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Chapter 6 — Tim and I get even with Pete

My playing boss to Tim was an awesome turn on. He loved being told exactly what to do. He had been coming over to my dorm about three times a week. He’d only come over when Stephen, my roommate, was not going to be around, which I was hoping to change so that Stephen could see his perfect smooth body too.

He came over two days before Halloween and was very upset. He had a slight black eye and a deep red mark on his cheek. I asked him what had happened and he almost cried, telling me that Pete, his roommate who was forcing him to suck him off almost nightly, had slapped him hard the night before when Tim was sucking him off.

I asked him why he’d been slapped and he said, “I reached my hands around and grabbed his ass, I was trying to suck him deeper, the way I like to suck you. He then pulled away and slapped me hard yelling ‘Don’t fucking touch me you fag! Just suck my cock!’. He then shoved his cock back into my mouth and grabbed my hair with both hands and really started pounding my face. He blew his load in like one minute, pulled out and slapped me again and reminded me not to touch him or he’d beat the hell out of me.”

This pissed me off, Tim is a great guy and only wants to please, but Pete was just a bully. As Tim finished his story, I could tell he had a raging hard on. Tim enjoyed being told what to do and apparently the slap turned him on too.

“I see you have a hard on,” I said, nodding towards his tenting sweat pants, “Why is that? Did you like him slapping you? Or just the idea of being punished?”

He grinned and blushed a bit, “Well, honestly, a little of both,” he started, “not so much the bruising, but, yea, the being punished part.” His cock was now fully erect, pressing against his sweat bottoms.

Smiling, I said, “pull those off,” pointing to his sweats.

He pulled them off immediately, almost tripping as he kicked them off of his feet. His cock bounced, fully exposed, his pubic area freshly shaven smooth. I reached over and grabbed his cock and pulled him roughly to me. Stroking him back and forth, I whispered in his ear, “You are about to get punished for getting horny thinking about that idiot roommate of yours.”

I then sat down, pulling him across my lap. I wedged his cock between my legs and reached under him with my left hand, pulling his cock downwards so that he couldn’t move very much. I then took my right hand and started to slowly rub the palm against his beautifully round butt. I massaged each cheek for several minutes, squeezing them tightly every few seconds. With each squeeze, his cock would jerk in my left hand. I began to squeeze harder and for a longer period, so that when I released his cheek, it was red from my hand pressing into the soft, white flesh.

I then drew my hand up and slapped down hard on his ass. He yelped and jerked a bit. I then began to continually spank his ass, each stroke getting harder and harder. His extremely white ass was now turning bright pink, and becoming redder with each hard swat of my hand.

After almost three minutes of straight spanking, my hand was becoming sore. His ass was crimson red now and showed a few darker streaks that would later turn to light bruises. I was about to stop after almost five minutes when I felt his cock began to surge, shooting his cum all over my calves and feet. As I realized he was cumming, I began to stroke his cock with my left hand, pumping the cream from him as fast as I could.

After he stopped cumming, I released his cock and began to slowly rub his ass. I couldn’t believe the amount of heat coming from his butt. Both cheeks were dark, dark red and both were hot to the touch.

I reached over to the night stand and grabbed a bottle of hand lotion and squirted some on both of his cheeks. His butt flinched at the coldness of the cream. I began to slowly rub the cream around his butt, massaging his burnt cheeks and soothing the heat away.

“Oh, that was awesome!” he said, “My ass feels so good, the burning, the cream is so cold!,” he continued, “I’m sorry I shot off all over you, I’ll clean it up for you,” he tried to turn his head back towards me as he smiled up at me.

“Yes, you will, but first things first,” said, applying a little more cream, “I want to cool this beautiful butt down a little.”

As I continued, my fingers slipped between the clefts of his ass. I massaged his butt hole, which began to open up for me. I then slid first one finger in, then another, slowly finger fucking his butt. He was moaning with each insertion of my fingers, his butt clamping down when I would try to withdraw them.

I pulled the two inserted fingers apart and towards me, opening his ass up and I squirted an ample amount of the lotion deep into his open hole. He moaned louder and squirmed around on my lap. I then slid my fingers out and I could hear his ass squishing the lotion inside, trying to push it back up and out.

“Stand up,” I said. He got up and stood in front of me, his cock still glistening casino oyna with cum.

