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**I am a early 40’s Caucasian expat in Asia. Fair, slim, reasonably fit and a hedonist by nature.

My stories are of encounters I have experienced with women, men and trans / shemales during my two decades in Asia.**

Couple Time in Phuket

My long term partner, ‘May’ was based in her home country of Taiwan.

With our busy schedules and frequent travel, we would try our best to coordinate time together. Sometimes it was a long weekend in Hong Kong, maybe a week together in Singapore.

This time we managed to arrange for a few days in Phuket. Time to reconnect and for me to become reacquainted with her incredible body.

Slim, petite and with nice C cup breasts, May’s pale skin and dark Asian features caught plenty of people’s attention – both male and female.

Shy and somewhat reserved, May had a well hidden submissive side to her that I loved bringing out.

Something as simple as low cut jeans and a midriff top showing her toned stomach, was enough for me to bend her over the side of the couch, rip her jeans off and fill her pussy full of cum.

Sending her out to meet friends for lunch, knowing that her panties will be soaked with cum, and her friends none the wiser, was something that we both enjoyed.

Prior to flying out to Phuket I had gone online to check out couple massages. Everything from five star luxury beachside massages, through to the more ‘interesting’ options soon popped up in my search history.

One advert in particular caught my attention. Two exquisite physiques, male and female, stood out in bikini and gym shorts, and reading the advert I became even more intrigued.

‘Steve & Sarah’ were a late 20’s European couple, offering an interesting take on a couple massage.

Both were just as comfortable to massage either partner, and the idea of a slow sensual rub down, with just a hint of potential indulgence, was all I needed to fire off an email and discuss the possibility of booking a slot with them both.

Sarah replied and she outlined the options available.

After settling on a time slot at their apartment, I let Sarah know that my preference would be for her to massage me, and for Steve to massage May. We both agreed that a two hour time slot would work best, and I signed off by agreeing to contact her from our hotel on the morning of the massage, just a few days away.

As we boarded the taxi at Phuket airport and headed to our very comfortable hotel, I decided to let May in on the surprise.

Her initial reaction seemed reserved though as we talked more about it, she warmed to the idea, though just how far she would go would remain to be seen.

Calling Sarah once settled into the hotel, she updated me with the address, her sweet accent sounding Italian in origin.

Watching May step out of the shower, her gorgeous body on full display, I was definitely turned on for what was to come.

When she opted for a skimpy pair of lace red panties and a tight short denim mini skirt and slim fit singlet, I knew the ride to their apartment was going to have my mind racing with excitement.

As we were in the taxi heading over, May held my hand softly and whispered that she was nervous, but a little bit excited. I replied that she should relax and enjoy herself, if at any stage she wanted to stop all she had to do was say so, and we would be on our way, no harm done.

She then took me by surprise when she asked if I planned on having sex with Sarah. To be honest it hadn’t entered my mind, I was hoping more for Steve to test May’s boundaries and shared that with her.

She didn’t reply but gently squeezed my hand, clearly deep in thought and just a little bit excited.

We pressed on their doorbell and were greeted by Sarah, with a bikini top on and a sarong loosely around her waist.

Sarah was an olive skinned goddess, with and incredible body, well sculpted over many hours in the gym.

With dark features and her jet black hair pulled into a pony tail, she was the epitome of casual yet chic, sporty yet sexy.

Her warm personality immediately set us both at ease, and she was quick to compliment May on her beautiful body and pale skin, the contrast between the two was intoxicating just to view.

We followed Sarah into a large room with ensuite attached. The room had two massage tables separated by a few metres, with ankarada sakso çeken escortlar a net curtain running between the middle.

We took turns to freshen up, and waited on the sofa for Sarah and Steve to enter the room.

Sarah came in first, the sarong removed and now just the bikini top and bottom on. Carrying towels and massage oil, she smiled as Steve entered the room.

Steve was a well built guy. Athletic and close to 6 feet tall, his well tanned skin and toned body was impressive to say the least. Wearing a pair of black men’s briefs, and carrying towels and oil as well, he started to engage in casual conversation.

His warm friendly nature was on display from the outset, and I was pleased to see May starting to relax as both Sarah and Steve complimented her body as they prepared the massage tables.

When they were ready for us Sarah asked if we would like the net curtain dividing the room pulled, or open.

Knowing May might be initially shy I checked with her, and she was quick to ask for the curtain to be pulled, dividing the room.

This was a good sign for me, and I was hopeful that May was open to being seduced by Steve, and that the curtain could always be pulled back if need be.

Heading to the massage table I was delighted when Sarah helped me remove my towel. Standing naked in front of her, the cheeky smile on her face suggested to me that I was going to enjoy my massage, in more ways than one.

