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My name is Melanie, and I am a student at a large state university—a place that has quite a reputation as a party school. Actually, it would be more accurate to say that I am masquerading as a student to get some interesting perspectives on college life in the millennial age. I am really a writer/blogger working for an alternative newspaper. My editor approached me with the concept and offered to pay all expenses if I would be willing to go undercover to experience college life firsthand. I was admittedly rather hesitant since I am a rather modest person with limited experience in the world of parties and sex, but I agreed when he told me that the project might lead to a book project and possibly an independent art film. It seemed like a promising way to take my career to a new level, and so I accepted the challenge. I vowed to push myself to explore experiences I might otherwise have avoided, and, in the end, I surprised myself with a newfound sense of courage and adventure. Here is a chapter in my series titled “Coed Confidante”.


I had settled in to the sorority life over the past few months and had quickly made good friends with many of my sorority sisters. Still, I did not think I had done anything to stand out from the others, so I was surprised to get a text from Nikki, the sorority president, asking that we get together as soon as possible. We were able to meet the next day, and I was surprised when I heard what she had to say.

“Thanks for getting back to me so quickly,” Nikki said. “The leadership teams at both the sorority and our partner fraternity had our monthly meeting a few days ago, and your name came up.”

“It did?” I replied. “In what context?”

“We were making plans for our annual charity auction and we all agreed that you would be a good choice to be one of the participants.”

“Participants?” I asked warily. “I have never heard of this charity auction. What exactly is being auctioned?”

“Let me explain,” Nikki answered. “Every year, we pick three guys from the fraternity and three sisters from our sorority to be auctioned off to the highest bidders. It’s always a popular event and we raise a sizeable amount of money every year for a charity that we target.”

“What do you mean when you say that these people are auctioned off? Are we supposed to do some community service work?”

“Not exactly,” Nikki answered with a guarded voice. “The volunteers are auctioned off to be dates for an evening with the people who pledge the highest bids. I know that sounds a little kinky, but I assure you it is all in good fun for a good cause.”

“So why me?” I asked nervously. “Certainly there are more popular people than me that would raise more money.”

“It’s not so much a question of popularity. It’s more a question of visual appeal. I know it does not sound politically correct, but we have found that the sexier the contestants, the more money we raise.”

“I get the impression that you are not telling me the whole story here,” I said. “What does sexy have to do with the auction?”

“You are right,” Nikki admitted. “I just wanted to gauge your interest before I laid out the details.”

“Go on,” I persisted.

“Okay, here’s the full scoop. The contestants stand on the stage in the Little Theater and take turns answering trivia questions. When the contestants answer correctly, nothing happens. If the person gives an incorrect answer, the contestant who asks the question gets to remove an article of clothing from the person who gave the wrong answer. At the end of every round of questions, the audience members get a chance to bid on any of the contestants in the auction.”

“How long does the auction go on?” I asked.

“We continue until all but one of the volunteers has been stripped naked,” Nikki answered in a guarded voice. “At that point, we tally up all of the bids and announce the six audience members who have submitted the winning bids.”

“And what exactly do they win?” I responded in surprise. “This is sounding like a nonstarter for me.”

“They win the right to a date with the person they have bought in the auction,” Nikki explained. “Usually it involves dinner and some companionship. I know it may sound intimidating, but past volunteers have told us they were glad they did it and that they were happy they could help to raise money for a good cause.”

I was about to decline the invitation and walk away, but I decided to ask about the charity cause first. Nikki told me that they were raising money to help fund a substance abuse clinic on campus to provide counseling for students fighting addiction issues. Now I was truly torn because this is a cause that I support. I had to decide if the cause was important enough for me to stand on stage before an audience and risk being stripped naked in front of them. I asked Nikki how long I had to make my decision and I told her that I would think about it.

