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Merhaba hikaye okuyucuları birbirinden azdırıcı hikaye arşivini sizlerin beğenisine sunuyoruz okuyun ve ve yorumunuzu bırakın


Warning: this story contains extreme scat and piss sex and is basically totally nasty. Don’t read it if you don’t like scat!

* * * * *

That night Danny and his mom snuggled up together in her bed. It was a loving, warm, innocent mother-son contentment. Completely comfortable together their whole lives, their recent bout of depraved fucking was just a more intimate expression of their close, familial bond. They felt this spooning in bed on that warm might, Dianne in her smooth silky nightgown, her teenage son holding her big beasts, his young groin firmly pressing into her big soft bottom. Sleeping together was perfectly natural, even more so as most mothers look after their sons, because she could feel as his needs and desires throbbing into her plump rear end, ready to please his every wish.

Danny lodged his thick erect penis in his mother’s ass crevasse, wedging her silk gown comfortably up her hot crotch with his meat. They were both tired and blissful, though not having an orgasm before bed, Danny’s cock was raging hard all night, and in his sleep he rocked his hips against his mother’s cushiony rear, wedging his dick in her loose vagina, almost cuming in his sleep several times.

He awoke on another warm summer day, close to noon, his mother’s bed empty, his fat cockhead throbbing. He got up in his boxers and went to the toilet, pushing down his stiff rod, trying to pee. The though of his mother’s hot logs coming out of her massive ass onto his face came back to him. He pushed out a long stream of piss, thinking about the great cock his Aunt had and how good it felt when she stuck it in his ass. Two dirty, voluptuous women. He needed them too, his dick was aching.

When he entered the kitchen he heard the ladies on the back porch through the window, “There he is. Go say hi.”

His dick was semi hard in his shorts as he poured himself a bowl of cereal. The sliding glass door opened and his voluptuous Aunt stepped in, almost naked, her big, heavy boobs swinging as she walked in, her fat dicksucking lips making an obscenely innocent smile. Best of all was her speedo breifs and bulge in her crotch framed in by thick and sweaty round thighs.

“Good morning darling. How did you sleep?”

“Fine.” He took her in as she approached him with her mature, curvy frame, wet with perspiration from sunning out there with his mother. Her round breasts looked so good, jiggling wonderfully as she walked over behind him, the tight, soft skin of her naked body glistening.

Danny was pouring his cereal when Aunt Margaret came up to him and put a hand on his young shoulder and kissed his hair. He bent his head and took one of her long, thick nipples in his mouth. He then let it go and finished making his cereal.

She stepped behind her near naked nephew, pressing her huge tits into his undeveloped small back, placing her gentle, overripe, soft wrinkled hands on his bare shoulders.

“Danny, honey,” she spoke in a normal tone, pressing her massive breasts into him, “come eat outside with us.”

“OK.” canlı bahis

He felt her hand reach into his shorts and squeeze his thick cock.

“Mmm, honey, you’re so hard this morning.”

“I haven’t cum since yesterday. I’m gonna need some help Aunt Margarett.” he said wryly.

“Oh honey. Come out with your mother and I, we’ll help you out.” She gave him one more squeeze, then kissed the back of his head and turned around and went back out. Danny watched her enormously fat ass and fairly trim waist move in slow motion, the round, tear-dropped curves of her jiggly buttcheeks folding miraculously with each step into an even wider, luscious curve down to her thick, powerful thighs. A perfectly aged, delicious mature ass.

He went outside with his cereal to the hot sun where his wonderful mother and aunt lay tanning in the sun. They both lay back, their deliciously round, melon sized breasts spread wide on their sweaty chests.

“Good morning sweetie!” his beautiful mother greeted him. “Have a seat.”

Danny ate his cereal at the sturdy porch table next to his sunbathing ladies in the sunning chairs.

“Danny, you’re mother said it’s OK if I help out around here and help you with that big erection of yours.”

“Yeah sweetie,” his mother chimed in with her older sister. “I want all of us to be able to share with eachother.”

“Yeah Mom?”

“Yes honey. We’re going to do some serious buttfucking out here, the three of us.” she said with a naughty gleam in her eye, still somehow sounding like a regular mom, and not just some empty whore.

“Shit Dianne. You’re so nasty.” her sister reminded her.

“Honey, tell your Aunt Margaret what did we do before bed last night.”

“Uh, well, we went to the bathroom together.”

“Oh you did, huh?” Margaret asked.

“Oh c’mon honey, don’t be shy about it.” his mother complained. “Tell her about my big turds on your face.”

Margaret’s eyebrows perked up and she smiled, looking at them, hoping it was true but not saying anything.

“Mom and I shit on eachother alot and last night she squatted over my face and just dumped right on me.”

His mother smiled proudly.

“Oh and I believe you. you two are too naughty!” Aunt Margaret said in a hot tone of lust. “You two are into scat together? That’s so nasty. It sounds so good.”


“Yeah mom?”

“How’d you like a little shower after you finish that breakfast?”

“You mean, like, a real shower?”

“No honey. I mean I’ve got to piss and I want Margaret to watch.”

“Sure Mom.” He finished his cereal in a few bites. “Alright Mom.”

She got up and slipped off her bikini bottoms and walked up to her son. “Sit on the ground sweetie.” She spread her legs a little bit and held open her cunt to the right position. “Ready honey?”


Margaret watched with excitement as Dianne let out a stream of piss that she splashed right on her son’s face. She peed a long stream onto his head and hair and nose an eyes and moth and chin, when bahis siteleri Danny tried to swallow.

“Mmmm. Yeah, that’s it baby. Mmm yeah!”

