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Ben and Sandy had returned home to California on the Saturday following their Atlanta adventure. The trip was long and slow, draining on the nerves and uncomfortable. Being home was just what they both needed and they took advantage of the weekend to relax and just enjoy one another alone, quietly, lovingly, finally.

Monday came and with it all the stress of a busy life in the fast lane. Carla had called and wanted to get together, the four of them, on the up coming Friday.

“Of course, we would love to.” Candy quipped. It was good to be home.


Love and sex, jealousy and envy, these emotions often intertwine and confound our relationships, not that we control them, but while we enjoy love and sex the specter of jealousy and envy are with us constantly. Such was the situation with Derek in Atlanta. When Candy had begun flirting with Ben; he had gone along because Sandy was so very attractive and compelling. Then there was the sex, he had never before experienced such fantastic sex. Candy was a beautiful girl, and he loved her. The memory of her flirting with Ben and then her apparent pleasure at having made love to him haunted Derek tormented him terribly.

The morning after their swap Candy continued to reminisce about the evening with Sandy and Ben, chatting incessantly about how, “absolutely fabulous they were.”

Derek was becoming supremely jealous of the effect Ben had on Candy, envious of Sandy’s sexual proclivity.

Then Candy made an un-thoughtful comment while recalling her being with Ben, “God, I didn’t think he was going to fit in me.”

The effect of this statement struck a dagger into Derek’s heart, his rage was boiling now, and he steeled himself and decided to do something about it. Like a cunning animal Derek thought deeply about the consequences of any overt hostile action. He realized whatever he was to do it had to be clandestine. Then an idea struck, he smiled a twisted little smile and felt for the first time that he was in control of the situation.

Candy said, “I wish we were closer to them so we could get together more often.” Little did she know Derek was outlining a plan to do just that.

“Why don’t you give them a call and see what their plans are, maybe we can take a trip out there.” Derek says with diabolical intent.

“Do you mean it? Could we? Oh, Derek, you’re the best.” She erupts into a flurry of joyful little hops and skips as she went to make the call.


Sandy was talking to Candy on the phone as Ben came home, “Sure, sure you can stay with us. We can’t wait to see you, bye.”

“Who was that sis?”

“That was Candy. She and Derek are coming to visit this weekend.”

“Great. I kind of liked that little girl.”

“I know you did. But you better remember who loves you buster.” Sandy says with a grin and a wink.

“Humm, Who would that be?” Ben says feigning ignorance.

Sandy grabs him, wrestles him to the floor, lavishing him with love bites and kisses. “You better be nice to me, or it could be a long week for you bud!” She says between bites. Now tickling him, as he undresses her, caressing his sister’s breasts as her blouse falls away. They make love as only two in love can.


Friday afternoon Sandy met Candy and Derek at the airport and drove them back to Ben’s condo, along the way she played the part of tour guide, explaining the sights to her guests.

“What do you have planned for us this evening, Sandy?” Candy asked her, excited about finally being with her friends once again.

“You won’t believe this, but we had plans for tonight with other friends…”

“Oh, no! Did we barge in?” Candy says embarrassed.

“No, of course not, but Ben and I were going to explain when we got home. Now I guess I must do it myself.” Sandy explains.

“What needs to be explained?” Candy asks quizzically.

“Well, we have these friends, a couple, that we,,, sometimes,,, well,, we share evenings with each other. We are very close, if you know what I mean?” Sandy manages to get this out with out mentioning anything specific.

“Oh.” Candy says, shooting a sideways glance at Derek, who was just as uncomfortable as Candy was at that moment.

Sandy continued, “We just thought that we could all just get acquainted first, you know before we get too serious.”

“I see,” Candy says demurely, visibly disappointed.

The rest of the trip was quiet and subdued.

When Ben came home Candy and Derek were refreshed and just coming in from the beach with Sandy. Their mood was distinctly reserved and Ben could sense something was amiss. Ben got Sandy alone and she explained that she had spilled the beans about Al and Carla. Ben was much more circumspect about it, “Why don’t we let Al and Carla decide if they want to take a rain check or include our guests in mecidiyeköy eskort the activities?”

