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He was exhausted and hungry. The Storm had chased him to the airport early, and the flight had been in question all day. His luck stayed with him through take off, landing, and customs, but the doors of the terminal slid open to a driving torrential rain, and he had to hustle from covered area to covered area to reach the shuttle stop trying to avoid a complete soaking. There was a long wait for the shuttle, and it made him miss the next train.

He arrived in Boca Raton much later than he’d anticipated, but he’d called from the train and left a message so she wouldn’t be waiting at the station, and gotten a text in return to inform him that her deposition had run long so the lateness was actually more luck. She came out of the car with an umbrella and he waived her back, jogging with his suitcase. She hugged him, uncaring of the rain, and it felt damn fine to have her pressed completely against him.

On the drive to her place, they caught up, he told her about some of the high and low moments of the trip, and she filled him in on her latest case, but as they talked he couldn’t help but look over at her legs where they exited her pencil skirt. She caught him and shifted in her seat, but smiled and he was encouraged.

She was just a bit over 5 feet tall, with rich dark hair that draped across her shoulders and her beautiful pale face was touched with a hint of the exotic from her Chinese grandmother. Her tailored, white, button down dress shirt had French cuffs and clung to her to show a fit and flat stomach and upraised perfect B breasts. He figured she couldn’t weigh more than 110 pounds.

When they got to her house they raced inside, futilely avoiding the rain, and she showed him the guest bedroom and bath, and after another hug she turned to allow him time to dry off, get settled, and showered. She returned with a cup of coffee when he was back in the bedroom in a fresh pair of cargo shorts and a button down, short sleeved shirt, and he felt a wave of gratitude. She turned to leave again, to give him time to unpack and he stopped her.

“Wait, I have something for you,” he said, reaching for his backpack. He pulled out a small bag, and from that, out first came a ring made from carved bone scrimshawed with the image of a butterfly, next was a ring made from pounded copper wrapped around a piece of polished marble in an intricate pattern – made from recovered interior bits of a dilapidated building, and finally a long, long necklace of polished red stones interspersed with stones made from grey marble.

He explained the origins of the jewelry and the supposed protection that the necklace was meant to give, and hung it around her neck. They both laughed when it reached all the way to her waist. His hands rested on her shoulders for a moment after draping the necklace, and as he began to pull away, she caught his wrists and pulled herself closer to him until her breasts were against his ribs and then gave a little shove so he sat down on the bed behind him.

With aksaray escort him sitting, their difference in height wasn’t such an impediment, and she leaned forward to kiss him. She let go of his wrists to hold his face as it was tipped toward her, and his hands went to her waist, his thumbs against her hip bones and his fingers splayed across her hips. They only stayed a moment as she kissed him before they began to untuck her shirt from her skirt.

“Thank you,” she said pulling away for a moment, and he hesitated at the tugging of her shirt. She stepped back from him, and he was disappointed, but relief and desire filled him when she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. She climbed to straddle his lap and held his face once again before lowering her own face to kiss him. He ran his hands up her back, trailing his fingers up her spine and back down, catching and gripping at her ass. He slid around to her thighs, tight from holding herself against him, and he slipped his thumbs inside the front of her thong and rubbed one of them up the front of her to feel that she was already beginning to be wet.

He groaned into her mouth around her tongue and she pushed down to grind herself against his lap and his hardness. He began to work at the buttons of her shirt from the bottom running his palm up along her skin as it was freed from the tightness of the shirt. After a moment of confusion at the back, he realized her bra connected at the front and he undid it before running his thumbs across her already hardened nipples. He pulled from the kiss to pull a nipple into his mouth as she continued to push against him while she worked the shirt and bra off of her shoulders.

Once she was done, she started pulling frantically at the buttons on his shirt and he moved to help her, as anxious to be rid of it as she was. They were clutching at each other with impatience, mouths hungrily moving over one another’s bodies and kissing desperately. His hunger and fatigue were completely forgotten as she undid his shorts, and pulled at his zipper. He lifted her with him and stood, still holding her, her legs around his waist as he let the shorts fall to the floor.

He sat again on the bed without breaking off the kiss they were sharing. He could feel the wetness of her against his groin even through her panties. His hardness was caught between them and finally she was pushing at his shoulders and he was sliding backward on the bad so that he could stretch out fully. She collapsed onto his chest and somehow managed to work off her thong squirming on top of him.

He was so hard he could feel his heartbeat pulsing in his cock. His hands wanted to be everywhere on her body. The necklace was still somehow around her neck and when she sat up above him, he thought that the red stones looked amazing against her pale skin, that the tiny bit of adornment somehow made her nudity even more enticing. His hands went to her ass and he lifted her. She let out a anal yapan escort small moan and her lips parted, her tongue shot out to lick them and then she reached down to take hold of him.

