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Disclaimer:-This story is copyrighted 2000 by Mark Anthony. It may not be reproduced or posted anywhere else in any way, shape or form without express permission.

-This is a work of erotic fiction, involving explicit sexual acts between female adults. If it ain’t your cup of tea, read something else. If you are under 18 years of age, ditto.

-Send any and all comments to Specify which story archive where you found the story if possible, as some of my stories are posted on several sites. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Author’s note: Though I have done some research for this story, Castle Streinhenburg & Brachendauch are not actual real-life locations. Any omissions/errors in the story are mine. I chose not to include actual German dialogue since I do not speak the language (modern or medieval), and don’t trust translation book/engines as far as I can throw them. This story has a more elaborate setup… but as they say, getting there is half the fun.

1. Morning

The sun rose early on the Rhine valley, the slumbering people of the nearby Brachendauch village stirring shortly after the rooster’s call, as they have done for the past thousand years, to take to the vineyards all around the countryside. Wine, the prized industry of the region, had long ago made the fortune of noble families such as the Streinhens, whose castle still sat upon a hill, above Brachendauch, overseeing the majestic river.

The soft rays of morning brought light through layered openings of a wooden blinder in a room of the castle’s east wing, rousing Emily Bryden from her restless sleep. The young woman shifted under the warm covers of the munificent canopy bed, an intricately crafted piece of woodwork, blinking and yawning before pulling herself up and about. Dark blond curls of long hair fell over her face, shoulders and neck, and she shifted to one side while her hand ran through the tousled mane. She repressed a sigh and slid off the bed.

Emily slowly walked to the window, her bare feet sliding across the soft carpet, the wood it covered creaking gently at every step. Her peach nightgown, somewhat ruffled by her incessant nocturnal stirring, hugged the delicate contours of her feminine form. Opening the wooden blinders wide, she breathed the fresh air deeply while the fullness of bright morning sunshine penetrated inside. Behind her, a plaintive moan rose from beneath the covers of another canopy bed, standing in a corner next to the fireplace. Both were now bathed in warm yellow brilliance.

Emily Bryden’s delicate lips curved upwards in a slight smile.

“Wake up,” she beseeched, whispering in a soft voice. She let her words hang in the air, preferring not to overstate the matter. Instead, she turned on her round heels and basked in the brightness, serenity replacing the memory of her troubled sleep. Emily Bryden quickly forgot about the world around her, and breathed softly, the invigorating air of the valley chasing away all of her anxieties. She secretly treasured those first few minutes of the day when she stood alone around a world still in torpor, and often felt free and able to do anything.

She was a shy and timid girl. She often raised barriers around herself that only the closest of friends had managed to breach. But never, it seemed, in those special moments of the quiet morning, when she could be herself without worry or care.

Liana Howard, still trying to fight off the inevitable, grumbled unintelligibly before giving up and flipping the covers over her face.

“That’s it?!” she complained bitterly. “Wake up?! Not ‘the castle is on fire!’ or ‘knights are storming the gates!’? Simply, merely ‘wake up’?! Why couldn’t it be a real emergency, just this once?!”

She tried her best to sound infuriated, but Emily giggled, stepping aside to let more of the sunlight in. Liana perked up at the melodious sound of her childhood friend’s laughter, staring at the woman quizzically.

“You’re in a good mood today” Liana complained grouchily. “I supposed you slept well.”

Emily shook her negatively, though her smile still betrayed her complete amusement. “It’s such a glorious morning Liana.”

“You probably think I stayed up with that tall Norwegian, don’t you?” Liana said reproachfully. “Don’t even bother denying it, I know how you think under that prissy and inhibited carapace of yours.”

“Honestly, I didn’t,” lied Emily, keeping her smile but blushing slightly. The art of cruising was a complete mystery to her, though she hardly thought striking up a conversation with a total stranger in a bar could lead to anything… serious. In truth, she found the notion slightly upsetting, despite the fact that her close friend was a self-professed master at it. The very idea of where such things might lead… with complete strangers…

She banished the thought before she finished it, staring up at the pattern of thick wooden beams that stretched above them and supported taksim escort the stones of the ancient castle as if to implore God for patience.

