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“Yo, baby. I’m nekked under my clothes.” Alejandro offers his contact a wry grin and a soft nudge, walking around her halfway in greeting.

He has been with the N.Y.P.D. for almost four years, and this was his second undercover case. His goal was to get as much information about a gang of Cocaine smugglers as possible before having his men move in. Six weeks of endless searching has brought him here, in this large, abandoned warehouse to meet a former member of a rival gang. He had spent three whole days attempting to prepare for the unexpected, and he had somehow failed. He didn’t understand. Aren’t gang chicks supposed to be street trash?

With lightning speed, Artemis grabs him by the collar and pounds his lanky form up against the cold stone wall. Her dark, muscular arms perfectly defined by the spark of light quietly sneaking past the steel doors. She holds his face mere inches away from hers, wrinkling her nose in a sniff. Her electric green eyes narrow threateningly, freezing him in place like a predator.

Alejandro flails his arms up level with his head, his hands bearing no weapons. “Look, chica, I ain’t got no beef wit you. See? All I wants is some 411. Dusty Martinez says you gots da low-down on some gang bangers hidin’ out in the warehouse dist…”

“Shut up, warthog. You know nothing.” Is her response. All he can do is display a blank stare as she takes liberties to continue. “You have no idea what you’re going up against. You are arrogant, weak-willed and stupid. You wont last 60 seconds before one of those ‘gang bangers’ carves you a new asshole.” Her words emit as a violent growl. “In fact, I should do it myself seeing as how you insult me with your mere presence in my neighborhood.”

“Hey, back off, man, I’m tryin’ to be cool with you. So just chill, a’ight??”

“There are at least 10 of them.” Artemis crosses her olive-colored arms, looking back at Alejandro with contempt. “I’ve been watching their compound for over a week now. Only 2 people have exited at any given time, but judging by the amount of food they bring back, I’d say at least 10.”

Alejandro snickers. “Unless they be getting busy wit the neighborhood ladies…”

“I told you to shut up. Do you want to know this or not??” Artemis glares sternly at him.

“Gee, you rilly got this thing wit cuttin’ me off, don’t you?” He crosses his arms as well, the black leather of his biker jacket squeaks with his movements. She turns her back and starts walking away. “Wait!!” He runs around her to cut her off. “I was kiddin’…I swear I didn’t mean it.” His expression sincere. “Please, I really need your help.”

She suppresses a grin. “Prove it.” She states coldly.

“What you means, ‘prove it’? What you want me to do, get on my knees and beg??”

She nods firmly. “That’s a start.”

Alejandro looks around, an uneasy look on his dark features.

“Right now. Go on.” She coaxes, curious to see if he’ll actually do it. Her smile no longer hidden.

He looks her up and down, suddenly realizing how beautiful she is. His deep-set sienna eyes trace her küçükçekmece escort long, flowing black hair down her shoulders and barely covering her plump, firm breasts. He slowly sinks down to his knees, his eyes in direct contact with hers the entire time. His attention is slightly diverted as his bare knees touch the cold, unleveled ground. He tries to manauver the rips around his jeans to cover them, but to no avail. He looks up, waaay up at her seemingly monolithic form and blinks twice, gently raking his long dark brown bangs away from his face.

“Now beg.” Her smile widens. She puts her hands on her hips, looking down at him playfully.

“I…uhhh…I mean…” He stammers, not knowing what to say. He had never begged for anything before in his life.

“Here, let me help you out.” Her smile fades as she lunges forward and grabs a fistful of his hair, shaking it, along with his head, up to face her. “You will beg for your life, or I will take it!” she hisses mercilessly in his face. Normally, he’d have pumped her so full of tumbler rounds that you could make another Artemis out of the brains leaking out of her ears, but he was actually getting a rush from this! He squints his eyes hard as he lets out a low-pitched grunt. It hurt, but he liked it. He could not believe that he liked it.

“I…uhh…oh…Santa Sangre…” His eyes roll back into his head from the sudden surge of heat striking from his solar plexus downwards. “Please don’t kill me…I…uhh…so…sorry I insulted you…” His words accompanied by heavy breathing.

“That’s more like it. Keep going.” Artemis loosens her grip some. He only puts a hand on hers and re-tightens it. “Hahahaha. So you like this, do you?”


She interupts him yet again and tightens it more than she had it before. “I *said* to keep going.” He feels light-headed and dips forward, letting out a gutteral moan. The only thing keeping him upright is her immense strength.

He speaks again, his raspy voice massively slurred and shrouded by desperate gasps. “I begs…you…don’t beleive I insullllllted…summun beautiful’zzz you…” He trails off, feeling the length of his rapidly growing penis stretching his jeans.

As if she can smell it, she smiles widely again, yanking his head towards the crotch of her army pants. “So you think I’m beautiful? Is that it? I’m afraid you’re going to have to prove that too. See, I take nothing you say seriously. Why? Because you’re a man.” He puts a hand on her thigh as she speaks, knowing exactly what’s coming next. “Dicks are just deformities, you know that, right? Yet men rely so much on them.” She fiddles with the button on her pants with the free hand.

“They gots wills o’ they own…” he exhales, watching her struggle with her pants excites him further. He puts his other hand on her inner thigh, stroking it lightly with his thumb. He strokes her thigh harder as she takes a deep breath.

“If I so much as *see* your dick, I’ll rip it off.” She grits her teeth, pushing Alejandro’s head into her küçükyalı escort crotch. The stubble of his beard tickling her lightly. He laps away at her through her pants, tasting where she had left a slight wet spot in her panties.

