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“So, you seem healthy for a man your age. You’re healthy for a man half your age. Was there anything else?”

“Well, Doctor, there is one problem,” Mark mentioned reticently.

“You see, I met this woman a while ago. It’s the first girl I’ve, you know, been with since I was married and things just aren’t the same.”

“Having erectile difficulties?” the doctor asked.

“No, not at all. Almost the opposite,” Mark paused to collect his words, “It has no problem getting up and staying up, it just takes so long to… finish.”

“I’m not sure what you mean. Don’t be shy,” the doctor asserted.

“It takes a lot longer to cum than it used to. I mean, it can take an hour, sometimes two, of, you know, fucking.”

“That’s a problem? Your girlfriend must love it,” the doctor said jokingly.

“Let’s just say that, after the first hour, it loses it’s charm.”

“Have you tried different positions?”

“Are you kidding? It’s like gymnastics. She’s an animal in bed and out of bed, too. I can’t figure it out. She’s gorgeous and sexy and I can’t look at her without getting turned on but my dick just doesn’t want to get the job done.”

“I’ve heard of this problem before,” the doctor said with a smirk, “It’s called getting older.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

“That’s a relief. I thought you might recommend a psychologist or something.”

“Do you think you need a psychologist?”

“It’s always a pleasure talking to you, Doc.”

Mark returned home to find Jenny preparing dinner. He admired her teardrop ass as she stood in front of the stove, stirring a pot. Then, she bent over to take a peek inside the stove and he thought of taking her right there.

“You don’t have to work tonight?” he asked.

“Fuck,” she exclaimed as she was startled, “Don’t surprise me like that.”

He walked up behind her, put his arms around her and kissed her on the neck.

“Sorry. Mmm, smells wonderful.”

“Filet of salmon in aspic,” Jenny said proudly.

“I’m not talking about the food.”

She turned around and pulled his head and lips to hers. They had their own little world together which is a good thing because when they were apart they lived in different worlds.

Mark had been working in the same office building since college, nearly twenty years. He had risen to the ranks of upper-middle management or maybe even middle-upper management, depending on who you talked to. It was a big company where he knew everybody. It was also a conservative company that had never heard of casual Fridays. Over twenty years, Mark had become part of the furniture but, since the divorce, had abstained from the company’s social occasions. Without a significant other, he would been too much of an other.

He had imagined introducing Jenny to his associates but was scared she wouldn’t fit in. Jenny is unconventional, to say the least. She believed in astrology and even called herself a wiccan. She talked about it proudly and, although Mark would not try to discourage her, he would be embarrassed if she interpreted his boss’ tarot cards or something like that. Actually, he found that charming about her. She was so open and free and so different from him. They didn’t agree on much but, as long they could merely accept, they didn’t disagree.

If nothing else, it was certainly a learning experience for Mark. Before he met her, his life seemed like a cave. Now, it was a open field with endless horizons but, five days a week and eight hours a day, he had to return to his cave. It’s a crowded cave where everybody dressed alike, talked alike and thought alike. Anything individual, like a personality, had been quietly and thoroughly repressed. The walls of the cave were grey and blue ciplak izle suits. Personally, Mark preferred the grey, they represented nothing but conformity and comfortable warmth.

Just outside the cave was sunshine but there was also rain and snow. Mark had seen his share of storms but until he met Jenny, had never smelled the flowers. She brought back his long forgotten youth and was everything that he was not. She lived by her own rules and made no excuses. Maybe, just maybe, they would see the light and warmth that she brought into his life.

“Jenny, I want to introduce to the people I work with. There’s going to be a dinner party next Saturday and I would be honoured to show you off.”

“Jeez. This is like meeting your parents. I guess I could wear the white dress.”

“Actually, something more conservative would be better. I can buy you something new, if you like.”

