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I’m going to be late again. Daddy hates it when I’m late. I try to be to be the good girl Daddy likes. My brother punishes me along with Daddy. I’m 19 and still get spanked if I’ve been bad. My brother, Brawn, fucks me while Daddy watches. I walk up the drive to see Daddy standing at the door. “Your late.”

I cringe at the tone of his voice. I know that tone. It’s the tone he uses when he is going to punish me. I don’t like to be punished. I try to be good, but I always do something wrong. I stand in front of Daddy and stare at his chest. He doesn’t like for me to look him in the face when I’ve been bad. “Get on your hands and knees,” he says.

I put my books down and pause. The pause was long enough for him to grab the back of my neck and force me down. The skirt I’m wearing doesn’t even cover my ass any longer. Daddy snorts, “You wore that skirt to tease boys , didn’t you? You mother was a whore too. I thought that since she left us maybe you wouldn’t be such a whore. Looks like I was wrong. Crawl inside bitch. Don’t look up. Keep your eyes down.”

He smacks my ass hard. With tears in my eyes I crawl inside. Daddy snaps his fingers. “Kneel in front of the couch. Sit up straight. Put your hands behind your neck. Don’t move.”

He leaves the room as I do what he said. A tear rolls down my cheek when he comes back and sits in front of me, the paddle in his lap. I open my mouth to speak. “Did I tell you to speak? No. Close your mouth slut, or I’ll fill it for you,” Daddy says before I speak. Daddy is really upset. I don’t look at him, I look at the floor. Daddy extends the paddle out and lifts my chin up. “Look at me baby doll. Your so gorgeous when you cry.”

My bottom lip quivers when he pulls my hair out of the ponytail. It cascades around my face. I draw in a deep breath and my body shakes as I let it out. I look at Daddy as he plays with my hair waiting for him to speak. “I want the truth. Did you fuck a boy?”

I know that no matter how I answer Daddy will spank me for being late. “No Daddy.”

He pulls on the back of my head forcing my head to snap back. “You lie. I can smell the sweat on you.”

My throat convulses, “Daddy don’t. Please don’t. I was running today at school and I was sweating.”

He twists his hand in my hair putting pressure on my scalp. “Did you like his cock in your pussy? Did he make you feel good like Brawn does?”

A few years flow down my face. I sit up straighter to relieve some of the pressure on my head. “I’m a good girl Daddy. I didn’t fuck anyone boys. Daddy please don’t punish me.”

He lets go of my hair. “You cock tease. You tease boys and then you don’t fuck them.” He gets up and walks behind me. “You only fuck your brother. Is that what a good girl does? No, baby doll, they don’t.”

He pushes me into the couch and slides my skirt off along with my thong. I start to cry harder. “I didn’t tease any boys Daddy, I swear it.”

He rubs my ass and then starts spanking me with the paddle. I yell in pain as it hits my ass over and over. Daddy was never gentle when he spanked me. “Daddy please stop. Your hurting me.”

“Good. I want to hurt you.” He drops the paddle and altyazılı porno looks at my ass. “Oh baby doll, your ass is so red. Don’t move.” I clutch the couch as he leaves. I didn’t hear him come back until I felt an ice cube on my ass cheek. Daddy rubs it all over. “Your ass is so red. Its so hot to see it this red. Knowing I did this to you.”

The ice cube melts fast, but his hand continues to rub me. I let out a sob that racks my body. Daddy doesn’t say anything. His hand moves down to my pussy. To my horror I’m wet. Daddy chuckles, “Looks like you liked having Daddy smack your ass, baby doll.”

His fingers pull on my pussy lips. “Baby doll, you smell so good.” I can feel his breath on me. My body tenses. Daddy has never touched me before. His fingers run down my clit to my hole. Despite my mind screaming no I moan softly as Daddy’s finger slides into me. “My baby doll loves it when Daddy finger fucks her. Your so tight.” His finger goes faster and another one is added. I jerk when he spanks my clit. I didn’t know I was so close. My body spills into overdrive and I cum all over Daddy’s fingers. I bite my bottom lip as my pussy convulses around Daddy’s fingers. Daddy withdraws from me. “You whore. You’re a bad girl. You love it when Daddy plays with your pussy.”