Liana propped herself up on the bed. “Well,” she said mischievously, “maybe we can meet him again tonight… I’m sure you’d get along with him fine.”

She winked suggestively, and Emily’s face turned bright crimson. Liana fell back on her pillow with an exasperated groan. Her shoulder length hair, with rich curls of bright red, spilled over the pillow. “Emily! What in heaven’s name am I ever going to do with you? This is *Europe*! Land of Princes and Kings! Loosen up!”

It was well treaded ground between both of them, and much their mutual dismay. Emily was a beautiful, wealthy and sweet woman, yet she lived like a God-fearing nun secluded in a convent. Liana, on the other hand, was quite willing to enjoy the life of the nouveau riche girl, and had long ago formed the secret hope that Emily would find a prince charming to sweep her off her feet.

The casualty list of male suitors who had been shot down by Emily, Liana lamented, now spanned one ocean and two continents. Many had turned an interested eye towards the lovely lady, with her shy manners, endearing smile and air of graceful mystery, but as many had been rebuffed, gently but firmly. It was enough to drive Liana crazy, and she would have no doubt strangled her friend for it long ago had she not liked her so much.

Emily left her grumpy companion behind, fleeing into adjoining room in the castle suite, away from the trappings of medieval opulence, with its wooden furnishings, crafted period antiques and bright castle banners proudly displayed aside noble portraits and stone walls of intricate masonry. She stepped into a bathroom outfitted with all manners of modern amenities and comforts. Sliding the shoulder straps of her nightgown aside, she felt the material gently slide off her creamy white skin, instinctively wrapping her arms around herself in modest fashion while the air caressed her body, as if concerned that someone might be watching. Turning the faucets, she started the shower and waited impatiently for the water to warm up. Then, she slid her white cotton panties down to her ankles, stepped out of them and quickly slipped behind the barely transparent glass door and underneath the steady, relaxing stream of the shower.

Musings fled her mind as water washed over her naked skin, caressing her pert breasts, delicate shoulders, long legs, graceful hips and smooth face. Her rich dark-blond mane became slick against the curve of her back as she turned inside the shower, feeling the watery cascading down the arch of her spine and over the flesh of her round buttocks. Her hands raised and rested against the opposite wall while she leaned over, her lovely body massaged by the warm flow. Her pulse slowed as she immersed herself in the sensations. Erotic thoughts she usually kept on a tight leash rose to the surface of her brain, and she briefly thought of the Norwegian Liana had talked to late last night.

She indulged in such thoughts for a time, her nipples hardening as the contemplation of daring scenarios she otherwise never admitted to continued in her mind. Then, she quickly shook her head and concentrated on something else, as if afraid of treading on such ground.

She thought of the trip instead, of Liana’s idea of celebrating their college graduation with a trip in Europe. Emily, who had gone once, long ago when she was young, had somehow found the idea of such an adventure shared with a friend appealing despite her traditionally timid nature, and had promptly offered to take Liana along free of charge, courtesy of a large trust fund left by the legacy of her immigrant grandfather, who had come from Britain to make a fortune in the new world.

Being the good friend that she was, Liana had argued against it, despite the fact that Emily could easily afford to take them both there, and both friends had finally agreed that Liana would pay for the plane tickets while Emily paid for everything else. Liana Howard’s family, though not as affluent as the Brydens, was up-and-coming, and she could well afford the double fare. As for Emily’s part of the bargain, with a chunk of her family’s fortune already at her name, she had promised Liana only the best of Europe’s high class accommodations.

In truth, Emily found Liana to be the perfect travelling companion for her, despite the crazy stunts her friend often pulled in full view of the public. A secret part of her was hungry for that hilarious brand of chaos that Liana had provided in her life since they were little girls, though she rarely admitted to it. Her parents had long ago considered Liana a ‘bad influence’, and had tried to steer her away from the turbulent child, but Emily had never cared for it. It had been on of those things in her life she had not compromised on, and she was glad of it.

