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The two main characters appear, both alone and together, in a number of my other mind control stories. Please enjoy, and then comment pro or con, if you will.

Cindy and Roxanne Finally Connect

An Unexpected Phone Call

Dr. Cindy McCarthy sat at her desk catching up on paperwork when her phone buzzed.

“Hello? This is Dr. McCarthy.”

“Cindy, this is Roxanne.”

“Roxanne, I know I said I’d call you, but work is driving me crazy. No, wait… that’s a lame excuse and I take it back.”

“Hey,” said Roxanne, “phone lines run both ways. We said we’d talk and now we are… end of story.”

“What’s up?”

“Guess who spent the night at my place last week during the blizzard?”

“Get out of here; You were with Randy?”

“Bingo. First try.”

“You have to tell me all about it.”

“Over the phone? I don’t think so. Cindy, you work in a prison. How about we get together next Saturday night?”

Cindy glanced at her desk calendar. “That’s Valentine’s Day.”

“Got a hot date?”

“No, I’m free.”

“Tell you what, why don’t you come over to my place and celebrate? I’ll cook dinner and we can be each other’s valentine.”

“Uh, should I bring something to sleep in?

“I like the way you cut to the chase. Absolutely. No, wait; I have an idea. Let’s exchange gifts. I’ll choose a red outfit for you and you can choose a white one for me. Problem solved.”

“I love this idea. Let’s do it. How much do you want to spend? “

“Actually, said Roxanne, “I’ve come into a little cash recently. How about, say, a hundred and fifty bucks max?”


“Don’t forget to bring your red shoes. If I have to buy them it’ll bust my budget. Besides, Elvis Costello says that the angels want to wear them. Cindy,” she said, “so do the devils.” She laughed.

The two friends exchanged sizes and said their goodbyes.

The Lovers’ Choice

Roxanne pulled open the door to “The Lovers’ Choice” and walked in.

“May I help you?” asked the salesgirl.

“Thanks, I’d like that, Clarisse,” said Roxanne, as she read the cute salesgirl’s name tag. “I’m looking for an outfit to give to a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, something in red.” Here’s her size,” she said as she handed a slip of paper to the salesgirl.

Clarisse came out from behind the counter and showed the brunette a rack of outfits which had purposefully been gathered together in anticipation of the upcoming holiday. “Why don’t you take a look here?” she said and then, using her arms to clear a space on either side of a number of outfits. “These will be in her size.”

“Thanks,” said the five-foot tall brunette as she started examining the rack. One by one, she hefted and examined negligees, peignoirs, and baby dolls. After ten minutes or so, Roxanne returned to the main counter empty-handed.

“No luck, huh?” asked Clarisse.

“I’m afraid not. They seem so, so… vanilla. Do you have anything a little racier?”

“A little racier… or a lot racier? We have both. Care to give us a second chance?”

“Faint heart never won fair lady,” said Roxanne.

“As You Like It, right?” asked Clarisse.

“Good call,” said Roxanne as she followed the well-educated salesgirl through a beaded curtain into a room filled with bondage accessories and outfits as well as a fair selection of racy nightgowns and negligees. “So much for vanilla. This is more like it, a lot more like it.”

“I’ll leave you to browse,” said Clarisse as she left to return to the front counter. “I’ll be just outside if you need any help.”

Ten minutes later, Roxanne emerged through the beads and put a small arm-full of red lace and satin items on the counter. Clarisse rang them up. “That’s $148.34, please.”

“Damn,” said Roxanne. “I was hoping to get a small toy, but $150 is our limit. I can’t go over.”

“I’ll tell you what,” said the attractive sales attendant. “You won’t go over if I give it to you for free.”

“Thanks, Clarisse, but you don’t have to do that. You’ve already been more than helpful.”

“How about we make a little wager to settle the matter? If I can guess your measurements exactly, you have to let me give you a toy of my choice. If not, then I won’t. What do you say?”

Roxanne began unbuttoning her winter coat.

“No no no, said Clarisse. Leave it on. I don’t need you to take it off.”

“What? How are you gonna…”

“Because I’m that good.”

“Ok,” said Roxanne as she twirled around to give Clarisse a fighting chance. “Go for it.”

“Hmmm,” mused the friendly salesgirl. Will you turn around one more time?”

“Sure,” said Roxanne as she took a second trip around the circuit.

“38-24-36,” said Clarisse. “Your cup size, by the way, is D.”

“How did you do that? You hit it right on the nose, amazing.”

Reaching under the glass counter, Clarisse withdrew a thin eight-inch jelly dildo and dropped it into the shopping bag. “You lost,” london escorts said the salesgirl, grinning from ear to ear.

