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Kyle and I work together at a restaurant, and had only known eachother for a few months, but had already become really close friends. We listened to pretty much the same type of music, we both play instruments, and we both smoke weed. So when Kyle invited me over to jam with him one day, naturally I said yes. I had been over to Kyle’s before, but it was sort of a party with a bunch of people. He told me this time it would just be him and I. For some reason, the thought of that filled me with a rush of excitement.

So a few days passed and we agreed to meet up. I arrived at Kyle’s house and was greeted by him at the door. I walked in, we talked for a second, and then we went into his living room (it’s where all his music gear is stored) and we started jamming. We both went back and forth on instruments, but I was mainly a drummer and Kyle was mainly a guitar player. So I sat on the drum set as Kyle played along. I brought a weed pen with me, and we took turns passing it back and forth, getting nice and high. I noticed that there was a mirror next to me, and I took a minute to look at myself, sitting at the drum set. I noticed my body, how toned and slim it looked. I had been working out a lot lately, noticing my own body more, how it looked, where I liked to be touch. Strange feelings that I randomly got, especially when I was high.

I noticed this strange energy growing inside myself, but I did my best to push it off, focusing on playing drums, keeping rhythm with Kyle. It seemed like playing the instruments was getting a little boring though, like my purpose coming over was for something else. I suddenly became very nervous and excited. I became aware of my body and flashes of my recent curiosity with gay and bi porn ran through my mind. I always seemed to get like this when I got high anymore, horny, lustful. But this felt like the wrong time, here, jamming with my friend Kyle. Who by the way, looked really good. (Did I just think that?) He was taller than me, he had a muscular body, his strong hands picked at the guitar and I watched, keeping rhythm on the drums.

Kyle said weed was cool inside, but cigs outside, so we stepped out on his back patio for a cigarette. I was very high, and I could tell Kyle was as well (he didn’t smoke nearly as much as me) slurring his words a little, a big smile on his face. We stood on his patio and puffed our cigs, talking and laughing nervously, both of us really high. I had the strangest feeling in me, like I didn’t really know what to say to Kyle. I just sucked deep and hard on my cig as we made each other laugh.

We went back in to jam and this time Kyle suggested we switch it up (me on guitar, him on drums). He was pretty good at drums, so he kept rhythm with me, but I wasn’t the best on guitar, my hands stumbling over the strings. I was trying to play a riff from a punk song, but couldn’t get it down.

“Here, let me show you, it’s easy,” Kyle said, getting up from the drum set and walking towards me. I was sitting almost on the ground, so he kneeled down low, his body very close to mine. I gulped nervously for some reason, and sipped on some water near me, my mouth was pretty dry.

Kyle held the neck of the guitar and showed me where to place my fingers. I moved them in place and he held my hand, softly, guiding them into place. It suddenly felt so hot in Kyle’s house. I swallowed hard and strummed the guitar just like he showed me, the riff sounding a little better now.

And out of nowhere, I felt it. My cock was growing in my jeans. Kyle was leaning down, on one knee, his legs spread. The crotch of his jeans was so close to my face, it made me wonder what was underneath, what his cock looked like. Kyle’s so tall and muscular, it’s probably all thick and wide. I gulped harder, my face turning red.

I strummed the notes a few times, and then Kyle touched my hand again, softly, moving it down a few frets.

“And here’s the chorus,” he said. “Keep strumming that.”

I strummed it slowly, but my mind was drifting away. This was the first time I’d been around another person and had a boner in soooo long. I felt my cock growing in my jeans, and I wasn’t sure what to do, how Kyle would react. But he was so close to me, it’s almost like he was doing it on purpose.

I strummed the chorus, but it started to sound worse and worse as my mind wandered, and my cock grew.

“Aw come on, not focusing, huh?” Kyle asked, his face casino oyna close to mine.

“I’m trying, but it’s hard.”

