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Black Lipstick

Couples Dance

“What about this one?” asked Felicity pointing a slender finger toward an add in an online collage of adds.

Ebby clicked on the add, and a full colour spread filled the screen. It detailed a club called The Swinging Scene. He scrolled down to where the comments were and the pair began reading.

A few moments of reading the comments led the pair to face at each other with distasteful looks on their faces. “I don’t think that one’s right for us,” admitted Felicia. “Let’s keep looking.”

Ebby returned to the collage and they kept looking through the various thumbnail adds. The couple had been discussing spicing up their marriage for a few weeks before they finally decided to take the plunge. They had been actively searching online for the past few days, looking for a suitable group that essentially matched their tastes, but had had no luck thus far.

Still looking late the next Tuesday night, they ran across a banner that read “Friends with Benefits-where you come to make friends who also just happen to have benefits!” This group sponsored picnics and nature hikes as well as games nights, parties and other events. It looked a lot like a meet and greet group more than anything else.

“What do you think, Honey?” asked Felicia, putting her hand on Ebbys shoulder as they both perused the advertising on the website.

“It looks like something we’d want to investigate,” returned Ebby as he continued reading. “Do you want to sign up? It says they are having a seminar the weekend after next.”

Felicities eyes fairly glowed with excitement and anticipation. “Yeah,” was all she quietly said.

Ebbys long fingers fairly strolled over the keyboard as he filled out the registration form. “There’s a criminal records check, a health check and a one hundred dollar membership fee. We can get the checks done in the next few days, then pay the membership fee, okay?”

“Okay,” said Felicity, “I’ll make the appointments.”

Over the next week, the couple got their paperwork together and submitted it to the site. They were informed that their paperwork had been received and to have patience for a few days while the site reviewed and verified their submissions.

Finally, the couple received the email from Friends with Benefits that they had been expecting. It informed them that their information had been verified and they had been accepted as members. Ebby paid the one hundred dollar membership fee and a received a receipt as well as another email informing him of the location of the next meeting. There was to be a semi formal dinner sponsored by the club held at one of the local hotels coming up the following Saturday. The couple RSVPed, stating that they wanted to attend. They received their confirmation, then walked on pins and needles, waiting for Saturday to finally arrive.

The big evening arrived at long last. Felicity chose to wear a deep blue wrap dress with slit to mid thigh to cover her petite five foot five inch frame. She alluringly allowed the collar to drape to properly show off her her B cup cleavage. Black heels adorned her dainty feet and her legs were clad in black stockings. The dress hid a simple, black garter belt with red and white accents holding the black stockings in place. An onyx necklace and matching bracelet as well as her wedding set rounded out her accessories. Her eye shadow started smoky at the edges of her eyes and carried through into a blue by her nose. Her naturally clear skin received some matte powder, a little lipstick on the pucker, some perfume in discrete places. Dropping the makeup into her clutch purse, she was ready to go.

“You look fabulous!” complimented Ebby who had decided to go with beige chinos with a white button down shirt shirt, navy blue sport coat, brown loafers, dark blue tie with gold tie tack and a onyx ring that matched his wifes jewelry. He came out of his walk in closet, linked arms with his beautiful wife and exited the room.

“Thank you, so do you!” she smiled as the pair walked on out of the house into the late March sun to get in their car and get underway.

The short drive was uneventful and they arrived about half an hour ahead of schedule at the hotel. Both outside and in, there were a small number of well dressed people milling about the edifice, it now being in the midst of the off season. The couple figured some of these people must be heading to the same dinner that they were going to.

They followed the discrete signs found in the lobby that led them to a chamber with a sign that read Welcome Friends with Benefits and bid members to come in. Inside was a table set to one side with a pleasant couple seated behind it. As they entered, the duo stood up, smiling broadly. They were wearing name tags to introduce themselves. A card attached to the mans lapel announced that his name was Bob, and the lady sitting with him wore a similar tag professing her name to be Julie as soft canned music played in the background.

“Hi, and welcome to Friends with Benefits. As you may have already noticed, I’m Bob and this is my wife, Julie,” said the man by way of introduction.

“Hello,” ankara evi olan escortlar smiled Julie as she warmly shook Felicities hand.

“Wow,” said Bob. “You are really tall! How tall are you?” he asked of Ebby.

“Six foot ten,” replied Ebby proudly.

“Holy shit!” repeated Bob. “Ever play any basketball?”

