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Chapter 03 – Mrs. V.

Thank you 69playgal69 for the editing.

I am a happily married woman of seventeen years. I have three wonderful children, all of which are in high school. We cat, two dogs, and few worries. My husband and I are still very sexually attracted to each other after all these years, and it is rare not to be satisfied when the need arises. So, with all of this said, I must confess about the desire I had acted upon a few months back.

It all started about a year ago, my eldest son had a friend over, Kevin, for a couple nights. They had just had a football game and his parents were out for the weekend and we had agreed that he could stay with us while they were away.

At first it was nothing unusual, or odd, he was my boys friend, coming to visit. He gave me the stare a couple of times when I had seen him before, but that was common from the young boys, I was considered a milf, or what ever they call it, and it didn’t bother me. In fact it quite often made the sex with my husband more erotic.

After dinner Kevin and my son went upstairs with the other kids as I cleaned up, as usual. My husband was heading out to meet some friends that night and it left me to watch over the household, and I was good with that, there was little to worry about in our neighborhood.

So as I was washing the dishes, I felt like I was being watched though and I had to take a look around, and there was Kevin. I don’t know how long he was standing there, it was easily noticed that his eyes had been focused on my ass. “Kevin?” I asked, acting as if I didn’t notice, I didn’t want the boy to be embarrassed over a natural thing, “can I help you?”.

He smiled and tried to play cool, “Ah yes, Mrs. V.” They all called me Mrs. V, Vasalinni is just to long to say all the time, “I was wondering if I could get some milk.”

I smiled at him, more to myself as he stumbled on his words, he must have know he was caught, ” Yes, ill get you some Kevin, I don’t need dirty shoes on the clean floor”

He managed a smile and I turned to get a cup and felt his eyes on me once again. Of course being used to be stared at this never had an effect on me, but this young man, did. He was tall, muscular, and very handsome, and I found myself liking his eyes on me. I chuckled to myself for the oddness of the thought, but as I was pouring his milk, I felt my pussy getting wet from his eyes.

I quickly moved to him and handed him his milk, he reached out quickly as well and we clashed hands sending the milk from my hand to the floor and shattering the glass. He jumped back and I smiled, “No use crying over spilt milk,” I couldn’t believe I even said, but I did.

He managed a weak laugh and I hurried to get another glass for him. When I turned his hands were in front of him and I swear I could see he was stiff under his pants. He kept one hand in front of him as he carefully took the glass from my hand and practically ran up the stairs with a meek, “thanks Mrs. V.”

I chuckled to myself as he left, at least he got some enjoyment from it. And I was going to receive some enjoyment that night from it.

I awaited my husbands return in thinking a good romping from him would take the thoughts of the boy exciting me away, however, with every touch of my husband I thought of Kevin touching himself thinking of me. I could not believe how hot he made me.

The next morning I rose early to get some housework done before the kids destroyed it. I was being quiet not to wake anyone as I moved about the house. I folded some laundry and went to the bathroom to place the towels in the cupboard, and Escort Fatih I realized, as I opened the door, I was not alone.

I opened the door at the same time I heard a grunt, without thinking I looked in just a Kevin released his sperm, his cock was still in his hands and he was still stroking it, his head was back and his eyes closed. I quickly closed the door, trying to remain quiet, but I could not help myself and I peeked in through the keyhole. He released a few more moans as he stroked the cock a few more times, his cum was rolling down his fingers, and I found myself licking my lips watching it, then he whispered, “Ah Mrs. V.”

I felt my hand move to my crotch immediately and I pressed my fingers against my pussy, I could not believe how hot, how wet, how excited I got seeing him cum, thinking of me. I quickly left the room, and woke my husband, and fucked him hard and fast thinking of it.

Luckily for me, the rest of the weekend went by quickly and Kevin and the kids were off to the field to play football, which kept him away from me, and kept my pussy dry.

I saw Kevin on and off for the next few months, every time his eyes were glued to my body, his mind, no doubt, stripping me from my clothes and taking me on the spot. And every time I felt my pussy get wet thinking of him doing that to me. I cursed myself for how he made me feel, nobody had ever made me feel that way, and it was my sons friend that was doing it, without intention.

