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This one is for all the people who take the time to email, comment or vote on my little drama, without you writing this wouldn’t have been as fun as it has been. XOXO


“Viv, you’ve already done so much. Let me take that?” Brad asked, as he came up behind me. I was holding a tray of mini cucumber sandwiches. We were having drinks and nibbles at the farm. The whole town seemed to be there. I was worried that there wouldn’t be enough food and I was right, though their always seemed to be plenty of drinks.

“I’m fine Brad. Go be with your family.” I pointed at Brad’s wife and kids across the lawn.

“You are my family.” He was not backing down, as he took the tray out of my hands. “Go have a lie down sis, you need it.” I knew I looked tired and as Brad mentioned having a lie down I immediately felt sleepy. If only I had a fairy godmother to put me asleep until prince charming could kiss me awake and we could live happily ever after. But, since that was unlikely to happen I would take the opportunity to have a nap.

I made my way around the various people to the house, carefully trying to avoid all conversation. I made it to the house without any transgressions. I breathed out a sigh of relief and slipped through the back door into the house.

What I didn’t expect was to run into a very familiar solid body as I entered the house. “Jay,” I gasped, placing my hands in front of me.

“Whoa, sorry.” Jay grabbed my hands to keep me steady.

“Jay can you let my…,” I said looking down at my hands that he had in a firm grasp.

“Oh right of course.” He let go of them slowly. His grey eyes bore into mine keeping me in place as he began to speak. “Can we talk Viv?”

I immediately snapped myself away from those eyes as he spoke. Wasn’t it the girl who usually wanted to talk? I had no intentions of talking in the immediate future; all I wanted to do was sleep.

Sideling past him I yawned out, “Can we talk another time Jay, I was just going to take a nap.”

I could see the compassion in his eyes from everything I had been through in the past year. “Sure go take your nap, we can talk another time.” Then stepping closer to me he gave me a quick peck on the lips, before going outside with the rest of the people.

I was really hoping Jays talk didn’t involve anything about his ‘new’ feelings for me. Well as far as I was concerned they were new, he had never mentioned he had loved me before.

Sighing I slowly made my way up the stairs to the second floor, where my old room was located. When I walked into my room I was careful to sidestep a few boxes next to my bed. Besides the fact that my old bedroom had become a storage room, it was still pretty much the same as I had left it all those years ago.

A smile spread across my face at the familiarity of it all. The same oak desk that I had spent many an hour at, carving words and pictures into, a few of those words happened to do a lot with Anna. I pushed that thought to the back of my mind, dealing with my emotions wasn’t the objective, sleeping was.

Then I looked at my big comfy queen size bed. I quickly zig-sawed through the rest of the boxes and flopped down on the big fluffy flowery comforter. Closing my eyes I was ready to sleep the sleep of the dead, when I felt the bed dip next to me.

I presumed it had to be mum, since she was also supposed to be in bed resting, after her tough day. So, I kept my eyes closed and was content to drift off to sleep.

Her hand came up and lightly swept a few strands of hair from my face. Then I felt the bed sink in more as she bent down to place a kiss on my forehead, but when she said ‘I love you,’ it wasn’t mum’s voice. It was Anna’s.

My eyes flew open. I was so surprised to see her here. I managed to avoid Anna all day with success, which was a hard feat as I knew she was looking for me. But, Anna had finally found me.

Her sky blue eyes locked onto mine and she seemed to be in as much shock as me. Obviously she expected me to be asleep. I pushed myself up into a sitting position on the bed, so we were more level with each other. Anna’s hand went back up to aksaray escort my hair that was no longer long, but chin length and placed a few misplaced strands behind my ear.

I couldn’t help but lean into her touch. I had missed her so much.

Slowly my eye’s travelled along her body. She was still the same Anna, but older, though the years just seemed to make her look more sophisticated and beautiful. She was wearing a casual black silk dress, that went a little beyond the knee. It glided perfectly over her every curve, so I could see just how fit and toned she had kept herself. She still had amazing breasts, that were plainly visible. The only thing that had seemed to change about her body was her tan. It looked like it had faded a bit, which was to be expected as I couldn’t imagine her spending that much time outside, with her job and studies keeping her busy.

My eyes glided up her perfect heart face, lingering on her kissable pink lips and back to her eyes, that were full with love and lust as I looked her over. She had seemed to be doing the same as me, but looking over my body.

Her arm slowly came up to my face and the lust left her eyes as she traced the dark circles that had formed under my eyes, from my lack of sleep. Her pink lips turned into a frown as she looked at me. I’m guessing she just realized how poorly I was caring for myself.