Laughing, Clarisse produced a small scrap of paper with Roxanne’s measurements and a Lovers Choice business card. “I cheated. Your date was here this morning. She bought an all-white outfit. You’re gonna like it.”

“You’re not looking for a third, by any chance, are you?”

“Sorry,” said Roxanne, “but Saturday night is special, kind of a reunion. Maybe some other time.”

Clarisse held up the business card and dropped it into the bag. “You can always reach me at this number, at least during business hours. I own the place. You guys seem like fun… my kind of fun. Enjoy.”

“You’ve been great,” said Roxanne as she opened the door and waved. “Thanks for the freebie.”

We All Cook

Roxanne was almost through cooking when her doorbell rang. She put down her spatula and walked to the door. The hostess peeked through the peephole and opened. “Hap-py Valentine’s Day!” said the tall blonde in the winter coat as she stepped into the small apartment. “Oh my God, it smells amazing.”

“I’m almost done. I was hoping for ‘fashionably late’.”

“Sorry,” said Cindy. “I didn’t get the memo, but… I did bring the wine, two kinds.”

“Let’s see what you brought,” said Roxanne. Cindy reached into her cloth bag and took out a clear bottle and showed it to her host. “Ah, Zibibbo. This is a dessert wine,” said Roxanne, “and a good one. It’s Sicilian, like me,” she said as she pulled back the sides of her apron so Cindy could read the front, which said “In Sicily, We Call It ‘GRAVY’!”

“It will go well with the cannoli. I can make them, but the one’s from Drago’s in the North End are better than anything I can make. Did you bring a red for the main course?”

“Ta Da!” said Cindy as she drew a second bottle and handed it to Roxanne. Roxanne read the label out loud. “Fontodi Vigna del Sorbo Gran Selezione” and inhaled sharply. “Cindy, this bottle costs over a hundred dollars.”

Cindy put her hands on her hips and stuck out her chin. “So? Wanna fight about it?” said the blonde, smiling.

Roxanne went to the cupboard and took out two smallish wine glasses. Opening a drawer, she took out a well-worn corkscrew. In a single and obviously well-rehearsed move, she lifted her apron, put the bottle between her thighs, inserted the corkscrew and twisted it. Roxanne pulled and, “Pop!” out came the cork. Sniffing the bottle opening, Roxanne placed the open bottle on the small kitchen table, which was intimately set with a single candle and a red checkered tablecloth. “It needs to breathe a bit. Cindy, this is an awesome wine.”

“Oh yeah,” Cindy said as she pulled a black box wrapped in white ribbon out of the shopping bag and handed it to her friend. “I got this at a little boutique in Central Square. I hope you like it.”

“In Cambridge?”

“Yeah, where else would it be? You know any other Central Squares?”

“No,” Roxanne admitted, and then assumed the mirror image of Cindy’s earlier indignance. “So? Wanna fight about it?” They both laughed and then hugged. Rozanne went to break-off the hug. “Here, let me take your…” As soon as Roxanne raised her head, Cindy leaned in and kissed her full on the lips. Roxanne kissed her right back.

“… coat.” All smiles, Cindy took off her overcoat and handed it to Roxanne.

“Don’t get any red sauce on it!” added Cindy as she surveyed the countertop, which showed all the signs of a real Italian cook at work, including a few red splotches of wayward marinara.

“I won’t, and it’s gravy!” said Roxanne as she put Cindy’s coat in the closet.

“That wine has been off the ventilator long enough, said Cindy as she held out her empty glass. It’s breathing on its own.

Cindy took her glass and sat down at the table. “The stuffed shells are in the oven. Fifteen minutes,” Roxanne said as she stacked dirty dishes and pans in the sink and gave the counters a quick swipe with a sponge and dish towel. She filled her own glass and swept into the chair opposite the lanky blonde researcher.

“So, how are things down at Walpole?” Roxanne asked, using the locals’ term for MCI Cedar Junction, formerly Walpole State Prison.

For the inmates? … not so good, especially after the riot. For me? I’m getting the data I need for my post-doctoral work.” Cindy took a sip from her glass and said, “Well, are you going to spill the beans about your male caller, or do I have to screw it out of you?”

Roxanne put down her glass and went to the refrigerator. Holding the door open with her hip, she took two small antipasto plates and put one in front of her guest and the other on her side of the table. “Screw it out of me, huh? I’d like to see you try.” The lovers laughed.

Cindy looked down at the meticulously assembled plate of rolled ham and salami, artichoke hearts, cheese, pickled vegetables and olives. The plates had london escort been pre-dressed with olive oil, reduced balsamic vinegar and a few shreds of fresh basil. “This looks amazing, Roxanne.”

