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Team Reward Cross-Reference Reference by Alan hoo)

Story by Bill Drake


Coach Williams

1 – Coach shoves his cock down Mike White”s throat, shoots “quarter cup” of cum in White”s mouth, then licks his balls and fingers his ass until White shoots all over his face. Coach licks the cum, then sends Mike to the showers and asks the team for more.

3 – Coach heads to the mens room, where he meets Hank Wright. They kiss and hump at the urinals, then move to a stall to continue. Hank shoots on the Coach”s belly and the Coach returns the favor.

5 – Coach invites Coach Pierson from State to meet Mike White in his office. Williams watches Pierson fondle and finger-fuck Mike, jacking off and shooting a load onto the floor as Mike shoots onto him.

33 years old…amazing biceps…flawless body…meaty pecs…strong arms…a trim waist…powerful legs and ass…broad chest…thick tube of cockmeat…big fat 11-inch boner


Randy Fulsom

2 – Randy meets Hank Johnson in the mens room. He removes his shirt and they hump, Randy”s cock between Hank”s thighs, Hank”s cock against his chest and belly. Both cum on each other.

4 – Randy has his cock sucked in the lockerroom after the big game by Trent. He cums on Trent”s mouth and tongue.

9 – Randy showers with Hank Johnson after practice. Hank rims him, then fucks his ass for the first time.

10 – While being fucked in the shower by Hank, Randy”s college brother Rich walks in. While humiliated at first, he becomes even more turned on when Rich strips and joins them, making out passionately with Randy. Randy shoots a load onto his brothers cock while Hank pumps his hole full of cum. Randy them drops to his knees and begins to suck his brother”s dick.

linebacker…6″4″ brick shithouse…big beefy guy…thick stubby cock (“fireplug”)…huge linebacker body, thick neck, bulging delts, powerful chest and a bit of a belly for bulk…bulging white torso dusted with a few brown hairs…big and strapping


Darnell Weston

1 – Darnell rims Peter Marks in shower after practice, making him cum, then rims Tim Fitzgerald. Both of them cum while Darnell is licking Tim”s ass.

6 – Darnell comes to Tim Fitzgerald”s house, rimming him to orgasm in his bedroom. On the way out, he also rims Mr. Fitzgerald.

one hulk of a man…18 years old…body all thick, powerful and hard…lived for licking ass…huge tongue, long and thick, but best of all it changed shape depending on how Darnell used it…hottest (and longest) tongue in all of Jackson High


Mike White

1 – Mike sucks Coach Williams” cock in his office after practice, swallowing his large load. The Coach then licks Mike”s nuts and finger-fucks him until Mike shoots all over him.

5 – Mike meets Coach Pierson in Coach Williams” office on his way to the showers. Pierson explores Mike”s naked body with his hands, then lubes and finger-fucks his ass. Mike cums while being fingered, shooting all over Coach Williams. Then he pulls out Pierson”s cock and sucks on it and his ballsack. Pierson then face-fucks Mike and cums down his throat.

6 – Mike gets his ass worked over by Coach Pierson. Mike is bend over on a large bed and grasping the headboard for support as Pierson works his huge cock into Mike”s ass. Mike goes wild while being pounded, shooting a load on the wall, bed and pillows. Mike rolls over and continues to get pounded. The Coach shoots in his ass, bringing him to another orgasm.

7 – Mike gets fucked again by Pierson in the morning while shaving in their hotel room. He shoots his cum all over the bathroom mirror while being rammed, then licks the coach”s cock clean. Mike then calls his father (who is fucking his wife) to say that he is going to visit State with the Coach while getting fucked to orgasm in the hotel bed.

9 – Mike is being driven to the university by Coach Pierson. Mike unzips the coach”s pants and pulls out his massive cock. He sucks the coach”s fat dick and, with a helpful hand on the back of his head, deep throats it, too. He is rewarded with a large load of cum. When they stop for gas, Mike gets fucked by the coach while Tim sucks his cock, swallowing his load.