Well a few months ago my kids had gone camping with my husband and I heard a knock on the door. I opened and it was Kevin, he was very upset about something and asked if my son was home to talk with. Of course he was off camping but I offered to have an ear for him and he reluctantly agreed to come in.

I asked him to have a seat on the couch and offered him a drink. He asked for some water and I hurried off to get it for him. When I returned he was sitting with his head in his hands and I kneed in front of him and lifted his head, “You can talk to me Kevin, I’ll help you.”

He smiled to me and took a sip, he slouched back on the couch and told me how his girlfriend had cheated on him, and he didn’t know what to do. I was surprised, a girl cheated on him, he was a masterpiece of a man, and sweet as could be. I caressed his leg as I told him how things would get better for him. And he seemed to appreciate it, offering me that wonderful smile and a “Thanks Mrs. V.” every so often.

As I knelt there I noticed my hands were moving further up his thigh with every thoughtful caress, and I realized, I was getting wet again. I looked up to him, then down to his crotch, his bulge was large, but not hard, and I suddenly wanted it hard. I smiled and whispered, “You want me to help you feel better Kevin?”

He looked at me oddly, “How will I ever feel better Mrs. V. She was everything to me”

I decided it was time and slid my hand to his crotch and slowly stroked him through his jeans.

His body straightened and he began to move away, with a surprised, “Mrs. V!”

But I grabbed a hold of him and shushed him, “Shh, relax Kevin, just relax” I slid my fingers over the buttons of his pants and slowly unfastened them and began to pull them down, “Lift your butt Kevin,” I demanded it, and he obeyed, lifting his ass and allowing me to remove his pants and underwear in one easy pull.

I slid my hand back to his cock, it was larger then I had thought and fully hard now, I smiled up to him, “Our little secret Kevin” Then I moved up onto him and licked the underside of his cock, then slid my tongue down it to suck lightly Fındıkzade escort on his balls. My hand began to slowly stroke him as my mouth closed over his balls and I sucked softly, rolling them on my tongue.

He started to moan and I realized this would be a quick orgasm for him and placed my mouth over his cock and began sucking on it, rapidly bobbing my head up and down and my fingers caressed his balls.

His cum came in hot waves, and I took them deep into my throat, latching my mouth on his pulsating cock as he came. I swirled my tongue around his cock encouraging his cum to spray into my mouth, drinking up his young sperm.

My fingers caressed his balls some more as I felt his cock beginning to soften, I cursed to myself, the hell with him being done, I was going to have him inside me, I needed his cock in me. I looked up to him and withdrew him from my mouth and slowly licked at the tip of his cock. I moved my lips down his shaft, lightly licking the underside of his cock and felt the rigidness returning and smiled to myself.

I could feel my panties getting wetter by the second, and I slid my hand down my own body, and hiked my skirt up around my waist as my mouth kissed at his stiffening cock. I pressed my hand against my panties and felt the heat of my pussy, the wetness of my panties moving on my hand.

I moaned on his cock, my lips vibrating on him, making him stiffer then before, and exciting me more then I had been in a long time. My hand slid under my panties and I tapped my finger over my clit sending shivers of delight up my spine.

I licked up his cock and covered the head with my lips and swirled my tongue around it, while I slid a finger through my folds, caressing myself, making myself wetter, more lubricated for when I would slide it over his cock. I shivered in delight again as I thought how good it would be to have his cock deep inside me, how wonderful it would be riding him and feeling his cum fill me. I moaned again, and released his cock from my lips and licked down his shaft. I looked up to him and grinned, his eyes were closed and his chest heaved with the weight of his breathing.

I slowly slid my soaked panties down my body and off of me. My tongue flicked at his balls and then I slid my mouth back up his cock releasing a deep moan from his throat. I licked at the head them moved my lips further up, kissing at his stomach, then his chest, lightly nibbling on each nipple before moving up to his neck as I slowly stroked his cock with my hand.

