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Big Tits

Amy woke up breathing heavily and covered in sweat for the second time in as many nights. Seconds ago, she was sitting upright, straddling Justin, her hands on his chest as she rode him. Now however, she eased back into reality as the first rays of sunshine peeked under her thick dorm room curtains – she was alone in her bed, and had broken up with Justin almost two weeks ago now. This was one of the better decisions she had ever made. He was immature, selfish, and basically a jerk, and she probably would have dumped him months ago if it weren’t for their physical connection. Although nobody who knew her would ever guess it, Amy had a very high libido, and every so often it would cause her to do things that were at odds with her better judgement and somewhat shy personality.

Amy stared at the ceiling, too awake now to even consider falling back asleep. Normally, she would have already grabbed her trusty Rabbit from the box in her nightstand drawer and had a nice orgasm to start off her morning. However, this week was not a normal week as her younger sister had been visiting. Ashley had originally planned to spend the first weekend of her spring break with Amy since she was a junior in high school and starting to look at colleges, but decided to stay for the whole week when she heard about Amy’s break up with Justin. This was very kind of her, and Amy appreciated it greatly. She missed her sister, and they always had a blast together. At the moment though, she would do just about anything for an hour or two of privacy.

Knowing that was unlikely to happen, as Ashley was still young and didn’t like leaving her big sister’s side, Amy decided to go for a run to work off some of this extra energy. Careful not to wake her snoring sibling, she stepped out of bed and moved to her dresser in the dim light. She pulled off her old t-shirt, slid a black sports bra over her head and onto her perky B-cups, and then put the t-shirt on again. Next, she slid off her sweatpants and replaced them with panties and running shorts. After slipping on socks and sneakers, she put her long dark hair into a ponytail and stepped over the air mattress.

“Hey, I’m going for a run.” she said, touching Ashley’s shoulder. “I’ll be back in half an hour or so.”

“Mmmm… okay.” Ashley managed to mumble, still half asleep.

Amy ran the 3-mile loop around campus at a good pace. Her mind was not as calm as it usually was when she ran, and was instead filled with some of her favorite fantasies which caused her to run even faster. By the time she got back to her dorm, every inch of her olive skin was covered in sweat. She took a couple minutes to cool down and stretch before heading back inside where Ashley was waiting for her, watching TV.

“Hey.” Amy said between heavy breaths.

“Hi! How was your run?” Ashley asked with a smile.

“Oh fine, pushed myself hard this morning. Ready for a shower?” asked Amy as she untied her sneakers and swapped them for flip-flops.

They each grabbed their towels and shower caddies and walked down the hall to the bathroom. It was still early enough that the bathroom was empty when they got there, so Ashley disappeared behind the curtain of the first shower stall, and Amy went into the third. She pulled the first curtain behind her, making sure to not leave too big of a gap on either side, and reached past the second one to turn on the water. As she waited for it to heat up, she pulled her damp shirt over her head, followed by her sports bra. After sliding her shorts and panties down her legs, she stood up and shivered. Now that she was cooled down from her run, her sweat had chilled her, causing her skin to be covered in goosebumps. Taking her hair out of a ponytail, she ran her fingers through it a few times, before letting them fall to her chest. Steam began to fill the little room she stood in, but Amy just stared at the wall, remembering the dream that woke her early that morning. Absentmindedly, her fingers began to trace circles around her nipples, which were no longer cold, but still achingly hard.

Fuck. No. She needed release, but not bad enough to masturbate with her sister 10 feet away. She took a deep breath, and stepped through the curtain. The hot water felt good on her skin, and she let it run over her for a few minutes before working shampoo and conditioner through her thick hair, and then washing her body. As she rubbed the soap over her curves, she had to snap herself out of fantasies more than once. All clean, she grabbed her shaving cream, and rubbed it on her legs. It got harder and harder to ignore the feeling of the razor sliding over her skin as she worked her way up her thighs, and had to bite her lip as she shaved ataköy escort her pussy and cleaned up around her landing strip. As she rinsed the conditioner out of her hair, she heard Ashley’s voice from outside the stall.

“I’m all done, gonna head back and get dressed!”

“Ok!” Amy replied.

As Amy finished rinsing her hair, she heard the door close behind her sister, and realized that she hadn’t heard it close since she entered the shower. Nobody else had come in, and she was alone in the bathroom. The thought had barely finished crossing her mind before her left hand was on her breast and her right was between her legs. Usually, Amy enjoyed taking her time pleasuring herself, but not today. Today, she just needed release – badly. Her fingers started in circles over her clit as she pinched her nipples and let out a moan. She leaned back against the tile wall and slid her fingers inside. A shock ran through her body as she felt pressure on her G-spot for the first time in way too long, and she worked her two fingers back and forth quickly. Knowing she was close, she went even faster, pressing her palm against her clit and twisting her nipple as she fucked herself with her fingers. Her body started to tingle, and her pussy started to clench…

The bathroom door slammed open, and the voices of three girls laughing and talking loudly flooded the bathroom.

