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Big Tits

Here is my second story. I hope you enjoy. And I welcome feedback of any kind.

I was into the first couple of months of my Junior year in college. I had joined a fraternity the year before and decided to live in the house and see how well I could do balancing my studies with a party environment. I would come to find out that maintaining that balance was a big challenge and I didn’t do so well. The following year I moved out of the house to get my shit together. That is a story for another time.

One of the fraternity brothers introduced me to a friend from his hometown, about an hour away. Her name was Denise and she was a freshman at another university and was on our campus to see some of her friends from high school and party in a different environment. Denise and I hit it off right away. She was short, petite, cute and most importantly for me, tits that were just a bit too big for her tiny frame; a huge turn on for me. And it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

So, for the next few hours, there were four of us hanging out. Me, Denise, my fraternity brother, and his girlfriend. Eventually we decided to get into his car and get a bite to eat for dinner at a fast food place prior to the real party later in the evening. Denise and I sat in the back seat and started making out as we drove.

She was a great kisser but not the smartest woman I’ve ever known. Yet those tits on that 19-year-old body were amazing. She was wearing a tank top that was just a bit too tight and showing off every curve and anyone who looked would see her nipples pressed against the thin white fabric. I was starting to get turned on and wanted more and didn’t want to wait.

As we were driving to the restaurant, I slowly reached for her tits as we were making out and she pushed my hand away. I waited a bit and tried again with the same result. A third time resulted in something different. Her small fist made a firm connection to my balls. Not enough to take me out of the game, but enough to get my attention and feel that uncomfortable ache in my stomach for the next few minutes.

“Slow down. We’ll get there if you behave yourself. Or maybe that is just a sample of what you’ll get later.” She whispered into my ear so that our friends in the front seat didn’t kaçak iddaa hear her.

I was speechless. She continued to kiss me. And she placed her hand on my leg and started to rub my cock and balls gently through my jeans. I was in a state I had never been before. I just got hit in the nuts. I was mildly uncomfortable. Yet I was turned on by this experience and wondered where this would lead.

We arrived at the restaurant. I had recovered enough to not be distracted during our quick meal and drive back to the house. She was sitting next to me as we ate and occasionally and discretely put her hand on my leg and brushed against my cock during the meal. Enough to show me she was interested and wasn’t done with me yet.

We sat in the back seat again on the drive back to the house. Her hand on my leg, stroking me as she did earlier. I didn’t dare reach for those tits again. Not yet. I’d try again later, knowing that there would be a risk to my nuts at that moment. Was it worth it? I wasn’t sure, but I was open to the idea. I had no idea why, but I’m guessing that the benefit of having my way with those tits was worth letting her have her way with my testicles for the evening. Nothing I had ever done before, but fuck, this was college and I had tried other things before. Why not this?

We got back to the fraternity house. The bar and sound system were being set-up. I invited Denise to my room to hang out and chat before joining the arriving crowd. She agreed.

We got to my room and she closed the door and pushed me against it and started making out with me. More intense than in the car. Her hands were all over me and it was like a switch had flipped. She took my hands and put them on her tits.

“Do you like them?” She asked. “I don’t need a bra.”

I didn’t say a word, I just massaged them. I wanted to see them, suck on them but was a little apprehensive considering what happened earlier. I decided to go for it and started to slide my hands under her shirt and feel those firm braless tits. I encountered no resistance. They felt amazing. Her nipples were like pencil erasers and I gently pinched them both at the same time. She moaned and that was my signal to move forward with my next move. After a few minutes, I started to remove her shirt. I needed kaçak bahis to see them, suck on them, and see what else she might let me do with them. Sliding my cock between a nice set of tits and giving a woman a pearl necklace was one of my favorite things to do. I had only done it a few times, and this was a perfect set of tits for me to paint with a huge load of cum if she would let me.

And then she started. Her hands back on my crotch. Unbuttoning my jeans, lowering my zipper, and sliding one of her small soft hands inside. She didn’t go for my cock right away; she went for my balls. I moaned as she held them and massaged them.

“Do you like that? Do you like the feeling of me holding your NUTS?”

The way she emphasized “nuts” was an instant turn on. Hearing a 19-year-old girl talk like that was just something I didn’t expect.

I could only muster a moan and nod my head.

“Can I play rough with your balls?” she asked. “Can I squeeze them a little?”

I had no choice but to grant her request. Here I was with the best set of tits I had ever had in my hands and I didn’t want this to stop.

Her shirt was off. Her hand was inside my pants. She then took off my pants and there we stood face to face, making out. My hands on her tits and her having complete access to my cock and balls. One hand gently stroking me and the other one fondling my huge nuts one at a time because her hands were too small to hold both at the same time. The sensation was incredible, and then it started to change.

She took one nut in her hand and started to squeeze. Slowly. The sensation of her stroking my cock and squeezing one testicle was overwhelming. Pleasure and mild pain. For me, the pleasure outweighed the pain and I let her continue.

“Do you like that? Can I squeeze harder? How much do you think you can take?”

I had no idea where this was going but I was open to letting her push boundaries knowing that it might open the door later to a blowjob or a fuck or that pearl necklace I wanted to give her.

“Go for it.” That was all I said as I prepared for what might come next. And then she started to squeeze harder.

I moaned and she kissed me even more deeply to muffle the sounds. After 10 or 15 seconds of her crushing one nut, illegal bahis I reached down and grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand away. I had enough. I wanted some time to recover and see what her plan was to get something in return. I had been kicked in the nuts before (story for another time), but never had them squeezed like that before with the intention of making them ache in sexual way.

We didn’t make it down to the party until much later that evening. She told me about her “thing” for balls and how she’d love to experiment with me more if I let her.

When I recovered, she gave me a long slow hand job and let me cum all over her tits. And I started to learn how amazing it felt to cum after having my nuts abused. I had a lot to learn and Denise was going to teach me a few things. I didn’t get a blowjob or get to fuck her that night. She did kiss and lick each testicle after I had cum and recovered from the mixed sensation of pain and pleasure. And her looking into my eyes with my balls in her face was an incredible turn on. I couldn’t wait for more the next time we would meet.

So how did Denise get into this “fetish?”

Turned out that Denise had an older sister and she taught her about men and balls and how to assert yourself early in a relationship to keep things level in the bedroom and outside as well. Denise once saw her sister kick her boyfriend in the nuts when he had a bit too much to drink and was being disrespectful to her. Another time a boyfriend came out of the shower and started to walk around the apartment without a towel when Denise was right there. Her sister, reached between his legs, grabbed his sack, and walked him back into the shower. He was squealing and moaning the entire time until she let go. It was then that her sister taught her how to handle balls; what they felt like and what to do to cause a man some pain anytime she wanted to. There were more examples, but that was all she shared with me that evening.

Denise and I dated for a year. The ball busting was an interesting dynamic that opened the door for a few other boundaries being pushed. There was a time we went to a hotel and she had one of her girlfriends come over to watch us and join in. Another story for another time perhaps.

My year with Denise was more than 20 years ago. We reconnected on Facebook a few years ago and we have e-mailed. Occasionally she even sends me a photo of her tits and it brings back memories of those days back at the fraternity house.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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