10 – Mike practices with the university team. At the end of practice,Coach Pierson has Mike suck his cock on the practice field, with Mike still wearing his helmet. The coach face fucks Mike through his faceguard, cumming in Mike”s mouth. Mike swallows Pierson”s load, then gets hosed by a load of the coach”s piss.

junior…best running back…slightly stocky but powerful body…eight inches…brown chest hair growing around his nipples…amazingly sexy and good-looking…fresh-faced but with a manly handsomeness that suggested 18 going on 21…


Tim Fitzgerald

1 – Tim is rimmed in the shower after practice by Darnell Weston. Their teammates watch as Tim, and then Darnell, shoot their wads, some of it landing on their fellow players.

2 – Tim meets Mr. Johnson in his classroom. He rims his teacher”s ass, then fucks him, cumming deep inside him.

4 – After the big game, the team meets local businessmen Jack, Jim and Trent. Tim steps up to Jack, prodding him with his thick cock. Jack sucks his cock and Jim works his nuts. Tim shoots his load into Jack.

6 – Tim is visited by Darnell Weston. They meet in Tim”s bedroom and Darnell rims Tim to orgasm, Tim reaching back to hold Darnell”s head to his ass as he cums.

9 – Tim steps out of the lockerroom shower in a towel and watches Trent Sullivan undress. Tim straddles a bench, drops the towel and lubes his immense cock bursa escort with a bottle from his gym bag. As Trent heads to the steam room, Tim follows.

10 – Tim follows Sullivan into the steam room, thinking about how much he loves to fuck ass; teammates and adults. He remembers fucking Mr. Johnson and how turned on he gets in Johnson”s classes. He wets the fingers on his “Golden Hand” and starts to grope and finger Sullivan”s ass. With two fingers already up Sullivan”s ass, Sullivan protests about being fucked, so Tim drops to his knees and begins to rim Sullivan”s ass.

tall, sandy-blonde quarterback…6-foot-5 frame and two massive balls of biceps…gargantuan cock (11 inches)…meaty pecs and the treasure trail of brown hair that drifted down past washboard abs to a thick and veiny cock…bulging legs…meaty hamstrings…beautiful round ass


Peter Marks

1 – Peter gets his hole rimmed by Darnell Weston in shower after practice, and has an “explosive orgasm”.

4 – Peter gets his cock sucked in the lockerroom after the big game by Trent.

sophomore…already was packing some muscle onto his young frame…not particularly big-dicked…the finest twin globes of hunk ass in the whole school…the perfect ass: a nice bubble-butt


Mr. Johnson 2 – Mr. Johnson bends over his desk so that Tim Fitzgerald can rim then fuck him. Johnson cums on his desk (and some paperwork). He cums again as Tim continues to fuck him.

one of the most popular teachers among the students…married and with two kids…gorgeous 45-year-old knew…couldn”t get enough dick…hunky history teacher…ass is firm and round and covered with a light coat of brown hair


Hank Johnson

2 – Hank meets Randy Fulsom while pissing in a school bathroom. Hank humps his long dick against Randy”s chest and belly, shooting cum all over him.

8 – Hank watches Randy Fulsom during football practice. Pete Burns comes up to talk with him.

9 – Hank showers with Randy Fulsom. He licks Randy”s ass, then fucks him for the first time.

10 – While fucking Randy in the shower, his college brother Rich walks in on them. No slowing at all, Hank continues to pound Randy”s jock ass with his huge cock while Rich strips to join them. When Rich and Randy make out, Hank shoots his cum up Randy”s ass while Randy cums on his brother”s crotch. Rich admires Hank”s immense dick as he slips it slowly out of Randy”s hole.

inherited his father”s charming good looks…one fucking long dick (wasn”t exceptionally thick, but hard it reached a good foot long and even soft flopped down at a heavy cinches)…”oversized salami”


Coach Art Harris

2 – Coach Harris talks dirty on the phone with an anonymous cop with whom he recently had sex. While talking, he pulls down his sweats and has his cock sucked by his aid, Rich, cumming in his mouth.