She was wearing the white dress when he met her. She had a platinum blonde wig to go with it and was doing a Marilyn Monroe routine. She even had a fan at the side of the stage to blow her dress up. It was sort of cute but the audience was too young and too impatient to get it. She took a bit longer than usual to get out it but, when she was wearing just that lacy white bra and a thong, Mark was in awe. She was one of the most beautifully shaped women he had ever seen. She had an ass that could crush walnuts and tits like tennis balls. Despite that, he could not stop looking at her eyes and the perfection of her face. She danced for him, specifically, even though he was sitting far back from gynecology row. After her turn on stage, she came to see him and he bought her a ridiculously priced soda.

They talked about all sorts of things. Amazingly, she was only a few years younger than him. She was in incredible shape for someone 38 years old. They laughed at all the other girls that were half her age and had flabby butts. She had loaned out one of her dresses to one of these young amateurs and was concerned that it would be stretched. She worked six nights a week in that bar to support her two children and told him all about her two daughters as she stroked his cock in his pants. It was difficult to remain controlled as she talked about the school play performing Joseph’s Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. Eventually, she led him to a corner booth and he paid for a lap dance. He was a bit embarrassed.

“What can I say. It works,” he apologized for his erection.

“You should be proud of that big guy.”

“I thought it was normal sized but you’re the expert.”

She grinded herself over it and her tits rubbed against his face. Her nipples brushed lightly against his lips. It was the closest he had had to sex in years and wished he could touch her. He considered asking how much it would cost for “full service” but wouldn’t insult her by implying she was a prostitute. He stayed there till the place closed and had two more lap dances. Except for when she was on stage or changing, she stayed with him for the whole night. It was much better than a date. They talked and laughed like they had been friends for years.

Mark did go home alone that night. He considered that all she was doing was using him for his money. She was very good at her job. It took him a week to return. He wanted to go back every night but restrained himself. She was lap dancing on some grubby construction worker when he saw her and that guy didn’t get the special treatment that he had. Mark was shocked to be excited to see her on another guy. She noticed him and gave him a big smile while the guy had his eyes closed and looked like he just creamed his jeans.

It cost Mark another hundred dollars before he worked up the nerve to ask commander fort izle her out for coffee. He had been getting his lap dances for free ever since and now he got to use his hands. He started to learn a lot about sex. Mostly, how little he knew before. He learned more in one week than he had in twelve years of marriage. She liked to tie him to the bed and tease him. She would dominate and torture him till he couldn’t take it any more and, then, ride him like bucking bronco. It was like her job but with real power.

Of course, there were her daughters too. Mark’s first wife couldn’t have kids and they talked about adoption but it never happened. He didn’t push it but he loved the idea being a father. They liked him too and it didn’t hurt that he made lots of money. Sometimes, true feelings just need a little encouragement. Just wait till he gets that promotion coming up. Then he’ll have that big, top floor office and more money than he knows what to do with.

Don’t misunderstand, it wasn’t always easy. Life is only perfect when you’re ignorant of the flaws. Mark had lived a life of controlled emotions and narrow morality. That wasn’t just conditioning, it took discipline and strength and pride. It was something she couldn’t possibly understand. He understood her no better. The choices she had made in her life baffled him but he thought he could rescue her. Funny, but Jenny thought that she could rescue him. She started by buying him the first jeans and t-shirt he had worn in two decades. It would take more than denim to free his constricted spirit.

There were times when Mark would just shake his head after she had said something. He could draw a line from question “A” to answer “B” as straight and sharp as Occam’s razor. Jenny, on the other hand, drew wavy lines and disjointed circles and eventually found answer “C.” Frankly, the question is more important than the answer but the journey makes all the difference. Mark liked to think that he was logical and she was associative. Maybe it was a left brain and right brain thing or perhaps Venus and Mars. How about a cat person and dog person? In any case, opposites may attract but they make strange bedfellows.

“My hard, hardened man,” Jenny whispered as she lowered herself onto him.

Mark wasn’t tied down this time. He didn’t need to be. The spike heel boots she wore were enough to threaten him, especially when they were inches from his cock. She got a lot more use out of her costumes than just on stage and when he did go see her perform, each costume had personal meaning. It was both difficult and erotic to watch her dance for other men and on other men but that was her job. He knew they didn’t get to do what he was doing. He was entering her. The wait while she enticed him had only made it more intimate. He had admired every inch of her body as she danced above him and now he got to share it. She had rubbed against and poked and licked every inch of him, especially for the eight inches she attended to now. She kneeled over him, barely touching him except for her pencil eraser nipples which stroked all the way from his chest to his lips. She would let him suck on one for just a second and pull away. Then the other.

