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Of the select group of men I have invited to my bed, Aaron is by far the most attentive. His willingness to put my pleasure ahead of his own is quite refreshing; and his ability to read (and fulfill) my desires is miraculous. And his bod isn’t half bad either! Broad chest; strong arms; flat abs; a trim waist; and a fantastic butt! But most importantly, his willingness to play in (and out of) the bedroom, makes him a prize like no other.

The following is just one example of the many games we have enjoyed.

To set the stage, this adventure took place in late August, on a warm, but comfortable Saturday afternoon. Aaron and I had been invited to a party at the rather lavish home of this senior exec of a somewhat prestigious CPA firm that was trying to convince Aaron to leave his present job, and come join their staff. The only upside to the offer, was the significant increase in pay: a credit, that was more than offset by the miserable two hour commute (each way) that would cut deeply into our playtime. So why did Aaron even consider the job? I never said he did. But the party, well, that was just too good for either Aaron or me to pass up.

The invitation had read: casual dress. For Aaron, that meant navy Levis Dockers, a bright-white pocketed Tee, and his favorite suede dress shoes. For me, it meant a pastel-blue mini-dress, white stockings, and four-inch-high powder-blue pumps.

The ride to Mr DeMatteo’ s house was long and boring, so to break the monotony, I decided to play a little game that always drove my Dad crazy when my sister and I were cooped up in the back seat of our old station wagon on those interminable trips to Aunt Nancy’s house.

“Are we there yet?” I teased. “Almost.” Aaron replied. “How much longer?” “Not much.”

I let a moment or two pass, then asked again: “Are we there yet?” “Almost.”

Another moment or two (in my best whiney voice) “Are we there yet?” “Do you want me to stop the car, pull down your panties and give you a good spanking?” “You can’t. Pull down my panties, that is. I’m not wearing any. I’m not wearing a bra, either.”

Aaron shot me this shocked look. “You’re what?!” “You heard me. No panties; no bra.” I opened the top three buttons of my mini-dress and flashed Aaron a quick peek. “See?” I slowly covered-up, and fastened the third button, leaving the top two open. My lover smiled, and shook his head. istanbul escort “I thought you caved-in a little too easy. So. What sexy surprises do you have in store for our unsuspecting host and hostess?” “None that’ll get us arrested.”

We arrived at DeMatteo’ s shortly after one. The party was already in full swing. If you can call it that. Our host immediately gave us the grande-tour, introducing us to everyone, always referring to Aaron as: our soon-to-be corporate tax manager.

Finally, we were left on our own. “Can we go now?” I whined. “Christina; we haven’t had anything to eat yet. And besides, I thought you had a surprise or two planned.” I reached down and opened the bottom four buttons of my dress, stopping one button short of unveiling my newly-shaved pubes. “I’m glad you reminded me.” I said with a wink, “Now, to find a good place to sit down.” “How about one of the directors chairs on the deck?” Aaron suggested. “Excellent! But which one? Who should I give a cheap thrill to?” Aaron looked around for a bit, then pointed. “Him. The young kid with the glasses sitting by himself.” “Perfect!” I gave Aaron a quick kiss, then strutted-my-stuff over to the unsuspecting kid.

“Hello.” I said. “Hello.” Carefully, I slid back into the tall directors-chair and slowly crossed my legs. My dress fell open. I could feel the cool air brush against my pussy. “Lovely party, isn’t it?” I said. “Yes it . . . it.” “Is something wrong?” I asked. “Nnnno. Everything’s fine.” I almost laughed out loud! The poor guy was trying desperately to keep from staring at my prepubescent looking pussy, but every time he tried to make eye contact, he couldn’t get past my near-naked breasts. I leaned forward to give him a better view. “How long have you been with DeMatteo and Associates?” I asked. “What? Oh. Ummm. Only about a month.” “Do you like working there?” “What? Oh. Yes. I mean, its okay.” “My name’s Christina; what’s yours.” “My name? My name. Jerry.” I glanced down at Jerry’s crotch and began to stare at his growing bulge. He caught me, and suddenly turned five shades of red. “Excuse me.” he said, “I, I, better go. I haven’t thanked Mr DeMatteo for inviting me to see your. I mean inviting me to the party.” “What you better do,” I said, soft enough for only Jerry to hear, “Is find a place to jack-off.”

