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Dina’s dark pussy hairs were matted down with our sweat, my semen, and her girl juice and I couldn’t help but be so turned on by that sight. I think it was the fact that I had finally gotten with an older woman which was a fantasy of mine. I shifted my focus to my half stiff cock that needed a rest but not a long one!

Dina’s hand reached out for it and slowly stroked it, trying to expedite its return to full hardness. As she rubbed it, I placed a hand on her belly and made my way up to her sweaty tits. The feel of their massiveness sprung my cock back to full life in Dina’s hand and she stroked it faster. I had to pull myself away, pushing her hand back to avoid getting worked up too quickly.

“What’s wrong?” she asked with a puzzled look.

“Nothing at all, but if you keep stroking my dick I’m going to explode and I was planning on saving it for your hairy pussy again!”

“Mmmmm, baby. I need that inside of me again. How do you want me?”

I had just fucked her straddling me which was great because her tits were stuffed in my face but her other awesome feature was that fat Greek ass and I wanted to stare at it while I fucked her. I motioned for Dina to turn onto all fours and as she did so I positioned myself behind her. That hairy wet hole was peeking out under her big butt and I couldn’t wait to get back inside of her. I spit on my cock and before I could slide it back in, Dina turned and took me into her mouth.

I was caught by surprise but quickly warmed up to her tongue and lips running along my hardened tool.

We locked eyes and Dina spoke. “It’s way more fun if I lube this big boy up first.”

“It sure is,” I told her.

She took me in further and further and then pulled her lips back along my shaft until it fell out of her mouth. She repeated this a few times, adding her hand to rub my heavy ball sack while she slurped away happily.

When she couldn’t wait any longer to feel it inside her again, Dina pulled her mouth away and turned back around on all fours. I needed no further invitation and casino siteleri I lined up my now saliva coated cock along her sweet hole and pressed only the engorged head into her, causing a sudden moan.

I’ve been told my cock head is pretty big and wide and so I let it sit inside her for a moment, teasing the shit out of her until she outsmarted me and slid back toward me, forcing my cock to slide its way into her almost all the way.

We both groaned as I regained control and pulled slightly back before slamming forward into her with my full girth and power.

“Ahhhhhh, mmmm fuck!” “Holy fuck!!”

As I pistoned in and out of Dina from behind, I gripped her fat tush with my hands for support and squeezed her cheeks harder than I thought I was as I fucked her. Her ass cheeks were turning red from my grip but she didn’t care a bit. I could tell that I could probably do anything I wanted with this woman and she’d be down with it which had me so incredibly turned on.

Each time I pulled my cock out of her, I saw more of her creamy juice covering my cock which made me slam back into her with all the force I could. Her massive globes hung below her and swayed like pendulums as we fucked and I slid my hands from her ass to her tits, just cupping them and absorbing their weight as I continued to work my cock inside of her pussy.

One thing I like to do when I fuck a woman from behind is to spread her legs wider while she’s on all fours to get a different angle and deeper penetration and as soon as I pushed her feet apart further, I knew that Dina liked it too!

She writhed on my thick cock and her moans turned into screams, which served to egg me on to give her all I had. I told Dina to grab the headboard of the bed and that gave me the stability to speed up my pace. I started to ram her as fast as I could, my cock sliding in and almost all the way out of her each time before sliding back into her depths. She begged for me to fuck her harder and I quickened my pace even more.

“Not faster. HARDER! FUCK güvenilir casino ME HARDER!!”

I wasn’t even sure I could but I pushed her ass down lower which pushed her into an even lower doggy position and I really gave her all I had, as hard as I could. I imagined she had to be feeling sore by now with the pounding I was giving her but she made no indication she was ready to stop.

Unfortunately I began to feel that familiar sensation in my cock and I slowed my tempo to about ¼ the speed and intensity I had been using. Dina understood what was happening.

“This old pussy’s got you close to blowing another load huh?”

I laughed. The more she referenced her age and the gap between our ages the hotter I got.

“You know it Dina. You better tell me quickly where you want it this time.”

With that she did something I didn’t expect. She leaned forward causing my manhood to slip out of her. I stared down at my rock hard meat that was covered in all kinds of juices at this point.

She turned her head to me but stayed on all fours with her fat ass sticking up in the air.

“Ever fuck a woman in the ass?”

Woah. I had fucked a girl in the butt once a few years earlier but we were both drunk and it was at the end of a long bar night at about 3 am. While I remember it feeling awesome, I don’t really remember much else of it.

“Once. A few years ago. Is that really what you want to do?”

“Jeff, when a woman asks you that question, don’t throw it back on her and give her the chance to reconsider. Yes, I want to feel that big dick cum inside my ass.”

My dick throbbed with excitement. We were both so sweaty with juices flowing and soaking our bodies and the sheets of the bed. I lined up by her ass hole and figured I’d just slide it in like I did her pussy.

“Slowwww Jeff. You have a thick cock there, and I don’t want you tearing my ass up. Ease it into me and let me get used to it. I promise you’ll like it.”

“I can’t imagine I won’t, Dina.”

We both giggled as I canlı casino focused on slipping in the first inch or so of my cock. Once my cock head had gotten past her hole, the rest did start to slide in deeper with not much of a problem. I continued to go slow because sure it was a tighter fit and I wanted Dina to feel good. As each inch disappeared into her, I felt her body tensing as she tried to accommodate me.

Once I was just about brushing my balls with her ass cheeks, I paused, letting her get used to the feel before I ever so slowly started to build a rhythm. I figured I’d do my thing unless I heard otherwise from Dina and so far, she was loving it. Now I was close to cumming before I even started fucking her in the butt so obviously I was again very close to injecting my hot load into her body.

The pleasure was too much for me and I announced that I was going to blow. Dina begged to feel it shot deep into her ass, of which I was only all too happy to oblige her. As my orgasm built and approached I squeezed her ass cheeks again and pumped 3 or 4 more times before I felt that familiar feeling and then my cum gushed out of my fat prick and deep inside Dina’s ass. I felt so fucking deep inside her, I almost thought my cum was going to shoot out of her mouth on the other side.

As my cum blasted into her and my hardness filled her tighter hole, I started to slowly pull my sticky meat out of her when I felt something wet splash onto my cock and my legs as well as the bed. It was dark in color and I touched it with my finger and brought it to my nose, immediately realizing it was shit!!

“Holy shit, what the fuck??” I asked her, totally confused as to what had happened.

“Ha, no pun intended, right Jeff? Relax, it’s common for this to happen after anal sex with a nice big dick like yours.”

“It is? I have never heard of this happening ever!” I was freaking out.

She climbed off the bed and wet a towel in the bathroom next to us, and she brought it back in and wiped down my cock and affected body parts.

“Now you can tell your friends you fucked the shit out of some woman.”

As I lay there going over what had just happened, Dina headed back to the bathroom, her voice trailing behind her.

“NOW I need to shower this used body off. Don’t you go anywhere, baby.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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