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Daisy knew her parents were having sex. She could hear her mother gasping, nearly drowning out her father’s rapid breathing, which had become so familiar to her. She suspected this was only part of his plan to somehow extracate both of them from the situation, but she couldn’t be absolutely sure. So she lay there in the dim light, listening as her mother and father fumbled about in bed. She supposed that meant that her mother’s plan had worked, that by flaunting her daughter’s naked body in front of her husband, she would get him back. Daisy closed her eyes and tried not to listen as her moans and gasps grew louder.

At last, she heard a rustling, and then her mother’s voice. “Look at me, Daisy.”

Daisy opened her eyes reluctantly to see her mother standing over her, naked. She took in the small, limp breasts with their thick nipples, the saggy belly, the hair at the juncture of her thighs that was so long it obscured whatever was beneath it. She raised her eyes to her mother’s face, looking for some kind of instruction or direction.

“Your father loves me,” her mother announced smugly. “Your father fucked me. You may turn him on, but so do I, and at the end of the day, I’m the one he wants.” She turned and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

Her father was at her side in a flash, caressing her face and hair and whispering in her ear. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ve got to get her to trust me, to let her guard down. It’s part of my plan. I love you, honey. Just put up with this for awhile and we’ll figure something out soon, okay?”

He kissed her then, a quick, hard kiss on the lips, before he stood and lay back down in his own bed. Moments later, the bathroom door opened and her mother came out, returning to the bed without acknowledging her daughter a second time.

Daisy drifted off to sleep, feeling very confused.

The next morning, Daisy woke suddenly, feeling pressure between her legs. Memories of the night before flooded back, and her eyes snapped open. The first thing she saw was her mother, crouching down beside her bed. Sally was pulling the cylinder off her pussy, grunting with exertion. “How do you get this fucking thing-off!” It gave way suddenly, and Sally fell back on her ass, holding the glass cup in her hand. Daisy almost rolled her eyes, but stopped herself as her mother got back on her knees and surveyed the damage.

“Your father was right,” she said haughtily. “No boy will ever want to fuck that pussy.” Daisy felt fingers prodding and poking her flesh, and she blushed hard.

“Oh, don’t pretend like you have any shame,” her mother snapped. “You’ve probably fucked so many boys, half your graduating class knows what you look like down here. Or rather,” and she smirked here, “what you looked like. Things have changed quite a bit, haven’t they, Daisy?”

Something slid between her lips. Daisy was too numb from the pump to feel much detail, but what entered her was rather large. She nearly moaned with pleasure, relieved to have something inside her at last, but she didn’t think her mother would appreciate it.

“What? Don’t like your old dildo, Daisy?”

The object thrust deeper inside her, and Daisy knew. She stared at her mother. “What are you doing?”

“Your father showed me the fake dick he found in your bed, you little slut,” Sally told her smugly. “I didn’t believe him at first. I expected you to seduce him and every boy in your class, but actually fucking yourself? You really are a little sex-crazed slut, aren’t you?”

The dildo was working its way in and out of her now, and Daisy knew she was getting wet in spite of herself. Her mother knew it, too.

“You do like this,” she said wonderingly. “Look at all that juice. Does it remind you of lying awake Ankara escort at night, playing with yourself while you stared at these?”

Her mother held up the porno mags her father had found in her bed that night so many months ago. Daisy blushed furiously as her mother tossed one onto her chest. “Open it,” she demanded.

Daisy picked up the magazine and opened it. Of course it would have to be this one. Two nearly-identical blond girls, probably barely 18, were sitting side-by-side on a bed, holding hands. They wore matching cheerleader outfits-or at least they did in the first photo. The second photo showed one of the girls lying propped up on her elbows amongst the brightly-colored sheets, the cropped cheerleading top pulled up over her ample breasts. Her short skirt was also hiked up to reveal slim thighs, spread wide to accomodate her lover. Another photo showed a close-up as the girl licked her pussy, one slim finger inserted in the other’s tight hole.

“This turns you on, huh?” her mother asked, still screwing the dildo in and out of Daisy’s pussy. “Turn the page.”

If the girls had looked innocent at first, the second spread told a different story. The first girl had rolled over and thrust her ass in the air towards the camera, and was pretending to bite her nails anxiously as the second girl forced an enormous dildo into her ass. Beneath it, her pussy glistened with her own juices. Still in her cheerleading outfit, the second girl removed the dildo, cheerfully showing the camera her lover’s wide, gaping anus. The photoshoot depicted all manner of objects being forced into the tiny girl’s bottom, including large anal beads, balls, vegetables, and eventually, her lover’s slim fist. Interspersed amongst these photos were close-up stills of the girls kissing, or eating each other’s pussies, or even masturbating.

