A huge mirro hung on one of the walls, and near it was a bamboo room divider.

“Let me make you a drink. Tell me what you like,” said Natalia.

Julia shrugged. “Sure. Thank you. I love rum, if you have it.”

Natalia nodded, heading to the bar. “You can go behind the room divider to try that on while I make them if you like.”

Julia hadn’t planned on having anyone else see her in these items. Maybe that’s how these things work, she thought. She didn’t want to offend one of the hosts, so she stepped behind the divider and began to undress. She heard Natalia pouring drinks. She put on the outfit and hesitated for a second, then stepped out in front of the mirror. She looked incredibly sexy in the piece she had chosen. It was a little chilly in the room, just enough that her long nipples hardened a bit and showed through şişli bayan escort the thin fabric. Had it been bright in the room, she may have quickly stepped behind the divider again, but it was dim.

She heard Natalia behind her. “Wow. You look incredible in that piece.” She walked over and handed Julia one of the glasses, taking a drink from her own.

“Thank you… for the compliment and the drink.” She laughed and gulped down a bit of the drink, looking back in the mirror.

“Not to be forward, but… you have lovely breasts. Your nipples… are very inviting.” She stepped forward, and Julia could tell in the reflection that Natalia was gazing directly at her breasts.

This comment surprised Julia. She wasn’t sure what to say. “Uh… thank you.” She saw Natalia observing her body. Rather than feeling embarrassed, she felt proud that this gorgeous woman was admiring her. Julia drank a bit more. “I think I’m going to buy it.”

Natalia walked to a stand nearby and turned on a machine that started to play some kind of trip-hop music at a low level. “Just out of curiosity,” she said, sitting down on one of the leather sofas, “have you ever been to one of these parties?”

“No,” she Julia. She walked to a leather chaise and sat down. “Is it that obvious?” She smirked.

“No, I’m just curious. This is the first one I’ve hosted around here. I love these parties. I guess I am just quite appreciative of the female body and encourage women to accessorize it in ways that show off their beauty.”

“I think that’s great,” replied Julia. “It’s always good to have a few things that make you feel truly sexy. Even if you don’t have a lover.” She laughed.

“No lover would be a tragedy. You should at least have a friend to have fun with. You know… to bring you a little pleasure now and then.”

“Ah, penises aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, in my opinion.”

Natalia smirked. “Sometimes not. That’s one reason why I started turning to my female friends for real satisfaction.”

Julia was again caught off guard. She looked down at her drink. “That I’ve never done.”

“You’ve never played around a little with a girlfriend, just to see what it would be like?”

“Nope. Straight as an arrow.” Julia used a friendly tone of voice, not wanting to offend Natalia if she was a lesbian.

Natalia laughed a little. “So am I. I’m married to a man. Experimenting with the pleasure of another girl’s touch doesn’t make you gay.”

Julia looked up. “Yeah, maybe you’re right.” She hadn’t really considered that idea. But the thought of two girls together didn’t disgust or bother her either. She just hadn’t thought of it as something a girl would do unless she preferred woman in general. Maybe that was why she never considered that option. On a few occasions in college, while drinking at a party a female stranger would try to get Julia to come into a bedroom to “have some fun,” but she had turned them down, laughing it off. And now here she was, years after college… drinking at a party. She looked down at her empty glass. The drink had been strong, and she realized she felt just a slight wave of euphoria, the beginning of a nice buzz.

Natalia spoke in a sultry voice. “I know this may sound odd, but I am curious if I can see your breasts. I just truly appreciate lovely breasts, and I can’t stop wondering what they look like.”

This was a startling request, but somehow the idea of this young girl viewing her breasts didn’t seem so odd. After all, she was at a lingerie party. Some woman exposed themselves without being asked. Now this gorgeous young Russian girl wanted to see her body. There really wasn’t any harm in showing her. “Okay. Sure.”

Natalia climbed down from the sofa and rested on her knees in front of Julia, finishing her drink and setting it aside. Julia put her empty glass down, and she let each spaghetti strap drop off her shoulders. Then she pulled the soft fabric down slowly, hesitating for a few seconds, and slid it over her breasts. The fabric felt amazing as it slid over her nipples, and Julia exhaled a little. Her breasts were now exposed. She had a C cup. Her areola was dark and her nipples were large and rather long, which is why they’d shown through the fabric so prominently.

“Oh wow,” whispered Natalia. “They’re absolutely gorgeous. Your nipples are incredible.”

Julia laughed. “Thank you.”

“Are they sensitive?” Natalia asked.


“You must love to touch them when you’re pleasuring yourself.”

“I never do, actually. My hands are usually occupied by the vibrator. It takes a while, but it gets the job done.”

Natalia looked up. “No one’s ever done it to you?”