The light touch of her soft hand on his cock sent a shiver through him and his cock jerked slightly in her hand. She made a devilish little grin and placed him at her entrance. He could feel the heat of her and he made a low groan of pleasure, and then abruptly, he was inside her, all the way inside her. She had slid completely down his length all at once, and now took a moment, her eyes closed, muscles tight in her thighs against him.

He waited as long as he could stand and then began to shift his hips upward, driving just slightly deeper with the clenching of the muscles in his ass. She began to roll her hips in time to his clenching, grinding her clit against him and gripping at his rib cage with her hands and nails. He reached up and caught her hair at the base of her skull, and she let out a sound that was part moan and part growl and bit her lip as he drove himself into her harder and harder.

When he let go of her hair, she leaned forward, pressing his upper body down with hers and bit at his neck and shoulder. He grabbed her ass, squeezing and then ran his index finger across her anus. Her whole body spasmed and hissed his name into his ear as she froze above him, letting out little gasps as he hammered into her from below and she had a rolling series of small orgasms.

She finished and he gasped her name desperately, “Veronica, Veronica, VERONICA, get up, get UP.”

She pulled herself off of him, understanding, and laughing as he sipped in air and gritted his teeth. She took him in one hand, squeezing the base of him and pulled blindly at the bedside table’s drawer to remove a condom with the other. She rolled it down over him was on top of him again in practically one movement.

“Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Woman,” he rasped.

She leaned in, took his head in her hands, and kissed him biting at his lip and sucking his tongue into her mouth as she rode him and squeezed her thighs against him. She twined her fingers into his hair and whispered into his ear, “Come, Goddamnit,” and that was all he could take. His heels dug into the bed underneath him and he clutched at her thighs and he thought for a minute he could feel his very soul vibrate with the release. When his ass had settled back onto the bed, she reached down, caught the condom at the base, and swung off of him once again.

He was staring at the ceiling, trying to catch his breath when she pulled the condom off and sucked his softening cock into her mouth. ? “Good CHRIST,” he gasped.

“Just cleaning up,” she chuckled as she let him fall free again. She wrapped the condom in a tissue and dropped it into the trash and draped herself over him, one leg across him and her head on his chest. He let his hand trace idly along her arm and the side of her breast, over atakent escort her nipple, back to her arm and down to her hip, watching goosebumps and nipples rise in response to his touch. She burrowed in closer against him and pushed her groin against his hipbone, made a little sigh into his shoulder, and he knew she wasn’t finished.

He shifted his weight, rolled so they were side by side, her head still on his shoulder and he kissed her, as he let his hand drift along her ribcage and down across her ass before easing his finger insider her. He watched her react to it, face inches from his, and then kissed her again, kissed her jaw and her neck, strained his head forward to kiss her collarbone and shoulder.

Her knee was pulled up on his hip and ribs, and she began to writhe against him as his finger plunged in and out of her. He pulled his hand back and rolled again so that he was on top of her and began to work his way down her body with light kisses and grazing teeth until he was between her legs. He eased two fingers inside her as he ran his tongue upward from her opening to her clit and her hips rose to meet the sensation.

He licked at her, harder and harder, and curled his fingers upward to press against her g spot as he looked up at her, gauging her reaction to what he was doing. Her hair was tangled across her face and a flush ran across the pale skin of her chest. She was biting down on the edge of one hand and her other hand cupped at a breast, rolling the nipple between her fingers, and then she began to breath in long ragged drafts. Her hand went to her forehead, and the other dropped from her breast to clutch at the sheet as she came, squeezing at his fingers and hooking her heels into his upper back. He eased off the pressure of his tongue and slowly pulled his fingers free, riding out her reaction before beginning to lick in earnest again.

Her second orgasm came more slowly than the first, but it was a more intense one, and after the third, she grabbed at his hair, pulling his head up as she shimmied farther up the bed, fleeing the intensity of the feeling. He rose up above her on his knees and he was hard again. He said her name and she nodded, reached for the drawer again and sat up to roll the condom down over him and then sat back, pulling at him to guide him inside.

Her legs wrapped around his lower back and her arms around his neck as he thrust into her, holding himself in an arched back push-up position. Her eyes were closed, and her head was tipped backward, chin pointing at him as she used her heels to pull herself up to meet his downward push. He should have been spent, should have taken longer, but she was even more relentless from the bottom.

“Veronica, I…”

“No, don’t slow down. Keep going,” she said and raked down his back, so he redoubled his efforts. Making no effort to pace himself, he moved harder and faster until the grip of her legs loosened and her breathing began again to come in rasping gasps and he couldn’t hold back any longer. Sweat was forming on the small of his back and on his forehead, on her chest and stomach underneath him, and he pinned her to the bed with his hips as he came. He opened his eyes and found her smiling up at him, mischief and satisfaction in her eyes.

“So was it a good trip?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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