“Why’s that?” Kyle asked

I thought about what to do. Maybe I could get up and run, drive home. But that would probably upset Kyle. I could try to will my boner away, but it wasn’t going anywhere. I only grew harder as Kyle kneeled there in front of me, his body looking so strong and hot. But I had my suspicions about Kyle. The way he acted at work sometimes, how he always used gay jokes and brought up gay topics. Maybe…

My face was red hot, my heart was thumping. “I.. I’m starting to get a boner man, ha I’m sorry.” Saying it out loud only made me grow harder. I wanted to whimper and moan for some reason, to touch my cock right there in front of him.

“Oh really?” Kyle asked, a slight smile spreading across his face. Not really what I was expecting to hear, to be honest. “Why do you have a boner?”

“I, I don’t know. I think I might be bi, ha. Just some of the feelings I’ve been having lately, and now your crotch is right in front of my face man, ha. Has me thinking about what’s underneath, what your dick looks like…”

I shot my eyes downward. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that one, that was too much. But Kyle didn’t move back or anything, yet. He kept kneeling there, close enough that I could feel the heat coming off his body. God, it was so hot in here all of the sudden.

“What, did you want to see it or something?” Kyle asked, and laughed, although he sounded pretty serious.

I cocked my eyes back up at him, and then down at his crotch.

“Yeah, kinda,” I replied, nervously.

Kyle stood up and leaned against the wall beside me. I sat there, frozen solid, watching him as he slowly moved the zipper down his jeans.

“I don’t know why you want to see my dick, kind of weird, but ok.” And he pulled his cock out. It was thick and long. My head was spinning. His cock wasn’t exactly flaccid either, I could tell he was growing, so maybe he was enjoying this.

I suddenly became aware of the expression on my face. My mouth hung half open, I felt like a slutty school girl or something, but this feeling only turned me on more, my own cock rock hard in my jeans. I practically crawled over to Kyle’s cock and got on my knees. I suddenly became aware of how quiet it was in Kyle’s house without us playing music. We were alone, alone to do whatever we wanted. I could hear my heart thumping in my chest.

“Is it ok if I touch it?” I asked, looking up at Kyle with a lustful look on my face.

“Ok,” he said, without any resistance.

I slowly placed a hand on Kyle’s cock and he made a very soft moan. I slowly let my fingers glide up and down the sides of his cock, and I could feel him growing in my hand, getting harder.

I don’t know why, but I had the desire to ask him then, “So, are you gay, or bi?”

“No, no man.” He said.

But I felt his cock growing harder and stronger in my hand as I held it, feeling it softly, up and down the shaft. It was so warm and hard.

“But you’re getting hard.” I felt like I almost wanted to tease him a little. My own cock was growing stiffer and stiffer. I felt it pressing against my jean zipper, ready to burst.

“I don’t know, it just feels good,” he said, leaning his head back a little.

I took a firmer grip of his cock and held it upwards, causing Kyle to moan again, squirming a little under my touch. His cock was growing more massive, and now it was hard and purple, the tip of his dick a swollen mushroom. I reached down into Kyle’s pants and pulled his balls out, so that his shaft and balls were poking through his zipper hole. He groaned as I did this.

I started to move my hand from his balls, up his shaft to his swollen head, and then back down. I looked up and Kyle’s eyes were half closed, his mouth hung open. He was clearly enjoying this, as was I. I used my other hand to softly massage my own dick, squeezing it through my jeans.

Working Kyle’s shaft up and down like that caused him to ooze a little precum, it dripped down his massive tip. It made his cock shimmer, and my mouth started to water. I had to taste his cock, I’d tasted my own precum before, but I wanted his. Badly.

I almost had trouble saying it, I was so turned on. “C…can I taste it?” I looked up at Kyle with pleading eyes. He looked down at me, and he had a dazed look canlı casino on his face, obviously he was liking what I was doing to him. And so was I, I wanted to devour his massive cock.

“Yeah, ok,” was all he said, tilting his head back and shutting his eyes. I leaned forward and went straight for his head, slurping the globs of precum off his penis.

