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For a year, life went on as before. Lindsey went to school, then she graduated and started work. She stayed living at home, coming home at night and making dinner twice a week. We shared meals and holidays and pretended nothing had happened. When she looked at me across the dinner table and smiled, I swear she didn’t remember anything at all.

At times I wondered if I had imagined it. We’d all settle in to watch a movie, and my wife would smile at us, and I wondered how I ever could have done what I’d done. It seemed like a dream. Lindsey would be playing cards, or laughing at a video on her phone, and I’d think I was crazy to have felt anything. But then she’d lean across the counter to grab a glass, or stretch after her run, and I’d remember how she had spread herself for me, letting her father drink in the sight of her cunt, begging for my praise, offering herself to me like I was a king. I remembered the large white bed, the restaurant we ate at the night before. I remember her clit throbbing under the pad of my tongue, and most of all I remember her sweet cries, begging me for more, telling me how much she loved how I loved her.

There were only two differences. The first was that I was always hard around her now. It was impossible not to remember the sweet hours in her bed, the relentless lovemaking of our trip, the desperate sound of her moans, begging her daddy to take good care of her, and her slick hot mouth.

The second was that Lindsey had worsened her behavior. While before she talked back only to me, now she treated my wife like the enemy, too. She stole beers from our fridge and nearly lost her job when she turned up drunk. And then one night, when I had resigned myself to another evening of sexless movie watching with my wife, the police called.

It was Lindsey. Instead of coming home after work, she’d gone to the notorious teenaged hookup spot in the forest, lookout point. She’d been found drinking beer, smoking pot, with four boys from the college nearby. When the police came, they scattered, but my baby had stayed. And when they told her they were going to call her parents, she cried, she’d begged, and according to the officer, she offered him a favor in return. A very nice favor.

I don’t know how, but he declined. All this was reported to me as I hurried into jeans, my wife staring, terrified, from the couch, and I grabbed my keys. I couldn’t think of anything except the scenarios running through my head — of my baby, bloodied and naked in the forest, or in a totaled car wrapped around a tree, or on her knees, slurping on the policeman’s cock in exchange for a ride home. I bet he’d stroke her hair and call her baby girl.

I drove there as fast as I could. Lindsey was waiting for me, arms crossed, leaning against the side of the cop car. She could not meet my eyes, but her shyness didn’t cover up her body, which was squeezed into a black leather skirt and a tight baby tee. I unlocked my car. “Get in.”

She looked at me, startled by the fury in my voice. “Dad–“

“Get in the car. Now.”

I looked at the cop. He was watching Lindsey go; a forlorn look on his face, no doubt wondering why he’d been such a noble idiot. When he saw me looking, I glared, and he just shrugged. I couldn’t exactly blame the guy, could I?

I got in the car and began to drive without a word to her. I was too angry, words went through my head without meaning. I tried to concentrate on keeping the car straight on the road.

Before long I couldn’t contain my anger. I was worried I would swerve the car into a light post. I pulled over once we reached the park around the corner from our house. Lindsey’s hair stank of booze, and the fabric of her little white tee strained translucent across her breasts. I parked far from the streetlight, and shut off the car.

“All right young lady. Explain.”

She twisted her hands in her lap. “I don’t know.”

“You don’t know?”

She was biting her lip, looking down. I realized she was crossing her arms and pushing her breasts together. “No dad,” she said. “My friends wanted to go out to Lookout Park.”

“And smoke weed and drink beer.”

She tempobet giriş shrugged. A piece of hair stuck to her lip. “I’m sorry dad.”

I watched her for a moment. My hands shook in my hand as I fought back the urge to scream.

“You’re sorry?”

“Yes.” A touch of steel came into her voice. She thought she’d done enough. Thought I should back off.

“Are you aware of how frightened I was tonight?” I asked. My voice was calm, but something about it must have frightened her, because her big blue eyes snapped to my face. Slowly, she shook her head. “I get a call, hearing my little girl is out of bed in the middle of the night. Then I find out she’s driven out to the middle of a park, probably drunk, and she’s high and wasted with a bunch of boys. And finally I find out that when she got arrested, she didn’t just let the cops call me to come get her. No, she tries to handle it herself. She knows the cop is looking at her tits — because he was honey, wasn’t he? — and she brushes his cock.” I pause, wetting my lips. “So my little girl isn’t just a dangerous, stupid minx. She’s a slut.”

Lindsey turned her head away. I couldn’t help it. My fear from earlier was bubbling beneath the surface. I wanted to punish her for what she’d done to me — punish her for running out tonight, punishing her for touching that man’s cock, punish her for showing me the greatest pleasure in the world and taking it away.

I patted my lap. “You know the rules.”

She turned to me, eyes wide. “No fucking way.”

“Yes princess.” I narrowed my eyes. “Rules are rules.”

She glared. “You’re out of your fucking mind, perv,” she said. “You just want to spank me.”

