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Tom is a thirty something ex soccer player. He trains every day to stay fit and toned and has a big cock.

He is staying a posh London hotel whilst doing some work for one of the companies that sponsored him when he was a professional soccer player. After dinner in the restaurant, he takes a seat on a stool at the hotel bar and orders a martini. There are a few people in the bar, but it is not busy by any means. In fact, when he first got there, he was the only one sitting at the bar.

A noise to his left alerts Tom to the fact that someone is moving to sit on the stool next to him. “That’s a bit odd!” he thinks, as there were half a dozen other stools, they could sit on. Mind you when he turns to look at who it was his slight agitation evaporates instantly. It is a young woman, and she is a stunner.

She is slim, even skinny, at least 5-foot 10-inch tall, with short blonde hair. She is wearing a very tight micro-skirt that shows off her long, slender legs to a tee, and a tight-fitting boob-tube type top that barely covers her 36 C tits, and through which her large nipples can be seen.

“Do you cum here often?” she asks, the double entendre totally intentional.

“No, just here for a couple of nights on business. What about you?”

“Oh, I’m just hear for a few days to have some fun!” she answers with a cute smile. “Would you like to have some fun with me?” she asks to Tom’s surprise, sliding her right hand between his legs and stroking is muscular thigh.

Tom can feel his limp cock starting to twitch in his chinos. “That depends! What might ‘having fun’ involve?”

“Why don’t you come back to my room with me and find out!” She asks, with a smile and a wink of the eye as her hand slips up his thigh to nudge against his thickening cock.

Tom’s a little hesitant as he has only just met the woman, but his apprehension is overwhelmed by her stunning figure and the thought of what they might get up to so he decides to follow her.

As her room is on the first floor, they decide to take the stairs.

“Ladies first,” Tom offers.

“Oh, I’m no lady!” the woman responds, but she goes first anyway.

As they climb, Tom hangs back to get a look at her legs. They are long and slender and in great shape. The skirt she is wearing really show them of and is so short Tom is convinced he gets a quick glimpse of a hairy blonde snatch.

On arrival at the room, Tom follows her inside at her request. It is a large room. The lighting is subdued! In front of them, with the head up against the far wall, is a large double bed covered by just a white linen sheet, their arena for the night’s entertainment?

To the right of the bed, on the same wall as the door there is a huge mirror that covers the wall from the far corner, down the length of the bed. On the far side of the of the bed is a set of large, ceiling to floor bi-fold windows leading to a balcony with a view out over the city rooftops with lights glistening in the dark.

It is then that Tom notices the guy to his left, in the corner, sat in a big high-backed armchair.

The woman moves to the foot of the bed and turns to face toward Tom. “That is Peter, he is my husband!” she announces turning her head to look at the guy in the corner. To Tom’s surprise the guy looks in isvecbahis yeni giriş his 50s, so a good 20 years older than the woman.

“Peter, this is Tom. You are going to watch whilst he fucks me aren’t you!” She says, more as an instruction than a question.

“Yes dear,” is his quiet reply.

“Right, come on Tom, let’s see what you have for me,” she says, stepping forward and beginning to unfasten the belt on his pants. As she does so, Tom slips his right hand under the hem of her very short mini skirt. He was right, she is not wearing any panties, so he slides his hand into the thick blonde bush between her legs. She moans and bites her lip as his hand brushes over her clit and two fingers slip between the lips of her pussy.

She undoes the belt and the pants and pushes then to the floor.

“Jeez Peter, look at the size of him!” She exclaims with joy, feasting her eyes on the six-inch of flaccid cock hanging between his legs. “It is not even hard yet and it’s bigger than yours. This is a proper cock Peter, not like your little weeny! Let’s see how big it really is,” she adds, reaching down to wrap her long slender fingers around it so she can tug on it, to get it growing.

So as she pulls Tom’s cock, he strokes her pussy and Peter watches in silence.

“Look Peter, it is getting thicker and longer in my hand,” she remarks as she continues to pull it. And a few seconds later, “It must be at least 9 inches long now and so thick. This is really going to stretch my little cunny when he sticks it into me isn’t it darling?”

“Yes dear!” Peter replies.

“Do you think I will like it Peter?” She asks him.

“”I am sure you will, my love,” he replies. “I bet it will make you scream!”

“Oh, I do hope so!” she says, letting go of Tom’s shaft so his fully erect cock bonces up in front of him. “Looks like he is ready for some pussy action now Peter.” She adds, turning towards the bed.

As she does so, she begins to remove her clothes. First, she opens her blouse, so her large firm tits bounce into view and then she slips it off, so it slides to the floor. Then she unfastens her micro mini skirt and lets that slide down her slender thighs to the floor revealing her long, long legs and taught ass. Next, she slips off her heals and climbs on the bed on all fours giving both the guys a glimpse of her bush covered, perfect peach pussy.

“Come on lover boy, get undressed. Cum and play with Steph!” she says as she moves to sit up at the head of the bed.

Tom obediently takes off his shirt and kicks off his loafers. He steps out of his boxers and trousers that are around his ankle. He then climbs onto the bed and crawls up towards her. As he does so, she opens her legs and he crawls between them.

“I think he is going to lick my pussy Peter, to get me all wet and ready for his huge cock! You like to do that to don’t you?”

“Yes I do darling,” Peter replies.

“Looks like she is going to take a huge cock too!” she says looking at the wall behind Tom, who turns to see a huge FSTV on the wall which is showing porn.

On screen is a young PAWG in a porn-shop viewing cubicle. On the far wall of the cubicle is a large TV showing the porn film she had selected to watch. She is totally naked and is a bit isvecbahis giriş of a looker, with pert tits and long legs. She has been playing with a black cock, which has been pushed through one of the many small round holes at just below waist height on both side walls the cock is now stiff and it is huge, so she manoeuvres to back on to it and take in her slit. With one leg on a chair to show off her pussy to the camera she is reaching behind to take hold of the super thick shaft and is positioning the big fat head in her pussy lips.

