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Alex Coal

Three months after my eighteenth birthday, I awoke in the middle of the night with Daddy’s mouth suckling and slobbering on my nipples. I was on my back and he was bent over me, having his way with my perfect 34K breasts, pawing and stroking and licking.

“Daddy?” I whispered. I’d been riding him with his dick balls-deep up my ass just two hours prior. How could he want more already? But he did. He always did.

“Shh. Daddy needs his daughter’s mouth, sweetheart,” he moaned, releasing my heavy jugs and rolling onto his back. “Now be a good girl and suck your Daddy’s big dick. Show me what a good little cocksucker you are. Daddy needs to cum, baby.”

I moved down and positioned by head over Daddy’s crotch and began to slobber on it, making sure to get it nice and wet. Then I started sucking Daddy’s 12-inch monster, slurping up and down on his fat shaft with my tight mouth.

I took as much of his length into my throat as I could, then Daddy slammed my head down the rest of the way, forcing his fat cock all the way down my throat. “Good girl. Swallow Daddy. Yes, sweet girl.”

I sputtered and drooled and deepthroated my father’s dick as I stroked his huge, cum-filled Daddy balls. He held my head down as I sucked and sucked with all my might. It didn’t take him long to feed me a big load of his cum, which I gratefully swallowed. Daddy’s cum was my favorite food.

“Good girl. Daddy’s perfect little cock gobbler. Go back to sleep, slut. You’re getting buttfucked again tomorrow. You’re gonna need your rest for all the assfucking you’re getting tomorrow.”

I rolled over, sighing as I closed my eyes, practically trembling with anticipation. Buttfucked by my big Daddy. It’s all we’d been doing for several weeks, since we first started fooling around on my 18th birthday. I was still being taught how to be Daddy’s into perfect little anal angel. I smiled and drifted off to sleep, snuggling in the dark with my Daddy.


I woke up on my tummy to Daddy slurping on my asshole aggressively. The room was bright; it must’ve been mid-morning. Daddy must be hungry for breakfast, I thought sleepily, pushing my round bottom up into his face. He was positively devouring my asshole. It felt amazing. Daddy loved eating my ass out.

Then I remembered what he had said in the middle of the night. More buttfucking today. My sphincter involuntarily clenched tightly against altyazılı porno Daddy’s probing tongue. I loved having Daddy up my ass, but that didn’t mean it didn’t still hurt.

“It’s okay, baby. Open that tiny hole back up for Daddy. Let me suck your butthole, honey. It tastes so good. Daddy needs to get his fill of your sweet bottom, and also get you ready for your ass pounding later. Or did you forget?”

“I didn’t forget, Daddy,” I said, relaxing my anus to allow his tongue inside again. He quickly buried it deep in my butt. It felt so good…so good I started to involuntarily crave his fat cock up my ass

I wanted Daddy inside me like that, up my ass to the hilt, claiming me as his, over and over again. So I relaxed into my pillow and opened my bottom further for Daddy’s slobbering tongue, enjoying the thorough rimjob he was treating me to. I was such a lucky girl, getting spoiled by my father like this. I felt sorry for girls whose daddies didn’t fuck them.

My bottom was Daddy’s kryptonite. Right now he was eating it to get me relaxed for another ass pounding. His appetite for anilingus was voracious.

“I’m not gonna be gentle later, sweetie,” he promised between slurps. “Not at all. I’m gonna pound this perfect bottom into submission while you scream and thrash. And you’re gonna take it for Daddy, just like you always do. No matter how much it hurts.”

As I lay there moaning, thinking I might cum just from being Daddy’s all-you-can-eat asshole buffet, he slid a finger up my ass. Then two. Then he was slamming his two fingers in and out of my rectum as hard as he could. “Time to hurt, slut,” he snarled. Hurt indeed, I thought. Time to take my ass pounding from Daddy.

I braced for the pain but relaxed my asshole as much as possible. As usual, I was determined to take my buttfucking eagerly and submissively. I squirmed and shivered as Daddy inserted a third finger and angrily fingerfucked my ass. I gave into it. It felt pretty good.

I felt Daddy’s hot breath in my ear. “Oh, so you think you’re some kind of anal whore because you can take three fingers? Because you’ve had my dick up your ass a few times? You’re not even close yet. By the time I’m done with you, honey, you’ll be a certified anal whore. You’ll beg on your hands and knees for a big dick up that perfect ass.”

Daddy finished eating my asshole with a luxurious smack, then pushed my legs türkçe altyazılı porno together and climbed up to straddle the tops of my thighs.