Julia shrugged. “The guys I’ve been with loved to grab them. But it doesn’t really do anything for me.”

“Oh no,” said Natalia. “That is such a waste.” She returned her gaze to Julia’s nipples. “Can I show you what I mean?”

“What… like touch them?”

Natalia smirked. “Not just touch them. I mean show you how fully they can be pleasured.”

Julia might have ordinarily felt uncomfortable and left the room, but the euphoric feeling şişli escort of the rum was settling in, and she felt at ease. So much that hearing Natalia say that was oddly erotic. Maybe it was a combination of the rum, the dim room, the sexy music playing quietly, and the fact that her breasts were bare and a sexy young girl was looking at them with lust. Julia hadn’t had anyone touch her for quite a while. She hadn’t even touched herself for a few months because she’d been busy with work. Now, she felt herself becoming aroused at the thought of this girl doing things to her body.

“Oh my God… I’ve never done anything like that. I don’t know how I’ll feel about it.”

“Let me try, and if you don’t like it I can stop. No harm done.” Even Natalia’s accent seemed erotic now. Before Julia could even respond, Natalia said, “just close your eyes for a moment. It won’t take long. I just want to try something.”

Natalia was very convincing. Julia hesitated, not knowing what Natalia was going to do, but took a breath and closed her eyes. Natalia leaned closer and gently let her fingers glide over the sides of Julia’s breasts. Just this initial contact made Julia shiver. Natalia’s fingers began to make wide circles around Julia’s nipples, touching so lightly she almost wasn’t making contact at all. Julia was immediately overwhelmed by how good this light touch felt. It was very different from the harsh grabbing done by the men she’d been with. This was sensual, and it seemed that every nerve ending in her breasts were activated as Natalia’s fingers passed over them. She continued to make these wide circles, and then Julia realized that the circles were becoming smaller, getting closer and closer to her nipples. Her breathing quickened, and she tightened her grip on the edge of the chaise. The closer Natalia’s fingers came to Julia’s nipples, the better it felt. Soon, she was circling directly around the nipple, using her fingers to lightly trace the outline of the areola. Julia felt her nipples tingle in anticipation of being the next thing touched. Natalia circled slowly around the areola for a moment.

“Your nipples are so long. I can’t imagine how sensitive they must be. This is probably going to feel so good… I’m going to take one into my mouth now.”

Before Julia could even process what Natalia had said, she felt Natalia’s soft, slick tongue make contact with her right areola and begin to circle the nipple lightly. Her tongue grazed the very outside of Julia’s long nipples, and the nerve endings exploded with pleasure. Julia stiffened, tightly clutched the edge of the chaise, and moaned involuntarily. “Ohh…” She was instantly overwhelmed by this feeling. It felt so good. Her nipple was so extremely sensitive, and Natalia’s slick tongue circling it made it tingle with intense pleasure. She circled and circled, and then after a moment, she let her smooth, slick tongue glide over the tip of the nipple. This caused such an intense wave of pleasure in the nipple that Julia cried out, “oh, God!” and her head fell back, her mouth open. Natalia’s tongue slid around and over the nipple several more times, and Julia made another pleasure-filled moan, and then took a breath and released it with a shuddering sound.

Natalia then began this same routine on Julia’s left nipple. Julia took shaky breaths as Natalia’s tongue began to swirl around the areola, then after a moment, she let it glide again over the tip of the nipple, then around and over it interchangably, touching so lightly. Julia moaned again, louder this time. “Oh my God… oh my God…”

Natalia continued to pleasure the left nipple for a couple minutes, and then finally sat up again.

“Would you like me to stop?”

Julia’s breathing was quick and shuddered, and she finally brought her head back up. Her eyes looked a little glazed.

Natalia continued. “If you don’t want me to stop, I would be more than happy to bring you pleasure for quite a while tonight.”

The sound of this now made Julia feel incredibly turned on. She had only experienced the feeling of this girl pleasuring her nipples for a couple minutes, and already it was the most incredible thing she’d ever felt. She already longed for Natalia to continue. She wanted more. She wanted this sexy young girl to keep making her nipples feel good like this. She whispered in an exasperated voice, “No, don’t stop.”

Natalia smiled. “Just lean back and put her hands behind her head so your arms won’t be in the way.”

Julia put her legs up on the leather chaise. It was shaped sort of like a scoop, and her body rested in it comfortably. She rested her head on the pillow and placed her hands behind it, and her round breasts protruded upward, the nipples now harder and awaiting the return of a tongue.