“Ohhhh yeah,” he let out a loud moan. It made me feel crazy. I had never seen Kyle like this, but I think, deep down, since the day I met him, it’s what I’ve always wanted. And those times, like on his porch, or at work, where we get all nervous around eachother, or stand off-ish, it’s because we’ve just been fighting this sexual tension. And realizing this, made me feel so powerful and horny. I didn’t need to be nervous or depressed around Kyle, we could finally explore this.

These thoughts made me moan out loud as I swallowed more of Kyle’s tip, sucking the precum from it. His cock was SO hard in my mouth, purple and slightly veiny, it looked like every cock I fantasized about watching porn. I was in love with how it tasted, swirling my tongue around the tip of his massive dick.

I placed my hands on Kyle’s legs as I sucked his cock, forcing it deeper and deeper down my throat. His precum tasted so sweet and salty, I used my tongue to lick as much of it up as I could. As I sucked Kyle, I moved my hands around, feeling his legs, rubbing his balls.

Kyle squirmed more and more, thrusting his hips forward, his dick deeper into my mouth. Saliva and precum dribbled down my lips as I held Kyle’s cock firmly. I held my tongue out and tapped his throbbing tip against it, as I stroked his long shaft.

“Yes, that feels so good.” I looked up as Kyle said this, and he looked so hot, how we was completely turned on from me, from what I was doing to him. I ran a hand up and underneath his shirt, feeling his stomach and abdomen. Kyle didn’t mind, his hands at his sides. His body felt so good and tight, my fingers running up and down his abs. “Uhhh… yeah,” he softly moaned.

I was so hot and turned on. I lifted my shirt up and tossed it to the side, I just had to take it off. Kyle looked down and seemed to be impressed, eyeing my body as I licked his rock hard shaft.

My own dick was begging to be touched, so I slid a hand down and unzipped my pants, pulling my cock out. My dick wasn’t as long or perfect looking as Kyle’s, but it was so hard now from what was going on. It was thick, hard and purple. I began to touch it softly as Kyle’s dick choked me.

Kyle looked down now and watched as I touched my own cock, and ran my lips over his. He moaned and grew harder in my mouth, if that was possible. I ran my tongue up and down his shaft, wanting to taste more and more of him, sucking softly on his balls. Kyle looked close to losing it at this point, but I didn’t want the fun to end just yet.

I stood up slowly and pressed myself against Kyle, my hand just resting on the underside of his dick, against his shaft and balls. My own cock was rock hard, pressed against the side of him.

“Uhh,” Kyle moaned as I held his cock.

“This is crazy,” I whispered softly in his ear. “I’ve been wanting to do this for so long, to make you feel good.”

“Uh, yeah?” he asked.

“Mhmm,” I said back. Leaning forward. I pressed my lips to Kyle’s and we kissed softly, as I held his cock in my hand. I flicked my tongue against his lips, forcing his lips open and we started to make out. His lips and mouth were so soft. I began sucking softly on his tongue, just like on his cock. Then I pulled away, kissing down his neck, whispering to him again. “We’re all alone here, we can experiment and do whatever we want. Doesn’t it feel good?” I asked, grabbing his balls and softly squeezing.

“Uhhh huh, yeah,” Kyle moaned, squirming at every one of my touches. I pulled Kyle’s shirt off and ran my hand down his chest, down his stomach, his rock hard abs. He was so hot. I moved slowly, grabbing his cock again and getting back on my knees.

I could tell Kyle was close, from his panting and breathing. This had been so hot and unexpected for both of us, were were both incredibly turned on. As I began to suck on Kyle’s dick again, I stroked my own cock more fiercely. I moaned and made soft sucking and kissing noises on Kyle’s massive dick, feeling so slutty.

“Yes, yes.” Was all Kyle said. I held his dick and smacked it against my kaçak casino tongue again, letting the head swirl around on my wet tongue. I stroked him gently as I did this, matching the rhythm on my own dick. We were both moaning and grunting louder now begging for release.

