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Susie and I continued to see each other, though our meetings were sporadic, as she was busy running the dealership, and of course, she had to work our time together around her husband. She would come by when she was heading to my area or beyond, and we’d get together for what was usually a mid day rendezvous. Most of the time, I’d fuck her with a condom, since she still had an active sex life at home, but occasionally she’d let me come inside her if her husband was out of town, or she was going to be gone overnight. She especially liked taking me bareback, feeling my come shoot into her pussy so she could feel it inside her for as long as it lasted. Once in a very rare while, she’d be able to spend the night, times that were magic for us. I was somewhat surprised by her continued interest. Perhaps she liked the idea of having someone different on occasion; perhaps she just liked me. I wasn’t going to question it.

Not long after our initial time together, we discovered we had a common preference. We loved to play in the car. I don’t know if Susie got into the dealership as a way to have sex in a car pretty much at will, or if it was just a happy fringe benefit of owning a dealership. However it came to be, I wasn’t going to question that either. There is something naughty about screwing in a car, perhaps a mix of temporarily reclaimed youth and the risk of discovery, along with the dash of spontaneity such encounters offer. Whatever the psychology, it was just a lot of fun.

One day, Susie sent me a text. “Wanna go for a ride??”

I knew what that meant. “Absolutely,” I replied. “I’ll be waiting.”

“See you in 30,” Susie sent back. I was waiting in shorts and a t shirt when she arrived a half hour later in a new Cruze.

“Just got this in, wanted to check it out,” she said.

I looked at the car. It was small, at least to my 1970’s mind. Now these are considered mid size. Being 6 foot and around 250 didn’t help matters. “Remember when cars had a back seat like a living room??” I pondered.

Susie laughed. “I know. My senior year in high school, my boyfriend had a 1966 Impala. You could raise a family in the back seat. I know we spent a lot of time trying to start one in there,” she said, giving me a knowing look. “Now I wonder how kids make out in the car at all, the back seats are all so small, and the front is all bucket seats with a console.”

“Yeah, I know,” I said, reminiscing. “My first car was a 1967 Dodge Dart. Not the flashiest car, but beggars can’t be choosers. I got it as a hand me down when my grandparents got a new car. It got me where I wanted to go and got surprisingly good gas mileage for a car built when gas was 24 cents a gallon and nobody cared about MPG. For its time, it was not a big car, but you could play in it, front and back, since it had bench seats.”

Susie smiled, agreeing. “Well, now you know why I have a Tahoe or a pick up most of the time. Let’s see how we do in this thing. We may just have to get creative,” she said, giving me a wink. She tossed me the keys. “Here, you drive.”

We got in and took off down the two lane state highway at the end of my road. Susie was wearing pedal pusher jeans and a t-shirt from one of the local colleges, typical for most of our jaunts. No sooner than we had turned onto the state road, she reached around under the back of her shirt, pushing it up to grab her bra strap. She pulled her bra down, unhooking it. She then slid the strap off her left shoulder and down her sleeve and worked it over her elbow. She then repeated the process with the right strap, finally pushing her t shirt up to pull the cups from her tits. She smiled at me as she tossed her bra in the back and lifted her tits, airing them out. “Free at last,” she said, smiling at me.

I smiled back. “For as many times as I’ve seen you do that, I still think it’s one of the sexiest things to watch.”

Susie smiled at me, reaching over toward my crotch, finding my erection on the rise. “So you do!!” she said, rubbing it gently through my shorts. I grew hard, and Susie leaned toward me, enjoying how my cock strained the fabric, the outline of the head showing prominently as she slowly stroked me. Now that she was a little closer, I reached over and pulled up her t shirt, giving her left tit a squeeze.

“Hey,” said Susie, slightly surprised.

“One good thing about these smaller cars is it’s easier for me to reach you.”

“But can you reach all the way over??” asked Susie playfully, pulling up the right side of her shirt. I reached over, now squeezing her right breast, rolling the nipple between my index finger and thumb, making her squirm. Susie laughed, and intensified her attention to my dick, now hard as a post. She was having the desired effect, and soon a spot was growing about halfway down the leg of my shorts.

