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I turned around in my cubicle and smiled as I watched her work. She was so hot, short and big boobed with a flat stomach. She certainly had a double blessing, with her genes and natural interest in running. Not much of an ass but no one is perfect.

After working with her for months the stars had aligned and she admitted how she wanted me. Since then we have got together every possible moment we could. She was solid in the sack and she was just as good…

I caught myself stiffing up and decided to go for it, right now, right here at work. I unzipped my khakis and stood up and looked around to see if there was anyone around, but no one was in sight. There are certain benefits to working for a small company that has a large office.

I smiled as I crossed the short space to her desk. I reached down to touch the side of her face from behind and she nuzzled up to my hand, letting out a soft moan. My hand slid down her face to her neck and then under the collar of her shirt. My fingers slipped under the strap of her bra and down her chest. I found room between her breast and her bra and my fingers found her already hardening nipple. I could hear her breaths become shallow and fast. I smiled to myself pleased by the effect that I had on her so quickly.

I was slightly bent over her by this point so I looked around to once again confirm that we were unnoticed. Satisfied that no one was the wiser I tweaked her nipple one last time and slowing removed my hand from beneath her shirt as I straightened up.

She turned around to look at me with recently unleashed passion wanting more, always wanting more. As we held eye contact I reached down and removed my semi-stiff cock from my pants and pointed it at her. She leaned forward with not a word, only a smile, and took me in her mouth. She had told me before that she wasn’t good at giving head, but she had no idea how good she really was. So passionate and vigorous, she intuitively knew how to suck and bob and lick, like she was born to it.

My hand moved to the back of her head, her fine hair soft between my fingers. I slid forward as she took me deeper and more lovingly into her mouth, her tongue seemingly rubbing the length of me all at once.

I opened istanbul escort my eyes, not realizing I had closed them and quickly looked around. As erotic as the idea of potentially getting caught was I knew we had to change location. I gave one last thrust and started to pull back only to have her lean forward to follow me, not wanting me to leave her mouth. If only every woman gave such devotion…

My hands held her head in place as I slipped from her mouth. She gave a slight whimper as I, with some difficulty, got myself back into my pants.

“Come on,” I said, the first words exchanged between us since this little escapade had begun.

“Okay,” she said. “Let me finish this up real quick.”

I strolled back to my desk and leaned over my computer to check my email right quick and to lock it. Just as I turned back around she was standing up and smoothing the short pleated skirt that she had worn that day. She had been wearing more skirts since our adventures had begun.

We joked about this and that as we headed to the far side of the office where there was a storage room that I think was only used by us. As we got closer I grabbed her ass eliciting a playful giggle and twirl from her. She backed away from me and opened the door behind her. As she backed into the room I closed the door behind us. She backed into some stacked boxes and looked at me with those one of those “come fuck me” expressions. Not one to disappoint, I wrapped my arms around her pulling her to me and kissing her with all the passion she deserved.

Our bodies pressed together and I could feel my heart racing as I regained any rigidity that I had lost on our little walk over here. My left hand pulled held onto her hip as my right hand slid down her back to find its way under the bottom of her shirt. Her pelvis pushed against me harder as my hand touched the bare skin of her lower back. We continued to kiss as though we would never kiss again as my hand worked its way up her bare back to her bra, first under it, then above it, and then I deftly unclasped it with one hand.

A soft laugh escaped her lips as I kissed her neck. I pulled her shirt and bra up over her breasts. I pulled her shirt slightly off her shoulder escort bayan so that I could kiss her there as I worked my way down.

My lips and tongue alternated across her breasts, first one and then the other, always carefully avoiding actually touching or grazing her nipples. Each of my hands cupped each breast as I slowly got closer and closer to her nipples with my mouth. I allowed my cheeks and the whiskers that had grown on my face to tease them ever so softly.

As my left hand continued to cup one breast my other hand flew around to her lower back, pulling here into me as I sucked her nipple into my mouth. I alternated between sucking, nibbling, and licking one and then the other nipple as my hands worked their way under her skirt.

My hands found the end of her skirt and rode slowly up her thighs, while my mouth alternated from one nipple to the other, her breaths ragged, shallow, and so very excited. My fingers curled around her thong and pulled it down her legs. I left it at her ankles as my hands found their way back up her inner thighs. As one hand gripped her hip from beneath her skirt, the other found her wetness. Her breath caught from the combination of my fingers and my mouth. Her hips ground her pussy against my fingers as a slow ragged “please” escaped her lips.

I continued to finger her as I rose up to kiss her on the lips this time. Her nails and fingers slid down my chest finding their way to my belt buckle. As she unbuckled me, I started to rock towards here, my desire to be inside her reaching a fever pitch.

My pants fell down and I felt her step out of her panties. She began to push my boxers down and then leaned down to push them down to the floor as my hands played across her back and in her hair. I groaned as she slid me into her mouth one deep time before standing back up.

We kissed again and then I turned her to face the nearest wall. She bent over, putting her hands against the wall and wiggling her ass at me. I smiled and flipped her skirt over her bare ass. I gripped her hips and slipped my tip into her. Her appreciative moan encouraged me to tease her a slight bit more. I slowly pushed more of my head in. I could feel her trying to push back escort istanbul as I controlled her hips. I popped my whole head into her and was rewarded by more moans. I began to rock back and forth burying myself deeper and deeper into her. The feel of her tight, wet, hot pussy gripping me, squeezing me was amazing. I never wanted it to end.

Suddenly I became aware of voices outside the door. My heart began to race for a whole other reason and I stiffened up while half way inside her. If someone opened that door right now, the gig would be up.

She whimpered apparently unaware of the voices outside the door. I shushed as quietly as possible and I felt her stiffen too as she realized what was happening.

As we stood there in the most embarrassing of situations, listening, the voices began to fade and I began to slowly rock again. She began to rock back and forth with me and just as the voices faded to obscurity I was pounding into her full bore. She moaned louder and louder as the combined fucking and almost scare of getting caught had the combined effect of putting her on orgasmic edge. She exploded and I felt her contracting around me as I continued to stroke back and forth.

My beautiful co-worker was one of those women gifted with often orgasms so I was unsurprised when just moments later she started to stiffen up for her second orgasm. As I slid in and out of her I asked her, “where?”

“In,” she replied and I smiled.

As I felt her clench around me, enjoying her second orgasm of this little session, I released my load, coating her insides with cum.

I continued to fuck into her as she pushed against me until I started to stiffen.

I pulled out of her and leaned against the boxes, my pants still around my ankles and my semi-hard cock going limp. She turned around and looked at me and then dropped to her knees. As though she was the fulfillment of ever man’s fantasies, she took me in her mouth cleaning her juices off of me. My hands ran through her hair as she gently sucked and licked me.

When she was done, she grabbed her thong and pulled it up as I pulled up my boxers and pants. After we had situated ourselves she hugged me and I pulled her close kissing the crown of her head. After a moment of post-coital cuddle, we listened for any voices and then left the storage room. She stopped off at the bathroom and I headed back to my desk.

As I sat down and began to log into my computer I wondered what she was doing after work.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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