“Bend over the desk,” I ordered. He walked over to the desk and bent over it, spreading his legs slightly.

I dropped my boxers, the only thing I was wearing, and walked up behind him. His ass was glowing red. I could see out of the slightly opened blinds that it was a blustery afternoon and there weren’t many people walking around outside. I reached over to the desk and moved everything to one side, mainly making sure that I could easily see anyone that might be coming towards the dorm. Though we were on the fourth floor, it would be easy for someone to look up and see him bent over the desk, and see me behind him.

“Lay all the way over the desk, chest flat, and your face turned to the right,” I commanded. Which, he did immediately. “Now,” I continued, “reach both hands behind you and spread your ass apart for me.”

He reached back, grasping a cheek in each hand and spread them as wide as he could. The lotion made his cheeks slippery and he was having a hard time keeping them open as wide as they could go. But, he kept trying, grasping them harder and stretching as best he could.

I slid up behind him and placed the head of my cock against his tight hole, just letting the tip sit against his anal ring. I thought about putting on a condom, and then decided not to. I knew we were both very clean, so I thought I’d just fill him full today. This would be a first, since we always used condoms in the past.

“You don’t get hard thinking about that idiot anymore,” I said in a strong, harsh tone.

“Okay, I’ll try not to get hard again, but I love him bossing me around, just like I love this!,” he replied, still fighting to keep his butt cheeks spread open.

“Yea, well instead, you think about my spanking, let that get you hard,” I said, “Or, think about my cock head, sitting right here at the opening of your ass,” I continued, pushing forward enough so that about a fourth of an inch was now pressed inside his hole.

“Yes, yes, I’ll think about that, I promise!” he gasped.

I leaned over him slightly, looking around the yard below and said, “I’m going to fuck you now, no condom, just cock.”

“OHHH…yea! Please, please fuck me!” He said, a begging tone to his words.

I moved forward, my cock forcing open his tight hole, the head easing in, his anal ring clamping down around the bulbous head. I kept easing forward, slowly, keeping steady pressure on against him. My cock was slowly filling him. After almost half a minute, I was imbedded completely inside him, my balls resting against his, my pubic bone pressed against his spread open ass cheeks.

I didn’t move at first, letting his ass adjust to the fullness. I could feel the warmth of his body and feel the lotion I’d squirted inside him. I began to slowly pull out, while using my hands to help his own, hold his ass wide apart.

He moaned, “OH! OH! Damnit that feels so fucking great! AAGGGHHHH,” he continued as now only the head remained inside the tight cavern of his small, burning red ass. I then pushed back in, just as slowly, another long deep moan escaping his mouth. I continued this slow insertion and withdrawal, taking almost half a minute to pull out and half a minute to go back in. He was moaning and pushing his ass back towards me in an attempt to get me to fuck him faster, but I would simply use my hands to keep his body pressed against the desk, not letting him do anything about my slow, deep pace.

I kept this pace for almost ten minutes, having to stop numerous times with my cock head being the only part of my cock inside him, this to avoid blowing my wad. He was now begging me to pound his ass. I knew that once I picked up the pace, I wouldn’t be able to hold on for long.

After only a few more slow strokes, I grabbed his small hips and slid back inside him so hard that I knocked several items off of the desk. I then began a furious in and out thrusting, fucking his tight hole, banging my body into his. Faster and faster, harder and harder, for another two minutes or so and I felt my balls begin to tighten and knew I wouldn’t last much longer.

I made one last long hard thrust inside him and began to empty my balls deep into his ass. Shot after shot sprayed deep inside him.

He was moaning and groaning louder than before and his own cock was spraying cum onto the floor between us.

I kept my cock inside him, slowing pulling it back and forth until it was completely deflated and slid freely from his now gaping asshole. As my cock dropped free, a river of cum and lotion poured freely from his ass, dripping onto the floor and making a stream down his right thigh. I had him get a towel and clean us both up, and clean the floor.

“So, you kinda like being told what to do, huh?” I asked

He blushed a little, “Sure, can’t you tell? That’s probably why I didn’t mind dressing in my sister’s cheerleading outfit for my mom’s friends.” He blushed a little more, “I really liked the spanking canlı casino too, my ass is still burning but it feels awesome.”

I thought for a minute, “So, do you care that Pete smacked you?”

He took a second then said, “I don’t like being slapped or punched by a bully. I’d let him spank me and boss me around if he wouldn’t hurt me.”

