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It doesn’t seem like there’s major interest in this particular series but I want to continue anyway. I feel like this story has some potential if given a chance, perhaps not so much as certain others I’ve written but still worth the time. If you have not read the first two chapters I would suggest you do so to learn how we got to this point.


Chloe woke up alone. Or at least, alone in the bedroom. She could hear movement and other sounds in the kitchen so Adonis was still in the apartment. A glance at the clock told her it was 8:30. She had to get to school by 11 in order to buy tickets for the prom. Fortunately she had taken her car over to her lover’s apartment. Buses took so much longer and from where she was now that would be a 40 minute trip. Compared to about 10 minutes driving herself. Ah, the convenience of an expressway.

As she got up, Chloe noticed the blouse and skirt of her school uniform were set on the bed. Did Adonis get them from her car? It was pretty considerate of him if he did. The copper-haired girl also noticed a familiar make-up kit on the nightstand. She would recognize Tirzah’s stuff anywhere. But enough dallying. Chloe got out of her lover’s bed and went to see him in the kitchen. He was already dressed, which was disappointing. How long had he been up, anyway?

“Good morning,” Adonis said when he saw her.

“Morning. Where’d Tirzah go?” Chloe asked.

“She left a while ago. I don’t think she went to school though. Your keys are on the table in the living room, by the way.”

“Thanks. Were you the one who got my uniform from my car?”

“Tirzah did. I wouldn’t take your keys without permission. Besides, I did say you could come right back after you bought the prom tickets,” the singer reminded her.

“Oh yeah. Well I might have to go to classes anyway if any of my teachers spot me. Can I use the shower?”

“Of course. Tirzah left her make-up out for you although since you’re heading to school I would stay away from most of what she usually wears,” Adonis told her.

Chloe thanked him and went into the bathroom. She turned on the shower and hopped in, enjoying the cool water on her naked body. She had a habit of avoiding hot showers in the nice weather and it was mid-May. Even in Ottawa it could warm up quick by now. Chloe made sure her shower was quick. Fortunately all she had to do was wash her hair and body. Afterwards she dried off and returned to the bedroom. She found her panties and slipped into them, followed by her skirt and blouse. Then she examined the make-up kit.

Adonis had been right, although Chloe would have guessed Tirzah’s choice in make-up was not suitable for a Catholic school, even one lax in most of the rules. But what could be done when her friend was a self-professed mega-slut? The teen ignored the heavy eyeliners and found a pink lipstick that wasn’t’ too promiscuous. She applied it then went back into the kitchen, where Adonis handed her a plate of breakfast.

“I should keep some clothes over here for the next day after we have sex,” Chloe mused.

“If you want. Tirzah does and so does Crystal. The closet and dresser in the other bedroom is pretty much all occupied by their stuff,” Adonis said.

“Wait, Crystal keeps things here? You have sex with her too?” Chloe asked. She wasn’t mad at all, just curious. Crystal was one hot band manager and now that Chloe tried lesbian sex she was hoping Crystal might want her too.

“Not as often as I used to, but yes. I notice that you don’t sound angry or disappointed at that,” the singer pointed out.

“Well I find this all very exciting. Besides, we don’t have a defined relationship so it would be kind of shallow if I got jealous,” Chloe reasoned.

“Fair enough. I’m not against the idea though in case you were wondering.”

Chloe didn’t believe what she just heard. Was he really suggesting..? “You mean…I could be your girlfriend?” she asked.

“If you really wanted. Tirzah says that you have a fantasy along those lines. And I am single you know,” Adonis pointed out.

“Do rock stars even have girlfriends? I mean, what about the whole sex with lots of girls part?”

“Many are in fact married. They tend to settle down as they get older and ease away from all that crazy stuff in the ’80s. As far as it pertains to you and I, the choice is yours. There’s no reason we can’t have different partners just because we’re together,” Adonis explained.

This offer was too good to be true! It was like a dream. In fact, Chloe had dreamt of this for some time now. Ever since that first show. “Can we, then? Oh, that doesn’t sound too decisive, does it? I mean, I want to be your girl.”

“Then it’s settled.”

