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Part Four.

Decision Time

Susie was still trying to come to terms with her new developing relationship with Jon she knew that after today it would never be the same again, but that’s not so bad she reasoned, after all he is a man now and things are bound to change. However, she had not expected this sort of change his flirting and teasing was driving her mad and she had to admit to enjoying it very much indeed.

As she had drunk a few glasses of wine Susie thought it prudent to try and stay a little in control, so excusing her self she made her way to the kitchen to fetch a jug of iced water so that she could sip some between the wine.

Ken smiled at Jon, “well you seem to be doing ok she is loves all the attention you are showing her, she is yours now for the taking, you know that don’t you?”

I looked at him and returned his smile, sure I was having a great time I was enjoying myself with mum much more than I ever thought possible. I really was seeing her as a beautiful woman and that she was my mother was slowly slipping further to the back of my mind.

I hoped that she was also experiencing similar thoughts, but I just could not tell for certain. Sure she was flirting with me as outrageously as I was with her, but it may just be fun for her.

“I don’t know dad it’s difficult for me to know and as I told you earlier I really do have to be certain of her feelings before it goes any further.”

Susie had got her water and was on her way back she was almost at the door when she heard Jon and Ken talking, so she took a half step back into the shadows and listened. She knew it was not a nice thing to do, but she could not resist it.

Dad passed me a fresh glass of red wine, “I know and that’s one of the things I respect in you, not taking advantage. I know you are sure of your feelings and I am pretty sure that mum is starting to think the same way, but I guess you will find out one way or the other before the night is over.”

I gave a wry chuckle, “I suppose so,” I answered, “but after all that has happened in the last few days I know for sure that I love her now as a woman. Of course I have always loved her as a son, but this is on a whole new level.”

“Its different now, whole new feelings are gnawing away at me. I never dreamt that I would ever feel this way about her, but she has become a very special woman to me and I want to be near her all the time.”

“I can see that honestly I can.” Dad whispered.

“Mum is the important one in all this and it’s her that has to decide where her future happiness lies,” I reiterated to Dad. “Whatever she decides of course I will still love her just as long as she is happy.”

“You are a good lad Jon; you have grown into a caring thoughtful man.”

“I don’t know about that,” I chuckled. “But I do know that I love mum very much she is very important to me and I don’t want to rush her into making a decision that she may regret.”

Susie’s pulse quickened and her tummy fluttered when she heard Jon openly declaring his love for her and as the words slowly registered she felt her self flush with excitement. Jon expressing his love for her in such a sincere way was not what she had expected to hear, but her heart went out to him, bless him his first thoughts are for my happiness, she thought lovingly.

In those few sentences he had dissolved any lingering doubts she might have had about his sincerity and his feelings towards her. At that moment she knew for certain that he loved her in this new and exciting way and she was reassured that he was not just getting his sexual kicks or merely toying with her. He meant everything he had said to her over the past few days.

Suddenly in that moment it was as if a fog had cleared and she saw Jon in a whole new way as a man and as a lover. Ken’s plan for her and Jon suddenly sounded like an excellent idea. Her heart skipped a beat as she realised that Ken had given her the freedom to pursue this fresh chance of love and it gave her butterflies in her tummy.

Knowing that Ken still loved her, albeit in a different way now made it perfect. Her confidence and self-assurance soared she had no doubt that her love for Jon had evolved.

She was suddenly sure where her futures lay, her doubts cast aside like an old jumper, and she now felt an urgency to give her self to him, live out this exciting new life. Susie felt a tide of happiness wash over her, she knew that she was about to show Jon all the love that she felt for him, she would shower him with the sort of physical and emotional love that a woman shows to the man that she loves. She wanted to return his love to him tenfold.

She entered the room as if she was walking on air and she could not help the big smile that was on her face. Ken spotted her demeanour, the radiant smile and her happy face and he shot her a glance; she spotted his look of curiosity she made a barely perceptible nod of her head towards him.