The door opens to reveal Brawn. He takes in the site. “Damn Dad. She been bad again?”

Daddy laughs as he smacks my ass and I squeal a protest. “The bitch just came to my fingers. Clean her up. I’ll be back.”

Daddy leaves the room and Brawn flips me over onto my back. My legs hand over the edge of the couch. “Damn sis. You have the best pussy I have ever seen.”

His tongue flicks over my pussy lips. “You taste good too. Only my cock has touched your pussy. Only my tongue in your pussy. I love your pussy sis.”

He lifts my legs on his shoulders. His hand spread my pussy lips. I try not to squirm. Despite my protesting I love Brawn fucking me. His tongue flicks over my clit. My hips rotate in response and a soft moan passes my lips. Brawn pinches my nipples through my shirt. “Moan for me sissy. Let me know you like it.”

His tongue circles my hole. I pause in breath waiting for it. His tongue stabs into me, squirming around inside me. I moan loudly and hump his face. Daddy comes back into the room and watches Brawn eat me out. It is then that I realize I will never be good in Daddy’s eyes. I will always be a bad girl. I stop resisting my urges. I moan more when Brawn sucks my clit into his mouth. My hands move to the back of his head and hold him there. He groans into my pussy and slides a finger into me. My hips snap into rhythm with his finger. He adds another finger to my pussy. His teeth catch my clit and he pulls slightly. My pussy explodes. “I’m cumming. Oh god, Brawn, I’m cumming all over your face.” Daddy looks completely surprised. True to my words my pussy clamps down on Brawn’s fingers. Juices gush out of me. I’m moaning like the whore that I am. Brawn flicks my clit a couple times and moves away. “Fuck that was hot. Did you see that Dad? Want me to fuck her now?”

Daddy shakes his head still looking at me. “I’m going to. Go find a friend of yours.”

Brawn türkçe altyazılı porno looks shocked, “Your kidding. I want to fuck her now.”

Daddy takes a menacing step toward Brawn. “I said no. Get the fuck away from her.”

Without another word Brawn leaves. This has never happened before. Only Brawn has fucked me. Daddy comes over to me and helps me sit up. “Take off your shirt baby doll.” I love it when he calls me baby doll. He reaches out and rubs my nipples. He groans when they harden. Daddy leans over and sucks on my nipple. His tongue swirls around and around. His teeth clamp down and he pulls on my nipple. I moan while running my hand through his hair and hold him to me. His hand goes down my body to pussy. I lay down on the couch and throw one leg over the back of the couch and the other planted on the floor. Daddy’s fingers slide into me. Twisting in and out of me. I raise my hips to meet his thrusting fingers. His mouth fastens on my neck. His teeth biting down and his mouth sucking. I moan longer and louder. His fingers leave me while he unbuttons and unzips himself. He leaves me to take off his pants. His arms slide under my legs and raises me up a little. The head of his cock teases my clit. I bite my lip in anticipation. He slides into me slowly. Daddy’s bigger than Brawn. His cock stretches me. I moan as he slides all the way into me. “Fuck baby doll your so hot. Your tight,” he pants.

My hips move around. “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me like a whore.”

He slides out until he is barely in. “Baby doll wants me to fuck her huh? Fuck her like a whore? I’ll fuck you like my whore.” His cock stabs my pussy. My moans are a mix between pain and pleasure. I grab Daddy’s hips as he fucks me hard. He grunts with every thrust. My tits jiggle furiously. Thrusting my hips to meet his thrusting cock. “God yes Daddy. Mmmm fuck me. Fuck my bad pussy.”

His fingers grip my ass. Daddy stops fucking me. His entire body shakes as he catches his breath. “Turn over baby doll.”

I turn over. “Better yet, baby doll, get on all fours on the floor. Yeah like that. Now put your forehead to the floor. Just like that. Don’t move baby doll. I’ll be back.”

