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The year is 2010.

I had just finished seeing a movie and was on my way out of the theater when I noticed a small crowd around an arcade machine. Normally I avoid crowds as I don’t feel like I’d fit in well, but this time I saw a gal playing what seemed to be a two-player game — by herself! She had a quick eye, but the level she was on was insane and she was getting hit faster than she could make the shots. To her credit, every shot she made was a head shot, however she missed a couple reload targets which in turn prevented her from reloading her gun by flicking it off screen briefly.

She had my full attention. I have no idea how close to the end of the level she was, but judging by her disappointment when her character was killed, she was probably close. With a heavy sigh, she returned the guns to their holsters as the “Continue” screen flashed a fifteen second countdown.

This machine was an old-school one that still used quarters, but had been retrofitted with a bill slot as well. I have no idea what came over me to reach into my pocket to find a few dollars, but I pulled out three singles. Everything that followed from that moment on still feels like a dream to me.

“Hey,” I say getting her attention as she walks towards my general direction, “keep going!” handing her my bills.

“What? Seriously?”

“Yeah! Go! You have seven seconds left!”

She looks to her friend and they share a look of complete shock. Her friend doesn’t say anything, but encourages her back to her game with a raised eyebrow.

The countdown is at ‘3’ by the time she gets back to the machine, and it barely accepts the first dollar in time to save the games progress and let her pick up where she left off.

“Thank you. That was very kind,” the friend says on her behalf.

“No problem. I’ve never seen anyone play two-player by themselves, so I wanted to keep it going.”

This girl continues to kick ass at this game, but I can’t help but notice her friend glancing at me from time to time. I don’t consider myself one to really stand out from most guys, so I’m not sure what she’s looking at, but she’s incredibly adorable so I figure why not enjoy it while it lasts.

I’d say maybe ten more minutes go by, and part of the original crowd has stuck around to watch her through this level, and sure enough, she wins it! She blows on the tips of the gun props like a cow girl from the Wild West, and slides them back into the holsters, being greeted by her friend jumping for joy at her victory! The crowd swarms them in amazement, and I figure the ladies will forget about me soon enough due to their popularity, so I make my way to the bathroom with the intention of leaving for home afterwards.

When I exit the bathroom a few minutes later, the crowd is gone, and so are the girls… or so I think.

From behind me I hear, “Hey.” The gun slinger is sitting with her friend on a bench, but is back to her feet in a flash. “I wanted to thank you for helping me out over there.”

“Of course. She already thanked me for you though,” pointing to her friend who has come to stand next to her already.

“I know, but I wanted to thank you personally. I’ve been trying to beat that thing for ages, and thanks to you, I did.”

“Well it was very impressive to see you play the way you did. It was an honor to casino siteleri help.”

With a smile, she holds out her hand, “I’m Cindy.”

Good thing I washed my hands. “Brian,” returning her gesture.

“This is Christie.”


Christie quietly waves back with a smile of her own.

“You here by yourself?” Cindy says.

“Yeah. Was just on my way out actually. What about you two; coming or going?”

“Coming. We came for a show that ended up not being shown here, and then noticed they have a replay event going on for one of our favorite movies, so we decided to stay for that, only it was about an hour’s wait. Instead of wasting a trip, I got invested in that game.”

“And you? You just watched the whole time?” I ask Christie.

“No, I did other stuff and came back.”

“Oh. Well, I hope you two enjoy your show… again. I heard about that event too, and yeah, it is a great movie.”

The ladies give each other this look as if they’re having a conversation without uttering a single word. It’s subtle, but I see Christie do that thing with her eyebrow again, and then the smile on her face grows. She looks back at me, “it’s a shame you’re leaving, otherwise you’d be welcome to join us.”

That throws me off. “What? Seriously? Like a date?”

“Well, I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a date. More like a platonic escort. Besides, the two of us might be a bit much for you.”

I can feel myself turn a shade of red in the face. My throat tenses up for a moment and my mind races! These girls are so far out of my league that they shouldn’t even be acknowledging my existence, and yet one of them is possibly flirting with me! That is flirting, isn’t it? I’m not dead am I? Why is she reaching for my face?

Apparently my jaw was hanging wide open, and as sweet as can be, Christie lifts it shut with the tips of her fingers.

“It was nice meeting you, Brian. Thanks again for your kindness.” Christie says as the two of them start to head off for their show.

I force myself to talk. “Ch…Challenge accepted!” As they turn to look back at me, I hold my finger up for them to wait. “I’ll be right back.”

I barely make it back outside to the ticket counter before keeling over to catch my breath! Even the ticket master asks if I’m ok! “I don’t know, but two ladies want me to join them… I need a ticket… um, the replay thing… Pronto!

“Dude,” he tells me, “I need ya to breathe first.”

“You don’t understand, ladies like them don’t usually talk to guys like me. I can’t really tell what’s going on here; all I know is that I told them I’d be back.”

Then he does the coolest thing ever. Still makes me pay for my ticket, but since no one is in line, he comes outside and hands it to me face to face and then says, “My man, you gotta breathe, aight? I noticed you keep callin’ them ladies, so here’s what I need ya to do. Go back in there and treat them as such. Use what’s in here,” poking at my chest. “Ya hear me?”

A few deep breaths later, “Yeah. I hear ya. Thanks.”

He shakes my hand, “Good luck, and enjoy your show.”

I make my way back to where I asked the ladies to wait, but they aren’t there. I look on my ticket for the theater number, and it’s around the corner. To my relief, I see Christie standing outside the door.

“Are canlı casino you alright? You look a bit pale,” she says.

“I’m fine;” I tell her holding the door open, “shall we?”

