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I could hear them. Their moaning. It had been going on for about two hours now.

How can people even bang for that long?

I rub my forehead and shake my head at the painful ringing in my ears. Like studying wasn’t hard enough anyway, now I had to put up with my roommate and his girlfriend banging.

“Oh, Nate!” Amy screams.


Nate is my roommate. We’re pretty close, which is why I try and let these little moments slide… but recently it seems like they have been happening a lot more. He’s your typical boys’ boy. Tall, dark, good at sport and very muscly. I was not as blessed in the muscular department. Don’t get me wrong, I thought of myself as a good-looking guy – 5’11, brown hair, lean. However, from all the studying I have been doing, I have had to wear my glasses. I looked okay in them so it didn’t bother me too much, but Nate kept calling me Harry Potter.

We haven’t been around each other much lately. Whenever we are, Amy is there. I can’t help but envy him.

I pick up another book and try to look for that last highlighted section I made when their screams become louder.

“Fuck” I hear Amy shout.

Amy is hot. She has red hair and massive tits. I used to have a crush on her but Nate never doesn’t this. However, years of pining got me nowhere – and here I am, three years after I first asked her out, studying in the room next-door while my friend bangs her for two hours.

What I would do to get just a taste of her.

She’s a lot more vocal than he is, but there’s no denying his occasional grunts. I determine that enough is enough, and I reach for my headphones, drowning them out. The studying is harrowing and my eyes start to feel sleepy. I hate science. After what feels like forever, I feel the eruption of Nates door shut, and almost jump out of my skin.

Shit, have they had a fight?

I get up from my bed and make my way to Nate’s room. I knock but there is no answer.


Still nothing.

I have a bad feeling, and against my better judgment, I open the door. Inside, I find Nate in his bed, his face alight from his TV where he seems to be playing a game.

“Sam?” he says looking over at me, pausing the game.

He’s shirtless, and the bedding is wrapped over his bottom half. I’m insecure being in my weird-ass flannel pajamas now but I doubt he’ll say anything.

“Sorry I heard the door slam” I reply, looking between him and the TV, feeling awkward for the intrusion.

He puts the controller down and rolls his eyes.

“Yeah she got a call” he gazes at me, “I think it was her boyfriend or something.”

Her what?

My face scrunches in disgust. “Dude I didn’t know she had a boyfriend.”

“Neither did I,” I say crossing my arms.

He leans over his bed and reaches for the bedside table. Opening a draw, he recovers another controller and motions me over.

“Wanna play?”

Knowing I have more work to do, I know I shouldn’t. However, before I can stop myself I walk towards his bed and take up the space next to him. “Sure.”

We play a few games and before I know it, it’s been about half an hour. I curve on of his tackles and he tsks at me.

“Fuck you, Sam, I thought you didn’t play FIFA.”

I look at him and grin at his furrowed face. His green eyes are squinting at the screen and he’s biting his lip in concentration.

“I’m good at everything” I joke, swerving past another tackle of his.

Soon enough the game finishes and he looks pointedly at me.

“I want a beer.”

“Go get one then.”

He frowns and lowers the blanket. I follow his movements and see that there is no boxer line.

“Naked” He follows up. “You’ll have to get them.”

I cross my arms and my eyebrows raise. “I just won those games. I think it is only fair you get up of your ass” I emphasize, “and get us some beers” I smile at him. “And for compensation for hearing you two banging all night.”

He looks almost taken aback by that comment but doesn’t say anything. Instead, and to my shock, he pulls the covers off him, and gets up.

Completely naked.

I look away, and he laughs, walking towards the door.

He is way too confident.

It doesn’t take casino oyna him long to return, and when he does my eyes automatically lock eyes on him as he pushes the door open. Before I can stop myself, I look down at his cock. There are many things that I notice. For one, it’s huge. Secondly, he’s hard, and third – it is extremely wet looking.

“You going to keep ogling me?” he smirks.

He walks towards the bed, and I’m in envy at the V line of his hips.

I blush and shake my head. “Sorry, it was just right there.”

He chucks a beer to me and I fumble as I catch it, suddenly feeling nervous. He reaches the bed and picks up the remote. He doesn’t put the blanket over himself, and I can’t help but feel irate. He flicks through his game library, and I decide to open the beer and just drink in the silence. I think back to his dick and wonder why it was wet.

Was it lube?

He looks over at me at that moment, and my lips are around the bottle. I can only imagine I look like a puckered fish, as his gaze burns through me. I feel awkward, and I finish the gulp I was taking, wiping my lips afterward.

He’s still looking at me, and I wonder if I have something on my face. “What?”

He pulls the blanket over himself, and I let out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding.

“Nothing” he shakes his head.

I fiddle with the controller for a moment before he speaks.

“I have a game,” he says looking back at the screen.

A game?

“What is it?”

He presses some buttons, and his eyes return to mine. He grins mischievously, and I feel nervous.