Since the beginning of the trip, Liana always çapa escort managed to mingle with millionaire playboys and foreign corporate executives with an ease and confidence that Emily secretly envied. The girls had stuck together thought, Liana seldom leaving her friend alone for long, giggling as she sneaked off with her her, leaving yet another flabbergasted rich boy behind, like a serial Cinderella.

Emily sighed and cut her shower short. Stepping out, she caught a glimpse of herself in steam- blurred mirror. The well kept figure, lovely cheekbones, smooth skin and engaging pale-blue eyes… she briefly pondered the puzzlement of her companionless predicament, the apparent conflict of her looks and personality… the unfathomable reasons of her deeply reserved nature, at odds with a nature-given form which attracted suitors left and right…

Emily Bryden lamented privately, eyes downcast, and then stifled a yawn as she dried herself with a long beige towel. She wondered why she had been so restless these last few nights.

2. The Tower

With all the countryside day trips they had taken, Liana and Emily had scarcely taken the time to properly visit the place they were now staying in-Streinhenburg proper. After a quick continental breakfast served with Earl Grey, in a sumptuous hall located in the west wing, the two friends decided to take the tour of the castle.

The visit began at the foot of the castle keep, in the large courtyard surrounded by stone battlements. The day was bright and sunny, and all of the tourists, which included a few British, French and Americans, were in good spirits. Emily, who had developed an interest in History during her studies, was curious about the past of this large castle. Liana’s interest, though not at all academic, was nevertheless genuine, and both were looking for some breathtaking views once the tour started.

Streinhenburg, an old Frankish castle seized by German lords in the tenth century, was rebuilt with a mixture of late Romanesque and early Gothic styles. Resting on a hill overseeing the Rhine, the fortified stronghold had quickly become the pride and joy of the Streinhen family, which took control, as early as 1231, of the flow of trade on this portion of mighty river. The castle coffers had filled as tolls had been levied, under the looming shadows of cannons trained upon the waters; few medieval merchants or church boats had been able to pass without paying their dues.

So well had Streinhenburg been fortified that, in all of its years of existence, it had never once been stormed by enemies, commercial, secular or religious.

The group followed the guide after the brief introduction, and they entered the castle gatehouse, which stood to the northwest, climbed a spiral staircase to the ramparts above, and to a breathtaking view of the green valley through which the blue waters of the Rhine flowed. On the way, the guide recounted many anecdotes relating the history of the Streinhen family, which was practically rooted in every stone on which they walked. Emily listened intently to tales of the family feud with House Schtaffen; of Karl the Strong, who raided the countryside with Prussian knights to fight against the heathens Saxons; of Markwald Streinhen, the cunning merchant who had insured his family’s eternal financial security through cutthroat tactics and aggressive business ventures; and finally, of Boris the Ox, who it was said drank more wine in a single night than a man of sound and strong disposition did in a whole week.

Emily and Liana lagged behind the group for a while as they continued to walk along the battlements, fresh air blowing in their faces. They moved East towards the smallest of the four main towers. The guide proceeded to describe its main features, mentioning that the spartan accommodations one could find within the confines of the tight cylindrical construct had probably been used by soldiers as barracks.

Liana, who had remained silent for a little while, walking aside her friend with fists jammed in the pockets of her Benneton windbreaker, suddenly scoffed under her breath,.

Emily, who had been listening intently, turned to her with an inquiring eye. “What?” she whispered.

“Not barracks” Liana stated simply. “It’s a prison.”

Emily stared at her for a moment, not quite understanding. “What do you mean?”

“It’s a prison” Liana repeated, her frozen gaze fixated on the tower. Her voice sounded, at least to Emily’s ears, hushed and dazed.

“‘Was’. You mean it *was* a prison, right?”

Liana remained mute, staring straight at the metallic pinnacle which served as ornament on top of the tower. Her face was totally devoid of all expression.

The guide turned an inquiring eye towards the lagging pair, and it was immediately obvious to Emily that he had overheard her last comment. He seemed a bit surprised.

A nearby tourist, who had also heard, piped in. “Wha-is she right?” bakırköy escort he asked in unaccented English, pointing with his thumb, over his back. “Was it a prison?”