When she was done he was wet with her urine, and she bent down and pressed her face up to his kissing him. They sat in the grass licking each other’s faces, and a moment later a third mouth joined them.

“Honey, I want to watch you take it in the ass,” his mother said, matter-of-factly.

“Sure Mom” Danny agreed, his penis becoming totally stiff hearing this.

“Stand up honey, lets get those shorts off.”

Danny stood up and his mother pulled his shorts off. She took his throbbing cock in her moth a moment before telling him to lay down on the table.

Danny lay down on his back and his mother stepped between his legs, pushing his knees back to his chest. He held hooked his hands under his knees and his mother squatted down, licking his 18 year old balls and ass.

“Oh, what a good boy,” his Aunt commented, standing up, her heavy jugs swaying. His mother eagerly dug her face in his crack and licked and sucked his anus.

“Oh yeah mom, yeah!”

Margaret watched her younger sister’s tongue lick her teenage son’s hairless little asshole, her tongue penetrating his clenched sphincter as deep as it would go.

Danny looked at his Aunt who was, holding back her sister’s hair as she fed on his young ass.

“Eat it Dianne! Suck his ass! Suck your son’s shit hole!”

Margaret pulled down her underwear and held her hard dick in her hands. Danny watched her walk over to his edge of the table and hold her prick with in reach of his mouth.

It tasted so good to suck on a hard, juicy woman cock as his mother tongue fucked his anus. He held his legs back and slurped on his Aunt’s cock, and could feel his mother working his asshole with her fingers.

“Suck on that cock Danny” his mother commanded from between his legs.

His Aunt rocked her hips, fucking his mouth slowly with her tasty cock meat. His mother had three, then four fingers inside her son’s asshole, making it gape.

“Are you ready Danny? Are you ready to get fucked?” His Aunt asked as he licked and sucked on her sausage.

“Oh yes he is!” his mother replied.

Margaret took her cock away and walked over to the edge of the table between his bare spread legs. His mother stood up and held his legs back, and Danny grabbed his ass, holding it open for Auntie’s cockmeat.

“Nice n’ ready huh?” Auntie said to him. “My little butt boy. Here it comes!”

Danny and his mother looked on as his Aunt held her cock and slipped it right in to his willing anus. She pulled it out, and dipped it back in. Danny lay there, enjoying the sensation of getting his ass plugged by his Aunt in the hot sun. She thrust in and out with firm, even strokes. His mother clutched his pregnant balls and held on to his thick pole.

“How’s that sweetheart? That feel good getting fucked by your Aunt Margaret? Hmm?” as she gently pinched both of his nipples.

“Oh, oh yeah” he breathed. bahis şirketleri

While Aunt Margaret pumped his ass with nice even strokes his mother climbed up on the table with him and straddled him backwards so that her ass was above his face. She was bent as the knees, her feet on both sides of him, her hands holding his young frame.

“Here you are sweetie. Suck on my ass, yeah, get your tongue up mommy’s shitter.” Dianne dipper her anus down on her son’s face and felt his extended tongue slide past her loose sphincter. His mother’s round, huge ass rode his tongue as his Aunt filled his bum. Margaret looked on, holding his legs back as her sister grabbed hanfulls of her breasts and kissed and sucked them. All were moaning hard as they fucked like this for several minutes.

“I bet you need to come don’t you Sweetheart? I bet you’re just ready to explode?”

“Uhh huh. ..Uhhhh.”

His mother stood up and turned around, squatting back down. Still on her feet, she bent her knees and reached back for his fat cock.

Danny looked up at his mother’s huge round tits above him and reached up and grabbed two hand-fulls of delicious mommy juggs. He could see between his mother’s fat open thighs squatting over him, her puffy cunt and large labia, her hand guiding his erection against her butthole.

She sat down on her son’s cock, rather easily taking his massive girth inside her loose rectum.

She started squatting up and down, taking her son’s big cock up her ass, feeling her sister pump her dick up his butt at the same time. Danny squeezed his mother’s heavy breasts, watching her ride his donkey dick in her shit chute, feeling his Aunt plunge his own butt with her wonderful penis.

All three of them were breathing hard and moaning, working up a sweat in a fever of nasty butt-fucking in the summer sun.

“You gonna cum sweetheart? You wanna shoot that load up my nasty bottom? Hmm?” his wonderful mother asked as she fucked his cock with her fat juicy butt, vigorously rubbing her old fig with the palm of her hand.

“Shoot it in my ass sweetheart, c’mon. Shoot it up Mommy’s rectum.” she moaned.

Hearing this he could take no more, and squeezing his mother’s big melons, feeling his Aunt pump away in his butt, he shook, then exploded his cum deep inside his mother’s bowels, moaning out load, “Ohhhh! Ughhhhh!” His mother sat deep on his exploding young erection, feeling his hot spunk fill her up.. Load after load, he quivered and pumped shot after shot of sperm in her shit box. Dianne felt her son’s hot spunk way up her insides, and she fingered her old labia until she cried, “Ohhhhhhh!! Fuck yyyesssss!”, her head arching back. She furiously rubbed her cunt and squirted her female juices in a wild splash on her little son’s chest and face, his cock still lodged firmly in her loose asshole.

A moment later and Aunt Margaret, still pumping away at Danny’s butthole, made a similar moan, and Danny felt her gushing hot spunk deep in his ass tube.

His mother collapsed on top of him, rubbing her soft, curvy sweaty body onto her sons. They lay together and kissed in the sun, enjoying the feeling when Margaret took turns sucking the sperm out of each of their asses.

It was a lovely, hot, nasty afternoon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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