As I lay face down Sarah started to spread oil on my back and shoulders. Her strong hands started to work their way over my body, each touch a moment of pleasure, as I enjoyed the scent of the oil mixed with her subtle yet enticing perfume.

After momentarily being lost in Sarah’s skilled hands, my focus returned to what was happening a few feet away, on the other side of the curtain. Sarah bent close to my ear and whispered to me, asking if I was curious as to what was happening on the other massage table.

I replied that I was, and that I hoped May was enjoying herself.

Sarah excused herself for a minute, while asking me to turn over on to my back.

As I turned I noticed Sarah had gone to the end of the curtain and was poking her head around the corner, taking in what was happening between May and Steve.

She returned and whispering in my ear once more told me that May was face down, naked and Steve was on the massage table, kneeling between her legs, massaging her back. Steve still had his briefs on and May was quiet and not engaging in contact with him.

So far so good I thought to myself, as Sarah began working massage oil into my chest, stomach and upper thighs. Casually grazing my hardening cock as she worked down towards my thighs.

A few moments later, and the creaking sound of the massage table besides us indicated Steve was moving off the table, and perhaps May was turning over. Again Sarah leaned down and asked me if I would like her to check, her eyes mischievous and playful.

I replied to wait a bit, and that I wanted to enjoy her attention a bit more.

The sparkle in her eye clearly showed she was happy to hear that, and without missing a beat, her hands dropped to her side, undoing her bikini top which she playfully draped over my face, before letting it fall to the floor.

Her full yet firm breasts, with the same all over tan as her body, were crowned with large perky nipples. The darkness of the nipples a welcome and erotic treat.

Taking things up a notch, Sarah climbed up on to the massage table and leaning forward, her nipples started to graze against my chest, as her sweet smelling pony tail brushed my face, her massage attention once again focused on my shoulders, though now with less pressure and more a feeling of light caressing.

By now my seven inch uncut cock was pushing into Sarah’s stomach each time she leant forward to massage my shoulders. The smile on Sarah’s face was enough to know she was enjoying the experience as much as I was.

The total focus on my massage was again broken by the sound of the massage table creaking next door. This time Sarah climbed off the massage table and once again took a quick peak.

Propping myself up on my elbows, Sarah silently motioned for me to join her.

I carefully climbed off the massage table, trying not to make a sound, elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar my hard cock leading the way as I walked up next to Sarah at the end of the curtain.

I was greeted by the sight of a completely naked Steve, sliding his hard chest over May’s back and his hard solid cock teasing May’s exposed ass ever so gently. Occasionally grazing her ass as he slide up her body.

Steve was clearly very skilled at this. His muscular body was working May like a charm, yet his big meaty cock was touching her once in a while. Nothing too forward, yet clearly at a pace May was comfortable with.

Sarah grabbed my hard cock and led me back to the table. As I lay down she peeled off her bikini bottoms and straddled my hips.

Looking down I could see her smooth waxed pussy was just as tanned as her body, confirming once and for all that Sarah enjoyed her tanning minus any form of clothing.

Sarah leaned forward and in no time our mouths met. Our tongues wrapping around each other as the erotic tension gave way to pure lust.

Soon after I felt pressure and wetness on my hard cock. Sarah was now grinding her pussy over my hard shaft and at the same time, coating it with her ever increasing juices. I smiled at her as we stopped kissing and enjoyed the moment.

Her pussy rubbing along my hard shaft, her heavy breasts pressing into my chest and our eyes full of lust and desire.

Before we could return to our kissing there was a distinct moan from the other side of the curtain.

Followed by another.

Then one more.

The adjoining massage table had a quiet yet noticeable squeak which matched with the ever so quiet yet clearly audible moans starting to fill the room.

Clearly the situation had escalated quickly next to us. As Sarah hopped off the massage table, I once again followed her to the side of the curtain.

May was now standing, though bent over the side of the massage table, and Steve was behind her, pumping his large thick cock deep into her with each stroke.

May was gripping the massage table and clearly trying her best not to make too much noise. Steve caught a glance of us and I smiled at him. Returning the smile he went back to the task at hand, namely fucking my partner.

Sarah once again leaned into me and whispered that Steve was fucking her raw. I took a close look and it was clear that his wet cock was indeed raw, slipping in and out of my gorgeous partners beautiful body.

This only added to the excitement and before long Sarah was leading me back to the massage table.

Taking my cue from Steve I proceeded to bend Sarah forward over the massage table.

Spreading her legs and resting herself on her elbows, she turned to face me, and with the most enchanting smile asked me to fuck her as Steve was fucking May.

I didn’t need a second invitation and entered her warm inviting pussy in one go. The sexual energy and tension of the room quickly gave way to a hard and deep pounding of Sarah’s pussy.