When she tired, it was his turn on top. Then, it was his turn from behind and beside and on top once more. She had two big orgasms already but wasn’t going to give up until he got his. She got back on top and pounded onto him as hard as fast as she could. Mark was amazed at her ferocity and, finally, he came.

They were both drenched in sweat and breathing hard but they felt wonderful. They were exhausted but they weren’t done yet. It was time for him to teach her something.

“No. No more,” Jenny copenhagen cowboy izle pleaded.

He didn’t listen. He stuck two fingers deep into her hot, wet and slightly sore pussy and felt for the spongy flesh inside. He massaged it and squeezed it under his thumb and kept at it despite her writhing body. Jenny could swear like a sailor but he was beginning to wonder if the neighbours would call the police. He probably would have stopped if he knew she was going to scream like that when she had the biggest orgasm of her life. For Jenny, this was something new and incredible. It felt deeper, like her whole body had cum. She felt embarrassed that she had lost control of her bladder but Mark explained later that it wasn’t urine. Still, they had to flip the mattress.

He should have known better. He should have warned her but how could he ask her to deny herself. The dinner party was an official disaster. At first, he took great pride being with the prettiest girl in the room and she was social marvel but somebody, eventually, had to ask her what she did for a living.

“I’m a exotic dancer.” Jenny answered plainly and when she saw the puzzled response, “A stripper.”

Mark cringed inside but all his discipline allowed him to show no emotion. Even the unflappable Mrs. White, his boss’ wife stuttered with an answer for that. She was definitely flapped. The rest of the night, he saw whispering and pointed fingers out of the corner of his eye. He decided to leave early. The drive home was almost completely quiet.

“You would think they never met a dancer before,” Jenny tried to break the ice.

“Probably never have,” Mark answered, “Their loss, I guess.”

Jenny wasn’t exactly the smartest girl in the world but she was sensitive and knew that it bothered him. He had been humiliated in front of his co-workers and she wished she had lied but she didn’t know how. They had sex again that night but nothing kinky. She was on the bottom and he took the lead but he never managed to cum. After an hour and half, he just rolled off to the side.

If Mark thought that the party was bad, Monday must’ve been hell. The secretaries all had silly smirks and his fellow middle managers kept asking personal questions. The upper management was not so amused. In fact, he was asked what the hell he was thinking for bringing a girl like that. It wasn’t till later in the week that he learned that he missed out on that promotion. It went to another guy that was certainly not as qualified but married to a former debutante.

He got home that night to find Jenny already there. He told her about losing the promotion but left out the reason why. She offered to do his astrological chart to make him feel better.

“What the fuck are you talking about,” he barked, “I got real problems. Don’t need that crap right now.”

“I just wanted to help.”

“Don’t really need any more of your help.”

“So, it’s my fault. Is that it?”

“That’s it”

Jenny felt like she had been punched in the gut. Everything she was wasn’t good enough. She began to cry. Jenny had always been an outsider, looking in. It had made her angry but mostly toward herself. Now, all she could do was turn that anger inside-out.

“Fuck you,” she whimpered, “You uptight bastard.”

“I’m uptight? Is that because I don’t dry hump my customers or because I don’t believe in fairy tales?”

“No, it’s because you’re just one gigantic sphincter.”

“Now it comes out,” Mark continued, “The asshole and the tramp.”

“Is that what you think, honestly?”

Mark knew he had gone over the line and regretted what he said but it was the way he felt. He wasn’t used to dealing with his feelings.

“Doesn’t matter what I think.”

“Tell you what I think,” Jenny said, trying to regain her cool, “I think it’s over.”

“That’s probably for the best,” Mark answered.

Sure, there were a lot more tears and regrets over the next few weeks but neither of them changed their minds. It’s a hard, hard thing to change.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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