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As the apartment door swung open, Mildred stepped in, calling for her friend.

“Doris, it’s me. Are you home?”

Mildred was entrusted with a key to Doris’ apartment, and because of their close friendship, they both just walked in on each other day or night. This evening, Doris had gone out to visit one of her kids for dinner, and Mildred, lonely for company, came calling.

The older of the two, she being sixty-four, thought of herself as Doris’ guardian. Although a little nosey and opinionated in her friend’s matters, she was very loyal. Mildred divorced her husband Randy five years earlier. Randy was a choice name for the bastard because that was what he was, randy. Not with Mildred though. With her he was demanding, insulting, non-attentive and just plain mean.

No one understood why she stayed with him for thirty years in a childless, unhappy marriage. She more than suspected him fooling around, having seen invoices for more than one occupant in a hotel bill when he was away on sales meeting trips. He claimed they were male associates who roomed with him. She was never included on any of these sales “vacations”. At home he would rather watch porn movies than make love to his wife, and on the rare occasion that he did have sex with her, it was fast and selfish.

She had had enough, and it came to a head when attending the funeral of Harry, Doris’ husband. Randy made a pass at one of Harry’s attractive daughters, forty years his junior. She waited till they got home that night and ripped in to him like never before. Never having spoke to him like that, it threw him off, but empowered her. She kicked his ass out of the house with just his clothes and warned him that unless he signed the house and contents over to her she would make his life miserable in the court room.

So began Doris and Mildred’s life in the apartment complex together. A unit opened up shortly after Harry’s death, and Mildred, with a load of cash after selling her house and getting a substantial settlement from Randy, moved in next door to her long time friend.

The sad part of Mildred’s life, as Doris knew, was that she had never been loved by a man and this caused her to distrust and be critical of them. When Harry was alive, Doris refrained from describing tender moments of affection or love making that occurred between them. Mildred spoke openly of her distaste for men’s “things in their pants” and showed absolute ignorance to any knowledge of an orgasm.

Mildred enter the apartment, calling for Doris as she went room to room. Finally reaching the bedroom and seeing it empty from the hallway, she was about to return to the living room when she noticed the far door ajar. Whenever she was visiting, this door was always kept locked and her friend shrugged off her questions about it.

“Oh, it’s a storage room for some of Harry’s favorite things,” Doris would say.

Walking up to it and pushing the door open, Mildred walked into darkness.

“Doris, are you in here?”

With no reply she felt for a light switch and flipped it on. The bedside table lamp dimly lite the room, but enough for her to see, causing her to stand in shock amidst her surroundings. Mirrored walls, red silk sheets, rope and chains everywhere.

“My god,” she thought. “What the hell is all this?”

Walking up to the wall table, she picked thru things that were strange to her. Nipple clamps, a crop, bottles of oil and a long flesh colored rubber thing. Mildred lifted it up and discovered she was holding what looked to her like a man’s penis, maybe two of them. Actually, it was a double headed dildo, eighteen inches long.

She held it close to examine it. She wiggled it. She sniffed it. She smacked it in her hand.

“What does someone do with this awful looking thing,” she wondered, with an attitude.

Mildred was miffed with the whole scene in this room. It was decadent.

“Why would Doris and Harry have this junk. Why put leather on this wall with chains hanging from it. What is this horrible thing in the middle of the room. It looks like something for torture.” All these thoughts were whirling about in her head as she stood there still holding the dildo.

“Excuse me, are you using that?” came a voice from the door.

Mildred was startled and reacted by hiding the large appendage behind her. It was Tom, who had noticed Doris’ front door open, and was checking things out. Standing in the doorway he saw Mildred, who he knew was Doris’ friend and his neighbor. He also saw that she was standing by the table with all of Doris’ toys. He could only guess what lay there if she hadn’t put them away.

The interesting thing about encountering Mildred was that since being with Doris the other night, and seeing her beauty, he had a completely different opinion of older women. Now Tom was giving them his undivided attention.

Just today he had a conversation with a bank teller who had attended to him in the past whom he never took notice of before. güvenilir bahis He saw that she had a lovely smile, and large hazel eyes. In her fifties and slightly plump, he would have done his business and left, but today he lingered and flirted with her. She had taken a scrap of paper and written her number down and slid it to him. He took it and gave her a wink before he left the bank.