6 – Officer Miller shows up at Harris” place. He handcuffs Miller and fucks him standing in his laundry room. Miller shoots on a pile of used jocks. Harris drops Miller, face down, on the pile of jocks and fucks him doggy-syle till then both cum.

assistant football coach and the physical education teacher…heavy prick…perfect quads and a formidable
bulge of a crotch…pecs coated with a layer of dark, curly hair…the chest and shoulder muscles full and pumped…biceps even more impressive, swollen and powerful


Officer Miller

2 – Miller talks with Coach Harris about a previous encounter.

6 – Miller goes to Coach Harris” house and gets fucked, standing, in his laundry room. He shoots his loads onto a pile of used jocks on the floor. Harris then pushes him down onto the pile and continues fucking him. Miller cums again, then the Coach cums. Miller passes out, and when he waked up he puts on a sticky jock and leaves.



Rich 2 – Rich enters Coach Harris” office while the Coach is talking to a cop he recently had sex with. Coach Harris pulls out his cock while talking and Rich sucks him to orgasm, swallowing his load.

Coach Harris” third period aid…jock-like appearance…cute face and great body


Hank Wright 3 – Hank leaves the bleachers to piss and meets Coach Williams at the urinals. They kiss and hump, then move to a stall, where they grind their cocks against each other. Hank and Coach Williams both shoot.

about 35 years old, 6″1″ hunk…looked like the typical settled dad, and one who had kept his body in fine fuckable form…nice thick muscles…nice round package, moderately to well hung…great ass…full bush of brown pubes, and a decent-sized dick…built, hairy chest, whose pink-brown nipples protruded from the fur


Mark Jacobs 3 – Enters lockerroom and watches Coach Martin fucking Blaine Wilson. An anonymous Hancock player arrives and sucks him off, swallowing his load. He is still in the hallway when Coach Martin sends Blaine away, so he meets the Coach and sucks his cock. sports reporter for the Jackson County Tribune


Blaine Wilson 3 – Blaine gets fucked against the lockerroom wall by Coach Martin before the big game. Mark Jacobs watches them fuck. Coach does not let Blaine cum.

starting quarterback for Hancock (rival team)…sinewy, powerful legs and calf muscles…ass: big, melons of sheer jock muscle


Coach Martin 3 – Coach Martin fucks Blaine Wilson against the lockerroom wall while Mark Jacobs watches. Neither of them cums, as the Coach wants them to save it for victory. He meets Mark in the hallway and has him suck his cock. bursa escort bayan

coaches for Hancock (rival team)…early to mid-50s…salt-and-pepper hair…still had the body of a stud marine sergeant


Greg Jefferson

4 – Greg grinds his ass against Mike White”s cock during the introduction of the area businessmen, then face-fucks Jim, shooting his cum all over the businessman.

8 – Greg meets Eric LaGrange while undressing after practice in the lockerroom. Eric, wearing nothing but a towel, tells Greg that the coach”s tough talk has been making him horny, then drops his towel. Greg stands to take off his pants and jock. Eric grabs him from behind and humps his ass, shooting a big load all over Greg”s backside.

offensive lineman…sweaty chest…full pecs…washboard abs…forest of his fine hair


Jack Forrester 4 – Jack meets the team in the lockerroom after the big game. He sucks Tim Fitzgerald, swallowing his load. He then sucks an unnamed defensive lineman, who cums all over him. Other team members shoot on him and his colleagues.

realtor…blonde hair, slightly receding…appeared to be in his mid-30s


Jim 4 – Jim meets the team in the lockerroom after the big game. He joins Jack Forrester in sucking Tim Fiztgerald”s balls and dick. He then sucks Greg Jefferson, who fucks his face hard then hoses him with cum. Other team members shoot on him and his colleagues. While kissing his buddies, Trent drops his pants and slides his cock up Jim”s ass.

late 20s, dark hair and blue eyes…tall, with a swimmer”s build


Trent Sullivan

4 – Sullivan meets the team in the lockerroom after the big game. He sucks Randy Fulsom, spitting his load after Randy cums on his mouth and tongue. Then he sucks Peter Marks, Frank Myers and Larry Warren, spitting their loads. He finally whips out his cock while sucking Larry, Other team members shoot on him and his colleagues. While the three of them kiss, he removes Jim”s pants and slides his cock up his ass.