“Someone’s getting ready to give me a big, sweet, wet, mess,” Susie said, smiling, her tits bouncing as she played with my cock. I shifted so the head now poked out of the leg of my shorts, relieving some of the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri pressure for the moment, but showing that there was already a steady stream of precome leaking from the tip.

“Keep that up, and it will be very soon,” I said to her. Susie gave me a couple more strokes, making it leak a little more, then sat up, her tits bouncing as we rode.

“Sorry to let go, but leaning over the console isn’t as easy as it once was. Sometimes I need to sit up to take a breath.”

“Yeah, I miss the old bench seats, too,” I said. When Susie sat up, it gave me a chance to slow the proceedings, at least for me. I reached over, unbuttoning her jeans, and pulling the zipper down. I slid my right hand into her jeans, finding the top of her panties, slipping two fingers under the waistband. I played in her bush as she looked over at me with a smile. She took hold of my arm as I played, finally working my way down to the top of her slit, letting out a sigh as I traced along the opening with my middle finger. I felt her pussy respond and start to open as I played.

My attention to Susie’s pussy, aside from arousing her, also distracted her enough that she now played with my cock a little less intently, though I was still building to a climax. I was starting to play with her clit when we came into a stretch of road with a lot more curvature than we’d been driving on, so I had to pull my finger out of her.

“Sorry, honey, I need the other hand so we don’t go off the road.”

Susie laid her head on my shoulder with a sigh. “It’s OK. It will be hard to explain why I wrecked a brand new car under the circumstances.” She kept up her light stroking, my cock now swelling.

“Why don’t you take up where I left off,” I said, hoping to see Susie play in her twat. She looked at me quizzically. “Think about it. You’re playing with me with one hand, and yourself with the other.” She smiled, then slowly reached her right hand into her panties. As she reached her clit, she closed her eyes and laid her head back on the seat with a sigh, then a light moan as the intensity of the feeling picked up. Her left hand was stroking along the top of my cock, which was now sticking about half way out of my shorts and down my right thigh. About the time her breathing got heavy, I took her arm. She looked over, still playing in her panties.

“Slow down, and watch.” Susie had brought me to the edge, and I was close to blowing my load, but I didn’t want to shoot the whole thing yet. She slowed, watching the head of my cock, which was now pulsing. A thick drop of come emerged from my dick, followed by an equally thick stream that flowed down the head and onto my thigh, slowly making a path down my leg and onto the seat. Susie, still playing with her clit, gasped as she watched my come, then her hips shook.

“Oh God, that’s so hot!! I want it…” Her voice trailed off, going into a moan as she came. She regained her voice after the initial shock wore off. “I love watching you come,” she said, still working her pussy. “Seeing you come, and playing with my clit, oh God, that set me off…” She again went into orgasm, longer and more intense this time, her hips convulsing as she cried out. When she came down finally, she looked over at my dripping cock, and then at me. “I want that inside me.”

I spotted a side road ahead, and turned down it, one of the many dirt county roads in the area. One reason so many are dirt is that they are not heavily trafficked, which was what I was counting on. I went about a half mile, then pulled into a driveway leading to a pasture gate. “Let’s go,” I said.

We got out, thinking to get into the back. I opened the door, looked in, realized the seat wasn’t nearly as big as we wanted, looked at Susie, then closed the door and motioned her toward the rear hood. I kissed her, then turned her so she was facing away from me, her hands on the hood. I undid my shorts, letting them drop to the ground, at the same time, pulling Susie’s jeans and panties down, revealing her gaping cunt. I put my cock at her labia and pushed in, the come on the head making for an easy entry. Susie moaned as I slid into her, her moan intensifying as my head hit her cervix.

I grabbed Susie’s hips, pulled back and pounded into her, making her cry out as the head of my cock hit her womb at the same time my balls hit her clit. I started in at a steady pace, knowing that despite this being a road that did not see a lot of traffic, someone coming along at the wrong time could be a problem. Susie was now pushing back at me as I pounded her, groaning every time I bottomed out. I reached under her t shirt, grabbing her tits in each hand, squeezing them and playing with her nipples as I drove into her. Soon I felt her hips shake and she came, letting out a loud moan.

The heat of the situation was having its effect on me as well, and I could feel my come now welling up for a big explosion. I slung my dick into her hard. “I’m gonna come, Susie,” I called out, pushing deep, then pulling güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri back, and shoving in hard again.