Fuck. Amy stood there, leaning against the wall of the shower, with two fingers inside of herself, desperately feeling what would have been her first orgasm in almost two weeks chased away by the interruption. She didn’t know whether to scream or cry, but instead slowly, reluctantly, removed her fingers, finished rinsing off, and shut off the water. She wrung her hair and dried it before running her towel over her body and then wrapping it around herself. Loading everything back in her caddy, she exited the shower, flashed a weak smile at the loud girl waiting to use the shower, and went back to her room.

She changed behind the divider once back in her room. She picked out a light blue thong to go under her yellow sundress, put her hair in a braid, and headed off to breakfast with Ashley.

They sat with Tony, Amy’s classmate who was going to hang out with Ashley for the day. Amy had class until 4:30, and her sister was hoping to go to school for physical therapy, just like Tony. He was covering some practices during the day, then working at the local massage parlor this evening, where Amy would come pick up her sister. She was grateful to Tony, knowing Ashley would be miserable if she had to sit through all of Amy’s marketing classes. As they ate, Ashley and Tony talked about what they would be doing today, which gave Amy’s mind time to wander.

Try as she might, she couldn’t stop flashing back to her dream from last night, and how close she was to relief in the shower that morning. More than once, her friend and sister chuckled at her as she brought an empty spoon to her lips.

“Someone’s stressed!” her little sister said to their friend “You think she’s ok?”

Amy tried to convince them she was fine, and she was just thinking of the busy day that she had in front of her, but she could tell that they weren’t convinced, and she didn’t have the energy to argue. Throwing away most of her food, she gave them each a hug. After thanking Tony for the eighth time and reminding her sister to be good, Amy rushed off to class.

The day was mostly a blur. Amy was able to pay attention to maybe an hours worth of lecture throughout the whole day. She would get about 5 minutes of notes down before some random thing would cause her mind to wander. Her thoughts would slip away, and it would be minutes before she would snap back to the present, breathing slightly heavier, with her fingers tracing her collar bone, or small circles on her thigh. She was a mess, and all she could think of was how many orgasms she could fit into the 10 minutes she would have back in her room after her last class before she had to go pick up her sister.

This plan was all that got her through the day, but as the clock neared 4:30, her hopes were dashed. The team that she had been assigned to for their final project decided to meet quickly after class to assign their tasks, and though she hurried them along as best she could without being completely rude, it ate up the 10 minutes she had scheduled for her salvation.

She spent the short drive to the spa thinking of ways that she could get her sister out of the room for even a short amount of time that night, but in her state of mind she was struggling to find a solution that wasn’t extremely suspicious. She pulled into the lot, put the car in park, took a deep bakırköy escort breath, and went in to get her sister.

She found her sister in the lobby, and was too surprised to react when Ashley grabbed the keys, and ran to the car. Concerned, Amy followed right behind, but by the time she got to the car, her little sister was in the driver’s seat and the doors were locked. She cracked the window.

“Ok don’t be mad. I know how stressed you’ve been lately, and that you never spend time or money on taking care of yourself. So I’m doing it for you. I carried all the equipment for Tony today and he agreed to give you a free massage session. You need it. He will bring you back to campus after, and I’ll just go chill in the room until you get back. Everything is all set, and I’m not taking no for an answer! Love you, bye!!” Ashley said all of this as fast as she could, not letting Amy interrupt as she pulled out of the parking lot. Amy stood there, dumbstruck as her little sister pulled away.

She sighed. This was incredibly kind, and she knew that her sister meant well. All the extra tension lately had been adding knots to her back, and a massage wouldn’t be the worst thing. In her current condition though, would she be able to handle it? Not seeing another way out that didn’t involve completely embarrassing herself, she decided that she could control herself for this. Tony was her friend, and she was strong. It was just a massage, right?

Somewhat anxiously, she headed inside.

Tony waved when he saw her. “Hey! Ready for your massage?”

“Hey Tony, you really don’t have to…” Amy started, half hoping that he would call the whole thing off.

“Nonsense! I’m more than happy to after all the help your sister was today. And this was all her idea. Just head into this room here, disrobe, and let me know when you’re all set and under the towel.”

“Thanks.” she smiled at him as she took the towel, walked into the room and closed the door.

The atmosphere was pleasant, with muted lighting and plants in the corners. She walked over to the wooden chair by the wall and kicked off her flip flops. Slipping the straps off her shoulders, she slid the dress down over her bare breasts and torso, and stepped out of it.

The urge to touch herself was nearly overwhelming. How the hell was she going to manage this?? True, she had the opportunity to get off. At this point she could probably accomplish it in about a minute. But she knew that after being pent up for so long, she tended to make quite a mess, and there would be no way to hide that before Tony came in. Though she was usually comfortable getting a massage in the nude, she opted to keep her blue lace panties on in an effort to contain herself.

The cold leather sent shivers through her entire body as she took her position face-down on the table and placed the towel over her. She took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself before ringing the bell next to the table, signaling to Tony that she was ready for him to enter.

“All set?” Tony said as he walked into the room. He went to the side table, moved some things around, and turned on soothing music. Amy’s body tensed as his footsteps approached, and she had to stifle a gasp when his hands touched her back. He tried some small talk, and she did her best to respond, but her focus was mostly on how good his hands felt on her. Eyes closed, a hundred different fantasies played through her mind as he worked his way down her back.