Over the next two days, I asked around about the auction and talked to a few people who had volunteered in past years. They ataköy escort told me that it was a very challenging experience but rewarding at the same time. When I asked what the winning bidders expected, they confessed that there was an unspoken understanding that some form of sexual attention was a part of the bargain, but they also pointed out that nothing violent or kinky was allowed. The girls I spoke to said that their dates ended with an obligatory blow job and nothing more. I knew down deep that this was the kind of adventure that my editor was encouraging me to explore, so after some serious soul searching, I texted Nikki and told her I would volunteer for the auction.

On the day of the auction, I reported to the Little Theater to meet the other volunteers and to learn the details of the evening’s events. The organizers told us that each of us was to wear only four articles of clothing, and that we were expected to forfeit one item each time we gave an incorrect answer. They explained that the questions were to come from cards modeled on the Trivial Pursuit format, and that the questioner was free to choose from six questions on the card he or she selected. That questioner also had the right to choose the article of clothing to be forfeited when an incorrect answer is given.

As the time drew nearer, I waited backstage with the other five volunteers as the small auditorium filled with spectators and potential bidders. Some computer tech geek had created a smart phone app that audience members could use to monitor and place bids during the event, and we learned that the bid totals would be projected on a large screen. We also found out that a camera would be trained on each contestant as the questions were asked, and that the video feed would also be shown on the large screen.

“Are you as nervous as I am?” I asked my two sorority sisters Dani and Kim as we watched the people fill the seats in the theater. “Is it my imagination, or does it seems that the three frat guys look more confident?”

“I heard that the guys are all selected based on the size of their peckers,” Dani offered with a smile. “My guess is that they are proud as hell of their equipment and are relishing the prospect of showing off for the crowd.”

“I’m already having second thoughts about this whole thing and we haven’t even stepped on stage yet,” Kim said. “I know we all stripped down during our sorority initiation, but this is more terrifying in front of a big crowd, especially since all of them are dressed.”

The time came to start the auction, and the six of us walked on stage and took our places. The order of questioning would go from stage left to stage right, and we were positioned so that the guys would question the girls and the girls would do the same with the guys. This arrangement also applied for the stripping component when questions were missed. After a few announcements, the auction began.

I got lucky with easy questions in the first two rounds and was able to stay fully dressed. My sorority sisters did not fare as well, and both were down to their bras and panties very quickly. My luck ran out in the third round as Hector, the guy next to me, picked a card and read the question.

“This question is from the AL category,” Hector said with a sly smile. “What letter does Jughead Jones from the Archie comic book series wear on his sweater?”

“The what series? What century are these questions from?” I asked with a look that revealed I did not have a clue about the topic. “If his name is Jughead Jones, I’m guessing ‘J’.”

“Wrong!” Hector said with happy conviction. “The correct answer is ‘S’. Let the undressing finally begin.”

I was ready for Hector to pull my tank top over my head, but he went right to the elastic band of my leggings and unceremoniously pulled them down to my ankles. I think he relished the look of surprise on my face, and he kneeled down to help me step out of my forfeited garment. I had worn a lacy bra and panty set since I thought it look better in public than my everyday undies, but now I realized how revealing they were to the audience. I tried to find ways to cover myself without looking too obvious, but it was hopeless. I looked over to see my efforts to maintain some modesty projected on the big screen for an appreciative audience.

The updated auction bids were again posted on the big screen, and, to my surprise, I had earned the top bid. $100 from an anonymous bidder simply identified as “Hard4U”. Very subtle.

I breezed by the next round as my fellow contestants were showing more skin, and I took some pleasure in removing the jeans from the guy I was questioning. He was now left with only his boxer briefs, and the obvious bulge confirmed Dani’s theory that the guys were picked for the size of their cocks. I continued to answer my questions correctly over the next few rounds, and I had to smile a bit as my fellow contestants were faltering. The two other girls were left standing in only their panties, and the nervous looks on their faces made it bakırköy escort clear that they knew a more humiliating fate was soon at hand. One of the guys was already buck naked and showing off his impressive cock to the crowd like some trophy. I was beginning to think I might get off with my wardrobe still largely in place—that is until the next round of questions.