“Go on girl, take that big fat head!” Steph calls, as the girl manages to push back on to the throbbing member so the head of the cock slips into her dripping cunnie. “That’s it, now take it all.” She encourages as the PAWG slowly starts to slide back onto the big thick shaft.

Meanwhile Tom gets to work on Steph’s sweet smelling pussy with his mouth. First he licks her labia, his tongue shooting up and down, making her moan. Then he hones in on her clit. He pulls the hood back with his fingers so he can nibble and suck her erect pleasure button.

On screen the girl has managed to take the huge phallus ball deep. “Now fuck that big fat cock!” Steph manages to cry between grunts and groans, as Tom’s efforts are pushing her to orgasm. And she watches as the PAWG starts to slide back and forth on the big thick shaft, her ass slapping into the wall with each backstroke.

That’s it, just there,” moans Steph, taking hold of both sides of his head in her hands to hold him in place. “He’s going to make me come with his tongue Peter,” she moans as Tom licks away at her clit. “That’s it, that’s it, that’s iiiiit……” she repeats as her body starts to stiffen. “I’m cumin now Peter!” She squeals, as her first climax hits and her whole body shakes and shudders.


As Steph recovers, Tom looks round to see that Peter now has his cock in hand. Despite what Steph said earlier, it is a good size. Maybe 6 or 7 inches long and reasonably thick!

Turning back to Steph, Tom puts a hand under each buttock and pulls her towards him to get her lying down, as he crawls back down the bed slightly.

He wants to see the look on her face as he feeds her his cock, which stands erect between his muscular thighs. He also wants to see her ample boobs shudder when he starts to ram her with it. And he wants her to be looking directly at Peter, as yet another stranger fucks her.

Tom is going to start in one of favourite positions. He first saw it used by Ron Jeremy to fuck Amber Lynn in a porn classic when he just started watching porn. It gives good control and enables you to change position quickly whilst keeping you cock in the pussy.

So from his kneeling position between her legs, his hands go under her knees, lifting her legs off the bed and up toward her upper body, lifting her ass slightly off the bed so her bush covered pussy is in exactly the right position.

Tom now moves forward until he is close enough and then sits back on his haunches. He now takes hold of his cock at the bases, pulls back the foreskin and slaps the big purple head on her engorged clit.

“Ohh!” She yelps, as her clit tingles. Then “Ohh! Ohh! Ohh,” she moans, as he slaps it time and again, making her whole body shudder.

Next, isvecbahis güvenilirmi he slides the tip of his shaft slowly down through her dark bush and between her ripe pussy lips until he finds his target. Then with a quick thrust of his hips, the head slides into her. She can feel it immediately stretch her walls and put pressure right on her g-spot.

Then he pulls back until only the very tip remains between her labia lips, before pushing the head back in. He repeats several times, angling his hips a little as he begins with short little strokes back and forth.

“Oh, fuck! He is sticking me with his big cock Peter,” she yelps, looking over at her husband, who is slowly pulling his shaft. “Can you see?”

“Yes dear. Does it feel good?”

“Oh yes, it feels wonderful!”

“Good.” Peter replies.

Now with each thrust forward, Tom sends a little more cock into her; feeding in his shaft inch by inch.

“Oh it’s big, Peter. It is really stretching my tight little cunnie. He is going to make be come again soon,” says Steph, panting.

Tom is still holding the base of his cock and is now fucking her at a steady, rhythmic pace with 6 or 7 inches of cock, which is covered in her white juices.

He can feel that it is getting easier as she juices up, so with the next thrust forward, he releases his hold on his cock and slams the whole length into her juicy hole.

“Fuck!” She yelps in surprise, as it slides in up to the hilt, making her big tits shudder. “Fuck, that is deep, Peter.” She moans.

Now Tom pulls 4 or 5 inches of shaft out before sliding it back into her.

“Oh yes!” She cries, as it slides back in.

Then… “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!” she cries as he reams her quim with stroke after stroke, stretching it to the max.


Earlier Tom had pushed Steph’s legs up toward her upper body out of the way, so he had direct access to her pussy and had held them there as he fucked her. Now Steph slides an arm under her knees to hold her legs up which means his hands are free so as he continues to fuck her, he uses the thumb of his right hand to rub her swollen clit.

Steph is in ecstasy. Her husband is watching her as she is getting fucked by a young stud with a long, thick cock.

And Tom is rampant! He is fucking this stunning young woman whilst her husband is watching, and he can’t get enough. As his cock continues to slide in and out of her dripping pussy and he is rubbing her clit with his thumb, his mind wanders to what position to go to after her second orgasm.

As Tom daydreams…… “Oh yes, that’s it, I’m goin to cum! I goin to cum!” she moans as his work on her clit begins to pay off.

“I’ll take her doggy-style next!” he dreams as he fucks and rubs. “Want to see her in the mirror so I can see her tits swinging as I ram it deep!”

“Fuck, yes!” Steph cries as her latest climax approaches. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” she wails “I’m goin to cum all over your big, thick cock. Fuck me. Fuck me!” and then her whole body goes stiff before she starts to shudder and shake uncontrollably.

That is Tom’s que. He takes hold of her by the hips with both hands to hold her in position and then he drives his cock in up to the hilt.

“Fuck!” she squeals as he hits the buffers. Then “Fuck yes! Fuck me deep lover boy. Fuck me deep.” She begs.

And he does. His hips piston back and forth as her drives it deep with every stroke. Length after length as she continues to shake and moan as the orgasm rips through her slender frame.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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