“No, no, my husband…AAAHHHHHH!!” Susie cried as my sperm hit her cervix, long, full bursts that filled her. “Oh, God, I love when you come inside me!!” Susie’s hips again went into convulsions, grinding into my cock as my come hit her deep. I stayed inside her as our orgasms trailed off. Finally Susie started to stand up, and I pulled out of her so she could straighten up. A long drool of come spilled from her ravaged pussy as she turned to face me. She stood on her toes and kissed me, a long, deep, kiss that was full of desire. She pressed her body into me as we kissed, my still leaking cock making a slippery mess on her belly and into her bush. She let go of me and sat down on the side of the front seat, her feet on the door frame.

I looked down at Susie. “Your husband??”

Susie looked down at her twat, which was dripping come onto the edge of the seat. “Is going to get quite a surprise if he gets horny tonight,” she said with a nervous laugh.

“It might be a good idea for you to get a quick shower when we get back to the house. It probably won’t clean up everything, but at least you won’t come home smelling like you just got laid.”

Susie laughed. “You’re right, it won’t get me totally cleaned up, you gave me quite a load there.” She winked at me. “I mean, look at you,” she said, taking my cock in her left hand. “You’re still dripping.” She looked up at me, then took the head of my cock in her mouth, licking it, then working down onto the shaft of my still half hard dick, licking it clean. Another blob of semen dripped from her pussy onto the doorframe of the car.

“Looks like you’re going to have a detail job, too,” I said, noting the mess on the seat and door frame.

“Don’t worry about that. I have some magic I use on seats and carpets. No one will ever know about this test drive!!”

We got ourselves back together and headed back to my house. Susie took a quick shower, which allowed her to clean up most of the results of our lovemaking. I kissed her as she left, wishing her good luck at home. “Maybe I’ll be lucky, and he’ll take a pass tonight.”

Our adventures in cars took a new turn a few weeks later. I got a call from Susie asking me if I did advertising photography. She had recalled that I mentioned during our first test drive that I did some freelance work. I replied that I could, and asked what she had in mind.

“I need some photos for some brochures we’re making up, as well as for some print ads, and various other promotional materials. Is that something you can do??”

“Absolutely. When do you want to get together??”

“I have a truck I want to use for them, but I won’t have it til next week. I expect this will take most of a day, since we use several locations for the photo shoots. Can you free up a day??”

I laughed. “For you, Susie, I’d free up eternity.”

Susie laughed. “You just want to get in my pants,” she said, almost under her breath. She must have been in the office.

“Every day for eternity,” I teased her. We both laughed, and she said she’d let me know when the pick up came in.

The following Tuesday, Susie called me to let me know she had the vehicle, and we set up a date for Thursday, since the weather looked favorable, low 80’s and sun.

Susie arrived around 9 on the appointed morning in a red Silverado Reaper. She looked tiny getting out of it. We kissed, and I grabbed my gear out of the garage and stowed it in the back of the king cab. Susie tossed me the keys-she almost always let me drive when we were together-and told me to head for a local dirt track raceway where her dealership sponsored some of the activities. There we’d take some photos at the track entrance, and then in various places around the track. Most of the shots would be just the truck posed to show off features of the vehicle and the track, though Susie, as the public face of the dealership, would be in a number of them.

Susie usually dressed casually for her ad shoots, and today, since it was going to be out at a track, was no exception. She was wearing a light flannel shirt in a red plaid, jeans, and a pair of ankle high boots, a look she used frequently in her ads. We did our shots at the gate, then went in to see the track manager, who had some places where he wanted us to shoot photos. We discussed his needs, since he would be getting some of the pictures, and went on our way. We spent a couple of hours there, in various locations, getting different angles, with and without Susie. We finished up, stopping at the office to say our good byes, and headed out. As we turned onto the road, Susie said she had one more place she wanted to do some photos, and directed me to a nearby lake. The place she had us going was known for being a lovers’ lane, but on a Thursday afternoon, it was unlikely to be overrun with couples making out. I, of course, welcomed the chance to make out with güvenilir bahis şirketleri Susie in a new truck, but also had some other things in mind as well, since we’d have some seclusion.