“Cindy, my friends call me ‘Roxy’ or ‘Rox’. I don’t cook like this for just anyone. You qualify for either or both, but only if you’re comfortable with that. I answer to all three. Now, Mangia, said Roxanne as she raised her glass. “Here’s to good friends and here’s to tonight. Alla Nostra.” They touched glasses and took a bite of their antipasto.

I feel the same way, Roxy. Please call me ‘Cin’. How you spell it? well, she smiled, that depends on where we are and what we’re doing. Tonight’s an ‘S’ night.”

“Tell me about your visit with Randy. I don’t need the gory details.”

“You mean the best parts?”

“Well, if you put it that way…”

“He was in town on business and stopped by to pick up his new wigs and whiskers. By the time he’d had a drink and was ready to leave, the blizzard had already shifted into high gear. I trapped him, Cindy. I trapped The Amazing Randy. We spent the entire evening with him pulling my weirdest smut fantasies out of my head and making them so incredibly real. We did four different ones. It was amazing. He left the next day; end of story. He looked well. He asked for you and I told him we hadn’t connected…yet.”

Roxanne cleared the salad plates and took her stuffed shells out of the oven, putting two on each plate. “My mom’s recipe,” said the hostess.

The two women got re-acquainted as they ate their dinner. When they finished, Roxanne poured the last of the dinner wine into their glasses. “What do you say we save the cannoli and the Zibibbo for later, like a midnight snack?”

“Sure. I’m pretty full. I just want to finish my wine.”

“Good. You do that while I do a little clean-up.”

“Roxanne, you’ve been slaving over the stove all day. Why don’t you take a quick shower while I start on the dishes?”

“I’ll take the shower because I need it, but if I come out and you’ve touched a single dirty dish, I’ll kill you. I mean it. That stack screams ‘Tomorrow’! Leave ’em alone.”

“Roxanne, this dinner was fantastic. You go to school full time, make toupees for stage hypnotists, and serve at the Harbor Hotel. Do you ever take time off? Now, I find out that you’re a gourmet cook as well. What don’t you do?”

Roxanne took off her apron and made her way to the bathroom door. She turned and said, “Cindy, I’m Sicilian. We all cook. I’m taking time for myself tonight, with you.”

Preparations and Presents

Roxanne had been in the shower only briefly when Cindy opened the door and slipped into the steamy bathroom. Roxanne never looked up. “That you, Cindy? If you need to use the facilities, come on in.”

Instead of sitting on the toilet, Cindy reached up and slowly pulled the curtain to one side. Lifting one leg into the tub, she asked, “Want me to do your back?”

Roxanne turned slowly in the tight quarters, tits pressing up against the statuesque beauty standing close to her. “Cindy,” she said, “I want you to do all of me.” The lovers kissed and took turns soaping each other up.

Roxanne turned off the water and both women got out carefully. She tossed an oversized bath towel to her guest and grabbed another for herself. “You get the hair dryer first. Call me when you’re done. I’ll get you a robe so you don’t catch cold while I do my hair. It will go around you, but it’s going to be shorter than a mini-skirt.”

“I’m cool with that,” said Cindy as she turned on the hair dryer. Roxanne put on the bathrobe that had been hanging on the door peg and left to get one for her guest.

Eventually, both women were dry and wrapped in their robes.

Shall we adjourn and open our gifts in the bedroom, Cindy?


Roxanne took her gift into the bedroom, stooped down and pulled an identical box tied with red ribbon from under the bed.

“Here,” she said. “Be my valentine, Cindy?”

Cindy set her gift on the bed and took Roxanne into her arms. “Certainly, will you be mine?”

The two of them kissed each other passionately until Roxanne broke it off and said, “Let’s open our gifts and play dress-up.”

“OK,” said Cindy, “Go!” Both women tore into their packages and took out their gifts. Cindy held up a long red satin robe. “Roxanne, this is so elegant and beautiful. What else did you buy?” Cindy pulled back the tissue paper and held up a three-piece red lace ensemble and a pair of red fishnet stockings. On closer examination, Cindy could see that the bra had vertical slits, held together by tiny red ribbons. The matching panties were crotchless. There was a red garter belt to complete the outfit. Clutching her lacy finery to her chest, Cindy turned to Roxanne and said, “Roxy, I positively adore this.”

For her part, Roxanne held up a white boned cup-less bustier. It zipped up the back and the front was secured with metal london escort agency clasps and short leather strips. Long thin elastic attachments for the included white fishnet stockings hung from the bottom of the bustier. There was a white matching thong as well, but Roxanne focused on the delicate diaphanous white shawl folded in the bottom of the box, held it up and said “Cindy, it’s beautiful.”

