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Hello you naughty girls and boys

There are a great many forces at work in the world and sometimes they fall in just a certain way to change the course of one’s life. We know opposites attract. We know about curiosity and the mix of wonder and fear when facing that which we do not understand. And we know how opportunity presents itself, seemingly out of nowhere. And we are aware of the impact our choices can make on our lives.

The following story touches on these forces where a young man is about to have an encounter with an older woman who lives in a world apart from his own. Curiosity will lead him to a bold venture, but there is a cost for his inquisitiveness.

I feel forced to mention that all characters involved in any sexual encounters are of legal age, as they are in all of my stories.


An earthquake wouldn’t wake her. That’s what they said. Whenever she was passed out, and that was too often according to her sister Mrs. Ellis, she couldn’t be budged until her body was good and ready. Any attempts to wake her were in vain and any attempts to move her just weren’t worth the effort.

The body in question belonged to Lexi Ellis, sister to Mrs. Dorothy Ellis, and therefore aunt to my best friend Steve. It wasn’t a body that was around often and I had only just met her the day before. But it was a body that somehow caught my attention.

Lexi was described as rather ‘wild’ which I suppose was better than the second most often description which was ‘irresponsible’. My guess would be she was in her late 30’s but I never asked. Wild certainly seemed to fit her, at least judging by her appearance.

Her head was shaved on the sides and back and the top was dyed or bleached blonde. Her ears had several piercings, as well as an eyebrow, her nose, and her tongue. I had even wondered where else she might have piercings but I sure wasn’t able to ask. Even asking Steve would have been crossing a line, plus I would probably die of embarrassment.

She also had tattoos and again I was aware of a few and knew she had more, but I didn’t know where they were all located or what each one was. I found myself curious about her tattoos at least as much as I was about her piercings, both of which were quite foreign to me and something I could never do.

She was a big girl I guess. I mean she was larger than her sister Dorothy. She had broader shoulders and was wider and thicker. She was a woman and not a girl. Her tits were definitely larger than her sister’s and there was no way to hide that. I wouldn’t say she was fat, except maybe in her ass. I suppose she had the sort of body you would expect to go along with the Harley Davidson she rode.

Which didn’t mean she was dressed all in leather and wearing some bike gang jacket. In fact what she was wearing when I first saw her the night before was more like a sun dress although the colors and patterns were perhaps a little ‘wild’. However she didn’t appear to be as covered as most women I came across. During the short introduction I was given a view of her ample cleavage and thought one of her tits may fall out at any moment.

So that’s a brief summary of Lexi Ellis as I had seen her the night before and imagined her to be from day to day. I think part of my curiosity about her was because she was so completely different from me. I was boring, not very athletic, the one picked last when dividing groups into teams, and Steve wasn’t just my best friend, he was in all practical purposes my only friend.

I was over at Steve’s all the time and was treated like family. When I was introduced to Lexi, just before she left for the night, it felt like the rest of the family was embarrassed by her. She actually gave me a pinch on the cheek as she rushed through the hi’s and bye’s on her way out the door. It was strange but didn’t really bother me.

Mrs. Ellis took a few minutes to explain about her sister and warned Steve and I together not to get any bad ideas from her behavior. She was a model of what not to do. We weren’t to allow her to offer us any drinks and any suggestions she might have were to be carefully and meticulously examined for the potential trouble they might land us in.

That was all last night. I had come over in the morning as was my usual Saturday routine. Things were pretty loose on Saturdays and Steve and I would often play Xbox together or take turns while he had to do chores around the house.

They had already finished breakfast by the time I arrived but had saved some for me. I sat down to eat before having any real idea what I would do next. While I was having breakfast I heard Lexi arrive. She had been out all night; like all night, and was just getting home.

From the sound of it she was also quite drunk. Not that I heard much from her but Mrs. Ellis was mentioning her drinking and how she was a bad example to her nephew. It was a mild argument and Lexi went off to the living room. Mrs. Ellis came into the kitchen to apologize for her sister.