“I think I found one that will stump Miss Brainiac here,” Hector announced to the audience as he picked a question from the card in his hand. “It’s from the History category. In the ancient Roman Empire, what was the best chariot route between Rome and Brindisi?”

“Could you repeat the question?” I asked nervously as I tried to rack my brain for any tidbits of knowledge from my history classes.

“It’s a simple question,” Hector answered in a sarcastic tone. “Way back in the Roman Empire, what was the best chariot route between Rome and Brindisi?”

I knew I had no chance on this one. “Caesar’s Highway?” I offered as my response.

“Wrong again,” Hector said with satisfaction. “It was called the Via Appia.”

The crowd was cheering now at the prospect of seeing another garment drop to the stage floor. Having already lost my leggings in the last round, I was prepared to lose my tank top this time and so I held up my arms in expectation. Instead, Hector dropped to his knees and started to pull at my lace panties with his teeth.

“Dude!” I protested loud enough so that most of the audience was sure to hear. “The normal play here is to go for the top. You know, save the good stuff for later in the game.”

“No way,” Hector replied as he released his teeth from my lacy thong and looked up. “I have been trying to visualize your sweet snatch ever since I yanked down your pants, and I am not going to leave anything to chance.”

“But you will probably get your chance in a few minutes. I would prefer that you take my top off next.”

“I don’t think so, lovely lady. You seem like a pretty smart chick,” Hector said. “There’s a decent chance the game will be over before you miss any more questions.”

With that, he started to grope my ass and run his hands up and down my legs to see if he could get me flustered. Then, with his face just inches from my pussy, he started to pull my lacy panties down. He paused when the first wisps of hair were visible, and then slowly revealed the rest of my blond triangle. He continued to caress my legs as he eased the thong down to the floor. I thought the humiliation was complete at that point, but he surprised me one more time by leaning in and giving my pussy a short kiss. By the time Hector had stood up again, the audience was standing and cheering. I was left to step out my lacy panties and do my best to cover myself from the crowd. Again, the whole spectacle was being shown on the big screen.

After two more rounds, I ended up being the clear winner since the other five contestants were now standing completely naked. My sorority sisters were trying hard to cover themselves with their hands and arms, but the guys looked relaxed and seemed to be happy to put their junk on public display. I was also the big winner in the place that mattered most—the screen that displayed the final bid totals. I had been “sold” for $1,350 to the same bidder who had shown interest in me all evening—”Hard4U”. Once the event was over, we all grabbed our clothes and got dressed again.

Over the next two days, I nervously awaited instructions from the person who had bid on me. I was anxious to find out who this person was and, more importantly, what reward he was expecting for his generous donation to the addiction counseling clinic. When I came back to my room after class one morning, I found a large brown envelope that had been shoved under my door. Inside was a single sheet of paper. The message was simple but unsettling to me since it directed me to report to a specific dorm room on Friday at 10:00 pm wearing comfortable clothes. The last line of the message made me a bit more nervous since it read, “Be sure to bring a blindfold and put it in place over your eyes as soon as you enter the room.” I knew that the wait until this secret rendezvous with “Hard4U” would seem like an eternity for me.

On Friday night, I found the dorm room mentioned in the instructions, and it was unlocked as promised. There was no one inside, so I stepped into the middle of the room and put on the blindfold. A few minutes went by and I was getting more and more nervous. I kept imagining sordid details of unthinkable acts of rough sex or kinky role playing games, and I wondered how I had allowed myself to do the auction thing in the first place. My worst fears were overtaking my thoughts, so I tried to reassure myself with the knowledge that my pepper spray was in my purse just a couple of feet away from where I stood.

Just then, I heard the door open and a person step into the room. Before I could turn toward the door, I detected the sound of the room lights being switched off. Then I heard a voice, but it was not a normal man’s voice as I expected. It was a recorded voice that had been intentionally doctored to disguise the identity of the man who was about to claim his reward.

“Do you have your blindfold in place?” the recorded voice sounded out.

“Yes, I have it on,” I replied nervously. I heard the light switch click on again, so I knew that the man was looking at me in a fully lighted room.