As Jerry stumbled away, Aaron came over and sat down next to me. “You’re escort bayan terrible!” he said, “That poor kid is never going to be the same.” “Let’s hope.” I said, “And now that I’m all warmed up, I think its time we go try out the Master’s Suite.” “Are you serious? You want to make love in DeMatteo’ s bed?” I reached down and rubbed the growing bulge in my lover’s dockers, “You, up, for it?” I asked, “No, but with a little help from a friend, I’m sure I can rise to the occasion.”

I took Aaron’s hand and lead him into the house, and up the back stairs. The second floor was deserted. Like a couple of sex-starved teenagers we hurried down the hall and into the master bedroom and quickly locked the door. I grabbed Aaron and gave him a big, wet kiss. His tongue pressed past mine and explored the far reaches of my mouth. My head began to spin. I felt cool air caress my bare butt. His talented fingers slipped inside my pussy. A delicious eternity passed. Our lips parted. “Lay down, my love. I want to eat your pussy.” Just the words I wanted to hear.

“Should I get naked first?” I asked. Aaron pushed me back on the bed, then dragged my butt to the edge. A quick toss sent the hem of my dress up around my waist. “No time.”

My love squatted at the foot of the bed and took hold of my ankles. In one swift motion he spread my legs wide apart and hooked the heels of my pumps over the footboard of the bed. Then, without warning, he speared me with his tongue. The feeling was electrifying! He withdrew, and began tracing the folds of my outter lips with the tip of his tongue. I was delirious. His technique was pure torture! Finally, he quit the tease and began to treat me to the best oral delights imaginable. I was at the edge. My fingers dug into the old down comfort that graced our most genial host & hostess’s four poster. Aaron flattened his tongue and pressed up hard against my clit. Instinctively, I began riding his tongue. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I started to cum. Hard. Somehow, my darling kept his mouth glued to my pussy. Kept up the pressure. A loud moan escaped my lips. Suddenly, I remembered where I was, and fell silent. I strained my ears listening for the footsteps I was sure would come to investigate my carnal cry. All I could hear was the pounding of my heart.

“Get on your knees. I want to fuck you.” Slowly, my head began to clear. Even more slowly I unhooked escort istanbul my heels, got on my hands and knees and crawled to the center of the bed. My legs were weak. The inner walls of my pussy still quivering from my cum. Aaron bunched-up my dress so that it lay in a crumpled heap in the small of my back. I looked back in anticipation. Slowly. Deliberately. My love moved into position behind me. He smiled a most lecherous smile, loosened his belt, opened his dockers, and let them slide down. His beautiful cock was already hard. Roughly, he took hold of my hips and entered me in one smooth motion. The feeling was delicious!

Slowly; ever so slowly, he withdrew from my pussy; then thrust back in hard and fast. A mini-cum made my pussy grip his fabulous cock even tighter. Again he withdrew; only this time, a bit faster. Again, he thrust in hard and fast. His pace began to build. Harder. Faster. I couldn’t believe how totally turned-on I was! It was incredible! With each stroke, I could feel the head of his cock gently teasing my super-sensitive clit. I wondered how much more I could take.

His pace quickened. His grip tightened around my waist. My breasts were swaying wildly inside my dress. My nipples grew painfully hard. The friction created as they rubbed the soft cotton was unbearable. I needed to cum. Desperately! I felt his balls brushing my inner thighs. Chills raced through me. Suddenly, he pulled me back hard. His pubic bone ground into my butt. His cock began to fill my pussy with his cum. I couldn’t hold back any longer. My pussy began to milk his cock as my body rocked in orgasm.

Our bodies still joined, Aaron slipped his arms around me just below my breasts, and hugged me tight. I reached down and eased his softening cock from my pussy. He cupped my left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze. “We’d better get the hell out of here.” he whispered.

As quickly as we could, Aaron and I tugged and fussed our clothes back into place and made our exit: leaving behind a slightly rumpled bed (and small wet spot) as a sexy clue for our unknowing hosts to unravel.

“Now that I’ve had my desert,” I said once we reached the safety of the back deck, “let’s check out the buffet. I’m starving!”

After two trips through the serving line, Aaron and I said our goodbyes, thanked Mr. DeMatteo for the wonderful time, and promised to let him know whether or not Aaron would accept the position the following Monday. The formalities done, we got in the car and beat a hasty retreat . . . to this dinky little Mom and Pop motel we’d passed on our way in, to pick-up where we’d left off.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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