We pulled down to a location close to the lake, but not visible from it, where we’d have some privacy. Susie got out of the truck, but I had her stop while she before she was completely out the door. I grabbed my camera and went around to get a shot of her sitting in the front seat, facing out the door. I had her open a couple of buttons on her shirt, then had her fold her arms under her breasts to push them up. Susie has maybe B cup tits, but the way she sat gave her some cleavage. She looked good when I took the photo. I then asked her to open another button, figuring I’d get a glimpse of bra in the photo. Susie smiled, looking me in the eyes. She slowly undid the next button, her shirt now open past her breasts. As her top opened up, it became obvious why she was smiling at me. She was braless under the plaid flannel.

“Surprise,” said Susie, still smiling.

“You’re just too hot,” I said laughing.

“I thought you’d like this,” she said.

“You know me too well!! Do you do this often??” I asked, hoping I’d get more chances to see Susie unbound under her clothes.

“Usually with these flannel shirts. They’re pretty comfortable braless, and heavy enough that I’m not giving myself away. I like the freedom of being unrestrained.”

I smiled at Susie. “You know I’ll be looking forward to seeing you in flannel. I think that’s intensely sexy the way it’s so subdued. Unless someone were looking, most people would never have a clue there’s nothing in that shirt but you.”

I had Susie do several poses, showing some side boob, as well as a few downblouse shots, and a few where she was sitting so I could see into her shirt where her nipples were visible. Once done in the cab area, we moved to the rear of the truck, doing most of the same poses. Again I had Susie showing some cleavage, and repeated the set of her with her tits visible. then I had her open her shirt all the way, letting her tits hang free, and finished up with her tying her shirt tails so that it formed a halter top, again doing the cleavage shots and downblouse where her nipples were visible.

Having completed that set, I asked Susie to move into the next set. “Unbutton your jeans,” I said to her.

Susie smiled at me, one of those ‘I don’t believe you’re asking me to do this, but I like it’ smiles. “What??” she said.

“Unbutton your jeans,” I repeated. Susie looked at me, then undid the button on her jeans, pulling the zipper down a couple of inches, smiling at me the whole time. I took a couple of pictures. “That’s sweet. You take a really good photo, and you look really sexy standing there that way.”

Susie blushed, smiled, and thanked me. “Really. After doing this most of the day, I find you have a real ability to look totally natural, the camera loves you, and you always find the right pose,” I told her. She smiled bashfully, slinging her hip to one side. She was killing me. “And just when I think you can’t possibly be any sexier, you prove me wrong.” Susie gave me a big smile. “Now, unzip your jeans all the way.” Susie pulled the zipper down to the bottom, pulling the waist so her pants were open wide. I could see the top of a pair of red bikini panties. I took a couple of shots, then told her, “Now slide them down a couple of inches. Show me those bright red panties.”

Susie blushed again, but did as I asked. Her panties, red and sheer, were now mostly exposed. She hooked her thumb into the waistband, her hip still swung to her left. “That’s great. You don’t know how hot that looks. Now pull them down a little.” I took a couple of frames. “Now a little more.” Susie smiled wide at me, her left hand now pulling the waist of her panties down enough to expose about half her bush. Her jeans had slid down to mid thigh by this point. I shot a few more frames. “Hot, way hot,” I said.

Susie kicked off her boots. “That should make this a little easier,” she said, smiling. I was going to have her take off her jeans, but she beat me to it, slowly sliding them down, then off, as I recorded the process. Now in just a plaid shirt and panties, she very slowly slid her panties down, looking at me as I photographed her. She stopped with them halfway down her thighs, folding her arms in front of her. Susie was getting really turned on by our photo session, as I could see her labia were now parted. She wasn’t the only one getting turned on; my cock was now like a steel rod. The sexual tension was building rapidly, and I knew that when we finished, it was going to become a hot fuck session.

Susie let her panties drop to her ankles, then she took them off, holding them next to her face, then her cheek as she wrapped them around her fingers. I lifted her into the bed of the truck, having her sit on the edge of the tailgate, her legs spread. I took a couple of photos of her like that, her blonde pubes parted by her now fully open inner labia. I untied her shirt tails and had her lean back, her tits, with their fully erect nipples, and pussy out in the open. Finally, I had her take the shirt off, having her lie on the tailgate, her leg up so her pussy would be wide, and her tits slightly hanging. I was about to explode.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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