Her sweet purring the encouragement to keep going as my tempo increased and her body and pussy responded in kind.

The moaning and noises from behind the curtain were more noticeable now, though still restrained and not loud. It was clear that Steve was fucking May hard, and she was trying her best to not make it too obvious, yet was enjoying herself at the same time.

This thought made me very pleased and I returned to fucking Sarah with an increased intensity, her body twitching and moving as her orgasm approached.

Sarah let out a long moan of pleasure, just loud enough that all in the room would hear it, as her orgasm ripped through her body. Feeling her tense under my body I kept fucking her hard, wanting to make her orgasm as intense as possible.

Her heavy breathing and tight hand on my thigh indicated that she was slowly recovering and she pulled herself off my cock.

Dropping to her knees she started to suck me off with a force that had me cumming in seconds.

Swallowing every last drop, Sarah looked up and smiled, as I struggled to stand after such an intense orgasm.

As our sweat covered bodies rested against each other there was a distinct male groan from across the room, followed closely by another half a dozen moans.

It was clear Steve sincan gece kalan escortlar was cumming.

Sarah had moved to the curtain and returned moments later, asking me if I wanted to take a look at the scene.

I moved quietly to the curtain and could see May’s petite frame, and pale skin, still bent over the massage table with Steve’s muscular frame breathing heavily on top of her. Clearly still inside her, it became apparent that Steve had dumped his load into a prone May.

As he shifted off her and pulled out, his raw cock, covered in his cum and her juices, confirmed this, and Sarah and I moved back to our side of the room.

Sarah politely coughed and asked Steve how the massage was going.

From across the curtain he replied they had finished and May was about to shower.

Steve excused himself from the room, and Sarah joined him not long after.

I waited for May to shower before freshening up. Exiting the bathroom I found May once again dressed in her casual outfit, though looking a little shy and embarrassed.

I quickly reassured her that everything was fine, that I loved her and that we could chat about our experience once we made it back to the hotel.

She smiled her lovely smile, and taking my hand we made our way out to the hallway, where Sarah had on a lovely sundress, her beaming smile thanking us, and inviting us to visit again before we left Phuket.

We agreed to discuss the possibility, and made our way out to the waiting taxi.

That evening after a casual dinner at the hotel, we settled into our room. Cuddling on the bed and slowly teasing May’s body, I asked her about her massage.

After some reassurance she began to open up.

Steve had started working oil into her back, shoulders and thighs.

He had quickly climbed up on to the massage table (as Sarah and I had seen) and He had teased her ass without being too forward.

May mentioned Steve kept applying oil to her ass, which she could feel it dribbling down and on to her pussy as he kept massaging her.

Every now and then he would lean forward and massage her neck, and she could feel his hard cock pressing into her as he did so.

Steve had asked May if she was enjoying it, which she replied yes, and he asked her to turn over.

As she did he climbed back between her legs and May said she felt vulnerable and embarrassed yet turned on as well. Steve’s large build meant that May’s thighs were spread wide, and her neatly trimmed pussy was on full display, as he continued his massage.

Steve’s attention immediately went to massaging May’s pert breasts, tracing oil down her stomach before moving back up to her neck, shoulders and breasts.

Before long May felt Steve’s hard on pressing through his briefs, against her pussy.

As he leant forward massaging her he would increase the weight and pressure towards her pussy.

May found this an incredible turn on and she readily admitted that things had escalated rapidly.

Steve had now moved to kissing May as she lay underneath his hard strong body. At some stage he had pushed his briefs off and his hard cock was rubbing along May’s slit, and teasing her pussy.

This was when Steve had shifted May from the massage table, bent her over the table and began to fuck her, all in one swift motion. May barely having time to register what was happening before feeling his thick hard cock opening her wet pussy.

She confirmed he fucked her raw and she said she was swept up in a mixture of feelings.

Lust and desire mixed with embarrassment and and she admitted to enjoying the strong hard cock of a near stranger.

I had enjoyed May recalling events to this point, but couldn’t take it anymore.

Quickly ripping her clothes off and stripping myself I pushed my hard cock deep into her pussy.

The warm wet welcome was enough to know that May was also turned on sharing her experience.

I asked her to finish her recollection as I fucked her. Initially she was a bit shy to continue but as I fucked her and reassured her it was fine to tell me, she informed me that she came twice and that before he came, Steve had leant forward and told May he was going to cum inside her.

Clearly intrigued by this, May was quick to pick up on my curiosity, informing me that he hasn’t requested, more informed her that he was going to dump his load in her.

This pushed me over the edge and I pumped the second load of cum into May’s pussy for the day.

The first from me, her long term partner.

Falling asleep in each other’s arms it was clear that our relationship had moved into new exciting territory, and that the possibility for further adventures were now on the table.

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