That’s pendik escort when I was told about how no one could wake her when she was passed out. She explained that Lexi was probably going to pass out in the living room and the good news was she wouldn’t bother anyone. I was told I wouldn’t be able to use the living room for awhile but I hardly ever went in there anyway.

After breakfast I sat down to play some Xbox and work on the latest game I had been playing. I was eager to reach the next level and depending upon how the day went I might get to the end before I had to go home. I had been making progress when Mrs. Ellis came into the room.

I had heard some activity in the house, so it wasn’t a huge surprise when she said she was going out and that Steve’s sister Emily had a game today. I was a little more surprised to learn that Steve would be going with them. He didn’t really want to but there had been some promise to his sister and he was being held to it.

So I was going to be left on my own for awhile. That wasn’t too unusual. Like I said, Saturdays were pretty loose and I was treated like family. I was asked if I wanted to tag along with the understanding that I probably would rather stay here. I told Mrs. Ellis that I needed to get to the next checkpoint in my game and that I’d be happy to stay and play through more of it while they were out.

So I was left to entertain myself as the rest of the family packed up and headed out for much of the day. I’d see them for dinner but maybe not much before then. I could always call if I needed anything. So they left and I went back to my game.

The house was pretty quiet. I was playing my game and Lexi was presumably passed out in the living room. Lexi wouldn’t be bothering me and she would be out cold for hours. Yep, for hours she would be asleep in the living room. That’s right, her piercings, her tattoos, her tits, her ass, all just laying in the living room; asleep.

I was having trouble concentrating on the game and after a few too many deaths which I should have been able to avoid, I shut it off. I sat in silence for a few minutes listening for any other sounds in the house, any sign that Lexi wasn’t asleep but awake.

Then I got up and went to get a glass of water. I wasn’t stomping around but I wasn’t worried about being too quiet either, and I was listening for any signs of activity from the living room. I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Then I went through the cupboards looking for snacks and this time I was making a little extra noise. I could apologize to Lexi and it would also give me a chance to talk to her, although that also scared me as I had no idea what I might say. Nothing.

I convinced myself to check to see whether or not she was passed out and just make sure everything was okay. So I made my way to the living room. The door was pulled nearly closed and I stood at the crack for a few moments just listening. I could hear a slight snoring sound coming from the room.

Now I found myself wanting to be extremely quiet and that’s also when I could hear my heart pounding in my chest. My hand also felt sweaty as I reached for the doorknob to slowly push it open and peer inside. I was shaking as I pushed open the door and couldn’t explain why.

As the door opened and I looked into the room I became aware of Lexi lying on the couch. She was face down with her head in the far corner, one leg on the couch and the other off as her knee rested on the carpeted floor. But as the door opened and that was revealed to me, I also was shocked by what else I saw.

At first I think my mind just rejected the idea, but after a few seconds of staring and holding my breath, it was clear that the skirt portion of her dress was tucked beneath her and had otherwise been pulled up to her waist, thus exposing her entire big, bare ass to my view!

This was as much nudity as I had ever seen. I hadn’t really had any girlfriends and certainly nothing serious. So this big bare ass was like something out of a porno mag for me. But so much more than that for this ass was ‘in the flesh’ and only a few feet from me.

My first reaction, completely involuntary, was to freeze. I had been standing for a least a few seconds when I realized I hadn’t moved and that I needed to breathe. I let out a long slow breath and took a few deep breaths as quietly as I could. I was afraid to move and afraid to stay where I was.

I found myself focusing on her magnificent derriere. The curves of her full, plump cheeks were captivating. The pink pale flesh was an incredible sight and as I committed the full, round form to memory I knew I could just stare at it for hours.

It was as if I had found a lost ticket to my own private show. “You can’t wake her up,” I thought to myself. “She’ll be out for hours,” said Mrs. Ellis. And here was her beautiful bare ass in the same room with me. I couldn’t just leave.

Some part of my brain took over; a primal part no doubt. anadolu yakası escort Before I fully realized what I was doing I was getting down on the floor on my hands and knees. I don’t know just how quickly or successfully I would have been able to hide if she suddenly awoke, but my body felt this was the best approach.