I hear Daddy leave and then come back. He uncaps something and squirts it onto his fingers. I wonder what he is doing until I feel something cool touch my asshole. Brawn has fucked my ass before with his fingers so I relax. “That’s it baby doll. Open up to your Daddy.”

His finger slides inside my ass. He wiggles it around and I moan in surprise. Daddy works two fingers in and out of my ass. He pulls away from me. I couldn’t conceal my moan of disappointment. Daddy chuckles as he points his cock at my ass. Brawn never had his cock in my ass. I moan in pain, “Daddy it hurts.”

Daddy keeps sliding in my ass. “Relax baby doll. You know I like to hear you yell in pain. You’re a hot slut.”

He is splitting me open. I relax my body. Daddy grunts when he gets in. He slides in and out slowly. As soon as I accept him he goes faster. I moan in pleasure. He spanks my ass, hard. It surprises me even when I cum. Daddy grunts, “I’m gonna cum in your ass baby doll.”

I feel Daddy’s cock hd altyazılı porno erupt inside my ass. I collapse onto the floor and his still spewing cock pops out and his cum falls on my ass and thighs. Daddy smacks my ass. “I’m going to take a shower. Go to your room and wait till you can take one.” He waits for me to get to my room. He shuts me in. I hear him pad to the bathroom and I hear the water running.

I must have dozed. Daddy smacks the inside of my thigh. “Wake up baby doll. Get clean.”

I stretch my legs wide open, arms above my head, and I moan. Daddy scowls. “I said get up.”

He smack my thigh again, but harder. I squeal in pain. Daddy follows me to the bathroom. “Take a shower. Scrub everywhere. I’ll go downstairs.”

I get in the shower and turn on the water.

When I get out I wrap myself in my robe and go downstairs. Daddy’s head is on the table, his hand holds a cup. I walk over and touch his shoulder. “Daddy?”

“Daddy is sleeping. Sorry to disappoint you.” Brawn steps out from the dark. “I gave him a sleeping pill.”

My forehead creases. “Aw baby sis you look confused. I put him out to fuck you. I couldn’t find anyone else I wanted. I want to fuck you , I’m going to fuck you.”

I’m a little scared. I’ve never seen Brawn like this. I turn to run and make it a few steps. His arm wraps around my waist. He carries me upstairs to his room. On his bed posts is rope. I haven’t been tied down before. Brawn takes the robe off me and closes the door. He locks it and puts the key in a place I can’t reach. He points to the bed. “Lay down in the middle.” I do as he says and he talks to me. “Did Dad’s dick feel good? Did he call you baby doll? You remind him of mom.” He lifts my arm above my head and fastens the rope around my wrist. He does the same to the other. “That’s why he punishes you. He saw mom fucking another man. He kicked her out and took us away from her. That’s her punishment. His punishment is that neither of us are his children.”

I’m not shocked. I’ve always known since I was old enough. When Brawn finishes tying me he kisses my stomach. “I’m going to fuck you sis.”

I moan when he slides his cock in me. “Did Dad feel this good sissy?”

I moan, “Daddy fucked me hard. Called me his whore.”

Brawn’s eyes flash anger and jealousy. “You’re my whore. I had you first.”

Brawn was always gentle, but now he becomes an animal. He growls in his throat as his cock thrust in and out at an amazing rate. I pull on my restraints and feel the rope biting into my wrists. Brawn bites my neck as Daddy did, but sucks even harder. I moan in pain and pleasure. “Fuck me Brawn. Show me who I belong to.”

He snaps his head up and looks at me. He thrust harder with his cock. His mouth takes mine prisoner. I’ve never bee kissed. His tongue demands entry into my mouth. I moan into his mouth and pull away from him. My moans escalate. His hand goes around my neck and he squeezes. Despite the pressure on my throat I’m cumming to my half brother. I scream his name. Brawn’s hand tightens as he empties his balls into my bad pussy. My pussy muscles work. My pussy greedily milks his cock until he falls onto me. “Fuck sis.”

He unties me and unlocks the door. “You can go. Don’t tell Dad about me fucking you. He’ll think he fell asleep from exhaustion.”

I pick up my robe and head back to my room. I’m asleep before I collapse on my bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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