“You’re brilliant, Ben. Why didn’t I think of that?” Sandy admits, laughing.


Al and Carla arrived and were greeted by Sandy, ushered into the living room and introduced to Derek and Candy. Ben was excited about all the possibilities that presented themselves. Al and Carla were initially concerned about the last minute change of plans, but warmed to the occasion as Ben explained their new friend’s proclivities. “We’ll play it by ear,” they had agreed, “no promises, no demands.”

Everyone became comfortable with one another and the couples were enjoying the atmosphere when Candy made a comment to Sandy that she had desperately wanted to get back in bed with Ben. Every one had heard the comment and a hush fell upon the room. A tense quiet hovered ominously around the group, finally, Candy looked around the room and asked, “What did I say?”

Carla laughed first, and then everyone erupted into a boisterous cacophony of laughter and giggling. Releasing the tension which had built up over the expectation of what everyone hoped might happen if all went well.

Candy had been watching Ben all night. Derek had watched both Candy and Sandy, his emotions swirled in his mind like a cauldron of festering rage. Al was smitten with Candy, and a change of partners was due and she represented a very positive development indeed. Carla was wondering if she was going to be with Ben or maybe Derek, he didn’t seem very interested in her, she thought. Sandy was conflicted, she was happy with any of the men, but she felt herself wanting Ben more, and now she was thinking of ways to be with him while the others were occupied with each other.

Al made the first move; winking at Carla, he moved to Candy’s side and began charming her as he carefully touched her in a sensuous manner. Candy responded and was eating up the attention he lavished on her.

Carla realized that as Ben’s sister, Sandy, had to go with Derek that left Ben for her. She slunk over to his lap and began acting sluttish, hoping it would further break down the group’s reluctance.

Derek smiled as Sandy plopped down next to him and nuzzled his neck as he watched the others in the room making out.

The lights were dim and the couples were in their own worlds, consumed by the sexual electricity in the air. No one moved from the living room, it seemed as though all had agreed to be communal tonight, while they had not agreed in actuality, they did seem to feel it was the thing to do without really thinking. As the petting turned to foreplay, Carla peeled Ben’s penis from his pants, which were now open and pulled to his thighs, and pumped it as she kneaded his ball sack. Carla seemed to be in the lead tonight, and relished her opportunity to show off her prize prick to the other girls. “Yumm,” she said heavily, “I love this big meat.”

Sandy managed a sideways glance as she was prying Derek’s pants down, thinking as she did so that it should be her with Ben, later maybe, later. Candy too had been compelled to look, she desperately wanted Ben again, she meant to have him, and maybe she could manage to be with him later she thought.


Derek had almost forgotten his enmity while Sandy administered to him sexually, then, watching the girls all look to Ben’s impressive tool with lust filled eyes, he remembered the hurt and rage, and his fire was rekindled. Then suddenly, Derek, very agitated, stripped Sandy of her remaining clothing, manhandling her back onto the couch and he then moved down beside her, and began caressing her breasts, and then stroking her abdomen and her thighs, finally stroking between her legs, Sandy was at first scared at this rough treatment, and then resisting, her body began responding to his caresses.

He continued roughly stroking her, now her inner thighs to her cunt, her body jerking when she felt his touch there, whimpering now as his fingers took possession of her cunt, invading the moist lips. She turned her head away when he tried to kiss her, refusing to surrender her lips. However, he continued his expert stroking of her breasts and the now moist red lips of her cunt, Sandy, gasping as he found her clitoris, caressing her until she was groaning. He was steadily overcoming her resistance and her obvious intention of not responding to him.

The others were unaware of Derek’s strange behavior, and Sandy remained quiet, except to resist his rough treatment. He continued his caresses, his stroking of her body, gradually pushing her legs and thighs open more, her cunt pulling open, Sandy was trembling, whimpering now, her body flushed as against her will she was responding to him. Soon it was clear that she was helpless, her legs spreading fully to his pressure against her thighs. She finally zeytinburnu escort surrendered, her arms falling to her sides. The picture that she was presenting was incredibly erotic, her firm breasts, her legs and thighs spread, her wet cunt opening, compliant now, moaning as he stroked her.