I leaned forward. Her breath caught, her breasts going up and down. “What’s the rule, chickadee?” I asked.

She swallowed. “If I misbehave, daddy will punish me.” We’d had this rule since she was little. I don’t think either one of us had thought of it this way before.

I stroked her cheek. “That’s right.” She closed her eyes. I kissed her nose, her forehead, then leaned back. I patted my lap one more time. Her eyes lingered on my cock, straining against my jeans. I just smiled at her and took her by the hand. “Good girl.”

Lindsey slowly bent over, shimming across the truck bench until she was laying across my lap. I pulled up her skirt and let out a tiny moan. “No panties?”

I rested my hand on one of her lovely fat cheeks and rubbed in a circle.

“No daddy.”

I paused. Her voice had gone into that delicious, gorgeous sex whimper I remembered from our days at the resort. And with that added layer of lust came something else: a memory of our sweetness and intimacy from that weekend. I didn’t want to betray her.

“This is just a punishment, okay chickadee?” I said, clearing my throat. “A few swats to reinforce the rules. Then we’ll go home, right cupcake?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Just like always.”

“Yes daddy.”

I rubbed her thighs, into the hot crevice between them, stopping just when I touched a few hairs. “Because you were a bad girl.”

“Do it daddy, please– ah!” She closed her eyes at the force of my blow. I was enthralled, watching her body convulse as I brought my hand down.

“Did that hurt?” I couldn’t keep the tenderness out of my voice.

She pouted. “A little. Be gentle with me daddy.”

“Just a few more little girl,” I said. I brought my hand up again. “Yes,” I said as I slammed it down onto her. “That’s a good girl — you’ll never do that again huh?”

“No daddy … mm-uh!”

“Shh… just a bit longer.” I brought it down three more times. “You scared me so –” slap “much–” slap “princess!”

“Ah!” She was openly rubbing herself on me now. My cock strained. But I knew I still couldn’t fuck her. My baby’s body was just filled with desire, she was a little horny slut, but she didn’t want me, she just wanted cock… I would lose her, I know, to the dozens of men she’d take to bed in my place… my beautiful girl, the memory of her virgin cunt still wrapped around my dock, filled with another man’s cum, gagging on another man’s cock — I couldn’t stop it…!

I pushed tempobet yeni giriş her away before I thrust my cock into her throat, and got out of the car, slamming the door behind me.

I bent over, panting, eyes closed. Fuck. Another second and I’d have lost myself in my pants. I wanted her so fucking bad. The sweet little thing was going to ruin my life. She was a temptress, an angel’s face and the devil inside her.

My cock didn’t care.

I held my breath after I heard the door slams her footsteps approach. I didn’t dare look up. My little girl wrapped her arms around me and pressed her cheek into my back.

“I’m sorry,” she said. Her voice was heavy and final.

I felt little tremors in her body. At last, I turned.

Lindsey was crying. I took her face in my hands. “Now now chickadee, there’s no need for that.”

But the tears just came faster. I wiped them away.

“What is it angel?” I whispered. I kissed her forehead. She gasped out a sob. I wrapped my arms around her and held her as tightly as I could, her face pressed into my shirt. I cupped the back of her head with my hand and kissed her hair. “Daddy’s here,” I said. “Shhh baby daddy will take care of everything.”

I rocked her for a long time, kissing her and reminding her I loved her, that she was my sweet baby angel. Finally her sobs slowed, then stopped.

She looked up at me, her eyes very blue from crying, her cheeks red and tear-tracked. I kissed her once, short, and then when she gripped my shirt I kissed her longer, her lips trembling and opening under mine. Her knees buckled and I gripped her harder, keeping her upright with my embrace.

“Tell daddy, my love,” I whispered into her mouth. “What’s wrong?”

“I didn’t want the police officer.”

She was embarrassed about her desire. Poor little thing. My cock twitched against the flush heat of her stomach. “It’s all right,” I said, “you know what it’s like to have a man inside you now, and you wanted it again. I know you can’t help it.”

She shook her head. “I didn’t want him,” she said. “I wanted someone else.”

I pressed her closer.

“I can’t stop thinking about you,” she said. “All day… at breakfast, across the table, at night when you’re in bed with mom.” She kept her face hidden but she held me tightly. She rubbed herself against the strength of my cock. “Dad I know what I said before… but I miss you so much, daddy, I only went out tonight to try to distract myself — I thought maybe another man would help but I only want you, daddy, please can you forgive me — please will you–“

I didn’t let her finish the question, I covered her mouth with mine. “Oh baby girl,” I said. “I love you so much,” I said.

“Can you make love to me?”

“Oh sweetheart yes,” I said, “yes my little naughty thing.”

I picked her up and brought her back to the truck, opening the door with one hand to lay her across the back of the bed, on top of an old wool quilt. It reminded me so much of being young, sneaking girls into the woods right here just for this purpose. But this wasn’t some girl, this was Lindsey, my Lindsey, my angel, my temptress, and she was whimpering under my body as she pulled me back down for a kiss.