Back to the present… Tom was now looking Mildred over. He saw that she was around Doris’ age, but looked more serious. She had short, light brown hair with gray streaks. Standing in sandals she was 5′ 8”and thin but not skinny. Mildred was wearing tan short shorts and a yellow, stretchy bandeau top. He saw that she was holding something in her hands, held behind her back.

“You’re Tom, Doris’ neighbor. What are you doing in here?”

“I could ask you the same question. I saw the door open and being a good neighbor, thought I better check it out. It’s Mildred, right?” asked Tom.

“I’m Doris’ oldest friend”, she answered, irritated. “I have a key!”

“Oh, forgive me,” he retorted as he walked across the room towards her.

Trying to change the mood he laughed, “I see your acquainted with your friend’s collection. Is there anything here that you enjoy?”

“I don’t know what the hell these things are,” she said, getting angry.

“Whoa, I just assumed, being one of Doris’ friends, well, you had your pleasures in this room.”

“Pleasures, I’ve never been in this room I’ll have you know.”

“But you said you have a key,” laughed Tom. “Say, what that in your hand, Mildred?”

“Don’t laugh at me and I don’t know what this is. I just picked it up when you snuck up behind me.”

Mildred was more frustrated than angry and when she responded to Tom she held the item out from her back like a live snake. The long flesh colored dildo hung from her hand wiggling and swinging. This caused Tom to burst out laughing, but seeing that Mildred was embarrassed, he stopped. He stepped closer to her and placing one hand on her shoulder and took the double headed dildo from her.

Being this close to her Tom looked her over. She was slim with a small waist, narrow hips, a flat tummy and a plumb round firm ass. He guessed her tits were small but even without a bra on, stuck out straight under the yellow stretch material. “Nice,” he thought.

“Look, Mildred, let’s be friends,” he said as he extended his hand.

She took it in hers and they shook and suddenly both were lost for a few seconds in their own thoughts. He felt a warmth in her small, soft hand and sensed a release of tension between them. Mildred felt her anger leave her. His strong grip gave her a feeling of safety. She had to admit that when he laughed, it was kind of infectious and she wanted to join him.

Tom held the dildo up to Mildred and wiggled it.

“So you really don’t know what this is?” He was looking at her or rather thru her, she thought. She felt like she was naked in his eyes and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Well, how ’bout I give you a little tour, Mildred? Let’s get back to this later,” he said as he laid the dildo on the table.

Tom put his arm around Mildred’s shoulder and turned her to face the table. She was a little stiff at first but relaxed with the tenderness of his touch. Surprised how quickly she was drawn to the young man, she was also becoming very interested in what the atmosphere brought out in her. A sensuous warmth.

“Now this is a vibrator.”

“I know what a vibrator is. I’ve read about them in magazines.”

“Okay, moving along. These are nipple clamps.”

“Oh, my gosh! Why would anyone want to abuse their nipples? What’s this?” she asked holding up a jar.

“Well this is massaging oil and lubricant for, um, well when you have intercourse. Here, smell.”

Tom stuck a finger in the jar and held a bit up to her nose.

“Very nice. Almond scented,” she said, smiling.

“Let me show you, Mildred.” he replied. Tom stepped behind her and placed a small amount on each of her shoulders and began to massage them. Slowly he added the back of her neck to his movements.

“It’s feels warm. A good warm.” she said with a long sigh.

As he continued the massage she began to feel aroused. It was a feeling that she hadn’t felt in many, many years and it frightened her. She wanted to stop Tom but his touch was winning her over.

Tom sensed it and moved his body against her back. His strong fingers dug deeply into her flesh releasing age old tensions and bitterness. Mildred was letting her body fall back against him, trusting he would hold her.

“Stop! Stop! Stop!” she pleaded in her mind, “This is wrong. I shouldn’t let him do this to me. Oh, my. Oh. Oh, please don’t stop. Oh, touch me. Dear boy, please touch me. Where. Where should I be touched?” Mildred’s head was swimming and she felt near faint.