“How are you love?” Anna asked with so much compassion and love for me. Though she probably knew the answer I could tell she still had the need to ask anyway. But, for me it was the straw that finally broke the camel’s back. Everything that had happened over the past six months came up in an emotional torrent. It was like Anna had taken my heart with her when she had left and now that she was back, I could finally feel again.

My eyes watered over and my breathing became ragged. Anna grabbed a hold of me and squished me into a tight hug, whispering soft ‘shh’s’ and ‘it will be alrights’. My father was dead and my mother was sick. How did I miss those two important points in my life before? But, I seemed to make up for all the emotional turmoil now, as I clung on to Anna for dear life.

I cried into Anna’s neck for what seemed like hours. When my sobs had turned into sniffles, Anna gently untangled me from her arms so she could look at my face. I didn’t expect her to do what she did next, but slowly she inched her face into mine. Her face was perfectly calm, while mine was in a bit of shock as she pressed her lips into mine and gave me a gentle kiss.

She pulled back and looked carefully into my eyes to gauge my emotions. She had definitely succeeded in getting my mind off my emotional hurt. Now all I could think about were her tender lips.

I carefully touched my fingers to my lips as if I could catch some residual of her and she gave me a wicked grin, as she realised what I was doing.

This time she moved a lot faster towards my lips, practically pouncing on me. Our lips met in a mash, as we fell backward onto the bed. She kissed me fervently, trying to make up for lost time. Then abruptly she pulled back.

She placed her hand lightly on my cheek and closed her eyes, whispering something to herself. Then those dazzling blue eyes opened again with tears in them. “I’m so sorry, Viv. I should have been back years ago. I should have never broken contact with you. It’s all my fault. I just wish…” she said, as I placed a finger to her lips midstream.

“If anything it’s my fault I should have called you years ago.” I didn’t want Anna to blame herself for something I had done. It was me who suggested to stop calling and seeing each other because of the long distance emotional strain. Anna just went along because she knew it was what I wanted. We would do anything for each other, but sometimes that was not always a good thing.

Anna ran both her hands through her blonde locks. “No we have to stop this, we can’t blame ourselves. If we keep up like this then we’ll just keep fighting about whose fault it was and I don’t want to fight with you, love. I want to do other things with you,” she ended, with the return of that ataköy escort wicked grin. She was right though, we couldn’t keep blaming ourselves. We had to forget about the past and live in the right now, which was looking quite appealing.

This time I was the one who went for Anna. I pulled her face gently towards mine and kissed her how she had first kissed me before; sweetly and tenderly. I was no longer confused about my feelings for Anna. I wanted her. I never wanted to ignore her again. I still had no idea how I had managed to ignore her the whole day.

It took me ten years to figure out that I really needed and wanted Anna, but later was better than never.

My tender kiss ended as Anna assaulted my mouth with her sweet pink tongue. I glided my hands up under her black dress, along her silky smooth thighs and to her perfectly pert ass. She groaned in my mouth when I gave it a tight squeeze.

We eventually pulled apart panting. “So, you’re not tired anymore,” Anna said looking at me with lust ridden eyes.

“No definitely not tired,” I replied, continuing to flex my fingers around Anna’s round ass. Anna’s body was moving up and down to my squeezes. This would be my first time with a woman. When Anna had left I had not really felt the same pull towards other women like I felt toward Anna, so I made do with a few boyfriends over the years and of course Jay. But, now that Anna was back I could finally have her. I smiled up at her glowing face and couldn’t wait for what she had in store for me.

Upon seeing my smile Anna moved her face down to mine, giving my ear a quick nip before saying, “I’m going to make you beg for mercy.” She pulled back up giving me another wicked grin and my tummy did a little flop.

Leaving me lying on the bed, Anna stood at the base and slipped her dress off, revealing a set of matching black lacy underwear. She looked amazing with not an ounce of fat on her tight body. Before I knew it though she had stripped off her sexy underwear and was standing in front of me completely naked.

I gasped at her beautiful body and slid down the bed so I was sitting in front of her. Her pussy was utterly hairless as I came eye to eye with it. My breathing came hard and fast as I stared at it and all I wanted to do was taste it.

Anna grabbed one of my hands and put it on her waist. I looked up at her lusty blue eyes, which started to close as I moved my other hand to cup her wet pussy. I didn’t need any more encouragement from her, moving her body closer to mine and hooking my heels around her legs.

I slowly fluttered my hand along her pussy lips. Anna let escape a moan, as I moved my finger through her lips and found her sweet hole. Teasingly I rubbed her there for awhile, before moving back up to her already swollen clit. She placed her hands roughly on my shoulders to keep steady as I slowly and steadily rubbed her tender little bud.