“A little now and then,” chuckled Ebby.

“You must be one of our new couples. Your names are?” asked Bob leaving the question hanging as Julie brought out the guest list.

“I’m Ebby and this is my wife, Felicity,” greeted Ebby.

“Ebby?” enquired Julie. “That’s an interesting name. You don’t hear that every day. Is it short for something?”

“It’s short for ‘Ebenezer’,” explained Ebby. “I was named after my uncle.”

“Oh, really?” smiled Bob glancing at Julie. “Point to remember,” he winked.

“And your last name?” Julie enquired

“Charleston,” replied Felicity.

“There you are,” smiled Julie as she found and checked their names off the guest list. “You’re seated at table five, just over there,” she indicated, “with the Spencers! They’re a lovely couple. You’ll enjoy their company.”

Bob then located their name tags arranged on the tray in front of him, handed them to the couple and bade them to put them on. As the couple glanced around the room, they noticed a glass wall with the last of the colourful sunset streaming through on their left illuminating the eight tables, each seated with four places. A few couples were milling around, some more were seated, and still others were standing and talking in small groups.

Bob took them to their table and showed them their seats. “Have a great time!” he said cheerfully as he began to retreat to his station by the doors.

“So, the Spencers!” smiled Felicity as Ebby took her jacket and hung it on the back of her chair. “They come highly recommended!” she giggled. “I can’t wait to meet them.”

“Sweet to see you alive and excited like this, Felicity,” grinned Ebby. “Would you like a drink?”he asked, pointing to the bar.

“Yes, please,” she responded.

“The usual?” he enquired, now taking steps toward the bar.

“Surprise me,” she countered as he walked toward the libations.

He returned momentarily with a pink, fruity drink in one hand and what looked like a rum and coke in the other. He passed her the fruity drink.

She took a sip. “Oh, that’s good!” she exclaimed. “What is it?”

“Sex on the Beach,” responded Ebby with a cheeky grin. “When in Rome!” he explained as the pair had a good laugh.

They sat at their table sipping their drinks and watching others enter the room, find their tables and begin to mingle. Since they didn’t know anyone here, the pair felt it was the better part of valour just to be onlookers, at least for the time being.

They watched as Bob and Julie greeted each couple as they entered and Bob either pointed out their table or occasionally taking them to it like he had done with them. They seemed to know the names of a good number of them as they exchanged laughter and hugs with many. The room was beginning to fill up.

A striking couple entered the room and stopped to exchange pleasantries with Bob and Julie. The couples exchanged kisses before Bob escorted them over to the table. Behind him walked a striking woman in heels wearing a little black dress who stood at five foot seven inches tall, weighed around one hundred ten pounds with red hair, fair complexion, hazel eyes and about a C cup chest. Bringing up the rear of this little troupe was a man, presumably her husband, of about five foot ten inches tall, weighed about a hundred and sixty pounds. His most striking feature were his incredible amber coloured, almost cat like eyes.

“You must be the Spencers,” grinned Felicity as they rose to greet the couple as they approached the table.

Sheri grinned. “Our reputation precedes us,” she giggled to Robbie. “I’m Sherri,”she said extending a hand to one then the other.

“I’m Robbie,” said the man behind her with a smile and an open palm.

“I’m Felicity,” she said, introducing herself.

“Ebby Charleston,” he chimed in.

“Ebby? That’s a cool name,” mentioned Sherri.

“It’s short for ‘Ebenezer’,” he explained.

“Old name,” commented Sherri as they all sat down.

“Charleston, Charleston,” repeated Robbie to himself. Suddenly, the porch light came on and Robbies face lit up. “I remember where I know you from! You played in the last five or six minutes of a Boston Celtics-Indiana Pacers game about eight years ago! I remember that, you were great! Grabbin’ ribbies and scoring points! You woulda gone far in the league. I’m really sorry about your ankle.”

Sherri stared at him with a look of stark disbelief frozen on her face. “You REMEMBER that?” she enquired incredulously.

“You don’t?” he asked completely wide eyed. “We were at your brothers place in mid winter. Your sister made cannolies, ‘member?”

Sherri just shook her head and displayed a blank look. “Robbie is absolutely a storehouse of sports facts. He can remember all that from one ankara olgun escortlar night eight years ago, but he can’t remember to pick up his socks!”

“I know, right?” came a female voice from an adjacent table, and all shared in the laugh.