Natalia sat on the edge and immediately went back to what she’d been doing. She made light contact again and let her tongue start over by swirling around and around the right nipple. Then her soft, wet lips enveloped it, and Julia cried out again at this new feeling. Natalia’s lips covered the entire long nipple, and she moved them back and forth lightly, causing just enough friction that Julia mecidiyeköy escort felt an explosion of pleasure in the entire nipple. She cried out again, grasping the pillow, her body writhing a little. Natalia then switched to the other nipple and repeated the same steps.

As Natalia softly suckled one nipple, she reached over with her hand and used a finger to circle the other nipple, and then caressed the tip of it lightly in a gentle circular motion. Both nipples were exploding with sweet pleasure now, and Julia’s back arched as she cried out frantically, gasping between sentences, “Oh God! Oh God! That feels so good!” She moaned, and it was so thick with intense ecstasy that it almost sounded like a moan of agony.

Julia was in a complete haze of pure ecstasy, unable to think of anything except the feeling in her two nipples. She didn’t even know it was possible to feel this kind of pleasure in her nipples. She didn’t know they were capable of producing such ecstasy. But in this moment, the things Natalia was doing were making up for years of lost pleasure.

Though Julia was so lost in a thick haze of ecstasy that she was unable to perceive time, Natalia spent 20 minutes using her thick lips and slick, soft tongue to caress, swirl around, gently massage, and softly suckle each nipple. When her tongue was attending to one, her fingers were stroking the breasts and pleasing the other nipple, so that at all times there was maximum pleasure being brought to both sides, and to the sensitive skin all around the nipples. It was too much – Julia could do nothing more than just constantly moan softly, occasionally crying out when Natalia switched to a different form of stimulation and attended to new nerve endings. It was incredible. Julia didn’t want it to end. She laid completely limp on the chaise, taking shaky breaths, taking in the sharp pings of deep pleasure she kept feeling throughout both nipples, moaning… She didn’t think it could get any better than this.

And then, suddenly, it did. Natalia lips continued to suckle one nipple, her fingers gently rubbing the other nipple… and the fingers of her free hand lightly traveled down the satin dress, grazing over Julia’s thighs. Julia’s legs instinctively fell open slowly and rested against the sides of the chaise, allowing Natalia’s fingers to glide over the inside of her thighs. She now realized that Natalia’s intention was not just to pleasure her nipples, but to bring her to orgasm. She moaned at the realization of this.

Natalia’s fingers grazed up and down her inner thighs over and over again. She slid the satin up, exposing Julia’s shaved, bare vagina. Natalia paused what she was doing to Julia’s breasts. She looked down and moaned erotically. “Oh, it will be so lovely to massage you to orgasm.”

Hearing these words made Julia shiver. After a moment Natalia’s soft lips returned to Julia’s chest, and she spent another moment softly swirling around one nipple and then the other until Julia was lost again in the haze of pleasure. Then Natalia’s fingers returned to Julia’s exposed vagina, and when her fingers made contact with the area above Julia’s vagina, she realized that they were now extremely wet with some kind of lubricant. It was so slick that Natalia’s fingers slid effortlessly over the skin, spreading the greasy substance to all the areas they touched.

She let her fingers glide in wide circles around Julia’s clitoris, caressing the skin softly and making it slick. With every circle she came closer and closer, and Julia moaned again, almost afraid of how it would feel when Natalia actually touched her clitoris. She now realized that her clitoris would probably respond the same way to a light caress as her nipples did. She had only used an abrasive vibrator, and usually just in the shower with water, never a slick lubricant like this.

As Natalia neared the clitoris, she quit stimulating Julia’s nipples for a moment. Julia now focused on the feeling of the skin around her clitoris being stimulated, and her breathing quickened as Natalia’s slick fingers came closer to her clitoris, and finally she was just around it, circling so slowly and lightly. Her fingers were so wet, and at last she moved in and began directly circling around Julia’s enlarged clitoris. This felt so amazing, and Julia moaned loudly.

Natalia lightly swirled around and around the clitoris for a couple minutes… and then in one fluid circular motion, she let her slick fingers glide onto the clitoris, massaging softly in a circle, and at the same instant her soft tongue returned to one nipple and the fingers of her other hand returned to the second nipple – she was now stimulating both nipples and massaging the clitoris at the same time. Instantly, Julia’s clitoris exploded with such deep, sharp pleasure, and the sweet ecstasy in her nipples intensified tremendously – this was total, absolute, disgustingly sweet bliss! In that instant, Julia sucked in air, her back arched, she clutched the pillow tightly, and then she cried out in a sickly tortured, broken-up voice, “ohh- ohh – ohhhhh God! Ohhhhh!” The pleasure of having all three of these sweet pleasure spots stimulated at one time was so amazingly intense that Julia almost couldn’t handle it. It felt like her clitoris and nipples were directly connected. The feeling in each one intensified the feeling in the others, and just kept intensifying with every second.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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