They spent the remainder of breakfast talking about the details of their new relationship. Nothing would change in regards to lots of sex with different girls in addition to each other. Chloe could even pick partners too although for now she was really hesitant about having to approach someone istanbul escort to ask them. Adonis said that she could have Crystal talk to any girl that caught Chloe’s attention at shows and she readily agreed. After that, she asked about the love part of the relationship.

As Adonis viewed it, they shared a strong mutual attraction and had some actual feelings for one another. He reasoned then that they were beyond infatuation with each other but not in love, as real love takes time. However, he went on to say that given the fact that they would also have ample alone time then they could definitely work at building something real. Chloe liked the sound of that and agreed that it was a good idea.

“Will you be home when I get back?” Chloe asked as her lover cleared the plates.

“Yes. There’s nothing to be done today.”

“I’ll come back as soon as I can,” she promised, kissing him. Adonis held her close and kissed back.

“All right. You’ll need this before you head out though,” Adonis said, giving Chloe a red $50 bill.

“How did you know the price of prom tickets?” she asked as she slipped it into her purse.

“It was the same in my graduating year too. Which was only a couple of years ago so I figured the same system to fundraise all year in order to keep ticket prices low was still in place,” Adonis explained.

Chloe kissed him again before leaving his apartment. Once inside her car, she went through the two side streets to get into main traffic and drove to her high school. As she had predicted, within about 10 minutes she was turning into the school’s parking lot. She made it early and there was still an hour and a half until lunch started at 11:05. So Chloe made her way through the courtyard and into the foyer, where the grad lounge was located. There were a few other students in the lounge but they were studying or already talking so Chloe let them be.

She wished she had brought her laptop. Of course she had been so excited yesterday to go see Adonis that she left it in her room. But she did have her phone. Chloe sent a message to Tirzah and waited. A reply came seconds later and the chat began. Apparently Tirzah was setting up to do one of her webcam shows, this time with a girl Chloe didn’t know. They talked about Chloe’s prom. Although Tirzah went to another school, she was coming to her friend’s prom.

“Are you going to the afterparty?” one of the texts read.

“No. I thought I would spend the weekend with Adonis after,” Chloe responded.

“Why? Did he ask you?!”

“Not exactly, but we’re a couple now.”


Chloe couldn’t help but laugh at Tirzah’s reaction. Obviously the redhead never expected to hear that. She asked if Chloe was serious…several times. After finally convincing Tirzah it was true, she asked about the sexual arrangements. Chloe called her friend a slut, which of course had no effect. Then she explained that it was the same with the exception that she could choose partners. Tirzah said that was amazing. They talked awhile longer until Tirzah said that her friend was there and it was time to start the webcam show.

The lunch bell finally rang and the copper-haired teen was happy the wait was over. She went down the stairs from the lounge to the cafeteria and proceeded to the hospitality classroom. The prom committee was headed by the hospitality teacher so they sold the tickets there. Chloe bought her ticket as well as Tirzah’s and her new boyfriend’s(well first boyfriend but whatever). She out the three prom tickets in her purse then headed back to the lounge. From there she went out the door to the school courtyard and back to her car.

When she made back to Adonis’ apartment, Chloe noticed the clock on her dashboard read 11:25. It had taken a little longer because of traffic but she let out a little laugh since the lunch break at school was only half done. In and out. Well sort of. Chloe headed up to her lover’s apartment and knocked on the door. Adonis opened it and she stepped inside. After taking off her shoes, she reached in her purse and handed him one of the tickets.

“Here,” she said. “Oh, you do have a suit, right?”

“As long as you don’t mind it being the exact same from my own prom,” Adonis replied, putting the ticket somewhere safe.

“That’s fine. What about getting there and back? Everyone’s probably going to have a limo and there’s only three of us going together.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

He kissed her and she placed her arms around his neck to kiss him back. They kissed again and again, Chloe enjoying every second. Adonis broke off the kiss and took Chloe by the hand, leading her to his room. She followed eagerly then sat on the bed. He joined her and they kissed passionately. Chloe pulled off his shirt and planted kisses on his well-muscled chest. Then she kissed down his abs and started undoing his belt, removing his pants and boxers at the same time. The singer’s cock was already hard.