Derek felt her surrender, relishing her helplessness now, as he prepared to mount her. He lifted her legs and thighs, so that the others had a clear view as he rose up, mounting her and directing his cock against the wet swollen lips of her cunt. They could see as he moved his cock up and down the lips of her cunt, moistening the large purple head of his cock. Then he positioned his cock at her entrance and began to push with a steady pressure as Sandy’s whimpers changing to groaning as she felt herself beginning to stretch to accommodate his entrance into her defenseless cunt.

He continued the relentless pressure, stretching her more till finally, with a hoarse cry from Sandy, the head of his cock entered her. Slowly he began to push further into her, and the others could now see her cunt stretched tightly around his cock, Derek moving in and out with short strokes, wetting his cock as he continued to penetrate her deeper with each stroke, Sandy, wide eyed and moaning with this invasion. Then finally, with one last thrust, he impaled her on his cock. Then Sandy cried out and her body began jerking, and her lovely legs clamped over his thighs as her trembling body erupted in a powerful orgasm, which took her completely by surprise, she had never been treated so rough, and worried that she had come during the violent treatment.

Candy watched her boyfriend as he responded to Sandy in this manner. She was instantly moved to show Al that she too was capable of passionate love making.

Gradually Sandy relaxed, and at that point Derek began a slow deep thrusting into her, his cock shiny with her juices, pulling back each time till the head of his cock was at the entrance of her cunt. He took a long time with her, but finally he began to increase the speed of his thrusts, Sandy jerking with each thrust as now her body began to respond. She was flushed, trembling and groaning, as Derek moved her closer and closer to another climax. Finally, with a shrill cry, her orgasm was upon her-crying out again and again as her legs clamped over his thighs, her body jerking, her arms gripping his back. At that moment, Derek’s own climax began, groaning, he erupted into her, gripping her ass as he fully impaled her, spurting into Sandy’s belly, draining his cock into her.

Carla gripped Ben’s arm, her eyes wide with excitement. Well, she said, “How did you like seeing your sister get thoroughly fucked? She really seemed to enjoy it.”

Finally it was over, and Sandy could not believe the way she had responded to his brutal fucking. She was tearful, now lying spread-eagled, her cunt gaping open, their mutual juices visible to all.


Carla, Ben, Al and Candy were not to be out done, however, they were much more deliberate about the way they went about it. They were all naked, lying next to each other on the floor, Ben was on his back, Carla on top when suddenly there were two more people in close proximity. Of course he knew that it was Al but it didn’t register immediately. The room was pitch black. Carla was kissing him. Ben’s penis was snuggly lodged inside her warm hole. He felt her pushing her hips down until he was all the way inside. He could feel her vagina squeezing him in her velvet tunnel; her sweet hole began to pulse and vibrate around his swollen shaft. Then her body tensed. He felt Al straddling her hips, his feet on either side of Ben’s legs.

“What’s going…” he started to say. However, Candy appeared from the darkness and her lips cut off his words. Then, before he could comprehend what was going on there was more movement and Carla, her lips close to his ear, grunted and sucked in her breath.

He felt her vagina suddenly grow tighter around his shaft. Then he felt friction through the thin membrane… something was sliding past his penis. In shock and disbelief, he realized that Al was entering Carla’s ass!

His heart began to pound inside his chest and sweat beads formed on his brow as he lay frozen… as if movement would somehow show his acceptance of what was going on. This was more than he had bargained for. He had never even considered such a thing. Yet, his penis lost none of its hardness and, in fact, pulsed even harder.

Suddenly Carla’s normally tight hole grew even tighter and it felt like a rubber band had just been wrapped around the length of his penis. His mouth grew dry as he tried to control his rapid breathing. He couldn’t think of anything but the tightness surrounding his shaft. The sphincter muscles of Carla’s vagina squeezed Al, and he could feel it at the sultangazi escort base of his penis and he could feel her insides quivering around his shaft.

A second later Al’s penis in Carla’s ass began to move. Candy was kissing and caressing Carla as the men penetrated her. An unintentional moan escaped Ben’s lips when he felt the penis sliding out and then back in.