By the time Daisy had looked at all the photos, she was close to cumming. She was trying to hold it back, but by now her mother was slamming the dildo in and out of her, and the familiar sensation was coaxing it out of her. Above her, her mother said, “You like girls too, huh? It isn’t enough just to seduce boys. You’ve got to have that pussy, too. How many girls have you fucked, Daisy? How many? I want to know how many girls my daughter has slept with. Huh? How many titties have you sucked, dyke? How many clitties have you licked? Answer me!”

Daisy only screamed, and suddenly her mother was screaming too. “What the fuck? Are you pissing on me?!”

Daisy couldn’t answer, and she couldn’t stop. Her pussy kept squirting, spraying herself and her mother. When the dildo finally slid out of her, it brought with it a flood of juice, which pooled on the sheets beneath her ass. Daisy panted heavily.

Sally was staring at her. “Did you just piss on me?”

Daisy shook her head. “No,” she said weakly. “I just came.”

Sally’s eyebrows shot up, but she seemed not to know what to say. She looked from Daisy’s face to the ruin of flesh between her thighs, up to her heaving tits, nipples still trapped in the suctioning cups. Her milk had run dry, but her nipples were still expanding and contracting again and again inside the glass tubes.

At last, Sally repeated, “You just came.”

Daisy nodded.

“Do you always cum like that?”

Daisy shook her head. “Not always.”

“But most of the time?”

Daisy nodded.

“Does your father know?”

Daisy closed her eyes and nodded again.

A pause. “Does he like it?”

“I don’t know, Mom, you’ll have to ask him.”

Another pause. “Do you really like girls?”

Daisy didn’t know what to say. After a moment, she sighed. “I don’t know, Mom. I think it’s fun sometimes, but I really like boys, too.”

“What’s fun about it? What do Ankara escort bayan you like?”

Daisy’s eyes were still screwed shut. “I don’t know.” She couldn’t keep the irritation out of her voice, but Sally didn’t seem to notice. “I guess some women are really pretty, and it’s fun to experiment.”

“Like how?”

Daisy shook her head. “I guess I like…sucking on their nipples. They feel good between my lips, I guess. Especially big ones. And sometimes if they have a pussy like mine…”

“Like yours?”

“Yeah. You know, fleshy. Sometimes I like to touch it. It feels good.” Daisy exhaled. “Why are you asking?”

Her mother didn’t answer for a moment. “I used to experiment a little back in college, too. We had an orgy once-“

“I don’t want to hear about that!” Daisy exclaimed.

“Okay, fine.” Her mother sounded hurt. “But that’s why I’m asking.”

Daisy was afraid to ask the next question. “Do you want to experiment with…me?”

“God, Daisy, no!” Her mother sounded so upset that Daisy opened her eyes and looked at her mother. Her jaw dropped open.

Sally was sitting on the floor beside her, dressed only in her robe. She was looking at Daisy, staring at her tits, while her hands moved busily between her thighs. The robe wasn’t closed properly, and had slipped to one side to reveal her mother’s left breast. When Sally realized her daughter was looking at her, she jerked her hands out from between her legs and tugged the robe into place. “You’re my daughter,” she finished, breathing hard. “I just want to know who you’ve been with, that’s all. I want to make sure you’re safe.”

Daisy stared as her mother stood and went into the bathroom. It was up to Daisy to remove the cups from her nipples, now aching and sore. They were enormous, and although they seemed a little bigger than they had ever been each time the cups came off-Daisy was getting used to it. She admired the length of them, the girth, their swollen appearance. After they had been pumped, her nipples looked much different than the they did when they were simply hard. She liked it, and on impulse, raised a breast up to her mouth and slid the stiff nub between her lips. She did like the feel of it, probably more than she should. Daisy sucked, enjoying the dull ache in her teat as well as the way her nipple seemed to distend even further into her mouth. Her pussy was still wet, and there was plenty of juice to coat her stiff clit. Her fingers slid over the nub, coaxing herself toward that familiar precipice. She used her free hand to grip the sheer volume of pussy flesh between her thighs, swollen like her nipples, thick and firm and slippery.