Of course Chloe wanted to suck his escort bayan yummy cock, but Adonis stopped her. She pouted and he smiled and kissed her. The teen kissed back passionately, moaning quietly. When they finished, the singer pulled off her top to reveal her large breasts. He squeezed them both and she gasped softly. Then his lips were on her neck, kissing up to her ear. He nibbled on her earlobe before kissing down her chest. Chloe sighed in pleasure as his tongue began moving across her breasts slowly. She once again had the thought that she would gladly do anything for him.

Adonis licked Chloe’s nipple, running his tongue over it or otherwise moving it in circles. When it was as hard as possible he started sucking on it. It felt so good and the copper-haired girl held him close to her as he sucked. Eventually he started sucking harder and she moaned loudly. It occurred to her that whoever was in the next apartment might be able to hear them. But there had never been any complaints to Chloe’s knowledge so they must have been used to it. Or they weren’t home. Hell, maybe they enjoyed it in some weird way.

None of that mattered to her. Chloe enjoyed sex very much and even enjoyed being loud. So, once her nipple began hurting from her boyfriend’s prolonged attention, she screamed out loud. Adonis looked questioningly at her and she just giggled. Then she slipped off her skirt and panties, sliding them down her long smooth legs to collapse to the floor. Naked, Chloe was ready for the real fun to start. She kissed him deeply and then, feeling bold, turned away and got on her hands and knees. Hopefully, presenting herself like this would work.

She got her wish as Adonis pushed his cock into her and humped steadily. Chloe moaned in pleasure as she happily took his cock. His hands reached around to squeeze her breasts. She moaned again and again as his hands matched the rhythm of his cock. Eventually he stopped, his hands holding her waist to keep her steady. Adonis pushed more of his cock in and humped faster. Soon Chloe was breathing heavily and waited desperately for him to fill her up.

Chloe lost track of time as the sex continued. Her body was starting to ache but she was determined to hold out. As if to give an even greater test of her endurance, Adonis was pounding her as hard as he could. The 18 year old teen let out a series of low moans then turned to look at her boyfriend. Suddenly his lips were on hers and they kissed passionately. Feeling her body tense, Chloe broke off the kiss and screamed as her orgasm hit, cum running down her leg and falling on the bedsheet. Another scream followed as Adonis shot several loads of semen up her ass.

Turning over, Chloe collapsed on the bed panting. Adonis licked up her cum and kissed her hard. She tasted herself on his lips. Kissing back, she wrapped her arms around his neck. They kissed repeatedly, alternating between soft kisses, passionate ones and hard and deep kisses. When she was in bed with Adonis, Chloe felt as if everything was right in the world. At some point she wanted to explore the full extent of her recently discovered sexual nature but for today she was content with doing what she knew already.

Chloe flipped Adonis over and lowered her pussy onto his cock. She began thrusting it inside of her, moaning softly. His strong hands once again held her hips. Already eager to cum again, Chloe rode her lover hard. Her body bounced up and down on his cock, which of course caused her breasts to bounce as well. It wasn’t long until the girl thought she might slip or something. Their bodies glistened with perspiration from the sex and the heat of the day. But even if she could have, Adonis’ grip kept her in place.

The teen rode her lover’s cock harder and harder, increasing in speed as well. Adonis proved able to match her perfectly every time, which was no surprise. To Chloe he was an unrivaled sex god. Eventually it was a challenge to keep going. Her body was tiring as she fought to maintain her pacing. When she finally did slow down she felt Adonis take over. Chloe breathed heavily while bouncing on his powerful thrusts. She certainly didn’t want to pass out again. That and she wanted to taste him.

Adonis kept up his strong thrusts for longer than Chloe thought. Her breasts bouncing against her body was starting to hurt when she finally came. Adonis ejaculated at the height of Chloe’s orgasm, sending her into another one, her cum mixing with his hot semen. When it was over she slowly got up and collapsed to the bed panting. She felt her lover’s lips travel across her neck but was too tired to do anything. After several minutes she managed to get up.

Without a word, Chloe repositioned herself between the singer’s legs. Her tongue began to dance across his cock and he smiled down at her. Chloe flicked her tongue back and forth across the head of Adonis’ cock, tasting the semen that was still there. She loved how sweet it was. Then she lapped up and down from base to head until her boyfriend’s cock escort istanbul was hard again. Chloe slipped her mouth over his cock and sucked it eagerly.