Ebby sat, just a little shocked, that anyone would remember his performance. “Wow, that’s quite some memory!” he commented. “It was fun while it lasted, but it ended. I’m just a history teacher now, thanks to my fathers advice. What do you do?” he asked directing the question to Sherri and sidestepping the spotlight.

“I manage a local trucking concern,” she said nonchalantly. “That’s how I met Robbie.”

“Oh?” perked Felicity.

Robbie grinned and nodded as Sheri related their tale. “Robbie and I used to talk on the phone daily about how many trucks he would need and where. This went on for about a month after he started, then, he needed to come down to our office to sign some contracts. We started dating very soon thereafter. How did the two of you meet?”

“We met in college,” began Felicity. “I was just a Freshman, and in my nervousness, had dropped my books all over the main hall. Ebby witnessed my disaster. Just like him, he was the first one the scene to help. I looked up and our eyes met. We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

“I almost kissed her right there,” Ebby stated with a slight smile.

“I wouldn’t have stopped him if he had,” chuckled Felicity.

“That is so sweet!” bubbled Sherri. “Fairytale love story! And, what do you do, Dear?” she asked of Felicity.

“I’m a nurse at the Shady Vale Rest Home,” she replied. “I enjoy taking care of the residents. They’re all so fascinating to talk to”

“Living history,” mentioned Ebby.

“Yes, they just know so much by living through it!”

“I can imagine,” agreed Sherri. Bet you’ve seen a few head shaking sights in there.”

“Well, I don’t want to get too personal, but I have found a few couples of the residence doin’ the nasty in out of the way places at times. The manual covers how to recognize when they’re having a stroke or what to do if they’re having a heart attack; but, it doesn’t cover this!”

“Well, what DO you do in that situation?” asked Robbie.

“Excuse myself, close the door and walk on like I never saw nothin’!” she replied gigging. “This is not an event you really want to witness. After you see it, you can’t really ever unsee it. Imagine two elephant skin rugs engaged in a wrestling match on the floor,” she explained to the peals of laughter now erupting from the table.

“Oh, you’re a riot!” laughed Sherri. She felt instantly comfortable with these people, and she was sure that she was not the only one at the table who felt that way.

The lights dimmed as a spotlight lit a figure walking out on the riser at the front of the room. , “Hi, everybody!” he said in a smooth, deep voice. The crowd responded with an enthusiastic, “Hi Morty!”

“First, is there anybody in here with the license plate number HKL 295?” he asked.

A voice from the back of the hall responded.

“That’s you?” asked Morty. “Your lights are on,” he declared. The man scurried out of the door to remedy his situation as the rest of the guests chuckled.

“Welcome to the March Meeting. We have a few new faces in the crowd this evening, so please make them feel as at home as you are. Last months video contest went really well. It was a tough decision on all of them, and usually came down to a coin toss. We’ll have the screens come up for dinner and show you a montage of all of them, then the top five.

“As always, we have Stump the Sportster happening. So, get your questions ready to play!”

“We realize that some of you are going to have a few drinks.” the crowd chuckled in response and hoisted their drinks. “As always, we’ve reserved a number of rooms in the hotel for you to rent at the front desk. If you are going to drink, we implore you to stay at the hotel.”

Last, but not least, the Colemans are moving into a smaller place next weekend. Any help that the group can give them would be greatly appreciated. Without further ado, we’ll bring out dinner and get this party started.” The spotlight went down and the ambient lighting returned.

The waiters appeared from behind the curtains bringing the guests their pre-ordered meals and drinks. Wine was brought by stewards according to the meals ordered. Our quartet had coincidentally all ordered the roast beef meal, and two bottles of red wine were placed on the table. A fine repast was consumed to sparkling conversation as well as two more bottles of wine.

Each couple was feeling full and relaxed when the live band took their riser and began to play a selection of music. Slowly, couples and trios began to take the floor to show off their dance moves.

Suddenly, Sherri grabbed Ebby by the hand and began dragging him off to the dance floor. He turned to look at Felicity who flashed him an encouraging smile. He noticed that she was rising with her hand on Robbies arm. Apparently, they were going to come dancing too.

They vibed and gyrated to the music ankara sarışın escortlar provided by the band. Sherri brushed up against Ebbys crotch and felt his endowment through the fabric of his pants. “Holy shit!” thought Sherri. “Is that a sausage taped to his leg! Oh, God! It better not be!”

