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Leaning forward, Alice tongued the tip of his cock, licking the drop of pre-cum that had formed there. Peter thought he would explode right there and then. He closed his eyes as her tongue ran down the length of his shaft and swirled around his balls. He couldn’t wait for that hot, wet sensation when her mouth could close over his aching cock.

Taking her time, Alice sucked on his balls, then moved her way back up his shaft. Then in a fluid motion she engulfed the length of his cock, sliding his young hardness all the way down her throat. She let it slide out slowly, then swallowed it again. She could feel the heat in his balls, she knew it wouldn’t take many strokes before she was rewarded with a steady stream of hot cream…


Sondra paused and reread the words that filled the computer screen. As it was many times before, she found it hard to believe such words could come from her own imagination. The images they invoked in her mind seemed so real. She could feel the boy’s hardness in her hands. Running her outstretched fingers across her lips, she could taste both the sweetness of his lips and the tangy taste of his impending climax.

Keeping the image of his hard young body in her mind, the 35 year old ran her fingers down across her throat and further downward until they brushed across the thin material of the pajama tops which covered her mounds.

A soft sigh escaped her lips as her index finger caressed her nipple, already in a semi-aroused state, sending a pleasing tingle across her chest. Closing her eyes she imaged it was Peter’s hand not her own. A second finger followed, then a third. Each finger in turn ran again and again across the short thick protrusion as Sondra’s other hand left the keyboard and played a similar concerto on it’s twin.

With casino oyna slow, deliberate movements, she began to unbutton her blouse. With each open button, the view of Sondra’s bosom grew larger and larger until she opened the blouse and the plentiful mounds fell free.

Her aureole were almost two inches across and stood out as dark circles against her creamy white skin. Her nipples were thick like the nipples of a baby bottle, just begging to be sucked.

She reached up and ran her long fingers across each breast, rubbing her thumbs across the nipples. Then she pulled one breast up as far as she could and reached out with her tongue. She was just able to caress her own nipple. Then she repeated the action with her other breast.

“Oh yes, Peter.” she said softly as familiar sensations coursed within her. “Right there.”

The image of the young man was so real she could smell the soft freshness of his sandy brown hair. The sparkle in his bright blue eyes and the seductive charm of his slightly crooked smile were a composite of all the young men she had known so long before. The same young men she had always fantasized about on so many lonely nights.

Fingers no longer her own transversed the valley between her breasts, bringing with them the memory of the first time she’d let a boy touch her there.

She ran her tongue across her lips, savoring the memory of first kisses and the thousands that followed over the years. Strong hands continued to play with her breasts, squeezing and stroking the warm flesh. Her skin had always been so sensitive, even more so when she was aroused. She remembered what a delightful discovery that had been when she was a teenager first exploring her body.

“Peter, you are so good at this.” she said to the empty air.

Her slot oyna young phantom lover continued on his downward journey. Tracing an outline across her flat stomach, he drew circles around her navel. Around and around his fingers glided, edging against the waistband of her dark red panties. By the fourth circle, they were slipping under that barrier.

“Oh Peter, we mustn’t.” she said in an unconvincing voice, even as she opened her legs wider to allow easier access.

The first warm touch of flesh against her pubic mound was enough to break down her barriers. With a practiced hand she used her free hand to grip the side of her panties and with a sight lifting of her ass, slide them down her legs. She was glad she never wore the bottoms of her pajamas.

Extending her middle finger, she ran it up and down the length of her femininity, parting the light blonde hairs that surrounded it.

“Oh yes!!” she murmured.

Parting the folds of her pussy, Sondra slid her finger inside herself and enjoyed the feeling as her tightness closed around it. Gently she slid it in and out, simulating the motion of a tiny cock. Her outstretched thumb played with her tiny clitoris, increasing the waves of passion that radiated from within her. Her free hand had returned to her breasts, continuing to play with the softness of each globe and the hardness of her nipples. A second finger joined the first and the tempo of her penetrations increased as well. It wasn’t long before a third finger found it way within her as well.

Sondra’s body heat soared as her wetness fueled a raging fire. Beads of sweat began to cover her body as she began to buck back and forth, keeping pace with the motions of her hands.

Her breaths came in shorter gasps as more and more of her canlı casino siteleri reality was caught up in a whirlpool of desire. Between breaths came moans of ecstasy which rose in volume with each passing minute. She could feel the walls of her womanhood contract around her fingers, a sensation that only spurred her onward.

Sondra could actually feel the press of her young lovers body against her own, the warmth of his excited breath against her skin. Mental images of a rising tide of youthful lust filled her thoughts as she visualized him exploding inside her.

Her body tensed and arched backward as her own energetic efforts produced the results she wished from her imaginary lover. As her thumb raced across her clit one last time, it provided the final spark to set off a conflagration of unbridled lust. Sondra’s body quaked and quivered as a silent scream issued from her lips.

“Oh God, Peter, yes…oh yes!!” she mouthed wordlessly as wave after wave of delight crashed across her body.

Her climax took only moments yet lasted for hours as the young woman lost all sense of time and space. She was sitting on a chair in her workroom, she was in the arms of her lover. She was in both places at the same time. She was a blazing fire raging out of control. Then just as suddenly she was a cooling block of ice as reality imposed itself and the ravages of passion subsided.

“That was fun…” Sondra said to herself as she took a deep breath long minutes later.

Her skin was moist from the sweat of her efforts and she knew a shower was definitely in order. But first things first. Sometimes she just got a little too carried away with her writings. Hopefully, it was reflected in her efforts. Turning her attention back to the unfinished story on the screen, Sondra smiled a smile of satisfaction.

“Looks like you got me off well enough, Peter.” she mused. “Time for me to return the favor.”

With that, her nimble fingers spread out across the keyboard and she began to type one more.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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