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Chris got out of the shower and toweled off in front of the full length mirror. She liked to look at her body in the nude.

Chris’s most fetching part was her long perfectly tanned legs. She either tanned in a booth or on the beach — but always in the nude. She hated tan lines and loved an all over tan. She also knew it would drive a man or woman to cum quickly if she chose to have sex with them.

She was very picky about who fucked her. The man or woman had to be experienced and have certain accruements. She wanted her men to be at least eight inches and thick in girth. She really liked thick hair on a man’s chest, but loved a man who shaved his cock and balls. After all she shaved her cunt and knew the advantage of doing oral sex with smooth sex parts!

She liked her women also shaved. Breasts didn’t matter much to her as long as they were sexy with hard nipples. Chris loved to suck nipples. Her own tits were smallish, but very sexy. They were 34 B’s. She had some golden fuzz on the breasts. She loved to have her lover lick and kiss every part of her tits.

Yesterday she had Lorraine a lover shave her ass. While she had little hair there, she wanted it completely smooth. Later Lorraine ate her anus and fucked her with an eight strap on. That made her very happy.

Looking back in the mirror she admired her legs. Mary another lover was coming over soon to help her moisturize her legs and feet. Chris knew she would make love with Mary. Mary was a nice girl and she had a pleasing manner with her love making.

Chris rubbed her cunt, drying all of the folds. Then she smelled her towel taking in the musky odor of her love canal. Chris loved the smell of a woman’s cunt — her own and her lovers.

The door bell rang. Chris flung the towel over her shoulder and padded to the door. She looked through the little glass and saw Mary’s smiling face. Chris undid the chains and deadbolt and opened the door.

Mary saw Chris’s naked body and smiled. She walked in and closed the door with her foot. Mary said, “Hi beautiful” and took Chris in her arms and kissed her deeply. This was a kiss of lover’s that was long and deeply felt. Mary ran her hands over Chris’s bare back and her ass.

Chris looked into Mary’s eyes and said, “Hi lover. I am so happy to see you!”

Mary said, “Me too. I love it when you greet me nude.”

“I just got out of the shower and was drying off. But, I knew you were coming and why get dressed, just to get undressed again, said Chris. “You are a smart girl!” said Mary laughingly.

“So tell me your plans for the day?” quizzed Mary.

“Well we have two hours — moisturizing and love making. Then the Cubs game with Jeff and more love making with him and God knows who!” said Chris.

Mary looked at Chris and said, “OK then let me get my clothes off and to work!”

Mary took her pull over shirt off revealing a tiny black strapless bra that covered very little tit.

Chris anadolu yakası escort said, “Here let me unhook your bra.”

She did and it fell to the floor.

Then Mary removed her khaki shorts showing off the sexiest black thong. It gently fit in the crack of her ass and the front barely covered her shaved pussy. The front was completely wet.

Chris said, “Looks like you have been gushing over me!”

Mary smiled and said, Yep, could not think of anything except you tongue probing my cunt. She pulled down her thong to reveal a perfectly shaved cunt that she knew Chris would soon be lapping.

Then she sat down on the side of the bed to remove her tennis shoes and thin white anklets. Both she and Chris liked to wear thin white anklets to entice their lovers and enhance their tanned legs.

Chris said, “Here let me take your shoes off. Leave your socks on and you can get me a pair out of my sock drawer,”

“OK girlfriend,” answered Mary.

Chris after taking Mary’s shoes off and straightening her socks lay down on the bed.

Mary went to her top drawer and looked at all of the white socks. She said, “White thin ones?”

Chris answered, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

Mary selected a pair of nylon/cotton white socks that would have a cuff on them. She padded back and sat on the end of the bed and took each sock and put it on Chris’s foot and folded town the top to make an attractive cuff. She kissed each socked foot before she put it down. Chris said opened her arms and said, “Come her lover girl and eat me. I want you to do my ass this morning. I showered and did an enema — so I’m very clean!”

Mary smiled and said. “Cool I love eating your ass. Do you want me to use a dildo or my fingers?”

Chris thought and said, “My dildos are in the drawer, whatever you want. You can do my pussy too and give me a super O. There are rubbers in there too for the dildo in my ass.”

Chris lay on her tummy with her legs spread; Mary had a beautiful view of Chris’s cunt and the crack of her ass. It made her pussy wet. She started at Chris’s feet and kissed her socked feet then licked her legs where they emerged from the anklets. She knew Chris liked her lover to put their tongue inside the top of the sock and lick her ankle.

Mary continued on up the back of Chris’s legs. Her one hand rested on Chris’s one ass cheek. Slowly she moved her fingers over to the crack and began fingering the inside of her crack. Slowly she felt Chris’s anus and she gently rubbed the hole.

Chris moaned with pleasure as Mary rubbed her asshole and licked the back of her thighs. Then Mary ran her tongue up Chris’s inner thigh bringing more moans of pleasure.

Mary’s middle finger of her left hand pierced Chris’s asshole and she began massaging the inside of her asshole. Chris let out a gasp and cries, “Oh fuck me Mar…that’s so good.”

Mary then moved to Chris’s ass ankara anal escort cheeks and kissed and licked each beautiful tanned cheek. She caressed each cheek with her mouth while fucking Chris with her finger. Chris was wriggling with pleasure.

