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I never go to sleep on my back and I’ve never woke up on my back. This morning after hours of fucking Mac and being fucked by him I awoke with a raging hard on and flat on my back.

I love the feel of my dick hard. It’s a physical high and an emotional high. I know I’ll soon being fucking or at worst running it by hand. Either way the release of that hard tension into feeling my balls contract and the feeling of shooting pearly white hot juice up my shaft and out my cockhead is the best sensation in the world.

As more consciousness came to me I realized that cool finger tips were very slowly moving from the base of my cock to the head. Once there one finger very slowly circled the head right at the ridge of my mushroom. Once the circle was complete the finger tips slowly moved down the under side of my throbbing muscle.

When the cool fingertips reached the base of my dick they circled around and gently, lightly ran over my balls to the space between by balls and asshole. There they moved back and forth in that same maddeningly slow barely touching way.

“Just stay still, let me love your cock Daddy.”

My eyes opened to see Jena looking at me with so much love and longing I smiled. She was on her side with her elbow crooked and resting her head in her hand looking very causal.

I closed my eyes and the entire routine of up my shaft, around my cockhead, down the underside of my hard cock, over my balls and rubbing that hot spot between balls and asshole repeated itself. Always at a slow very gentle touch.

By altyazılı porno now I was having a hellva a time restraining myself. The most I’d done was spread my legs to give her total access to my swollen balls. What I wanted to do was slam her onto her back and fuck her with a wild vengeance.

“Pull you legs up Daddy, bend your knees out so you are open wide for me.” Jena was whispering in my ear; her warm moist breath making me shiver.

I followed directions and she continued to tease me. My hands were fisted and my eyes closed enjoying the amazing feeling of her finger tips.

“I love your cock so much Daddy. It is so beautiful and it feels so good to touch it like this. It’s like cast iron covered in velvet. It smells so good and the taste of your balls is pungent, your shaft tastes sweeter and your cock head…..oh Daddy…’s just heaven to taste. Sweet and salty all at once and it’s so fat and hot when it’s all swollen up. I’ve dreamed of enjoying it like this so many times, I want to savor all of it.”

She moved between my legs and lowered her face to where I could feel her breath on my cock and balls. Now she grasped my cock in one hand while she moved my balls to the side and buried her face between them and my leg. The light kissing, licking and gentle nibbling began. After a few minutes she moved to the other side, and then moved her mouth to under my balls.

My legs pulled up and toward my shoulders of their own volition, raising my ass. I heard her moan as she moved lower to kiss along the crack of my ass türkçe altyazılı porno and then lick at my puckered hole.

“Oh God Jena; you’re driving me insane.” I’d never experienced anything like this. I wanted it to never end but my cock was screaming to get fucked.

Her mouth now sucked my balls completely into it. Hot, moist gentle licking and sucking made me growl. I bit back a scream to fuck me now.

Slowly she released my balls and moved up to my cock. “Look Daddy, watch me swallow your big hard Daddy cock.”

I raised my head and watched her mouth slide down my dick. She continued to move so slowly and I wanted to grab her head and ram my cock all the way to the root, then face fuck her like a wild animal. It took all my will power to resist. This was her party, I was there for her to enjoy.

Ever so slowly she moved down my dick with her tongue licking while she applied increasing suction. Fuck, I could only control so much. At some point my balls were going to give it up and shoot that load out my dick no matter how hard I willed them not to.

Her hands ran over my ass, up my legs then down again and up my chest. She pinched my nipples as she slowly sucked and licked her way off my cock. There was a popping sound as the suction from her mouth let my cock loose.

“Ready to be fucked now Daddy?” She had a sly smile on her lips; she knew I was being blissfully tortured.

“Yes.” It came out a hiss.

“Be polite Daddy, say please.”

Damn this girl!! “Jena sweetie, Daddy would really hd altyazılı porno like to be fucked now. Please?”

“That’s my good Daddy.” She lost the role and burst out laughing.

“You fucking little tease.”

She mounted me, pulling my cock toward her soaked cunt. “Lift your legs into the air Daddy, like I do when you fuck me.”

Again, I followed directions as she slid her hot wet cunt down my shaft. When she was flush with my body she began to move her hips up and down. Each down stroke her pussy seemed to open slightly and every up stroke those powerful cunt muscles tightened to the point of almost sucking on my cock.

Her speed was increasing now, her hips moving faster. She had her legs clamped together keeping an iron grip on my aching throbbing meat.

“Rest your hands on my ass Daddy. I want you to feel me move as I fuck your wonderful cock.”

I laid them on her ass resisting the urge to dig my fingers into those warm soft mounds. Damn feeling my cock be fucked like this and feeling that ass pump and hump was going to make me cum soon.

“Baby –”

“I know Daddy. Me too. Ah God. Yes, now. Oh fuck Daddy NOW!”

Noises I’d never made before came pouring out, Jena was yelling something that could have been words but could have just been growls and yelps.

When the last of my cum had erupted into her hole and she had stopped shivering and shuddering we both went limp in a pile of sweat and exhausted muscles.

Jena kissed me lovingly then slid down my body to clean off my cock. She licked and sucked swallowing our combined juices. When she was down she lay crossways on the bed. I lowered my head to between her legs and ate every drop of Jena juice and my cum out of her wet well fucked cunt.

I’m the luckiest Dad on the planet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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