She smiles her adorable smile again, and takes hold of my hand as she enters. We make our way up to the back of the theater where Cindy has already found a seat and is texting away on her phone.

Without looking up, she kicks her feet up on the seat in front of her. “So good of you to join us.”

Christie takes a seat with one between her and Cindy, leaving me with the awkward shuffle to get around her legs and take the seat in between them.

No sooner do I sit down does Cindy cross her left leg over her right, leaving her foot within a distracting range of my view of the screen, yet not really blocking it. “Not many people get a ticket personally delivered outside the booth,” she says.

“He just wanted to make sure I was ok.”

“You just said you were fine though,” Christie points out as her phone quietly buzzes.

“Yeah. I am now.”

Cindy looks over at me as if to say, ‘are you sure?’

I look back at her. ‘What?”

The arm rest between me and Christie rises up, and before I can take my eyes off Cindy, these two stunning legs rest across my lap, pinning me to my seat, including my arms.

“You don’t mind, do you?” Christie says.

“Ummm, nope!”

“Mm, good.”

My neck and eyes feel petrified at first because all I can do is look straight at the screen, and down at the few audience members in front of us. We have the last couple rows to ourselves, which I can only imagine is because not many people wanted to pay theater prices again to see a movie that they had already seen, even with the matinee discount.

The movement in Christie’s legs eventually gets my curiosity peaked, and I’m able to look down. She has her feet pressing into Cindy’s abs, but her toes are already hidden under this lady’s top. It has Cindy sunk into her seat enough to where her abs are almost flat, but she’s really just folded up due to her legs being on the seat in front of her.

I almost feel bad for her because it doesn’t seem like she’d really be able to see the movie play from her position, but my gut tells me that’s not a problem for her. Like, literally; my gut makes small gurgling noises out of envy. This is the pinnacle of teases for sure! I rest my head back with a heavy sigh as I hear their phones buzz back and forth.

The lights finally go down and I figure ‘good, a distraction,’ but nope, I catch Christie in the corner of my eye leaning forward, making eye contact with Cindy. When I look down at them, Cindy looks up at me first, and then Christie does, and has a big smile on her pretty face as well.

I gulp audibly.

Christie adjusts herself in her seat to allow her left leg to reach Cindy while still pinning me back, and brings her right leg up and rests her foot in my lap since I’m mostly upright and not crouched like Cindy is. This lady is brazen! I don’t know how she’s so comfortable doing this to someone she doesn’t know, but she has zero inhibitions!

As the movie progresses, both of them act like this foot thing is no big deal. Cindy adjusts herself in her seat from time to time, and the foot in my lap alternates between rubbing my leg and kaçak casino rubbing Cindy’s hip since we’re so close together. When lighter scenes are playing, I take the opportunity to glance down to check on Cindy because her breathing pattern is getting more obvious. I can almost tell when Christie presses her foot into her because she inhales barely loud enough that I can hear it over the theater audio.

Towards the third act of the movie, I finally manage to relax enough to put my hands on Christie’s foot, volunteering a massage that she seems to be a hundred percent in favor of! At first I could tell she had soft legs and feet through my clothing, but having my hands on her foot is just beyond words! It’s no wonder Cindy is acting the way she is!

The credits roll, and about half way through them, Christie’s leg moves, bringing her foot up to Cindy’s face. By the looks of things, this is something else they seem to do a lot, but Cindy pushes the foot away from her face and attempts to sit up straight. She is quickly halted when that foot pushes her back into the seat, and the foot in my hand is pulled away and presented to her in the same manner.

They have another eye chat with Cindy shaking her head ‘No’ and Christie loving every second of this, made apparent by the smirk on her face. Eventually Cindy quickly pecks the side of Christie’s toe. That obviously wasn’t good enough for Christie as she presses the ball of her foot against her lips!

I can’t help but snicker as Cindy flashes her the finger. Christie then catches me off guard when she brings that same foot up to my face, ceasing my laughter instantly! Looking to her, “For real?”

“Sure. You’re already here. Why not?”

She doesn’t need to tell me twice! I kiss the tips of her amazing toes, and then the ball of her foot, inhaling deeply as I do. It gets her to curl her toes over my nose briefly before she pulls them back, taps my stomach rapidly with both feet, and then slips her shoes back on.

“Ok, what’s going on here? What was that all about?”

“She’s kind of a nut,” Cindy says.

I guess she’s still not over being made to kiss her friends foot.

“Oh hush. You love it!”

“Whoa, what?” I try to get more details out of them as we leave the theater, but they mostly whisper amongst each other until we get outside.

Christie turns to me, “tell you what Mister, I’m sure you have a bunch of questions for us other than what you’ve mentioned on the way out, so what’s say we meet up again tomorrow at our place, and we’ll answer whatever comes to mind?”



“Um… ok, sure.”

Christie heads over to the ticket counter and gets a pen and small flyer from the cashier, in fact, the same guy who helped me chill out earlier. She smiles at him as she hands the pen back, and I notice he watches her as she heads back my way. His jaw drops when he sees me again.

“Here,” she says handing me the flyer, “call me tomorrow, say Noon-ish.”

“Yeah, for sure.”

She smiles, “Thanks again for everything,” linking her arm with Cindy’s as they turn to leave, “Goodnight Brian.”

“Same to you two. Take care.”

The smile, the look she gives me as she does a delicate finger wave, is almost too much — just so sexy. Cindy smiles back at me also, and I can’t help but watch them as they disappear into the parking lot — now full of cars for other showings.

From off in the distance, I hear “Ha ha! My man!”

The ticket master gives me a brief round of applause and two thumbs up.

~To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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