Tom believed her near faint mood was sending him signals that she wanted to türkçe bahis feel more. He himself was getting aroused with the power in his hands and decided to take this to another level. Slowly he worked across her shoulder and then his hands slid down onto her chest above the line of her top. He felt her take in a deep breath and then her hands came up to rest on his. She tenderly caressed his hands and fingers and them drew them across her breasts pulling her bandeau top down, exposing herself.

Her persona exploded to a new place. She had stepped over a threshold and now was adrift to find the pleasures she was denied for an eternity. She gave silent consent for this young man now to guide her and she would allow him control of her. Mildred’s breasts felt like they were on fire. Her nipples were extremely sensitive and as Tom fondled and played with her and pinched the tips she bucked her ass into his groin. Her body pressed tightly into his.

“My god, Tom. I’m….Oh god…..I can’t believe….”

He played and rubbed and enjoyed her fine cones of flesh. She wiggled her ass. She had never wiggled her ass before. For anything. She felt a hardness touch her and she knew what it was and now felt a power to make it desire her. Mildred put one hand behind her and searched for the place where the hardness dwelt. It was long and ran down his shorts. She found his zipper and pulled at it with difficulty, but she persisted. With a button undone and his fly open her small hands now searched for his cock.

Mildred had hated her ex’s cock. Hated to see it. Hated to feel it. Hated it. She wanted Tom’s cock. She wanted to feel it so bad. There it was, she felt it. It was hard but it was soft to the touch. His skin was so soft. God, it’s big. She gripped it and pulled it free from his shorts and held it tightly.

Tom moaned and became more aggressive with her breasts, swirling the oil about, which caused her to moan and begin to stroke his erection. Now they were working together. Giving and receiving. Instinctively, Mildred opened her stance and sensing her change of position, Tom, keeping one hand on her chest, slid the free one down across her flat stomach to the elastic waist band of her shorts and under it. Mildred’s panties felt like expensive silk and he played his fingers across the front of them just above her mound. Mildred moaned.

“My god, touch me. Please.” She reached up with her free hand and held onto his neck.

Tom was breathing hard in her ear but she heard him say “Yes”. He felt her hair under the silk material, curly and thick. When he reached her slit and placed pressure against it, Mildred stiffened. This was new. This was the first time a mans’ hand was touching her there tenderly, not rough. She forced herself to give in to it. She wanted it to happen. Tom’s fingers played there for a few minutes and then he explored further. While he continued to drive her crazy with her nipples, his other hand was now touching her vagina. He did not linger there long but went straight to search out her opening. He found that she was wet. Deliciously wet. Mildred wasn’t even aware how wet she was because of the new sensations she was experiencing. Her pussy was wet.

Tom’s finger slid across her slit and peeled open her labia lips. He lurked about, enjoying the warm, wet flesh on his fingers. When he prodded for it, he found her hole to be tight. He knew the response he would get when he penetrated it, so he did it patiently. Mildred tensed when he inserted an inch of his forefinger, but as she continued to caress his hard prick with one hand and hold onto his neck, her body gave him permission to continue. He did. His finger went deeper, but with every bit of entry he pulled back to lubricate his digit and then reenter. Now he was sliding effortlessly into her and she was going crazy. Her body reacted by humping back against him, and her hand held tighter around his neck. It had been years since something, anything, had entered her. She had never had it done so patiently and now she was going to make up for lot time.

Mildred sensed her orgasm coming on but she wanted more. She felt free. She didn’t want to stop but she trusted Tom would bring her back to this place if she asked him to. She trusted him.

“Tom. Stop.” She was breathless. He obeyed her request, hoping it was not a final command. She turned her head, leaning back and kissed his cheek, then his ear and then his mouth

“Show me what they do in this room,” she panted in his ear. “Do to me what people do here.”

Tom removed his hand and she did the same, freeing his cock. He stripped off his clothing and then stripped Mildred of hers. She watched him intently as he did all this and inspected him as he stood before her. His cock stood out, pulsing with his desire. She wondered about his hairless groin but loved the sleek look of it. Naked as if it were the first time in her life, she felt no embarrassment. She admired his young body and was pleased to be chosen as an object güvenilir bahis siteleri of desire by him. She stepped to him and they embraced, kissing hard, open mouthed and wet. Their bodies touched. She felt his hardness against her stomach and he was aroused with her small, hard breasts pressed against him. He gripped the flesh of her ass in both his hands.