“I have a set of mini-games we’re going to play”

I look at the screen at the game he’s picked, realizing I have never heard of it.

“and?” I prompt, taking another sip of the beer.

“Whoever wins the rounds has to do what the other person says”

“Like what?” I question.

He looks like he is thinking for a moment, and then he runs his hands through his hair.

“Like getting the beers in.”

He looks excited and I just laugh.

The beers?


I’m pretty confident I’m going to win most of the games anyway, just because I’m pretty good at them. However, the prospect of seeing Nate naked again unsettles me.

I’m taken back to the fact his dick was hard earlier. Maybe she left him high and dry.

I hear the game load. Nate wastes no time, and we’re into the games. After three rounds of me winning, and him fetching more beers, naked, I feel pretty buzzed. I’m winning this next game and look over at Nate, but he doesn’t look mad.

“Another round?” he asks as the round finishes and I win.

“Na, I still have some left here,” I say looking down at my beer. I should be getting to sleep.

“What do you want then?”.

I look at him, almost confused for a moment before I realize what he is talking about.

Whoever wins the rounds has to do what the other person says.

Before I can stop myself, the words just come out of my mouth.

“Stop sleeping with girls when I’m trying to study.”

He looks at me, deadpan. I look back at him, expecting an abrupt no, but his eyebrows raise and he smirks.

“Jealous, Potter?”

I roll my eyes at him. “No dumbass, I just like to study in peace.”

He chuckles at me and looks at me weirdly.



Before I can say anything else, he starts the next round, and we’re back in the game. I can’t help but wonder how easy that was. I doubt he will take it seriously, but I’m still baffled.

This round is a lot different to the rest, and the controls don’t seem to be the same. I try my best, but Nate absolutely destroys my character and within minutes he’s won the round.

I look at him confused. “What was that?”

He looks back at me and smirks before grabbing the remote and turning the TV off. The room is only lit from the light outside the hall, and we can barely see each other. I look around the room confused.

“Every five games it does a chaos round” he explains, grabbing my controller and placing them both on the floor. “You have to just hit every button at the same time.”

“Oh,” I say, scratching my head.

He doesn’t say anything canlı casino for a moment. I’m wondering whether to leave or not and if he is politely telling me he is going to sleep when he speaks.

“Now” he takes away my thoughts by pulling the bed sheet off him. “Amy made a mess earlier, and you came in my room right away” he smiles.

I look at him, just about able to make out his smirk, and my gaze goes down to his crotch. He is still rock hard, and I have no idea why he is showing it to me. My stomach feels hot.

“Dude, what are you doing?” I stutter, suddenly feeling nervous.

He lies down, resting his head on this pillow. His cock is now rock hard against his stomach. I can’t help but look at it. It’s huge. About 9 inches long.

He looks at me, a smirk on his face and closes his eyes. “I want you to clean me.”

Clean him?

“Clean your…” I manage to say in disbelief, “dick?”

He responds only by chuckling and my stomach drops at the prospect.

“Yes, Sam” he shifts a bit, “that is what I want.”

I move away from him, pushing my glasses towards my head as if it would give me a better idea of what is going on.

Does he want a blowjob?

“Nate, I’m not gay” my voice sounds shaky, and these pajamas are starting to feel a lot hotter.

“It’s not gay Sam,” he says calmly, “You’ll just be getting off all the juices Amy left earlier.”

The idea of Amy being pounded makes my dick twinge and my heart races. I look at Nate’s dick for a moment, and it looks like it’s throbbing. The light from outside falls perfectly on his body, and every inch of him is on display to me.

Why would he want a blowjob from me? Is he gay?

“Dude it sounds pretty gay” I find myself looking at his dick now. It’s so thick and long. I realize that the wetness from earlier must have been the juices of Amy. Fuck.

I’m getting hard.

Why would I be getting hard over a cock?

You’re getting hard over the fact Amy’s pussy has been over it and you want to taste her.

I shake my head at the inner conflict, and I can see Nate staring at me now.

“Why are you being a pussy?” he looks at me.

“I’m not”

“Then fucking do it” his eyes burn through mine.

“I’m not gay” my eyebrows scrunch.

“you’d just be helping me out” he snarls.

“Do it yourself” my voice raises, and I feel myself getting angrier, along with my dick.

I look at his body, and my head feels funny.

“You said you would do it”

“When did I-“

“Whoever wins the rounds has to do what the other person says” He interrupts me, repeating his earlier words.

“This is taking it a bit far Nate” my teeth clench.

“Cause you don’t wanna be up close and personal with Amy’s pussy juice?” he sniggers.

“Without your dick in the way” I swallow, “then sure.”

I look at his dick and can see the glistening juices from Amy, I can almost smell them. It’s overbearing. I’m extremely horny for some reason.