“Shh,” I whispered, brushing my lips along her neck. “Relax chickadee, I’m here. I’m here…”

“I want…”

“Shh…” I kissed her again, slowly, feeling the heat of her tongue against mine. Her breathing was shallow and ragged. I almost pitied her, whimpering for me.

I wanted to make it last, to enjoy every inch of her honey body. But neither of us had the patience.

I peeled off that little T-shirt and descended on her soft breasts, rubbing my cheek against them. “Oh god Linds…”

She pet my hair. “You missed my sweet titties didn’t you daddy?”

“Uh huh.”

“What about my pussy?”

I peeled off her skirt. “Daddy missed that too.”

My daughter was wet, hot, and slick when I rubbed three fingers in. “Did you let anyone else fuck you?” I asked, sawing my fingers in and out.

Her voice was guttural and desperate. “Oh god daddy that feels so good–“

“Did you?”


I tempobet güvenilirmi slapped her cunt lightly. “Your father is talking to you.” I slapped her again, a little harder. She squirmed, pushing herself into me, but I just kept giving her cunt little pats and slaps, the wetness making a sticky sound against my palm.

“Little slut can’t even speak?” I asked. “Tell me!”


“No what?”

“No I didn’t!”

“You didn’t let anyone fuck you? Only me?” I stopped the slaps and pressed my palm still against her. I couldn’t help it, my voice went thick. “Only me?”

She was trembling. High spots of color had appeared on her cheeks and chest. “There’s only you, dad. It’s always been you.”

I don’t know what I said; maybe I moaned, maybe I said her name. But soon she was tugging at my belt, and I was pushing down my briefs, and her sweet hands were touching my meat, and then I was inside my daughter again.

She gasped, her hands behind my back, her legs open lewd and wide and over my shoulders. I kissed her.

“I love you.”

“I love you.” She kissed me. “Please.”

“Daddy’s here, chickadee,” I said.

“Don’t leave me again,” she whimpered. Gently I began to move in and out of her, the velvet heat of her squeezing my shaft as I sawed in and out. Her inner muscles grasped me and I turned to the side to bite her thigh.

“You left me.”

“I wanted you to chase after me,” she said. “I wanted you to force me so I wouldn’t have to betray mom.”

“Baby girl, like it or not, we’re both betraying your mother.” I thrust deep inside her sweet, teen pussy, and groaned. “Personally I fucking love it.”

“Oh daddy give it to me.”

I slowly began to pick up the pace. “You want your dad to fuck you?”


“What a little slut,” I scolded. “I raised you better than begging for cock…”

“Please daddy please…”

“God you’re so good, you’re made for this…” I kissed her. “Daddy loves you so much princess, you’re so good to me…”

“I’m yours daddy!”

“That’s right,” I began to go harder, gripping her shoulders and pushing her down onto my cock as I thrust up into her, my balls slapping her, my hips clapping against hers. “You’re daddy’s little secret… oh yes cutie come on my cock — come on daddy’s cock… oh you’re doing so good, that’s it, that’s it my slutty baby… oh yes…!”

I held her head against my heart as she came, gripping me impossibly tight, I muffled her cries against my skin as she gasped my name and thanked me, her gasps tumbling out as she finished, her fingers going slack, thanking me over and over again.

I kissed her between the eyes. “Now lie back and relax, cutie,” I said, “and let me look at my daughter.”

She did, spreading her arms, her breasts exposed to the moonlight, her cunt a dark, slick red peach I pushed myself into, faster and faster, watching my cock invade her precious petals, her sweet little princess parts… she whimpered and pleaded, and finally I couldn’t hold back any longer, I spilled everything I had, everything I’d held back for the past year, into my daughter.

Afterward, I huddled her back into her clothes and kissed her. We knew we could not go home, not yet. I drove us to a nearby motel and called her mother.

“This is going to take awhile,” I said as I slipped Lindsey’s shirt back over her head. She was sitting on my lap in the seedy bed, pushing her breasts up to my mouth and smiling a wicked smile. “We’re still tied up with the cops.”

“Oh my god, this is awful! What are we going to do?”

I let Lindsey take my cock out of my pants. She bent over and took it into her sweet little mouth. “I’m going to get us a room for the night.” Lindsey blinked her sweet blue eyes at me as she licked my balls. “Uh…!”

“Are you all right?”

“I’m perfect… I’ll see you in the morning…”

Lindsey brought her mouth over my cock, all the way to the back of her mouth. She gagged, convulsing around my head. I groaned.

“Honey? Honey are you okay?”

“I’ll call you later.” I said. “I’ll take good care of our girl, I promise.”

“I love you,” she said.

I pulled Lindsey up until she was straddling me again. Slowly, she took my cock deep into her cunt. Her eyes rolled back into her head and she undulated her hips, beginning to ride. I met her eyes. “I love you too,” I said, and then I hung up.

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