“Take me to over there,” she said, looking at the black leather wall.

Tom took her by the hand and led her to the far wall and placed her back against it. He sensed what she wanted. Taking her one hand and stretching it above her head he secured her wrist with a velcro strap attached to a chain. He took her other wrist and did the same with another restraint. Tom now began to fondle Mildred. He stroked his hands on her sides and down her hips, wrapped them around her tiny waist and then behind to embrace and caress her ass cheeks. He dropped to his knees and put his face in her short hair and found her slit. Holding her weight by her wrists she lifted her left leg and laid it on his shoulder. Tom now had open entree to her labia and her pink flesh within. Mildred, looking down at his face and meeting his eyes when he glanced up at her, smiled.

“I’ve never had anyone put their tongue on me before.”

“Oh my. Oh. Oh-h-h je-e-e-z-z-z,” was her immediate remark when Tom’s tongue entered her and his one hand pressed against her mons. His other hand held onto her ass and he pressed his thumb on her anus. Tom stab into her like a prick and she bucked her hips. Mildred, with energy heightened from her erotic posture, held her full weight on the chains and lifted her other leg to lay on Tom’s free shoulder. Hanging in the air, Mildred swung with Tom’s hands pushing and pulling to guide his tongue in and out of her hole. Her fluid ran off of his chin as Mildred moaned incessantly.

“I want to fuck you, Mildred. I’ve got to be inside of you now!”

“Yes! Now! Quick! Stick your thing in me.”

Tom stood up letting Mildred’s legs fall onto his forearms and rested them there. Standing upright now he gripped her ass with both hands and aimed his prick for her opening. Mildred watched intently as she prepared for his assault. Years had passed since Randy had forced himself on her roughly and tore into her causing great pain. She was fighting with these memories and longing for it to be pleasurable.

Tom placed his engorged cock head at her opening and stroked it up and down to make Mildred wet. With the head covered with her fluid he gently pushed into her, just till his corona disappeared into her. He felt her stiffen and eased out, then slid in again. His partner was so tight he knew he would be rewarded by taking his time, although he fought the desire to plow into her because of the image he held rocking in his arms. Tom knew Mildred was delirious with desire but afraid.

The young man’s cautious movements put Mildred at ease and they paid off. Her tension eased and now her entrance became a hot sheath for his hard dagger. At last he could drive into her and she would welcome it.

“All of it, Tom. Bury it into me,” she pleaded, hissing the words thru clenched teeth. Mildred’s eyes were wide and glued to her lover’s active body. Sweat poured down his forehead, his face was red with determination and she could see the strain on his powerful chest. Tom’s pectoral muscles rippled and she felt the power of his hands gripping her ass.

“Suck my nipples!, she demanded. Mildred wanted to savor every thrill she could think of.

Tom leaned into her, still pumping and engulfed one of her small cone shaped tits. He sucked on the entire breast, backed off and drew hard on her nipple and then bite it until she cried out. He moved to the other on and repeated the same movement.

Suddenly her responses, turning him on so, flicked a switch and he knew the time drew near. Mildred felt it also and wanted to be in control now.

“Tom, on the bed! Quick! Fuck me on the bed.”

Holding her waist he released her wrists from the restraints as she held onto his neck. Never pulling out of her he walked their two bodies to the red silk covered bed and fell onto it on his back. This is exactly where she wanted to be. Mildred placed her feet at his sides on the bed, squatting, and preceded to pump herself onto him. She could feel his full length slide out of her pussy and reach the end, but not letting go of him. Down she dropped, slowly at first, until Mildred felt Tom tense. Up again she rose slowly to enjoy the shape and ridges of the object she was impaled on. As inexperienced as she was when the evening began, Mildred was learning remarkably fast. She rolled in circles, she pumped fast and hard then slowed to a near stop when she felt that things would get out of control.

As Mildred rocked backward once, sliding Tom’s cock into her, she touched a place that caused her to jump in shock. It felt so intense that she went at it a couple of times and suddenly felt different, so she stopped.

“Why’d you stop,” pleaded Tom, throughly enjoying the ride.

“I was afraid I was going to pee,” she whispered, embarrassed.

“I don’t care, keep going. Piss all over me if you want to, you hot little bitch.”

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