Anna was heaving and gasping as I gathered she was coming closer to climaxing, but I didn’t want her to come just yet. So, I eased up on my rubbing. Anna started whimpering her disapproval and I gave her one of those wicked grins she so loved to use on me.

“I want you on the bed,” I heaved out. Anna gave me a quizzical look then quickly did as she was told, after I unhooked her from my legs. I wanted to make her beg for mercy first.

After Anna took her position on the bed I got up and stripped for her, just like she had stripped for me. When I had finished slowly and painstakingly stripping my clothes I looked up at Anna, lying on the bed. She gave me a hot once over, making sure to linger on my most private parts. Unlike her my pussy wasn’t completely nude, as it still had a small strip of brown hair.

As Anna’s eyes slowly seared heat into my already smouldering body, I couldn’t take it anymore and flung myself onto the bed.

Anna put her hands out to grab me and we fell back onto the bed together. “Hey,” Anna said as our eyes locked hold on each others.

“Hey,” I replied back, as I slowly ran my hand over her blushing cheek. “I missed you so much.”

Before I would let her say she ataşehir escort missed me too, which I could just tell was poised on her perfect pink lips, I swooped down and kissed her passionately, making sure to taste every inch of her mouth.

We both moaned and our bodies squirmed. Slowly I backed off, trailing little kisses and licks down Anna’s chin, neck and nipples. Her nipples got harder every second as I spent nibbling and sucking them. Anna couldn’t stand my torture and grasped her hands onto my short locks.

My pussy was thundering for her to give it attention, but all I could focus on was holding Anna’s perfect breasts in my hands, which I had so admired when we were young.

“Please,” Anna whispered and I looked up at her lust filled face looking back at me. “Please make me cum, Viv,” she managed to get out through her heavy breathing.

I nodded at her request and made my way down her soft, smooth body to her hairless pussy. She was dripping wet as I arrived. The smell was heady and all I wanted to do was taste those sweet juices. So, slowly I gave her pussy one long lick, making sure to get as much of her sweet tasting juices as I could.

“Oh please Viv, do it again,” Anna moaned out. I was happy to do just that as I set a steady pace licking her sweet pussy. Though I had never done this before I knew what I liked and tried to apply that to Anna, and by her moaning and groaning I could tell that I was doing something right.

I could feel Anna’s body clenching up even tighter and her hands on my head were practically dragging me up to her clit, which I had avoided. I could tell by the signs Anna was about to cum and I was happy to help, so without further adieu I latched onto her swollen clit and sucked furiously.

Anna came in a thrashing of limbs and little squeals of joy. I had a funny feeling she would have been much louder if we were alone in the house.

After Anna’s body went slack I lapped up the last of her precious juices, making sure not to leave a drop.

I climbed up to Anna. Her eyes were closed and a broad smile was spread over her face. I leaned down and placed a kiss on her lips, leaving some of her juices there. Anna opened her eyes and whipped her tongue out to take a swipe at her juices.

“Mmmm, my turn,” Anna said in a husky voice.

I shivered at the sound of her voice. Without warning Anna bounced on top of me, apparently all ready and rearing to go after her orgasm. Anna smiled at me wickedly and before I knew it she was headed south.

I couldn’t believe this was finally happening. Anna and I…. We could finally let everything go, without our lives or dreams getting in the way.

My body was already beyond aroused, so as Anna finally made her way to my fiery pussy, I let out a sigh of relief. I could tell Anna had definitely done this before as she expertly licked and sucked me, letting her little tongue wiggle its way into my pussy hole.

I was officially in heaven. My pussy was pulsing in excitement by the second and every time Anna’s tongue came into contact with my clit I wanted to explode.

My hands grabbed involuntarily onto the comforter either side of me, as I tried to push my pussy closer to Anna’s face.

My breathing was beyond laboured and I could no longer think, as Anna finally paid more attention on my clit and I burst under pressure. My pussy muscles kept contracting as I came and as my body started to settle down Anna slowly licked me clean.

Anna climbed up the bed beside me as I said, “Wow that was amazing baby.”

Anna giggled. “Well I’ve definitely had time to practice for this.”

“I love you,” I said through a yawn as my tiredness was starting to show again.

“I know you do love, and I love you too. I think it’s time you got some sleep,” she replied seeing me yawn.

I nodded my head in affirmation and she gave me one last smouldering kiss, which allowed me to taste my juices on her lips.

“Mmmm.” I licked my lips.

Anna giggled again. “Come on sleepy to bed with you.”

We settled down into bed, Anna spooning me from behind. Everything finally seemed right with the world as I went to sleep with a big smile on my face.


Only one more chapter left 🙂 I look forward to all your comments on the latest chapter. Also please take a second to vote, I love you for it. And remember look for upcomming stories and chapters on my bio.

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