7 – Glen Carson comes to Sullivan”s house, finding him wearing nothing but a bath towel. Glen drops his jeans, revealing his packed jock strap. Sullivan rims Glen until the teenager shoots in his mouth. Sullivan attempts to spit Glen”s cum, but is forced to swallow.

9 – Sullivan stops by the team”s lockerroom after work to use the steam room. He sees Larry sucking Glen in the lockerroom, then finds a locker to undress. Tim Fitzgerald watches Sullivan undress, then follows him to the steam room.

10 – Sullivan enters the steamroom, his back to the door and Tim Fitzgerald. Tim wets his fingers, grabs Sullivan from behind and finger fucks him. Sullivan is turned on, but worried about being fucked by Tim. Tim then drops to his knees and rims the business man”s ass.

early 40s…medium height with a powerful set of muscles on his body…thick stud erection…nice, thick cascade of muscles down from his meaty shoulders to his lower back… waist wasn”t thin and his stocky figure didn”t really taper to a V shape…neither did he have love handles; it was all hard muscle…two meaty globes of giant, sculpted, round manmuscle…deep dark crevice running down the center…slight dusting of brown hair on them, though not obscenely hairy


Frank Myers

4 – Frank is sucked by Trent, who spits his load.

8 – Frank steps into the new steam room after practice. While relaxing in the steam, he is presented with an anonymous dick to suck. He opens his mouth and begins to suck the cock, then finds himself being facefucked. The fucker cums down Frank”s throat while Frank shoots all over his own chest and the fucker”s legs.

hairy…stud-built senior…taut abs…erect tower of hard, athlete flesh whose smoothness contrasted to the forest of dark brown pubic hairs that spread upward from his crotch and fanned out over that perfect muscular stomach…


Larry Warren

4 – Larry face-fucks Trent.

5 – Larry meets four construction workers in the lockerroom. Hal, the oldest one, fucks him while he is still wearing his jock. Hal cums in his ass, then another worker steps up to fuck him. Larry shoot a load in his jock.

9 – Larry sucks Glen Carson in the lockerroom.

halfback…strong arms


Hal 5 – Hal meets Larry Warren in the construction area of the lockerroom. Hal slides his cock up Larry jock-strapped ass and shoots a load.

construction worker…a shorter man in his 40s…built real big, with a barrel chest that filled his white T-shirt quite nicely…thick, beefy body…son Tony plays on the team


Coach Brian Pierson

5 – Coach Pierson is introduced to Mike White in Coach Williams” office. He explores the naked athletes body with his hands as Williams jerks his hard cock. He lubes and finger-fucks Mike”s ass to orgasm. After Mike cums, he pulls out Pierson”s cock and sucks it and his ballsack. Pierson then face-fucks Mike and cums down his throat.

6 – Coach Pierson slowly works his huge cock into Mike White”s ass, fucking him as he is bent over and braced against the head of a large bed. Pierson fucks a large load out of Mike. He then rolls Mike over and continues fucking him, shooting a load up his ass as Mike cums on his chest.

7 – Coach finds Mike White shaving in the morning. He approaches him from behind, scoops some shaving gel onto his cock and proceeds to fuck escort bursa Mike to orgasm while filling his ass with cum. He then pulls out of Mike and lets him lick his dick clean. While Mike is on the phone with his father, Coach fucks him doggie-style, cumming in Mike”s ass.

9 – Coach drives Mike White to the university. On the way there, Mike fishes out the coach”s cock and sucks it. Pierson uses a hand on the back of Mike”s head to help him deep throat the big dick, shooting a load down Mike”s gullet. When they stop for gas, the Coach fucks him in the gas station while the attendant sucks his dick.

10 – After practice, Pierson drops Mike White to his knees on the field, face-fucking the athlete through the faceguard of his helmet. The coach fills Mike with his cum, then uses his huge cock to hose Mike with a load of piss.

mid-40s…big, with a tall, wide frame and nice, beefy muscles all over…thick biceps…bulging quads, massive chest, cords of muscle in the arms…square jaw and powerful face, steel blue eyes…huge hardon…big, long, and fat…real fat…twelve inches long and thick as a flashlight


Coach Bill Ferrell

6 – Coach Ferrell meets Mr. Michael White in a passing car on his way home. He sucks the man off in his car. Mr. White gives him his business card and Ferrell jacks off in his own car.