The guide shifted hesitantly. “Well… We have a team of historians and architects who have come to the castle to study certain aspects of the construction” he explained, turning back to the group. “All we know for sure is that the tower was constructed in the early 1100’s, but has it’s interior extensively restored around 1380. Before that, it served as a keep… but one of the members of the team working there said he found evidence of reinforcement in certain walls which were original to the construction and thinks the East tower may have played the role of dungeon or prison of some sort.”

He glanced suspiciously at Emily, obviously wondering how a tourist knew the latest on unpublished research conducted by the on-site experts.

Emily was in turn staring at Liana, this time with a befuddled expression, wondering what to make of her friend’s sudden exact knowledge of historical architecture.

She shook Liana once, as the guide dragged the rest of the group along for the next stop. “C’mon, Liana” she hissed, “the tour is continuing.”

Liana stood, transfixed.

Emily shook her harder. “Liana!”

Liana blinked and suddenly stared at Emily in alarm. “Wha-?”

The two friends looked at each other for an instant. Liana’s sense of alarm was replaced with a puzzled expression. Emily, on the other hand, was clearly concerned.

“Let’s catch up to the others” Emily said, wondering privately what had just happened.

3. Afternoon

The tour ended with a visit to Drachen tower, and a commentary on the outer architecture of the castle proper, which stood close to the inside curve of the south-east wall, some 70 yards between the two bottom corners of the slightly odd rectangle made up by the erected battlements. The imposing structure of the castle, with its fortified walls and narrow windows, now served as one of the most luxurious medieval- style hotels in the region, fully capturing the look and feel of Medieval Germany.

As soon as the tour finished, Emily and Liana followed the tourists down a passageway inside the rampart, and through to the castle. From there, the group separated, with the two friends heading back to the dining hall reserved for residents of the hotel, in the West wing. They were greeted politely by the Maître D’, who smiled happily and quickly led them to a table.

Emily had shrimp salad bread and white whine, while Liana went for a slice of rare veal and a glass of red.

Any meal served in the dining hall of Streinhen was one that had indisputable romantic and historic flair, the surrounding tables of solid, varnished oak illuminated by a multitude of lights from the elaborate chandeliers suspended above. Assorted heraldic symbols amd banners hung on all four walls, fooling the casual, first-time observer in thinking that little had changed here over the last 800 years. The impeccable quality of service and the promptness of the staff further contributed to give the clientele a sense of belonging, perhaps even the illusion of being part of a family of noble blood.

Liana was fairly silent, which seemed unusual to Emily. The latter was herself lost in thought, this morning’s peculiar exchange arousing a sense of apprehension for reasons that seemed both illogical and wholly evasive. Emily was accustomed to Liana’s outgoing personality, her sharp wit and snappy comebacks, her tendency to make a statement that would have everyone around her gaping with their mouths hitting the floor… but the episode near the East tower was of a utterly different nature. Despite herself, Emily was rather preoccupied by the whole thing.


“What?” Emily uttered, snapping back to reality.

“I said ‘do you want to try some of this?” Liana repeated, holding a forkful of veal. “Tender enough to die for!”

Emily shook her head, wondering why she was making such a big deal out of this. She scrutinized Liana from the corner of her eye, trying to put a finger on what was suddenly so different about her.

Liana was, by all means, a beautiful woman, with a fiery temperament that naturally matched the bright red of her hair. She kept it shoulder length, in a pageboy cut with layered contours which followed the shape of her gentle, oval face. Her bright green eyes and roguish smile had a striking quality, and her slightly upturned nose gave her a bit of an aristocratic air which was only reinforced by her natural confidence. As for her figure, it had been made supple through years of competing in high school gymnastic championships, and had lost none of its gracefulness-Liana had taken up dancing as a hobby to stay in shape. She exuded sensuality, and enjoyed the attention it got her.

They continued to dine, conversation slowly becoming more lively. The atmosphere certainly was conductive for such, and both women were soon drawn, once again, to comment on the fabulous surroundings. They then discussed plans for the afternoon, and opted for a walk down to Brachendauch village, followed by a stroll along the riverbank.

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