“You’re beautiful, Roxanne,” said Cindy as she kissed her soon-to-be lover. “Let’s put them on. No looking until we’re both done. Turn around and don’t peek.”

“Ready yet?” asked Roxanne.

“Just a sec… OK? 3… 2… 1… now!” said Cindy as she turned to face Roxanne.

“Oh Roxanne, you look like an angel.”

“And you look like a devil, sent to seduce me. I can already feel my defenses slipping away.”

Cindy slowly opened her robe to reveal her new bra and panty set. The two slits in her brassiere were wide open, punctured from beneath by Cindy’s turgid nipples. Likewise, her blonde pubic hair poked through the gap created by the slit in her panties. Long legs, covered by red fishnets rose out of her high heels, pointing the way to delicious sin.

Roxanne’s outfit presented beautiful contrast, and not just in color. Her dark Sicilian skin set off the alabaster outfit from her head to her shoes. Her legs, similarly covered in fishnet, though shapely, were shorter and her curves were accentuated by the tightly-cinched bustier. The thin white shawl discretely hid her breasts and bare nipples from view, while allowing just enough of a hint to promise soft dark flesh, should the observer somehow gain access.

Roxanne said, “I used to go out with a guy who loved to see me in fishnet stockings. He said “Nothing says ‘fuck me’ like fishnet. You know,” she said tracing Cindy’s legs from her heels to her upper thighs, I have to admit it. He was right.”

The two lovers embraced.

Screw The Cannoli

Taking Cindy’s hand, Roxanne led her into the bedroom. Cindy let her robe drop to the floor. In response, Roxanne removed her new shawl to reveal her breasts, which poured over the top of her outfit. All the hints and teases fell to the carpet into the red and white pile. The dark beauty sat on the side of her bed and gently pulled her lover onto the white comforter. The pillowcases were blood red.

The two lovers settled-in, staring into each other’s eyes, momentarily imagining themselves kissing, and touching, and probing the beautiful woman opposite them. Roxanne’s hand went to Cindy’s hip, resting for a moment and then slowly rising to her armpit, and then her bare shoulder. Roxanne gently applied just enough pressure to send her lover over on her back.

Her hand dropped to Cindy’s breast, cupping and then slowly kneading the white Irish flesh, barely indenting the soft surface. Roxanne shifted and then drew Cindy’s tit to her mouth, as her gentle attention moved to the exposed nipple. Roxanne kissed, then suckled and then kissed again as she squeezed through the red lace.

Cindy’s hand rose to her other breast, fondling and mimicking Roxanne’s tenderness. She spread her legs, offering an opportunity for Roxanne’s free hand to touch her most intimate spot.

Roxanne declined. Instead, she withdrew her caress and moved her mouth and the desire it projected lower, past Cindy’s abdomen to her panties. Cindy’s hands separated the thin lacy filigree exposing her pink skin, hidden beneath her pubic mound.

“Roxy,” she whispered, “please.”

“You make me want to spend all night pleasing you,” said Roxanne.

“I want to please you too, so much.”

“In due time,” said Roxanne as her mouth inched below the panty line and her tongue made contact with the outer folds of Cindy’s pussy. Cindy shuddered and a low moan drifted outwards from her lips. Her hands grabbed the comforter as if she had somehow fallen and needed to hold on for her life. Her hips slowly gyrated as she worked with her lover to find the perfect spot, the perfect rhythm, their lovers’ rhythm.

The beautiful Sicilian continued to poke and explore her lover as Cindy’s hips ground more insistent, challenging Roxanne to bring her to the edge and then push her over. Roxanne re-aligned and licked Cindy towards her peak. Without warning Roxanne’s tongue jumped to Cindy’s clitoris and pushed it back and forth like a faulty metronome gone crazy.

Cindy bucked, re-doubled her grip on the comforter, and held on while Rozanne piloted her lover nearer to climax.

It was a short trip. Cindy’s grip reversed as she rocketed herself into the air, screaming. She fell back into place, panting and fidgeting as if she had touched a live wire.

Roxanne withdrew and slipped to one side, giving her lover the space to recover. Eventually, Cindy turned her head to one side and whispered, “Roxanne, kiss me.” They kissed each other. The fierce passion, the unbridled need, the insistence, all were gone. What remained was soft acceptance, an opportunity to communicate something deeper, well beyond attraction and desire. Cindy melted into afterglow as Roxanne put her arm across her stomach and cuddled her lover.

Roxanne said, “Screw the cannoli. I just want the wine. Want a glass?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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