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Big Tits

I could say it started when I sent a dick pic to my girlfriend not knowing that her 20-year-old daughter could see her phone. My girlfriend Mary tried to hide the picture but told me later that she was sure her daughter Lauren had seen it. That night I was sure too, because Lauren looked at me differently and kept sneaking glances at my crotch. And when she came downstairs to watch tv with us in her usual tiny shorts and tshirt I could quickly tell that she had skipped both bra and panties.

In retrospect I realize it had been going on for months, since a night we all were watching a movie on the couch and as usual she’d draped her legs over her Moms lap and into mine. I’d been thinking about my plans for her Mom later and was hard as a rock when Lauren’s foot accidentally bumped into my cock. She’d apologized and withdrawn it at first only to slowly return it until my shaft was pressed between the sole of her foot and my thigh. Neither of us had acknowledged it but id rested my hand on her calf under the blanket and she had smiled at that.

Now that she’d seen a picture of my bare hard dick, her foot always seemed to be looking for it. Several times she’d slid her toes under my shorts and touched it directly.

Lauren always asked her mom to scratch or rub her skin, and eventually would ask me to as well. I had always tried to keep it non-sexual but as the foot-to-cock encounters became more regular, I allowed my hands to touch her differently.

Finally one night her mom was stuck in a meeting. I’d come over early, and when her mom said she be another two hours at least, Lauren and I decided to watch a movie. We both went upstairs to change. I chose loose shorts with no underwear and a light shirt then headed down to wait for lauren.

A few minutes later I knew Cebeci Escort I’d have to be careful when she appeared in a white tank top and loose shorts of her own that showed off the curve of her ass. The shirt was thin enough that I could see her hard nipples.

“It’s cold” I said, “we’ll need a blanket.”

She grabbed one and spread it over my legs then stretched her own legs over mine with her thighs across my lap. My hands found her thighs at the same moment her right hand moved below the blanket and rested on my thigh just below my cock, which was already hard and nearly reaching out of my shorts.

As usual she asked me to scratch her and when I asked where she took my hand in her free one and placed it on her inner thigh, halfway up. I spread my fingers open and began to softly scratch and rub her. Almost immediately my thumb felt the fabric of her shorts. I knew her pussy was only inches away so i carefully limited my range of motion. At least, that is, until she said simply “higher.”

With that, I started very slowly expanding the amount of her thigh that I touched, moving my hand rhythmically up and down.

On one motion my thumb again touched her shorts. Then the next time I felt her skin under her shorts. Then slightly higher. And higher. I knew I was less than an inch from her pussy when her breathing changed. So I decided to be bold, and instead of another slight increase this time I spread my fingers wide and moved all the up her thigh until my thumb was pressed solidly against her closed pussy lips. I could feel her heat and tell she was wet. I held my hand there briefly before very slowly sliding down again. Before I reached her knee she shifted slightly. I thought she was giving me better access Çıtır Escort and this was confirmed when on the next upward movement my thumb slid slightly inside her.

I held there only for a moment, then slid hand back down her thigh. Wanting to be sure she was ok, I stopped at her knee then started sliding back up. This time I moved more deliberately and when I reached her hot and wet pussy I slid my thumb in as far as it could reach. My other fingers were pressed against her bottom with my index finger actually resting directly on her tight little ass.

I stopped my hand movements and held my thumb inside her, enjoying her warmth and tightness. I slowly rubbed my index finger on her ass for a moment then decided to be bolder.

“My legs are getting stiff, let me move them, stand up for a second,” I told her as I withdrew my hand.

With her standing, I moved my legs onto the extra wide couch then pulled her down next to me. My right arm was under her and as she lay down I cupped her right breast in my right hand over her top. Then, as she pressed against me I slid my left hand back under her shorts and began to touch her pussy and clit. I vowed to not fuck her, but I wanted to make her cum.

I felt her nipple hardening as my fingers explored her pussy from this new angle. She was extremely wet and every time I slid inside her, her breathing would become quicker. Her ass was grinding against my hard cock as I played with her clit. I stopped touching her long enough to lower my shorts, wanting to feel her skin against my dick. She looked back but didn’t lower her own shorts. I took it as a sign that she also knew we couldn’t fuck but everything else happening was ok.

I returned my fingers to her pussy Demetevler Escort and clit and began a regular and fast rhythm. She reached back with her hand and began to rub my dick. I was so turned on that my pre-cum was flowing and it coated her fingers. Her juices were coating my fingers and I brought them first to my nose to catch her scent then licked them to taste her. She had a very light and sweet taste.

When my fingers returned to her clit I watched as she moved to lick her own fingers, spreading my pre-cum on her lips then licking them clean with her tongue.

I started picking up my pace on her clit, and she began guiding my cock to rub against her bottom. Her shorts were so loose that a few times I felt heat of her pussy against the head of my dick as she moved my shaft up and done.

Then it happened. I felt her stiffen as her orgasm began. Her body began to writhe and as her hips thrust upward she pulled my cock firmly into the crack of her ass. As her orgasm fully took over she slammed her body back down and my dick slid all the way into her extremely tight pussy.

I could feel her muscles contracting against me and it took all of my concentration to not truly fuck her, despite an almost primal urge to pump into her.

Instead, as I felt her orgasm subside I pulled very slowly out. She rolled off the couch onto her knees and straightened her clothes. I made no move to cover my hard cock, and when she looked at me I just looked back.

“I’ve never cum like that,” she said. “And I’ve never sucked a cock.”

I told her it was ok, and went to cover myself when she leaned over and slid her tongue all the way up my shaft. Then she very slowly wrapped her lips around me before letting it pop out like a sucker and standing up.

“Next time, you can teach me how to do that right,” she said before turning away and walking up the stairs to her room.

I went into the bathroom and cleaned up, then popped a beer and tried to get my heart rate down. I knew it had been wrong but all I could think of was how wonderfully tight her pussy had felt around me. “The next time,” she had said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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