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August Ames

In the late seventies and early eighties I lived in what I called the freak capital of the world. The freak capital was, in my opinion, the triangle between Baltimore, MD., Washington, D.C. and Annapolis, MD.

Let us get something straight. Freak was a street term, in my crowd, for women who enjoyed the shit out of sex and their sexuality. Freak was not a condescending or mean term. These girls were having the time of the life and ensured I did too.

It was the time after free love, hippies, ‘Fear of Flying’ and ‘The Joy of Sex’ books. This was the glorious time when ‘Variations’ magazine was published only quarterly but really told some really stimulating stories. A time before AIDS and HIV came into play and became epidemic.

These are my remembrances of a few of the women who sucked on my thick dick and also did some other things with it. When I am sucked well I am two inches shorter than the Lexington Steele dildo but an inch larger around with bigger balls. Unlike Levitra, Viagra and Cialis, if I didn’t stay hard for four hours I was wondering what was wrong.



Totally oral this girl would cum extremely hard and often while she was sucking my dick. Syl would say, “Just lay back and let me work you.” She would polish my balls and dick for hours at a time, with a gentle tongue, especially if there was cocaine and weed involved.

She would come to my door and I had the crack pipe ready for her. After entering she took her hit and would fall upon her knees, take me in her mouth and swallow me to gagging. I would try to pull back but she would say, “I like güvenilir bahis to gag myself”, then continue on.

Dragging her off to my bed, Sylvia’s mouth and tongue action only came up for air when she got a big orgasm and would then stuff my dick all the way down her throat and ride out her cums, gagging herself as she vibrated around my dick. Sometimes she would not even take off her clothing to do the deed.

The woman was totally sensual and would give you a hand massage that gave your dick an amazing hard on and then would proceed to suck your dick to death.


A co-workers sister, I met Gwen at a Christmas party where we shared a gram of coke. Then she drove to my house and spent the night.

I found I was able to look in Gwen’s eyes from across the room and arouse her enough to cum in her panties. Then Gwen wanted sex.

Sucking me just long enough to ensure my dick was very hard she would then demand her pussy or bubble butt be plugged and filled by what she worked so hard on and I would stuff it in her very tight holes.

Gwen’s tight cunt, no matter what we did made her pussy raw. Making her cunt raw and painful I just never got to finish with her. Her ass was even more delicate.

Her female lovers had to have long thin hands. Can you say ‘fist’ boys and girls? She would always manicure my fingernails as foreplay and I would slide four fingers up her ass, thumb in her cunt, while sucking as hard as I could on her clit. Gwen would howl, cum and cry every single time I did it. When I received a manicure I knew what she wanted.

When she got what güvenilir bahis siteleri she wanted the shop doors were closed. “I’m too sore. Your thing is too big. Do you have to take so long to come?”

Gwen is a total dyke as of this writing and has a female lover, who I thought was a man when I saw her but…she has very small hands.


She would suck any dick or pussy so she could get high on drugs or liquor and if she was high already would perform oral anyone at any time or any place just because she felt like it.

Jodi had these Angelina Jolie super Botox lips. Her sisters and mother did too. My dick was always twitching in her female family’s presence.

Extremely well versed in her chosen pastime Jodi had been at it since she was thirteen years old when a man in a bar propositioned her by asking her, “What tune can you play on my flute?”. At some other time I’ll tell you what she was doing in a bar at the age of thirteen.

She and Cora together would suck my dick up very hard then one would sit on it reverse cowgirl and ride, while the other would suck her cunt and my balls.


This little dyke was the freak extraordinaire. No matter what you would ask of her she would do. Suck your toe. Suck your dick. Stick her tongue up you ass and rim it real good. If it turned you on it turned her on.

Also, Cora loved to make her female partners squirm, howl, cum and moan like little whores. She would squeal like a pig from the time you stuck your dick in her throat, up her ass or pussy until you took it out. When you came and would begin to iddaa siteleri soften she would suck and lick the juices off of it then suck it up hard again.

One night we were driving to a sex party she reclined my girlfriend Tonias’s seat all the way back, took off her blouse and bra and began expertly working her nipples and rather large breasts. Tonia pulled down her panties and while driving I worked her sopping wet cunt. It was a great start to an orgy.

I was theirs exclusively at the party. One would fuck me cowgirl, until I came and then suck me hard again for the other who had been kissing me and feeding me tit. I was shooting a load about every half hour and this went on for three or four hours until both pussies were just a little sore from me working out in their holes.

When I left licking them their “wounds” in a sixty-nine I sought out my girl’s girlfriend, who had been dying to suck my dick ever since Tonia told her about my size. She tried to no avail to make me cum for about an hour. She was a very good dicksucker, made me hard enough so it even hurt but alas no cum for me. The other two Ho’s had drained my balls dry. So, she climbed on and came and rode and came and rode…..

Eventually she could only lie on top of me, nibbling my neck and humping her cunt up and down on my still hard dick.


Social and charming I remember Crystal as a very tender, loving lover and dick sucker. Queen of the wet spot, in the bed, just finger stroke her cunt and while it dripped and flowed and she would follow you anywhere.

Terminally ill with the big C, Crystal wanted to cram as much living and dick in her as she could, in the time she had left. I obliged her on every occasion as long as she could.

More tales on these and other dick sucking Ho’s, from the well sucked dick cumming soon in part 2.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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