I wanted to see Kyle cum so bad. I had been dreaming of this for a long time, and didn’t even fully realize it until now. Looking at his hard, purple dick in front of me, it filled me with the craziest passion. I sucked it deep and long as I moaned, my saliva falling out of my mouth and all over his massive dick.

“I’m going to cum if you keep doing that,” Kyle said, bracing the wall and moaning, humping my face.

“Please, cum for me, I want to see you cum so bad Kyle. Your dick is so big and hot.”

And I jerked him faster, running my hand up and down that long shaft. My tongue flipped against his tip as I milked him harder and faster, wanting to taste his cum.

Kyle grabbed my shaggy hair and began face fucking me a little faster now, his dick going far down my throat, gagging me. But I didn’t care, I loved it, needed it.

“Y..yeah, gag me, uhhh,” I moaned out, pumping my dick harder.

I could see Kyle’s stomach and body tense up, his face growing red. His cock began swelling in my mouth and then I felt it, the warm rush of cum. He shot long and hard in my mouth. There was so much cum, I couldn’t have swallowed it if I wanted to. It fell down my mouth, across my lips, on my body and the floor as Kyle held my hair, pumping cum into my mouth. He moaned and groaned as he did this.

It was so hot, the taste and feel of Kyle’s cum in my mouth. I held my tongue out and let it drip down, swallowing some of it. It was so sweet and salty.

Kyle stood to the side of me and I stood up, resting my arm on Kyle’s shoulder. I pumped my dick viciously as Kyle stood there, looking slightly confused now. He looked a little ashamed, but a little turned on still as I stood close to him, jerking my dick against him. I kissed him softly on the lips, and he just sort of stood there, frozen as I pumped harder and faster.

“Oh Kyle, my god. This has been so hot,” was all I said before my cock exploded, cum shooting up and spraying Kyle’s stomach and abs. I moaned loudly, grabbing Kyle and pulling him close, cumming all over him. He placed a hand on my ass as I milked my dick, a rush like I’ve never felt before.

I nearly collapsed when I was done cumming.

We both stood there, half naked, for a few seconds.

“Well,” Kyle said. “That was something. I’m gonna get us some paper towels.”

He came back and we quickly cleaned up, getting dressed. We both went out on his back porch to have a cigarette, and I have to say, that was one of the best tasting cigarettes I’ve ever had. The saltiness of Kyle’s cum was still in my mouth, and every hit from the cigarette tasted a hundred times better.

We didn’t really say much, just stood there smoking.

We went back inside and then Kyle looked very concerned.

“Look, we were just fooling around. I’m not gay or anything, you can’t tell anyone from work.”

“You think I’d tell anyone? This can be our little secret.” When I said this, I tried to lay a hand on Kyle’s chest, but he backed up.

“Maybe, I don’t know. I think it was just the weed, look maybe what we did was a mistake.”

I didn’t know what to say or do. Maybe he was right. But it felt sooo good. It was like months of pleasure, finally released from my balls. Maybe Kyle’s new to this. I guess I am too, in person. I’ve had enough mental fantasies though, I’d secretly been ready for this for a long time.

“Look, I just need some time to think, maybe you should head out.”

“You sure you’ll be ok if I leave?”

He nodded yes.

And, I didn’t want to push it, so I decided to leave. Besides, Kyle’s dick was rock hard in my hands and mouth, harder than I’ve ever seen any dick when I’m watching porn, and so however he felt now, he couldn’t deny what his dick wanted. He wanted me, got turned on from me touching him. He’s probably feeling now, the denial I used to watch after watching gay porn. He’ll come around, soon enough.

And so I left, saying good bye, promising to keep it all a secret.

And as I lay in a state of bliss, later that night, thinking about what had happened, I got a text from Kyle, and it said: Sorry how I acted at the end, that was just a whole new experience for me. But I’ve never been so turned on before, I don’t know, I think I really liked it.

I laid there, with the phone on my chest, smiling. I knew he’d come around.

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