And that’s when I also realized I was already slowly crawling towards her. And when I say slowly, I do mean slowly. She was less than ten feet away from me but when I went to move my knee it probably took over a minute before I brought it back down to rest in the carpet.

I was creeping along at a snail’s pace, mindful of my breathing, and trying to be as quiet as a mouse, or maybe a caterpillar. My moves were very deliberate and what would have been one flowing motion became a hundred micro movements. And inch by inch I was getting closer to that amazing ass.

I don’t know exactly how much time I spent as I had no way to check a clock, but my guess is it took me over ten minutes to crawl less than ten feet to where she was on the couch. The first thing I reached was her foot on the floor. For some reason when I made it that far I bent my head down and inhaled. My face was inches from the sole of her foot and when I took that deep breath it smelled like, surprise, a foot.

I carefully crawled forward, straddling over her lower leg which rested on the carpeted floor. My face bent low again, not as far as the back of her knee, before it slowly rose and followed her thigh. When I came to a stopping point I held my position and let it sink in that I was no longer at her thigh, but in fact my face was inches away from her left buttcheek. This in itself was a moment, but I felt an inner pull to my right.

Slowly, inch by inch, I moved to my right, my eyes taking in the contours and texture of her skin as the crack of her ass came front and center. I found myself just inches away from the dark divide, while my breathing matched hers. I knew she was passed out but it still felt intimate somehow, as though we were still sharing a sacred space.

I must have stayed like that for another five or ten minutes just soaking in the experience. I could smell her skin, and to some extent, her ass. I couldn’t really see anything at this point as her skirt was bunched up between her legs and even if I could get low enough to be in line with her pussy, it would be blocked by fabric even though her legs were somewhat spread.

I wasn’t really sure what to do next but my hands seemed to have an idea all their own. I became aware of them lifting very slowly, my right forearm coming to rest on the couch close to her right leg. Then my elbow moved forward so I could raise that hand higher and have free motion. Meanwhile my left hand rose in the air and took its place hovering over her left cheek.

I was back to microscopic movements and I could once again feel my heart pounding in my chest. I was scared of what might happen at any moment, and yet I knew I had to continue; my hands slowly descending, one above either cheek, waiting for the moment of contact.

And when that moment came it was pure bliss. I’m not sure how to describe it, though I’m sure someone more experienced would be able to. But that instant of skin to skin contact was life altering. I felt the cool skin of her ass in my hands. I mean her ass was in my hands! Slowly I let my hands sink even further so they came to a full rest and I could feel her ass under and between my fingers.

It was heaven. My life was nearly complete at that moment. Nearly, for I knew there was one more very important step. I did a slow, and I mean very slow squeeze of her cheeks. This was to ensure she was truly passed out as well as for the more obvious pleasure it gave me. A couple of slow squeezes and I was ready for the next move.

I took a deep breath first and then slowly I began to pull my hands to the side and thus spread her ass cheeks open. How many assholes have you looked at? Well it really doesn’t matter because this was my first. I was aware that the darkening crack was revealing her tight little ring and there was a moment that it appeared to be stuck together before it finally gave way and popped open. And then it winked at me.

And once again I froze solid. Was she waking up? Was her asshole somehow raising an alarm? I had just parted the cheeks and the little round hole suddenly squeezed closed and then relaxed again. I stared at it waiting for whatever was to come; but nothing came. After a few seconds I did another slow squeeze as much to make sure my hands were still part of my body.

I also noticed a freshly released aroma. It was a damp, musky smell, only hinted at before I parted the chasm. Now it was in full force and let me know I had entered new territory. It wasn’t the smell of flowers yet I found myself intrigued and I began a shallow sniffing to better understand its nature.

My head dipped a few inches closer ataşehir escort to explore the scent and that’s when I became aware there was also a heat radiating from this private place. The warm, moist musk washed over me as my face acclimated to this sinful sauna. My eyes closed and on some level I was relaxing.