After 20 minutes, he grabbed a longer towel to drape over her from chest to thigh, and had her turn onto her back. He started at her feet, and worked his way up her legs.

“Where do you feel the most tension?” He asked, rubbing just above her knee.

Tony was her friend, but at this moment, Amy had been pushed past her limit. He was a strong, attractive man, and that was all her mind could process.

“Higher.” She said quietly. His hands moved up her thigh in response. After a few seconds, she found her voice again. “Higher.”

After a brief hesitation, his hands began massaging her upper thigh, just below the edge of the towel. She moved the other leg just barely, spreading them a bit. One more time: “higher.”

He hesitated, continuing in the same spot, but she had gone too far, and couldn’t stop now. Her hand found his wrist, and pulled it up between her legs, until his fingers pressed against the soaked fabric. “This is what I really need. Can you help me?” She said, looking up at him.

He stared at her, stunned by the sudden advance. With her free hand, she grabbed the edge of the towel and pulled it, letting it fall to the floor. His eyes traced over her nearly nude body, and he hesitated for just a second more before she felt his fingers push against her and start moving in slow circles. She moaned in appreciation and bent her knees, spreading her legs wide. Her eyes closed and the pleasure flooded through her, even from just that light touch. Letting herself go, she moaned louder than she meant to, and the pleasure stopped.

Opening her eyes, she saw him walking towards the door, and her heart stopped. She knew she had gone too far, and the embarrassment began to rise in her chest. But before she could react, he reached for the doorknob, and instead of turning it, he pushed the button to lock it. Turning back to her, he looked her in the eye. “Are you serious? Is this what you want?”

Relieved and tingling, Amy stared back at him, and unable to find the right words, she bit her lip as she nodded at him. Stepping toward her, he peeled off his shirt, and she did the same with her panties, sliding them down over legs and letting them drop to the floor. No longer hesitating, Tony stepped toward her and nestled his right hand between her legs again, and his left began to massage her chest. No longer inhibited by uncertainty or blue lace, he spread her lips with his fingers and began to run his fingers up and down over her clit.

She writhed on the table, barely able to handle the touch that she’s been craving for days. With only one thing on her mind, her hands found his belt, and in only a few seconds she was stroking his thick, growing cock. Leaning over, she took him into her mouth, slowly working her tongue around his swollen head and she stroked his shaft.

Sensing her urgency, he slid his fingers into her and she let out a stifled moan. Wasting no time, he massaged her gspot with two fingers while he pressed his palm against her clit. Her hips moved up to meet him rhythmically, and she felt the waves of pleasure finally wash over her. She clenched around his fingers as she came, letting the long absent orgasm flow through her, getting lost in the feeling.

When she finally regained her senses, she realized that she was far from done. The craving had been replaced with an animal desire, and she needed more. She looked up at him, and in a tone that was half begging, half commanding, said “Fuck me, now.”

He climbed on top of her, and she prepared for him to fuck her hard and fast. Instead, he teased her clit with the tip of his cock before slowly pushing inside her. He stopped after only a few inches, and slowly slid back out. He teased her like this, with slow shallow strokes, until she couldn’t take it a second longer. Pushing him off of her, she rose to her knees on the table and kissed him deeply. As their lips parted, she whispered, “Stop screwing around, and fuck me.”

Turning away from him, she dropped until her chest was flat against the table. She waited, ass in the air, until she finally felt him push into her. This time he didn’t stop until he completely filled her. A shock ran through her body as she stretched to take all of him, and she groaned with pleasure. He pulled nearly all the way out of her before thrusting back in, just as deep as before. He built his speed until he was slamming into her with every thrust, her ass slapping against his abs. As she felt another orgasm build, her hand found its way to her swollen clit, and she rubbed herself fast as he fucked her. Reaching up, he grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her back into him. Pain mixed with pleasure and an even bigger orgasm crashed over her. He kept fucking her, extending her orgasm until her legs were shaking.

When she finally collapsed onto the table, he barely gave her a second to recover. He flipped her onto her back, and climbed on top of her again. This time though, he didn’t bother to tease her. He lifted her legs, and placed one over each of his shoulders. He kissed her as his cock found its way inside her, and he began to fuck her with long, steady thrusts. His swollen head pressed against her gspot with every stroke, and his hand dipped down to stroke her clit. Still recovering from her last orgasm, she felt another one building. Her tight pussy clenched around him as she came, and the pleasure was finally too much for him. He pulled his cock out just in time to spray her with his cum, covering her chest and stomach.

She lay there, body tingling as she struggled to catch her breath. As they both recovered, he handed her a soft towel, and they both cleaned up. As the reality of what just happened slowly dawned on her, she wrapped the towel around herself. “Look…” she started. “This was incredible. I’m sorry, it’s just been so long since…”

He cut her off. “You don’t have to explain, I get it. We can pretend this never happened, as long as you remember to come back if you ever need a massage like this again.” They smiled at each other, and got dressed.

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