“So you’re not going to do-“

Before I realize what I’m doing, I pounce on Nate. I’m full of lust, and anger and I’m thinking about Amy. My hand grabs his shaft and my face is so close to his dick that I can smell her on him.

“Dude, what the fu-“

I close my eyes, not looking at his dick, and take a long titillating lick at the glistening patch on the base of his shaft.


I taste the familiar flavor of pussy juice, and I can barely contain myself. My hands involuntarily grab where boobs should be, and I take another lick along his groin.

“Oh my god” Nate grunts, and I feel his hard pecks under my hands.

Not thinking straight, my tongue runs along the length of his dick, and I imagine Amy doing it. My dick is rigid in my pants and I can’t help a moan at the thought.

I squeeze Nate’s chest, aware of his smooth skin under my fingers. My knees push his legs apart further and I look up at him over his cock.

His eyes are closed and his mouth is open. His hands are gripping the bed sheets and I can’t help but notice how sexy this looks.

Of its own accord, my eyes trace tack to his dick and my mouth waters at the sight. My hands move slowly down his body, and I start to lick his length kaçak casino again. He groans, making me smile and my hands come to the base of his dick. His dick is still sticky from earlier, and I take that queue to lick around the girth, cleaning Amy off him.

Holding it is a struggle, and I note the glistening stream near the base of his cock. My hands start to stroke him, causing another groan, and I bite my lip.

Why am I finding this so hot?

The head of his cock is glistening, and though I’m sure it’s covered in traces of Amy, I’m focused on the trail of pre-cum oozing out of the top. Licking my lips, I open my mouth and lick the tip of his cock.

“Fuck” he breathes, and I swirl my tongue around the fat head. I’ve become entranced now, and all I can think about is his dick inside my mouth. Opening my mouth more, I close my lips around the tip, and his dick is filling me. I’m hit with an overpowering salty taste of Nate. Needing more, I slide his dick further into my mouth. The thickness is uncomfortable but addictive. I’m filled with his dick, and I don’t know why I’m doing it but I move my head up and down.

“Sam” Nate breathes, sounding helpless, which only stirs me on.

I move my tongue around his shaft and continue the bobbling motion. He thrusts into my mouth, and I gag a little.

“Fuck,” he says, making me groan. The vibrations from me make him moan and he’s pushing my head up and down now. The speed has changed from erotic to frantic and his groans get louder.

I’m lapping away at his dick, like a starved animal, and I moan as I’m doing so. “Are you enjoying licking Amy’s pussy juice off me?” He says, grabbing my hair. I’m forced down further, but not far enough to take him all. The presence of Amy all but lost.

“You like cleaning my cock?” He moans, and I continue to swirl my tongue around his shaft. I’m rock hard now, and all I want is to taste him. My hands grope his balls, and as I do, his fingers grip my hair.

“Oh fuck.”

I look up at him now, and what I see before me almost makes me explode. He is in pure ecstasy and the knowledge that I am causing that makes me take him deeper.

I move up and down, my lips frantically swallowing him.

“You’re going to be cleaning a lot more than her juices if you don’t stop” he lets go of my hair now, giving me the opportunity to leave but that’s the last thing I want.

I lock my lips around his shaft harder and move my tongue over his head while thrusting down his cock. His dick feels huge in my mouth, and I’m almost certain he’s about to come.

I moan at the throb that accumulates from his mouth and I dig into his thighs.

“I’m going to cum.” He moans, gripping the sheets harder, and I increase my pace. I dive as close to his base as possible, and with that, I’m met with his hot stream of cum shooting down my throat. I stay thrusting, nearing the top of his dick, and his load doesn’t stop. It fills my mouth, and before long it becomes too much, spilling out of my mouth and down his dick.


I swallow what I can, and the take a breath. My heart is beating fast and I look down at the cum dripping down his dick. My mouth tastes salty and warm and I’m on a high. I’m panting and look up at him.

What the fuck was that?

His eyes are closed for a moment, but it seems like he can sense my prying eyes and hid lids open, his eyes electrifying through me.

His breaths are fast, like mine. My glasses have started steaming from the heat of the situation so I can’t quite make out his face now. I’m still at eye-level with his cock, and he’s looking at me.

He is breathing hard, and I look at his cock again. The cum looks too inviting, and I lean over and lick along his shaft.


Lapping up the rest of his cum, I lick him clean, savoring the taste of him. I lick around his dick, making sure there are no remains of his load.

His low voice takes me out of my trance.

“What was that?”

I look up at him. He’s naked and sweating in his bed, and I’m hunched over his cock, lips swollen, glasses steaming.

“You asked me to clean you” I panted, looking at him, confusion etched on his face.

“Yeah” his eyes burn through mine, making my stomach fall. “With that.” His eyes go towards the side of his bed, and I follow his gaze. To my shock and horror, I see a clean towel folded next to him. A towel.

For cleaning.

“Son of a bitch.”

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