9 – Coach Ferrell calls Mr. Michael White at work and arranges for White to come to his house after work.

10 – Mike White Sr. shows up at Ferrell”s house. They undress slowly and make out. White fingers Ferrell”s hole, turning the coach on. They head to the bedroom together to fuck.

stocky but in shape man of 40…barrel chest coated in a thick layer of manfur that extended all the way down to the dark bush of his crotch…hairy, massive quads and powerful calves…has been “getting it on” with construction worker Gary…liked to be the top man, to be in command during sex


Michael D. White, Jr., CFO

6 – Mr. White passes Coach Ferrell and lures him into his SUV. He feeds the Coach his load while talking dirty. He gives the coach his business card.

9 – Mr. White gets a call from Coach Ferrell at work. He agrees to come to Ferrell”s house after work.

10 – White shows up at Coach Ferrell”s house. They undress slowly and make out. White fingers Ferrell”s hole, turning the coach on. They head to the bedroom together to fuck.

mid-40s…probably a businessman…good build and a cute face and dark eyes…full dark-haired beard that was newly shaved, full head of dark brown hair, and a strong jaw…monster prick…perfect, full, long,with a round, bulbous head that flared in a slightly menacing way


Mr. Fitzgerald   impressive, like an older version of his quarterback son, same athletic tone, same blue eyes, same golden-brown hair…same gorgeous All-American face…more adult, more masculine appearance…muscles filled out and stretched the material…one hunk of an older man


Glen Carson

7 – Glen goes to Trent Sullivan”s house on a Saturday morning. He drops his jeans to have Trent rim his jock-strapped ass. He turns to cum in Trent”s mouth, forcing the businessman to swallow his cum.

9 – Glen gets his cock sucked by Larry Warren in the lockerroom.

second-string quarterback…powerful quarterback hands…the most amazing ass on the Jackson High football
team, round, taut, perfectly shaped and so fucking smooth


Pete Burns 8 – Pete talks to Hank Johnson while the two of them watch football practice. Pete tells Hank that he has been fucking Coach Williams and notices (from his erection) that Hank is hot for Randy Fulsom. good looks…built teen body…assured, confident attitude


Eric LaGrange 8 – Eric meets up with Greg Jefferson in the lockerroom after practice. Wearing only a towel, he tells Greg how the coach”s tough talk has been making him horny. As Greg removes his football pants and jock, Eric clutches him from behind, humping his asscheeks until he shoots a load all over Greg”s backside. junior who played halfback…trimmer than a lot of the guys in his position…packed on a good bulk…powerful black muscles…length his the shaft approached ten inches…built quads…ten inch cock


Tim, gas station attendant 9 – Coach Pierson and Mike White stop for gas at the station where Tim works. Coach feels Mike up at the counter and asks Tim for a pack of condoms and lube. Tim sucks Mike”s cock while Pierson fucks his ass. Tim swallows Mike”s loads when he cums. Pierson leaves his spent condom for Tim, which he licks out. cute blonde face…intense blue eyes…about 16…a nice full athletic body and thick ballplayer neck that stretched his grey T-shirt…halfback…


Rich Fulsom 10 – Rich comes home from college for the weekend. He drops in on his brother, Randy, and finds him getting fucked in the shower by Hank Johnson. He strips and joins them, kissing and foldling his brother to orgasm while Hank cums up his ass. Randy then drops to his knees to suck Rich”s cum-spattered dick while Rich admires Hank”s huge cock. lithe, lean muscle frame and the flared lats and delts to prove it…the same genetic body type as Randy, but with
a few years of college play and off-season conditioning under his belt…more muscle yet less bulk on his tall, big-shouldered frame than his brother…one amazing
chest, nice rounded pecs with dark-red, hard nipples sticking up proudly from the smooth toned muscle and a rippled eight-pack that traveled down to the waistband of his jeans…hung with a nice, full cock


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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