However, she did not Beylikdüzü escort just want to go up to Jon and declare her love for him, she wanted to tease him some more and let him slowly discover her new feelings. Her pussy throbbed as she thought about being in his strong arms having him kissing her as a lover would kiss her and having him making love to her. In her minds eye she saw him between her open thighs with her legs wrapped around his arse as he fucked her with his hard young cock.

Jon had put some music on and she chuckled to herself at his non-to subtle choice of slow romantic songs. She looked at him and smiled, she was looking at him in a different way now; through the eyes of a woman in love and one who had seen the man she wants and is determined to get.

She was looking at him as a potential lover now and not her son; she thought it strange that those objections had dissipated so quickly. God he was so good looking and she wondered why she had never seen him quite this way before, she was still a little puzzled though at what he saw in her, especially when there are loads of younger women he could undoubtedly get, but she was not complaining at all she just felt that she was a very fortunate woman.

Jon had moved some furniture to make a small space for dancing, he went up to her took her hands in his, “I hope that a beautiful woman like you would care to dance with me,” he whispered.

She looked up at him and smiled sweetly her pulse beating fast, “that’s a wonderful idea.”

Ken saw the look of a woman in love, her eyes were sparkling, her face slightly flushed with excitement her smile was warm and sincere and as her and Jon started to dance he saw her mould her self into his body and lay her head on his shoulder. Then with her eyes closed she allowed her self to be held tightly by him, the dancing was nothing more than shuffling their feet, but their bodies moved as one.

I was pleasantly surprised that mum made no objection when I pulled her close as we danced. I could feel the softness of her body against mine her soft tits against my chest and her arms loosely around my waist. She was making my cock hard yet again and this time I was sure she must have felt it, so I moved my hands onto her arse and gently pulled her tighter pushing my hardness against her tummy.

Susie felt at ease in his arms as they sashayed together, she loved that he was taking the lead in this gentle way. Her heart skipped a beat as she felt his hard cock pushing against her as he hugged her tighter, she could feel it pulsing against her tummy. It was when she felt his twitching cock against her that she excitedly realised that her many, many months of deprivation were almost at an end, she would once again feel the strength of a man as he takes her, tonight she would at long last feel a hard cock inside her and she groaned at the prospect and without a conscious thought opened her legs slightly and ground her mons against her thigh sending tingles of delight through her body.

Dad and I had agreed that we would try to continue our teasing of her by dancing alternatively with her, each of us touching, stroking and kissing her in hope that her excitement and frustration would build. So when the music stopped dad came over to us.

“As you are the only lady here would you mind if I dance with you.” He said with a big smile.

She looked up at Jon and gave him a lingering look and a smile, “Of course it will be a pleasure,” she replied.

I sat and sipped a glass of coke and watched as they started to move together to the rhythm of the music. I grinned to myself as I saw his hands on her arse and starting to gently caress her.

“Well it looks like you have made your mind up then, you looks so excited and so happy,” Ken whispered to her.

Susie nodded, “yes you were right about me as usual,” she said with a giggle. “All you have said makes so much sense now and I know it took me a while to overcome my maternal objections, but God Ken I love him so much. To me I now see him as a strong handsome man.” She confided in him.

Ken simply smiled at her and continued to caress her arse running his fingers along the line of her thong sending lovely little shivers up her spine.

“So Ken you must tell me now if you have changed your mind or if you are no longer sure that you want this to carry on. For gods sake you must tell me now before it gets out of hand.” She said earnestly.

He looked at her and kissed her face gently, “Susie I love you very much, but I am no longer able to give you the love you so desperately want and need.”

“You must admit that our love has changed, it’s become staid we are more like siblings now than man and wife. You are young and need more than that, so trust me when I tell you that I have not changed my mind, I am extremely happy that you are both growing so close.

He kissed her lightly again and whispered, “Just go tease and trap him, make him yours and enjoy Beylikdüzü escort everything you offer each other.”

Susie looked up at him with a smile, “thank you Ken, but you do know that I will give my all to him nothing will be off limits to him. I will let him do whatever he wants to me.