I sat thinking for a few minutes, and then I said, “Why don’t we get even with Pete. We’ll make him your bitch for a night and then explain that you guys can have fun without being shitty to each other.”

“How?” he asked, absent-mindedly rubbing his ass cheeks.

I smiled and replied, “The Halloween party, we’ll get him then. Just leave it to me and we’ll teach him a lesson or two.” I moved over to him, turned him around and knelt down, gently kissing his burning ass cheeks. They were still very red and putting of a great amount of heat. I kissed and licked on his butt cheeks, cooling them off. He was moaning and had to bend over and grab the desk to keep from falling. I could see his cock was hard as a rock, so I reached between his legs and started to gently stroke him off while I kept kissing his red butt.

Within a few minutes he moaned that he was cumming. I reached my other hand around in front of him, catching his load in my palm as his shot out of his hard cock. I continued stroking until he finally stopped cumming. I then moved my hand full of cum to just above his lower back and poured it against him, letting the thick cum trickle slowly down his lower back and onto his round bubble butt. I then smeared the cum over both cheeks, blowing lightly against the cum for a cooling affect on his butt.

I stood up and said, “Okay, you better get dressed, Stephen will be here in about twenty minutes.”

He turned, smiled and reached for his sweat bottoms, not bothering to clean the drying cum that was spread across his bubble butt ass.

Part 2 — Halloween night

I had a friend that supplied me with a couple of pills that would knock Pete out completely if dropped into his drink. I told Tim the plan and then headed off campus to a local motel. I booked a room, set up a few things for later and headed to the big Halloween party at Pete’s frat house.

Each member of the Frat house that was pledging had to dress as a woman. Tim had chosen his sister’s cheerleading outfit from school. He was wearing bright red tights, under the short skirt, tight bottoms and a sweater top. He had also borrowed one of her bras, which he had stuffed with pantyhose, for use later.

He told me that several guys had been slapping his butt and lifting his skirt. Several of the other pledges were decked out in maids and nurses uniforms. None were as feminine looking at Tim, mainly because of his boyish looks.

Pete was dresses in a toga and Tim told me that he was naked under it, as Pete had forced him to suck him off before they came to the party.

I gave the two pills to Tim, who easily slipped them into Pete’s drink. They have a dual effect; they make you drowsy and horny at the same time so after about thirty minutes, Pete sought out Tim and said it was time for another blowjob. Tim suggested that they go outside to a car, so that no one would catch them in one of the frat rooms. He easily agreed and stumbled outside. I followed behind, waiting for them to get into the back seat of Tim’s car. Once there, Pete lifted his toga and shoved his cock into Tim’s mouth. I watched from the nearby bushes as Tim sucked on Pete’s cock, Pete’s head bobbing from the drowsiness of the pills. After about five minutes, Tim rose up and motioned for me to come over.

Rolling the window down, Tim said, “He’s out! His cock is still hard, but he’s out!”

I got in the front seat and we headed to the motel. It took all we had to carry Pete into the room. Once there, we removed the toga and laid him on the bed. As I put two pillows under his lower back, Tim removed the pantyhose from his bra and began tying Pete’s legs to the side of the bed, explicitly exposing his cock and ass. I then tied his arms directly over his head, pulling them tight and tying them to the bed frame. The nylon hose were perfect, allowing little to no movement at all. I then took out the blindfold and ball gag that I had purchased earlier in the day. We secured both on Pete. He was now unable to see, speak or move.

I then set up the video recorder and started it filming. We took a portable razor and shaved his cock and balls, and then Tim used a razor and shaving cream to remove the remaining stubble. His cock grew hard again as Tim manipulated around it and I knew that it wouldn’t be long now. Pete’s cock wasn’t huge, only about five inches long and about three inches round. His newly shaved balls were large and heavy, filled with semen from his early cock sucking session with Tim that ended with him passing out. Soon, his cock and balls were as smooth as mine and Tim’s. Now it was time to wake him.

After a splash or two of cold water he began to come to. I let him test the nylons kaçak casino holding him to the bed, and then waited until he began to try to scream against the ball gag in his mouth.

I leaned in and whispered, “Stop struggling and I’ll tell you what’s going on.”