She finally gets her pants open and he helps her slide them down over her hips, continuously licking her through her final layer of clothing. Knowing better than to take his aching prick out, he strokes it through his jeans like a madman, as if he had to cum that instant. Waiting impatiently for her panties to come off as well, eager to show her how good he is at oral sex. She just short of tears her panties off before ramming his face into her wetness, commanding him to eat it. He lightly caresses the very tip of her clit with his tounge, swirling it around just to taunt her. A confident smile appears on his face as he pulls back just in time to see a look of disappointment grow on hers. He takes a good look at her pussy, rubbing it with an available thumb.

“Trust me.” he murmers, coming forward to lightly bite her inner thighs, pull away and do it again. All the while rubbing the outside of the lips. His tounge dives back into Artemis’ pussy, sucking at it full force. Her stance wavers, suddenly barely able to stand. She finds herself leaning on his shoulders for support, moaning and gasping harder than he’s been. His other hand creeps up her shirt, only to find the lack of a bra. His fingers run themselves frantically over her hardened nipples, hoping to enhance the stimulation he’s giving to her clit. Without shame, he smears his entire face within her, his gotee dripping with her juices. Her cries of pleasure increase, getting steadily louder, her breath steadily shorter. She grabs the back of his head, ramming it deeper into her, roaring from her increasing exctasy.

Without the least bit of warning, she yanks his head away and takes a wobbly step back, her shoulders hunched, panting furiously. He looks up at her, confused.

“Whuh happen??” His face a dripping mess, although he doesn’t seem to mind. All she can do is pant, obviously trying to calm down. He glances down at the badge that had slipped from his back jean pocket and now lays openly on the floor. Sudden realization makes its way across his features. “Oh shit.”

Somehow, she manages a nod. “I knew it. You walk like a cop.”

“Shit, chica. I’m sorry. I…I…all I wanna do is catch these guys.”

She breathes out the word, “Artemis.” and supports her body against the wall. “Artemis Philotopolis.”

He grins, starting to stand up. “Alejandro Vega.” His gaze lowers, and displays a look of surprise as he sees she’s been playing with herself. “You want, I could finish you? I wont tell anyone, I promise.” He notes a look of reluctance on her part, and gives her a comforting smile, slowly approaching. His hands fold in front of him to hide the stiff cock bulging from his pants. “Artemis…” His eyes intense on hers. “Tell me the truth, how much you liked that? I can do it again for you. C’mere’n I can make you maltepe escort cream in my mouth.”

She finally catches her breath, trying to change the subject. Her effort fails miserably as he dutifully kneels before her once more. She’s suddenly ill at ease with this whole situation. She realizes that she had started something she couldn’t finish.

“No, I can’t do this…” She pushes him out of the way and stumbles past him. He doesn’t say a word, just watches her curiouisly. “*You*…” She points down at him. “…are a cop. *I*…am a convicted felon. This…whole thing…” She points to her, then him, and back and forth. “This is wrong. Sooo…wrong.” She yanks her panties back up, pacing about nervously. He stands up and faces her.

“But I was always taught…see, if it feels good, man, then it can’t be wrong.” He shrugs innocently, wiping some of the juice from his cheek. “You got bosses or somethin’…screw ’em. They don’t gotta know shit ’bout you.”

He walks right up to her and puts his hands on her waist. He then leans over and begins sucking on her neck. Her rigid stance melts in his arms like ice cream. His hands reach down and resume playing with her clit, sending her reeling into orgasm. Her consciousness spinning, she collapses in his arms. Her limp body too heavy to carry, he slowly lowers her to the floor, resting her head in his lap. Her panties become more and more soaked with each wave, and her eyes close, not fighting the pleasure at all. She tosses her head back, showering his legs with her long, jet black locks. He sits back, unzips his jeans and jerks off his throbbing dick while his head fills with her screams of exctasy…

“Artemis…? Hey, wake up.” Her head shoots up, startled. Eyes wide until she recognizes the familiar scarred face staring down at her.

“Manny?” Her tone weak and confused.

“Are you alright? We just found you lying here out in the pouring rain. Candy thought you were in a coma.” His head tilts.

“I’m…” She sits up and looks down at herself. Soaking wet. Her head spinning, but otherwise, she felt better than she had felt in a long time. “I’m…fine. I must have fallen asleep.” She slowly gets up, regaining her composure.

Her friend squinting suspiciously at her. “Are…you sure?”

“I said I was fine.” She glares at him coolly, which shuts him up. He just nods and walks towards the three others who had been standing there, but at a distance. They all give her concerned looks and take her home.

Several weeks later. She had all but forgotten. Gripping her token in one hand, she walks a foot or two behind another one of her questionable friends, a young Cherokee man whom she called Thunder. As he passes the turnstyle, he lets his weight press the steel bars forward as the token drops smoothly into the slot. On the other side, he turns back to wait for her. He watches her casual movements as she glides effortlessly by, looking at a man in a leather jacket going past the turnstyle next to her, only the opposite way. The man looks at her and smiles.

She stops dead in her tracks, as though she simply forgot how to walk. The native man observes how her gaze meets with the man all the way out the door. Even after he’s long gone, she stands there, unable to do anything but gawk blankly at the air around her, still mid-way through the turnstyle. Thunder takes a seat and waits for his friend. He waits for as long as it takes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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