Several songs later, a spotlights glare suddenly centered on Morty where he stood on stage. “This next song is going to be a couples dance. Grab someone you haven’t danced with tonight and make your way to the floor!”

A tall, blond gentleman approached the table. “Hi!” he said addressing the group.

Sherri stood up, threw her arms around his neck and planted a wet kiss on his lips. “Jack!” she bubbled. ” It’s been a while since we saw you! Meet our new friends, Felicity and Ebby Charleston!” she smiled as she introduced the new couple. “This, as you may have guessed, is our friend Jack.

Felicity extended her delicate fingers and Ebby stood up to shake his hand.

“Pleased to meet you both,” he smiled as he disentangled from Sherris grasp and looked up at Ebby while he gripped Felicias fingers. “Wow, you are one tall glass of water!” he exclaimed as he gripped Ebbys hand. “Welcome to Friends with Benefits!” he bedazzlingly smiled. “I’m sure you that you are going to have a great time this evening. The Spencers are a fantastic couple!”

“Oh, go on,” blushed Sherri. “How’s your delicious wife, May?”

Jack beamed back at her. “She’s doing just great! She’s out there right now,” he mentioned as he pointed toward the dance floor. “Which brings me to why I’m here,” he said turning smoothly to Felicity. “May I have this dance?” he asked sweetly as he bowed to her.

Felicity smiled and glanced at her grinning husband. “I’d be delighted!” she beamed as she rose to follow him to the floor.

Moments later, a woman appeared out of the swirling crowd and headed straight for the table. “Janice!” enthused Robbie as he stood up and embraced the woman. “How are you doing?”

“I’m just fine,” she laughed. “Good to see both of you!” she bubbled, “but, I saw an unguarded husband over here,” she smiled looking at Ebby, “and had to come to investigate!” she finished to roars of laughter from those within earshot. “Come dance with me!” she smiled looking at Ebby. Ebby rose from his seat and followed her out to the dance floor. Moments later, another couple arrived and whisked the Spencers out to the floor as well.

After the dance, the the couples returned to their tables a little out of breath, but smiling. Then, they sat to catch their collective breaths, enjoy a sip of their drinks and time in the company of new friends. After a while, Sherri glanced over at Robbie with a quizzical look. Robbie replied with a smile and a slight nod of is head. “We’ve rented a suite in the hotel here,” smiled Sherri quietly and seductively. “Would you like to join us to continue the party?” Robbie sat back in his chair with a Cheshire cat grin, watching the reactions of their new friends.

Felicity glanced at her husband and noted the matching grin on his face. Instantly, she knew what his answer would be. “We’d be delighted,” she smiled in response as the foursome rose from their chairs, collected their belongings and exited the room through the double doors from whence they came.

The Charlestons followed the Spencers to the elevator. “Robbies company designed and built this hotel,” bragged Sherri as she pushed the elevator call button.

“It was the first building I worked on with the firm and anything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong. The concrete froze on the first pour, the glaziers installed half the windows upside down and a myriad other mishaps occurred. It was your basic nightmare, but we got through it,” Robbie said cheerfully explained in the elevator car as it took them on their way to the top floor.

“You rented the penthouse?” marvelled Felicity as she noted which button Sherri had pressed.

“If you’re going to do anything, Dear,” winked Sherri, “do it with style!” and the whole group chortled their assent.

They opened the doors into the living room of the penthouse suite. Inside was a large, white sectional sofa with a stylish glass coffee table set before it. Across from the sectional sat one white love seat and a matching seat was placed at the other end of the sectional boxing the room.

“Well, here we are, alone at last,” giggled Sherri as the foursome settled on the furniture. “I think the best way to get better acquainted is to play a few games.”

Murmurs of agreement rippled through the little group as Sherri pulled a large trunk from under the sectional, dragged it into view and opened it. Inside there were all manor of sex games and toys. This lady travelled prepared! She reached in and chose a deck of cards to bring to the table. “I assume everyone is familiar with the rules of strip poker?” she asked coyly as she shuffled the cards between her hands. Her comment was met by laughter and nods of agreement as she sat down. After playing several hands, everyone was down to their underwear. Felicity modelled her lingerie while Sherri sported a white garter belt with red accents and sequins arranged in crescent shapes at her hips. Covering her breasts was a matching, nippleless, C cup bra with crescent shapes to match the ones on her garter belt, similarly formed of sequins on the outsides of the cups.

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