Mary said, “Hold still you vixen.”

Chris blurted out, “Fuck you bitch, just fuck me.”

At which point Mary slapped her on the ass and said laughingly, “Ingrate.”

She spread Chris’s cheeks and blew on her anus. Then she licked the rosy red hole. Chris cooed with pleasure. She said, “More your ornery bitch — fuck me hard.”

Mary put her tongue into Chris’s asshole. She put her right fuck finger into her very wet pussy and began fucking her. Chris cried out, “GOD fuck me harder.”

Mary continued tonguing Chris’s hole and fucking her cunt. Soon Chris’s back was arching and she cried out, “I’m cumming”

Mary pulled her tongue out and her finger and hugged Chris’s ass, kissing her cheeks as she hugged. Then she got up and went to the bathroom to wash her hands and rinse her mouth out with mouthwash. When she came back Chris was on her back with her eyes closed. Mary picked a bottle of moisturizing cream. She came back and removed Chris’s anklets. Then she put cream on her hands and began rubbing Chris’s foot. After she finished the right foot she did the left one. Then she began working on her legs.

First the lower legs then the thighs. Mary loved touching and rubbing Chris’s thighs. They were soft and supple and so brown. They exuded sexual tension. Hen she said to Chris, “Roll over you hunk of sex.”

Chris sleepily rolled over and Mary did the same to the back of Chris’s legs. When finished she proceeded to moisturize her ass and back. Mary did all of her ass in the crack and her hole.

Then Mary kissed Chris’s ears and whispered, “Turn over you bitch, the best is yet to come.”

Chris rose on her elbow and kissed Mary in a full lover’s kiss of affection. She said, “Thank you lover for the wonderful orgasm.”

She rolled over with her head on three pillows and her left knee up. Her pussy was glistening and beautifully available to Mary.

Mary put more cream on her hands and proceeded to massage and rub Chris’s tits. Mary said, “I love rubbing your tits.”

She took each nipple and rolled to between her fingers. She rubbed the cream into Chris’s slightly blonde haired covered breasts.

Chris looked at her admiringly and stroked Mary’s reddish hair. She also moved her right foot between Mary’s legs so she could toe fuck her. Mary jumped a little but spread her legs so Chris’s big toe could enter her dripping cunt. She had foot sex with Chris many times and enjoyed it immensely.

Chris said, “You know Mary I love you very much.”

Chris had thought about the next thought for a very long time. She and Mary had been lovers for three years now. Chris said, “Mary I want to ask you something.”

Mary ankara anal yapan escort looked at Chris and said, “What is that lover?”

Chris shyly said, “Would you marry me Mary?”

Mary stopped rubbing and thought about her answer. Then she said, “I would love to be married to you Chris. But we both have such a bust love and we still fuck men.”

Chris answered, “I thing we can continue to fuck others. But marriage will solidify our love for each other. It simply means we belong to each other. When I fuck Jeff tonight he’ll just be a penis to me — nothing else. When you are in San Francisco fucking a man tonight, it will just be a penis with fluid cumming out of it — nothing else.”

Mary thought about this and replied, “You are right. I have no feelings of love for Todd tonight, but simple lust.”

Chris said, “Look think about my proposal and we can talk about it next Wednesday when you return. In the meantime fuck who you want to and I’ll do the same.”

Mary looked relieved when she said, “OK, fair enough. Where have you thought about getting married?”

Chris said, “Oh Montreal is my favorite place in North America. But, certainly California is an option now with the court decision clearing the way?”

Mary finished putting cream on Chris’s breast. She had also lost interest in cumming and got up from the bed. She asked Chris, “What are you wearing to the ballgame?”

Chris lay back with her tight big toe glistening with Mary’s cunt wetness. I think I will wear the new shorts I bought, a black bra top, shoes and socks.

Mary picked up a pair of shorts, turned and said, “These?”

Chris answered, “Yes.”

Mary tossed them to Chris. Chris raised her ass and put them on. Then she got up and pulled them up.

Mary said, “No panties?”

Chris smiled at her and said, Nope.”

She walked over to her dresser and opened up the second drawer. She removed a very tiny yellow bra and proceeded to put it on. The bra barely covered her nipples. This was definitely a swimming bra!

Mary said, “Thought you wearing a black bra?”

Chris said, “Oh I am over this tiny thing. This is for later when Jeff and are alone. I don’t have to change. This tiny one is hard to do along. Can you tie it for me in back?”

The yellow bra was strapless with a flimsy tie in back. It’s what is called a “See it then discard” bra — never met to be worn for long.

Mary pulled the very thin pieces of string together and tied it. Chris adjusted the patches so her nips were covered. Then she put on the more modest, but still revealing black bra. It tied around the back of neck and her back too. The yellow string was hidden by the black bra strap.

Then Chris chose a new pair of thin white anklets to go with her tennis shoes. She sat down and put on her socks and turned each top to make an attractive cuff. Standing up with her shoes on she said, “Hmmmmm dark glasses, a hat and flip flops. I’ll change at Wrigley. I don’t want to wear flip flops out on the street.”

Mary said, “You look great! Wish I was fucking you tonight.”

Chris smiled and said, “Yeah, yeah, yeah you’re going to have Todd between your legs tonight!!”

Mary blushed and smiled, “Yep I am.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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