“Excellent,” the mysterious voice continued. “Do you know who I am and why you are here?”

“I don’t know your name, I stammered. “At the auction, the MC announced that the winning bid came from someone named “Hard4U”. Is that you? Do I know you?”

“Let’s just say that I know who you are. I am a big admirer. What do you think is about to happen here?”

“I’m not sure,” I said with a shaky voice, “but I am guessing you want a blow job for starters and then probably some hotter stuff on the bed. Why else would you spend that kind of money on me? But I’m begging you to be easy on me. I did the auction to help a good cause, but I have never done any kinky sex stuff or bondage. If that’s what you have in mind, I guarantee you I will rip off this blindfold and run out of the room screaming.”

It was as if the man anticipated every answer I gave. I could hear the tape recorder clicking on and off as we spoke, and every recorded segment seemed to fit the conversation. After he assured me that he had no intention of harming me or forcing me to perform any despicable acts, he clicked off the recorder and stepped behind me. He began to grope me as he kissed me on the back of my neck. His hands were all over my body, and I had to admit that I was getting aroused as he slid his hands under my shirt and gently massaged my tits over my lacy bra. The feelings intensified when he slid his hand down my jeans. His fingers were exploring the contours of my pussy over my panties which I am sure were getting moist at that point.

The man then started to remove my clothes. He pulled my shirt over my head and then unhooked my bra and let it fall to the floor. I was expecting his hands to go for my pants next, but I heard him step away. A moment later I heard a quiet click followed by several more in quick succession. The sound was unmistakable, and I knew instantly that he was snapping photos. I started to protest, but he just put a finger to my lips as if to tell me not to worry. That didn’t do much to calm my nerves, though, since I had no desire to find a bunch of nude photos of me on the Internet.

The stripping ritual continued as the man unbuttoned my jeans and shimmied them over my hips and down my legs. My lacy panties were soon on the floor as well, and the sound of the camera clicks resumed. I stood there completely naked for a few moments wondering what was coming next. Then I felt him behind me again. He pressed his powerful body close to me and I could feel the large bulge in his pants against my back. His hands were gently caressing my breasts as he moved his body slowly against mine. My mind was still spinning with thoughts of what was to come, but I had to admit that these sensations were enjoyable.

I did not expect what happened next. The mystery man removed my blindfold and turned me around to face him. To my surprise and relief, it was not a mystery man at all. It was Jason, my good friend from the fraternity.

“You shit!” I screamed with a mixture of anger and relief. “Do you know how scared I was?”

“Relax baby,” Jason replied soothingly, “I wasn’t going to let it go too far. Remember you once told me that you wanted to push the envelope with this Coed Confidante thing?”

“How about all of your lies?” I pressed on. “First you told me you could not be at the auction. Then you tried to convince me that you did not care about the fact that I got the highest bid and raised the most money.”

“I purposely stayed in a corner at the back of the room so you could not see me,” Jason explained. “I have to admit that I was a bit jealous watching that Hector guy strip you on stage and grope you like he did. Believe me, I was watching him closely and I was ready to step in if I thought he got too handsy with you.”

“Then there is this whole sham with the empty dorm room and the blindfold and the fake voice,” I said, my voice still shaking.

“You are forgetting the most important thing that I assure you was NOT a lie.”

“What’s that?” I asked.

“Hard4U,” Jason whispered in my ear as he pressed his body closer to mine. “As you can tell, that is anything but a lie.”

I was starting to calm down a bit and I had to admit that his hard cock felt good as he ground it against my naked body, and I reached down to stroke him over his jeans. I wasted no time pulling his T-shirt over his head so I could feel his muscular chest against my bare tits. We stood there locked in a passionate and heated embrace, and I did not want it to end. I could feel his bulge pressing even harder against my bare pussy, so I dropped to my knees and began to stroke the outline of his cock with my hand. It took a few moments to undo his belt and tug his jeans to the floor. He stepped out of them and now stood before me in his boxers that did little to disguise his stiff member.

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