If you excuse my graphic language,” she said shyly, “I will let him fuck me just as often and as hard as he wants to, just as I have always let you. There will be no half measures I will definitely be his woman and you know that I am a one man woman, so I will always be off limits to you,” she said in a matter of fact way.

He laughed at her embarrassment, “I have already explained how I feel and how I would like to see you both develop together, so you give yourself to him as you want to, I will happily sit in the background of our new relationship.”

She kissed him lightly, “thank you Ken for giving me this opportunity, I will always hold you close to my heart, I love you.” Then the music stopped.

I looked at mum’s feminine curves with her slim waist, sexy hips and gorgeous tits. I loved the way her high-heeled shoes accentuated her calves, her legs were beautiful especially when enhanced by her short skirt. Her hair tumbled down onto her shoulders she looked stunning and her happy smile completed the near perfect vision.

As I started to move towards them to claim my dance with her dad met me half way, he shook my hand and with a little nod of his head he winked at me. I had a good idea what he was trying to say to me, but it all seemed too good to be true, that mum was going to become mine. That she might have already told dad would certainly confirm that she was serious about her decision.

However, I was going to assume nothing until she had told me herself and she had to do it in front of her husband so that there was no doubt in anyone’s mind. She smiled at me as I took her in my arms and started our shuffling to the music.

Susie felt really good now that she had confronted Ken and told him what her plans were; she was so happy and light hearted. She looked up at Jon as he held her close to him and with a fluttering heart she offered her lips to his and kissed him, her tongue swept along his lips as it sought entry to his mouth. She moaned quietly as it opened to accept her probing tongue. This was the first real lovers kiss they had shared, it was poignant moment for her as she felt that her heart and soul was migrating to Jon for him to care for she was offering him her love and her life.

I was amazed when mum kissed me in that beautifully erotic way, her tongue was dancing with mine as she pushed her self against me, rubbing her pussy forcefully against my thigh. My already hard cock seemed to get harder still. I eased my hands under her skirt and placed my hands on her all but naked arse cheeks and caressed and stroked them, running my fingers deftly along the valley of her buttocks.

Susie shuddered when she felt his hands holding bare her arse, feeling his hands on her flesh gave her goose bumps and when his finger slipped between her buttocks her excitement level soared,

“Oh Jon that feels so nice,” she cooed softly then for the first time and without consciously planning to she whispered, “I love you.” For some reason she felt her self blush when she realised what she had told him.

She suddenly felt warm, she was not sure if it was caused by all the dancing or having Jon fondling her so softly, “Jon I am a little warm can we sit down for a while?” she asked.

I smiled at her, “in a second or two,” I replied as I fumbled with the waistband of her skirt seeking the catch. When I found it I carefully unclipped it, all that was holding it up now were my hands. I kissed her gently and released the skirt and stepped away from her to allow it fall freely to the floor.

Then I held her close again, “perhaps you are over dressed,” I whispered with a chuckle as her skirt fell to the floor leaving her standing there in her small thongs and stockings.

She gasped as she felt her skirt fall away she had not expected that, but she loved his confidence and budding authority. In the blinking of an eye he had exposed her in a way nobody but her husband has ever done and for a fleeting second she felt vulnerable, but she was reassured and she giggled when she saw his beaming face.

“That was very naughty of you,” she said laughing.

I once again held her arse cheeks this time forcing my knee between her legs forcing them open and I pushed my thigh against her pussy pulling it hard against my leg and at the same time I pushed my cock against her tummy.

“You are a beautiful woman,” I whispered, “you look so very sexy in just your very tiny and naughty knickers.”

Susie’s breathing was coming in short pants as her pussy was being so beautifully stimulated, her pulse was very rapid and the lovely hard cock, which was pushing against her so teasingly felt so fantastic.

I Escort Beylikdüzü then tried to up the pressure on her by gently kissing her neck as I softly massaged her arse, “can you feel how hard you have made me,” I said somewhat nervously then added “you have made my cock so stiff it is harder than it has ever been,” I was not sure how she would react to such a blatant remark.