The floor squeaked as Carla’s body was forced down onto him, pressing them both heavily to the floor. There were whimpers and gasps of pleasure coming from her lips. “Yes! Yes!” she moaned in an excited whisper. “Oh God! Oh God!”

The weight from above continued to push Carla downward. As the penis in her ass moved deeper, Ben’s penis moved deeper, following the other shaft, until both were totally encased in her body, side by side… one on top of the other.

All four of them stopped moving. The darkness of the room surrounded them, encasing them in an anonymity that made this perverse sex act seem okay somehow.

Carla began to moan incoherently now, almost as if she were in pain. Yet, she didn’t move except for her heaving chest.

Seconds ticked by. All four of them seemed to be waiting for someone to make the first move, someone to scream out, anything that would indicated that it was okay to continue… or to stop.

Ben was the first to move. Gradually, his lower body began to lift upward with a will of its own. He pushed his hips up, almost in reflex, forcing the last fraction of an inch of his penis into Carla.

That was the signal that they were all looking for.

Carla gasped and Al moaned. Then she lifted upward, allowing Ben’s penis to slip out until just the head was inside. This allowed Al’s penis to move the last inch into her anal canal. With a grunt of pleasure she pushed back down hard to take Ben deep into her vagina again. Al’s slipped out until only the constricted sphincter muscles held the head.

Not to be denied, Al pushed back in, encasing him in her warmth again. Ben pulled out. Candy moved in front of Carla, straddled Ben, and positioned her pussy in front of her face. Carla took the hint and began licking Candy’s swollen pussy lips between gasps of air.

Soon a rhythm began. As Ben’s penis would go in, the penis in Carla’s ass would slip out. In and out, lick… in and out, lick. After a few missed beats they began to move together. Suddenly they were like dancers moving in perfect tempo. As Al pushed inside, Carla would gasp and Ben would moan. Then Ben’s penis would slip out and Al’s in again, Carla would lick Candy’s pussy.

Carla’s gasps turned to whimpers of pleasure with each plunge of the two penises. The large shafts stretched both holes like she had never experienced.

Excitement consumed Ben. He bucked his hips upward and quickly pulled back until just the head was inside. A second later he could feel her rear hole being filled by Al. He waited an instant and pushed inside again as Al pulled his penis out.

Carla was buffeted like a rag doll between the two men, pushed down by the weight above and then forced upward by the hips below. She could no longer control any movement… like a prisoner of passion. Her body began to tremble as waves of pleasure consumed her. It didn’t take long for the incredible and surreal feeling to send her over the top, hurtling her willingly into an amazing climax.

Ben knew the signs. Her grunts and moans spurred him on. His hips began to lift frantically off the floor.

Suddenly the rhythm was lost and both of the men moved into her at the same time, stretching her normally tight holes almost to the bursting point.

The powerful contractions inside Carla’s vagina were too much for Ben. He pushed hard one last time. His penis throbbed and the head expanded as his thick juice shot out of the pulsing shaft, ricocheting off the slick walls deep inside her pulsing hole.

Al cried out in pleasure and he too pushed as deeply as he could go. The throbbing of the penis in the other hole was too much for him. With a scream of pleasure, he emptied the contents of his balls into Carla’s ass. Candy fell away, reveling in the sheer perverse joy of the situation.


Ben was barely aware that Carla had stopped whimpering. He vaguely felt movement as he drifted off. He was asleep before the last gasp of air was gulped. Carla was completely exhausted, and curled up on the floor fast asleep. Candy had yet to be satisfied and looked to the couch from where Sandy and Derek were watching the show. Slowly she crawled to Derek’s lap and revived his manhood to stiffness.

Sandy watched as Derek made love to Candy, completely unlike the way he had treated her, she wondered what had possessed him to act that way.

Al had remained awake, somewhat. He was tired, but willing to neck with Sandy. They cuddled, necked and watched the two lovers make sweet love on the couch as the night sounds enveloped them.

Derek thought deeply as he made love to his girlfriend, his vengeance would have to wait for another day, tonight was for satisfying Candy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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