I felt him spitting on my asscrack, and I heard him open the lube and smear it on his cock. Then he slid his huge swollen cock right between my plump asscheeks and began to fuck them like they were tits. It felt amazing, Daddy squeezing my cheeks together and titfucking my bottom. I bet it looked fantastic, too.

He fucked my cheeks like that for several minutes, gradually picking up the pace until he was fucking my crack furiously. I moaned and squealed and writhed underneath Daddy.

Then, a pause. And suddenly Daddy’s gigantic fat cock head was pressed against my anus, pushing its way in forcefully. I winced as I felt my asshole stretch to take Daddy’s huge shaft. I was paralyzed as he slid it all the way home. Then I was pinned to the bed with my father’s cock up my ass to the hilt. I could feel his balls resting against my cuntlips.

I screamed. “Nooooo, Daddy!!” The pain was overwhelming.

“Shut up, sweetheart. Take Daddy up your ass like a good slut. Take it, baby. Good daughters take what their daddies give them,” he grunted, beginning to saw his footlong cock in and out of my ass, his strokes getting longer and longer until he was hammering his huge rod in and out as hard as he could, slamming my tight asshole with his mammoth rod til he was balls deep, almost withdrawing, then slamming it right back in.

“If you didn’t want to get buttfucked, you shouldn’t be walking around with those huge tits and this plump little ass. This is completely your fault for having such a slut body,” Daddy said as he fucked my ass. “You are asking for this, honey, every time you run around in that slutty little bikini. Every time you tease Daddy with those big titties.”

He buttfucked me harder and I lost my breath. I started to cry, real tears streaming down my face, but that just made Daddy pump his cock in and out of my ass even harder. “Cry all you want, honey. This is me claiming what belongs to me. My stupid, slutty daughter’s tight asshole belongs to me.”

Daddy assfucked me expertly. I sobbed quietly and took it, my face smashed into the bed. I was face down getting my pristine ass raped by my Daddy’s fat, relentless cock. And even though it hurt like hell and I wanted him to stop…I kept imagining the moment when hd altyazılı porno Daddy would blast his huge load of sperm up my bottom. I wanted it and I craved it.

Pretty soon, as usual, I realized how good Daddy’s brutal assfucking actually felt. It was sensual and deep. His dick was so big, pushing greedily into my rectum. I felt it on my g-spot.

I pushed my ass up so Daddy could fuck it deeper, and when he realized how eager I was, he reached around and began stroking my clit, cooing into my ear. I loved it when he started talking dirty.

“Good girl, baby. I knew you’d love getting buttfucked by Daddy. Your asshole is so fucking tight, sweetheart. I’ve never fucked anything so tight in my life. Mmm. Yes. That’s it. Good. Your pretty little ass was made for Daddy, little girl. Daddy’s dick belongs crammed right up his daughter’s ass, yeah? Does it still hurt, sweetheart? I hope it doesn’t hurt too much.

“You’re gonna be getting assfucked by Daddy a lot, baby. I love you. I love your little asshole. Daddy loves you, honey. Do you hear me? Daddy loves his precious little girl. Daddy owns your tight little asshole, do you understand? It’s Daddy’s favorite thing to fuck. Daddy’s dick belongs up your butt, honey.

“The best daughters let their horny Daddies take out their stress on their tight little bottoms. I’m gonna fuck you up the ass every day, sweetie. Just like I have been. Gonna fucking cram it in my sweet girl. Buttfuck you till you scream for Daddy to stop. I love you, honey. Daddy loves his girl so much…”

I loved this—hearing Daddy’s deep voice saying “I love you” as he pounded my 18-year-old butthole, claiming ownership of my ass with every satisfying thrust.

I was in heaven now, the nerve endings in my asshole responding lustily to Daddy’s ass hammering. My groans of pain turned to moans of desire. I couldn’t wait for Daddy’s enormous rod to unload its hot spunk deep in my ass. It was my favorite part. Owned and filled up by Daddy because of how he unforgivingly fucked my bottom. I pressed my face into the bed and stuck my ass up even further, greeting Daddy’s prodding dick willingly, until he let out a primal grunt and blasted a hot load deep in my ass, then another, then another.

I can’t think of anything more beautiful than a strict Daddy shooting loads of cum up his daughter’s ass. Thankfully my daddy does it all the time.

I was supposed to leave for college soon, and I planned to let Daddy use my body—my asshole, my breasts, my mouth—as often as he wanted. In return, he was leaving my cherry intact.

At least he did until Christmas, when I came for my next visit…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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