When I opened my eyes I was pleased my dream had not evaporated. I was still between her cheeks. I could look up the valley and see the hills on either side as the path led to her lower back. Lowering my gaze I could see her dark anus, the center of my world, and below that the taint which disappeared into the fabric of her dress; the fabric which brushed against my chin as I looked down.

The ass remained where it was and the asshole just kept looking at me, waiting for my next move. Thinking back now I can’t really tell you why I did it. I certainly hadn’t planned all this out when I first opened the door to the room to find her bare ass staring back at me. But now, here, with cheeks spread and asshole on display scant inches from my face I leaned in; and in one quick motion I licked her asshole.

It was too quick, too impulsive for me to really be able to process what I just did. I mean I was aware I had just licked her asshole but even though it had just happened and my face was still in her ass, I couldn’t tell you anything about it. So I took a second lick.

I’m sure some of this was a deep rooted curiosity and no doubt some of this was sexually driven from somewhere deep inside me. But again it was also all so very new. This time I reflexively pulled my tongue back but it would still be difficult to describe the taste. It tasted…dirty. And yet after rolling my tongue around in my mouth for a few moments, I found I was going in for my third lick.

It was salty; maybe? Perhaps a little bitter? I mean this wasn’t something meant to be tasted, right? Maybe it was just her sweat from the night before, but I felt sure there was more to this concoction than a little perspiration. It wasn’t easy to identify and yet I tried.

It was a new sensation and a new experience and somewhere in the back of my mind I could hear my mom saying ‘Well at least try it. Clean your plate this once and if you find you really don’t like it then you don’t have to have it again’. And with that in mind I began to clean my plate.

Next time my tongue made contact with her I decided to explore around her ring rather than just passing my tongue across the center. I went clockwise and then counterclockwise, letting my tongue become familiar with the tiny ridges there.

I used the tip of my tongue to make a few rapid pokes at the center and then made another lick with my tongue broad and flat, licking across her asshole as well as the side of the crack of her ass. A second big lick and this time I treated it like an ice cream cone and more than just passing over it, I tried to draw in into me.

My tongue continued to make introductions to her asshole. Sometimes it was an explorer, looking for all the tiny details and in search of a new discovery. Other times it was more like a child, looking to play on a new secret playground. Whatever personality my tongue had it kept going back for more.

And there was a wealth of sensations. Some places were soft but had more texture. The wrinkled ring of her anus certainly offered ridges for my tongue to rake across. And the ring was taut like thick rubber, at least when I began. As I continued my exploration I felt it yield just slightly and then tighten again.

As I really got into all the work my tongue was doing I also took a moment to remember my hands. They were still holding the soft, sexy flesh of Lexi’s ass and I went back to more squeezing. This time my squeezing went up a notch as well. I squeezed deeper and harder and began to move my hands in small circles.

And then in another move by instinct I suddenly pulled her cheeks close together, squishing them against my face as I took one very deep breath. What can I say? I had already been swimming in the musky air but I needed a fuller, more intense discovery. It was a forbidden aroma, a hidden treasure, and I was claiming it. I spread her cheeks open once more and took a few breaths of fresh air before diving in again and pulling her ass flesh around me.

It was a sensation overload. It was the smell of her skin, of her ass crack, and of her asshole. It was the feel of her ass in my hands as well as the fleshy globes on my face. It was the touch of my tongue on her wrinkled rosebud. My hands on her flesh, her flesh on my face, her hands in my hair, my tongue on her asshole, her…wait!…what? Were those really her hands in my hair!

I froze and almost everything within my world froze as well. My face froze, my hands froze, my tongue froze, my breath held, and yet something was still moving. It was the fingers in my hair which were moving to the back of my head. Part of my brain wanted to flee and told me I had to move, but it wouldn’t have mattered.

Before I could convince my body to act, Lexi’s hands found their place at the base of my skull and pulled me hard into her waiting ass, forcing me against her asshole which came alive and began kissing me. It was no longer my choice to be here.

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