Daisy imagined one of the blondes from the magazine lying down between her thighs to suck on her clit. Maybe they were both there, one sucking on her clit, the other her nipple. They were still dressed in their cheerleader outfits, but their tops were pulled up, revealing their full, round tits. Daisy could reach up and sink her fingers into the tender flesh, groping and squeezing until the girl pulled away from her nipple to moan in protest. “No, that feels too good,” she would moan, rutting her panty-clad mound against Daisy’s hip. But Daisy wouldn’t let her go; she would keep kneading the taut flesh, feeling the stiff nipple against her palm. The girl would grab her other breast with her own hand and they would both fondle the girl’s titties, so ample and round and firm. Then the girl would lean down and press her tits against Daisy’s, and they would kiss.

Between her thighs, the other girl was still sucking on her clit, though, and Daisy was getting closer and closer to cumming. The second blonde didn’t mind her fleshy twat; in fact, she preferred it. Suddenly she had flipped around and was straddling Escort Ankara Daisy’s head. She pulled her panties to the side to show Daisy her own swollen, bulging cunt. Daisy was kissing the other girl, but suddenly they were fighting to get their mouths on the second blonde’s pussy, their tongues swirling and dancing around each other as they tried to be the one to make the squealing girl cum. She had a big clit, too, and Daisy managed to get it into her mouth, sucking hard on the stiff nub. The other blonde came around and put her face into the girl’s exposed bottom, eating her ass out sloppily. Saliva was dribbling down the girl’s pussy to mingle with her juices, which Daisy slurped out eagerly, burying her tongue deep into those stiff, fleshy folds.

The girl came, squirting her juices into Daisy’s mouth and across her face. It wasn’t like it had been at the lesbian photoshoot-this was intimate and loving and sexy. Daisy swallowed, still trying to lick and suck as much pussy flesh as she could. Her own cunt was brimming with juices, and when the blonde thrust two fingers into her swollen hole, Daisy screamed and came hard. Someone was sucking her nipples, probably one or both of the girls, sucking hungrily, feeding, nursing. The sensation was so delicious and intense that Daisy was able to cum a second time, one orgasm rolling and crashing into the next, and she knew she was squirting. These girls were so good, so sexy and beautiful and talented; she wanted to make them cum again and again, until they all collapsed into a heap of overheated young flesh, kissing and stroking each other lazily and drifting off to sleep.

Suddenly Daisy’s eyes snapped open. She still had a nipple in her mouth, but the other…the other was…

“Mom!” Daisy shrieked. Her nipple popped out of her own mouth and wavered for a moment atop her jiggling teat. The other was in her mother’s mouth.

Sally’s eyes opened, and she pulled back, but the nipple was still firmly in her mouth. Daisy’s tit stretched until at last the nipple popped out from between her mother’s lips, and her tit jiggled and bounced as it settled back down on her chest. Her mother was blushing hard and trying to say something, but words weren’t coming out.

“What the fuck?” Daisy demanded, struggling to sit up.

“You were-you were masturbating.” As if that was an explanation.

“I was horny!” Daisy shot back. “So what?”

Her mother stood up and backed away as if she was afraid of her. “You looked like you needed help. You had the one in your mouth, and…and…”

“And you thought you would just help yourself, huh? Just like you did back in college?” By now, Daisy was standing, and somehow, naked and swollen as she was, seemed more commanding than her mother. “How many girls have YOU fucked, Mom? How many pussies have YOU eaten?”

She advanced on Sally, who backed away from her. “Honey, I’m sorry,” she stammered. “I’m so sorry. I wasn’t thinking. I thought maybe you’d like it. I just wanted to-“

“To suck on your own daughter’s nipple?” Daisy was screaming by now. She wasn’t even sure why, but a voice inside her told her that whatever she was doing, it was good.

Her mother started crying. “No, I didn’t mean it like that. I just wanted to help you.”

“You don’t think I can make myself cum on my own?” Daisy demanded. She was backing her mother into her own bedroom. “You don’t think I’ve made myself cum a hundred times? A thousand?”

“I don’t-I…probably,” her mother whimpered. She stumbled backwards and fell onto the bed. Daisy’s bed.

“I just can’t believe you,” Daisy spat. “I need to talk to Dad about this. Stay right where you are.”

“No, please!” Sally begged suddenly, reaching out towards her daughter.

“Do I need to tie you to the bed?” Daisy demanded, whirling on her mother. “Stay there, or I will!”

To her surprise and distinct satisfaction, Sally lay back on the bed. Daisy turned and left the room, her heart racing. What the fuck was she going to do now?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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