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I was one of the normal kids. I played football, dated one of the cheerleaders, had friends, went to parties, and picked on the gay kid, Rich. Like every school, ours had the one gay kid that everyone knew about. He had been caught freshmen year making out with another guy, who ended up moving. People took every opportunity to torture him, including myself.

I considered myself to be straight, and had a good sex life with my girlfriend. But, as I was about half way through my senior year, I became curious about how it felt to be on the taking end of sex. I would often tease or even finger my ass while masturbating because I enjoyed the new sensations. I often looked at Rich, the gay kid, and wondered if he had ever been fucked in the ass, wanting to ask him what it was like. I caught myself staring at him in the classes we had together. Even more surprising to me was how often I caught myself looking at his crotch. It seemed like every time I looked at him, he had a hardon, and a big one at that. I always wondered just how big he was. He was not allowed to shower with the rest of the guys after gym, and walking up and asking just wasn’t an option.

One day however, everything took a turn for the best. One night I wandered into the movie store, I had just turned 18 and was planning on renting a porno. When I walked in, the first person I noticed was Rich, looking at some older movies. I was feeling daring and went out on a limb.

I approached him, and he tried to avoid me. I finally caught him and said “Hi.” I made some small chat, asked him what movie he was getting, just bullshittin’ for a while. Then I dove in and asked him if he wanted to come over to my house and watch the movie, my parents were out of town and it was a perfect opportunity for me. After some convincing that it wasn’t a plan to hurt him or anything, he agreed to come over. We went back to my house and straight to the basement. We watched the movie, “Oceans 11,” very good by the way, then came the awkward silence after we turned off the TV. I went straight for the throat, “Rich, have you ever been fucked?”

He immediately thought I was only poking fun at him, but he eventually loosened up. “No, I’m a gay top, I do the fucking,” he answered.

“Have you ever fucked a guy?” I asked.

“No,” casino siteleri he responded again “My boyfriend never let me.”

“Well how would you like to try it for once?” I asked him. He thought again it was some kind of trick and even tried to leave for a moment.

I convinced him I wasn’t joking, I told him how I had looked around online, and was kind of curious about being fucked. He shifted uncomfortably then asked exactly what I was thinking.

“You want to fuck, you’re gay, I want to try being fucked, I’m straight. I’m the one with the problem. And the solution is that you could fuck me. But, you can’t tell anybody what we do, and as long as you keep quiet, and I like it, we can do it as long as we want.” I watched him think for a minute, trying to figure out if I was telling the truth.

“OK,” he responded, “I’m up for it.” I glanced instinctively at his crotch, the slender pole along his thigh told me he was indeed “up” for it.

“Just remember,” I said, “don’t tell anybody, or I’ll deny it, and nobody will believe you.”

“OK,” he responded, looking somewhat excited for this opportunity.

At this point I told him to go ahead and undress while I ran to get a few things. I came back downstairs with a towel, some lube, and a condom. I looked over and saw Rich standing there in only his underwear, he was a tighty-whity guy. He had a somewhat muscular build and was quite tan, especially for winter. Then there was his crotch; I could clearly see the outline of his boner forced into a bend to one side. I sized him to be about 8,” just and inch more than me, and I had always felt like I was well sized. He saw me staring and I had to cover my gay moment, “I’m not giving you head or anything, I’m not gay.”

“OK” he answered. I walked over and put down the towels while Rich watched anxiously. I then stripped down myself, trying to flex a little to show off. Then we were both just standing in our underwear, I’m a boxer man.

“OK, here we go,” was all I could think to say, I yanked down my boxers and let my semi-erect cock hang between my legs. I could have sworn I saw his hardon jump a little at the view of me. It was his turn; I felt oddly excited and tried my best to conceal it. He leaned forward and yanked down the tighties. When canlı casino he stood back up, my jaw dropped. I had been right-he had a full eight inches. But I had also been wrong, the eight inch cock in front of me was completely soft. I again covered myself “You should go ahead and get a boner” I said trying to keep my voice normal. I looked at the condom in my hand, which was bought for my size, and threw it aside. I watched as he stroked the big dick in front of me. As it grew I tried to size it up, about ten inches already, I thought. “OK that’s good, let’s get to work.”

I got to my hands and knees on the towels, the image of his big dick in my head, and spread the lube around my asshole.

“Put some on your cock too,” I told him. He did as he was told then stood frozen in place. I placed my hands firmly and told him to go ahead, but to take it easy at first. I clenched my fists and closed my eyes, which made me repeat the first view I had gotten of his massive dick. Then I felt it, the enormous head press against my asshole, I did my best to loosen my muscles, but the idea of being penetrated had them excited. The big head felt like it was three inches thick, with the shaft being about an inch slimmer, and rock hard. I felt the head press harder against my ass, with no luck.

“Come on you pussy” I said to him, wishing I hadn’t shortly after. He did press harder, too hard. The massive head popped in, and thanks to his thrust to gain entry, so did three inches of his cock.

“HOLY SHIT,” I yelled aloud, “Don’t move.” My ass was now on fire, I had never had anything that big in my ass. I felt myself adjusting slowly and told him to go ahead again. He pulled back to only the head was in me then thrusted again, repeating the process a few times. I gritted my teeth through the pain, feeling some pleasure start to rise deep in me. After a couple of minutes my ass had loosened to the thickness, and I was now enjoying it. Being fucked felt better than I had imagined it would. “How much is in?” I asked, thinking it should be almost fully in. He paused for a moment when in deep thrust and measured with his eyes.

“About eight inches,” he answered from behind me. I knew at this point that his cock had still been growing while he fucked me, I could feel the extra kaçak casino length being added.

“How much more?” I asked.

“About four inches to go,” he answered.

“Wow,” I thought to myself. I had never imagined I would experience a real foot long cock, something some considered a myth. I again gritted my teeth as his fucking started to speed up, and it started to hurt slightly from the added girth towards the base, but I didn’t mind. I could feel his massive pole pushing some of my insides around, which felt good, and painful at the same time. Then I felt it, his balls slapped mine. He now started to pull back and drive in about eight inches of his cock, being somewhat rough and enjoying being in control for once. He seemed to be using this chance to get back for years of torture, and relieve built up stress. His more powerful thrusts meant more pleasure for me. I had gotten a boner that was now throbbing, wanting to cum. I let go and came all over the towel and let my dick get soft again as Rich fucked on.

Then he pulled his cock almost all out of my ass, only letting the head pull back against my hole, only to slam it fully back in, causing me to moan loudly and arch my back, making me feel like a slut. He held still with his cock balls deep inside, then I felt it, his cock started to swell. I looked a couple feet to my left and saw the condom I had brought down with me and forgotten about. Then with a moan, he burst. I was being filled with what felt like gallons of hot cum. I had not planned on him cumming in me, but was enjoying it anyway. Each gushing shot felt like a full load from me, I counted about five strong shots then. I felt the spurts come to an end and he pulled his cock out, causing a slight pain as the thick head popped back out. I reached back and felt my ass, I had a gaping hole, something I hadn’t thought about. I got to my feet with shaky knees and felt the cum rush out of my ass and down my legs. I looked at Rich, his cock now soft but retaining most of is size, down to about 11 inches and covered in his cum. I couldn’t believe I had just taken that monster all the way inside me. I offered him a towel and he cleaned himself up and got dressed. Not taking time to properly put himself away, he left his now ten-inch cock hanging out the left of his underwear.

“Well, I guess you better leave now. I’ll talk to you at school on Monday.” He said goodbye, and left. I went up to the bathroom to take a shower, where I easily slid three fingers into my gaping ass, and came harder than ever.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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