Susie sighed with happiness; she was supposed to be teasing him she ironically thought, but he was turning her to jelly. She nodded her reply to his naughty but oh so sexy question, “yes I can feel it,” she said barely audible.

I almost shouted with joy because she was playing along and not getting angry so I pushed on, “does it feel nice?” She just nodded yes. “Stoke it mum, just run your fingers along its length feel for your self how hard it is for you,” I whispered softly in her ear.

She was trembling her legs felt like jelly and her hands shaking, she had never been subjected to this level of teasing, never had she met a man who was so skilled or confident and so able to turn her on. She wanted to feel him, but her hands seemed unable to move.

She had a heart flutter when she heard him say, “feel it then mum,” he said in a positive tone that made her listen. She looked at him and kissed him then with her hands still shaking she placed her hand on his gorgeously hard cock, she shivered as her fingers stroked it feeling its hardness and its length. As she gently gripped it her pussy twitched as she realised that it would soon it would be inside her.

“I love you as well mum,” Jon whispered, “very much,” he added.

Susie’s heart jumped when she heard him say that, he put a finger under her chin and brought her face up to his, he saw her tear filled eyes and kissed her tenderly. There was no rushing this was a real lover’s kiss and by this most intimate demonstration of his love he was showing her more than words ever could. It proved to her how sincere his feelings were.

When the music stopped their eyes met she saw his glazed eyes looking lovingly at her and he saw in her face a happiness he had never seen before, they both know that from that moment they were lovers, and although it remained unsaid they both knew that the mum son period of their lives were finally over.

Ken had been watching them and smiled to himself smugly at just how well his little scheme had worked. He could see their love for each other growing, he loved watching her slow but inexorable slide into submission to Jon and he knew just how much she would love that. He was also impressed by Jon’s obvious devotion to her and his caring attitude proved that he would always look after for her.

He chuckled when he saw Jon slipping her skirt off and saw her frustration as he continued to tease her mercilessly. Then the music stopped and he moved in for his dance, he smiled ruefully because he knew it would be the last one with her as his wife proper, and that in a very short while she would be promising herself to Jon and he would have no more hold over her or call on her.

I smiled at Dad as he approached mum and his smile proved that he was happy with how I had been teasing mum. I watched as they danced her hips swaying to the slow music looked so erotic and the thin strap of her thong as it disappeared between the cheeks of her arse was truly sexy. I had been hard for some while now without relief and my cock was literally aching and throbbing and her sexy body was just making it worse.

“You look so happy and you are exuding sex appeal,” Ken said to Susie.

She smiled as he started to stroke her bottom softly, “I am Ken,” she whispered timidly, “he is turning me on so much, more than I have ever been before.”

She realised what she had said and regretted it instantly she did not want him to take it as a slight on his manhood. She started to apologise, but he stopped her.

“No need to say sorry I know what you mean, its been a long time since a man with a hard on has paid you such attention, just enjoy yourself,” he said reassuringly.

I took off my shirt and trousers, but leaving my boxers on and I winked at dad as I went up behind her. I held her hips and pulled her close to me as I eased my cock between the cheeks of her arse.

“This is the nicest sandwich filling I have ever had,” I whispered into her ear with a snigger.

Susie gasped audibly as Ken eased her arse cheeks apart and then felt Jon’s cock slide between them, but she giggled when he said about sandwich fillings. She had never been held like this before and it felt wonderful with two men hugging her one from behind and one from the front.

I slowly followed the narrow waistband of her thongs with my hand until I was touching her tummy; I heard her softly moan as I slid down and gently caressed her pussy.

“Oh god Jon this all feels so lovely,” she sighed.

Then I slowly started to unbutton her blouse, she put up no resistance as I slowly opened it and caressed her tits, I slipped a hand under her bra and massaged her soft pliant flesh, tweaking and gently squeezing her nipple.

“They feel so soft and sexy,” I whispered, and again I heard her moan. “I will stop if you want me to mum, just tell me.”

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