Adonis caressed his girlfriend’s face as her head bounced up and down on his cock. She improved each time they made love and, he thought, with the help of him and some sex partners, Chloe would become quite adept at several forms of sex. No need to rush it, however. Sometimes it was good to take things slow and easy. Adonis resumed watching Chloe, just in time for her to surprise him.

Her mouth enveloped more and more of his cock until she was deep throating her lover. Chloe’s tongue was pressed flat so she could accommodate as much cock as possible. Then she resumed sucking, fast and vigorous. The last of her energy was going into what she hoped was an amazing blowjob. Chloe sucked and sucked until eventually Adonis ejaculated, a stream of hot semen poured down her throat. She happily drank it all before pulling her mouth away and passing out next to Adonis.


On Saturday, Chloe found an event notification for a show that night. Ignatius was the headliner and also featured were two bands she didn’t know: Fragile Figures and Nighttime in Kansas. She checked their Facebook pages and was surprised. The singer for Fragile Figures was a pretty blonde with purple at the end of her hair that reached down to her neck. Chloe discovered that this girl was turning her on. Slightly, but the sensation was still there. Remembering what Adonis had said, Chloe indicated that she would go to the show…and maybe get herself a new partner.

While browsing Facebook some more, Chloe received a rather forward message from Crystal. She asked if Chloe wanted to hook up and have sex sometime. The teen said yes but only if Crystal would do her a favor tonight. She agreed and Chloe found herself wishing for time to speed up so her plans could go forward. The show was at 7pm so there was a long time to go yet. Chloe decided to go through her wardrobe to pick something hot enough to get noticed.

Her choice for the night ended up being a tight tank top with spandex shorts and what Tirzah liked to call stripper boots. Chloe wasn’t sure if strippers wore boots or not but she guessed that her best friend wasn’t far from the mark if they did. The copper-haired beauty wore thick black eyeliner, pink lipstick and purple nail polish. Combined with her outfit she decided the overall effect was devastating. She sent a pic to Tirzah, who eagerly approved Chloe’s choice.

When she got to the venue that evening, Chloe parked as close as possible. It was downtown so the parking choices were not ideal but there was a small parking lot next to the Rainbow venue. It beat parking down the street that crossed the one she was on. This way they could leave quickly. Chloe liked the Rainbow. There was a balcony like space above the floor with the bar and stage which provided a good view. It was also where the bands hung out before going on.

Adonis was there when she got in and he told the guy working the door that she was on the guest list. He brought Chloe upstairs, where she found the girl from Fragile Figures talking with a slender blond guy. The teen hoped this girl wasn’t taken. Listening to the conversation revealed that the girl’s name was Maddie. She wore a crop top with ripped black pants and short heeled boots. Chloe decided the freckles on Maddie’s face were quite cute. After Maddie and her friend went downstairs Adonis spoke.

“I would guess you have your sights on Maddie?”

“Yes,” Chloe admitted. “Can you tell me about her?”

“Well she just turned 18 recently. Pretty good singer and not a bad choice for sex. I myself haven’t been with her. Aside from her only just becoming legal, she is a bit short for my liking and rather slender,” Adonis explained.

“Was that her boyfriend?” Chloe asked.

“No, Maddie’s single so don’t worry. That was Jamison, the drummer for Fragile Figures and Ignatius.”

“What happened to your current drummer?”

“That was just a setup for some live stuff. On the albums Jamison played drums and Tiago did guitar. Now we’re going back to our original setup for the tour this summer. Which means no rhythm guitarist either,” the singer told her.

Upon consideration, Chloe decided she didn’t really care. Knowing that Maddie was single encouraged her more. As for her boyfriend’s band setup, it might mean room for more girls on stage, which would be really fun. Maybe they could have orgies instead of just one-on-one and threesomes. Chloe smiled at the thought and hoped she’d remember to bring it up sometime. For now it was time to think about her next lesbian encounter. She couldn’t wait to see Maddie naked.

A few minutes later Tirzah made it upstairs. The redhead was wearing another one of her slutty mini dresses. She pulled on Chloe’s hand until her friend got up. Tirzah led her past the pool table to a cozy little space separated from most of the upstairs area. Chloe looked questioningly at Tirzah but got no explanation. Or at least not a verbal one. The redhead removed her shoes then knelt down, sliding Chloe’s shorts and panties to her ankles. Then her tongue started licking Chloe’s pussy.

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