I moved my mouth to his ear and whispered to him, “Our little secret Kevin is how we made you forget about her for a while” I couldn’t believe I was about to let him slide inside me, and I couldn’t believe how wet thinking of his large cock spraying his young cum in my pussy made me. I slid up onto him and moved his cock straight up and slowly lowered myself upon it.

His eyes widened in delight as he started to enter me, his large cock spreading my pussy lips was pure magic and I stopped with just the tip inside to savor it. His hands moved to my hips, unsteady and shaking with nervousness, I giggled to myself and slid my pussy further down his cock until he filled me and I could feel his thighs on my ass. Slowly I moved my hips in small circles, then back and forth rocking his cock inside me. His hands clamped unto my waist and I moved mine to his and guided them to my ass, I whispered huskily to him, “My ass Kevin, squeeze my ass”.

He did as he was told, slowly squeezing then caressing my ass as I started to move up and down his cock, moving my hips slowly as I rode Gaziosmanpaşa escort him. I moved one of my hands behind and fondled his balls as his breaths began to quicken and moved my other down my own body pressing my fingers against my clit as I moved on him.

His body was shaking and he grasped my ass tightly, I could feel his cock fattening inside me and could tell he was trying to hold back, trying to avoid cumming inside me. I giggled to myself, “Teenagers, never know when to let a woman feel their cum inside him” I had my tubes tied many years ago, and I was not about to allow him to rob me of the pleasure of feeling his cum in my hot pussy, my pussy that was burning with desire.

I leaned back down to his ear and rode him faster, my ass slapping hard against his thighs, and breathed into his ear, “cum inside me Kevin, let my feel your cum in me.”

He held back no longer and I felt his explosion, I could feel the hot cum splashing inside my hungry pussy, the hot streams of cum slamming against the wall of my love box. I caressed his balls as he came, and continued to ride him, emptying him as best I could. His breath was heavy and hot on my neck, his moans were loud and the moisture of his lips wet my shoulder as he buried his face when he came.

I felt his cock beginning to soften and realized I had been so hot on feeling his cum I had avoided my own orgasm, this could not happen, not now, not that I had gone this far. I slid off of him and slid my body higher on him, my fingers spread my pussy as it neared his face. He went to protest but I placed my hand on the back of his head and pushed it to my dripping pussy, pressing him against me.

“Lick my pussy Kevin, suck your cum out of me,” I demanded it and he obeyed, his tongue flicked over my folds then inside me, moving in small circles. I moved my fingers from my nether lips and placed two on my clit massaging it as he tongued me. I rocked my hips on his mouth as I felt his cum drip from me and my own orgasm building on his mouth, I moaned to him, telling him how hard I was going to cum for him, and without anymore warning my flood gates opened, my orgasm rocked my entire body, my stomach tightened, and released several times as my pussy grasped at his mouth, my legs shook like a tree in a hurricane as my sweet woman juice mixed with his cum and rolled down his chin.

I pressed on my clit a bit harder to help me finish off as his tongue steadied inside me. I released another soft moan and lifted myself from his mouth. I slid down beside him and kissed his lips softly, tasting his cum and my own from his lips, “Now Kevin, I want you to remember what a woman can do and forget about the ones that cant,” my voice was a whisper, and daring, “You can not tell anyone about us, but please think of what I can do next time you play with her. You want revenge on her Kevin, play with her and think of me, think of your cock inside me again, and give her a good hard fucking. Do you understand me Kevin?”

He managed a nod and answered me a dry, satisfied throat, “Yes Mrs. V. I will do anything you want.”

I smiled to myself, how hot, how sexy, how horny it made me knowing that he would in fact do anything I told him to. I had never dreamed of doing something like this before, but now I thought of doing it a lot more often. The control was almost intoxication and I immediately thought of taking him again. But he was young and not quite ready, evidence shown in his limp cock.

I smiled to him, and kissed his lips softly, “Now get dressed Kevin and go home.”

He moved quickly to my demand, shakily putting his clothes on and moving to the door. He turned as he opened the door and spoke softly, “Thank you Mrs. V. Thank you so much.” Then he spun and hurried off.

I smiled again and slid my hand back down my stomach, the session with him was over, but I was going to cum again thinking about it. And believe me, I did, several times.

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