He continued to struggle, so I reach down and grasped his nut sack and squeezed hard. Repeating myself, “Stop struggling,” adding a bit more pressure to his balls. He stopped moving and I released my tight grip, still keeping my hand on his balls, noticing that his dick was harder now than before.

I began to describe what was going on, “You are tied up. You are naked. My friend and I have shaved your balls, your cock and all of your pubic hair. You have a blindfold on and,” thumping the ball gag, “this is a ball gag which prevents you from screaming.” I waited a second before continuing, “You’ve recently beat up a friend of mine who you forced to suck your dick and then hit him for touching your ass,” I dropped his balls and cupped his ass cheek, “sorta like this.”

I squeezed his butt cheek in my hand, “You will not do that again,” he began to shake his head ‘no’. I grinned, “No, you aren’t getting off that easy. See, I think that you secretly liked him touching your ass, especially since you like his mouth on your dick. Think how much more fun you could be having.” I released his ass and started stroking his cock.

I waited until I heard him moan, then said, “See, you don’t seem to mind having my hand jerking you off, so I think you really, secretly want much more don’t you?” He shook his head ‘no’. “Oh, I think you do and we, yes, there is more than one of us here, and we think you’ll admit it soon.”

I motioned for Tim to come over to the bed. Once Tim was there, I mouthed my instructions to him and he stuck his finger into an open jar of petroleum jelly and began to smear it around Pete’s ass, working it in and out of the crack, and then slowly inserting a finger.

Pete began to jerk against the nylons, I quickly grabbed his balls and began to squeeze hard until he stopped. I then said, “If you resist, I will squeeze your nuts off!” Tim continued to slide his finger in and out of Pete’s ass, soon inserting a second and then a third finger. Soon, Tim was easily sliding four fingers in and out of Pete’s ass. Pete was moaning with each thrust.

I grabbed the large cock shaped dildo I had purchased and greased it up, then placed the head of it at Pete’s hole. I then asked, “Did you like the fingers fucking you? Tell the truth, we’re the only ones that will know.”

Pete nodded slightly, and I grinned then began to ease the dildo into his well greased butt, “Then you’ll really like this,” I said. I could feel his butt tense up and his muscles trying to expel the dildo. I eased back a little then shoved in harder forcing about two inches of the rubber cock inside him. He groaned and winced. I then pulled it back about an inch and said, “Relax, this won’t hurt after a few minutes and you’ll love it, I promise. Do you understand?” He nodded again and I could see his body relax.

I very slowly eased the rubber cock inside him. With each inch that went in, I’d pull back about a half inch. After about three long minutes, I had all six inches of the rubberized cock in him. I left it sitting there, rotating it from side to side.

Pete moaned deeply and I told Tim to take over. I moved up the Pete’s head as I watched Tim pull about three inches out of Pete’s lubed ass and then ease the cock back in. Tim continued this pace as I moved up and began to remove the ball gag.
“Now, Pete, as long as you behave, I’ll leave this off. But if you scream, cuss or try to bite anyone in here, I’ll squeeze your balls until you cry and then we’ll put this back on, do you understand?”

He nodded and replied, “Yes, thank you for taking that off.” Then he moaned and sighed deeply as Tim continued to fuck the dildo in and out of Pete’s ass.

“So, you do like that?” I asked.

“I can’t believe that I do,” he said, swallowing hard, “but I love it! It feels so freakin’ great.”

I reached down and started stroking his cock, tightening my grip on his very erect, straining dick, “and if I do this it feels that much better huh?”

“OH! OH! I’ll cum if you don’t stop! I never last very long!” he cried out.

“Its okay, go ahead and cum. That’s the point, to have fun,” I said, continuing to stroke his swelling cock.

I could tell he was close, so I removed my hand and replaced Tim’s hand on the dildo. I pulled it almost all the way out and then slowly eased it all the way back in.

“OH! OH! SHIIIITTTTT!” he groaned! “I’m gonna cum if you keep that up!”

I told Tim to start jerking him off. Tim smiled and wrapped his hand around Pete’s cock. I once again withdrew the dildo to the head and shoved it back in, a little harder with each stroke now, almost shoving the base in with it.

Tim was stroking Pete’s cock slowly and was picking up pace with each ‘OH’ that Pete screamed or moaned. After about three minutes of the steady hard dildo fucking and stroking of his cock, Pete exploded. His cum shot from the head of his cock about twelve inches into the air and began to puddle on his stomach and shaved crotch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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