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When I woke the morning after taking my daughter’s virginity, I knew I was fucked. There was blood on the sheets, and my sweet baby lay next to me, her perfect ass red from where I had spanked her a few times too many. If I thought this was going to be a one-time deal, I’d broken that promise four times the night before. My life was never going to be the same.

I was exhausted. I looked at the clock; eight a.m. I couldn’t ever sleep very late, but Lindsey was a teenager, and I knew she’d be asleep for awhile.

I sat up. My little one and I had fucked four times last night. I mean, can you blame me? I tried to be gentle, and remember he was a virgin. She was sore, after the first time. But then I’d look at her pretty tits and her cute little mouth and grow hard again. I would have held off if Lindsey wasn’t so eager. But every time she saw me harden, she’d blush, then look at me from under her lashes.

“I do that to you, daddy?” she whispered every time, honest to god surprised.

“Oh baby girl,” I said the first time. I couldn’t get any more words out before I was on top of her again, eager to feel her tiny body under mine, her sweet curves, her forbidden, lusty form.

Between each session, we lay together, her head on my chest. I had not expected to feel so moved by her closeness. When she lay her head against my heart, it was like a piece was put into place. I held onto her and buried my face in her hair, smelling her scent, knowing I was in the right place. We’d lay there, stroking each other, not talking much except for a few words and some kisses. She took to being my lover right away, not hesitating to kiss me or touch me, though she clung onto calling me dad.

After our first time, I had given her a bath, soaping her up and kissing her hair. It reminded me so potently of when she was a child, and how now, everything was different. I’d never thought about her before she was an adult, but now, I felt the strongest mixture of lust and love. She was so much younger than me, my sweet baby that I would die to protect, but I also felt a profound possessiveness. I wanted her on her knees, choking on my cock; but I also wanted that beautiful face smiling at me with all the love I knew I would do anything to earn and keep. I slipped my hands between her legs and murmured how good she was, how wet and sweet my baby got for her daddy. Lindsey had already cum a few times but her knees opened and she let her daddy do what he wanted. I inserted a finger and began to stroke inside her. She was tight and hot, clamping down on my finger like she hadn’t just accepted my member.

“Oh, chickadee,” I said, “chirp for me.”

She did; she made the cutest noises as I began to fuck her with my hand. The water sloshed in the tub as Lindsey lost control of her hips and began to buck against me. I held steady, looking into her eyes, unable to believe this was happening. I knew her so well, but I had suppressed these desires so long. I watched her go to pieces. My cock strained in my pants but I didn’t take it out; I wanted to watch her. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair stuck to her forehead, her eyes scrunched tight and teeth bit down hard on her lip. She fucked my hand like an animal, completely given over to her body’s desires.

“Yeah,” I whispered. “Oh fuck yeah, baby girl.”

She screamed my name when she came. I didn’t even think to care about the neighbors in the hall.

I ordered room service and when the bellhop came he saw Lindsey in her robe and me in mine, and he did a double-take. Lindsey’s clothes were all over the room, and he had to step around her panties to wheel in the cart. I knew the room smelled like sex. I couldn’t help it; my cock got hard, knowing this young man knew what we had been doing. He didn’t know we were father and daughter, but he sure as hell knew I was a good thirty years older than her. He was closer to Lindsey’s age than me, by far. A possessive male part of me couldn’t wait to fuck her again, just because she was mine.

I wanted to pamper her, worship her. I fed her strawberries and dribbled champagne on her tits, licking her body like a slave. I told her she was my princess, and we both knew that made me her king. She opened her legs for me again, and I got to see her pretty pussy once more. My daughter was made to break a man’s heart. She gave me a look with her big blue eyes like, “Please daddy, make me feel good.”

I mounted her. I didn’t want her on top of me yet; I loved being in control. She was my plaything, my princess. I put her legs on my shoulders and sank into her wetness. She accepted me with a sigh. The poor girl was still a little sore; I was gentle, until I couldn’t be anymore, and by then she was begging her dad to fuck her hard.

“Show me what I’m for, daddy,” she begged. “Make me yours, daddy. Use me, daddy!”

I gripped the headboard for leverage and ploughed into her; my vision was white, all I could hear was the slapping of our skin and Lindsey’s grunts and whimpers.

After awhile, I pulled out of izmir escort her and directed her onto her hands and knees.

“Oh fuck, baby,” I said when I saw her like that, prone to me, her perfect pussy and asshole on display for her dad. “You know how to make your dad a happy man.”

“You like me, daddy?” she asked. Her voice was high pitched and whiny with sexual desire, sounding for all the world a girl who needed a hard cock.

I gripped her hips and knelt behind her, rubbing my cockhead against her pussy. “Daddy’s gonna be a little rough, ok, chickadee?”

“How rough, daddy?”

I wasn’t sure; but seeing her ass up in the air like that was making me forget everything. She didn’t seem like much of a princess anymore, splayed like that.

“Spread your cheeks, Lindsey.”

She dropped her head onto the pillow and reached behind her, obediently pulling her ass cheeks apart. I couldn’t believe the instincts my daughter had.

“You’ve watched a lot of porn, haven’t you, little one?”

She groaned into the pillow. I saw a gush of wetness emerge from her little hole.

“What a naughty baby.”

I raised my hand up and came down hard on her ass, then leaned down and licked from her pussy all the way to her asshole. I repeated the action until she was sobbing with desire, her ass flushed and pink.

“Please daddy!” she begged. “Please fuck me hard! Fuck me daddy please please fuck your daughter!”

Then, I took her knees and urged them farther apart, until she looked positively obscene. I wasn’t even touching her and she was panting, whimpering, begging.

“You love being on display,” I murmured, rubbing my hand against her ass. “God, daddy loves his slutty baby.”

She was limp like a doll, but I could see from the flush on her skin and the gushing wetness that she was loving it. We were a match made in heaven; I had always wanted a woman to act like a plaything for me, and Lindsey seemed to get off on it. I wondered if I just splayed her like this and talked dirty long enough, she’d cum on her own. But I didn’t have the patience to find out.

I shoved my cock into her and she screamed.

“Fuck you feel good,” I groaned, grabbing her by the hips and moving in slow circles, feeling the tightness of her. I pressed her onto me to the hilt. “Oh chickadee, you make me so happy.”

The other times had been for her; this was for me. I looked down at her beautiful body, prone and available to me, her father, and took what was mine. I pounded into her, her hips in my hands, using her body to get off, listening to her screams and moans of ecstasy.

My little girl was no cold fish; I was fucking her like this for only a minute when I felt her contract around me.

“Oh, that’s right, you little slut,” I said. “You can’t get enough of your father’s cock, huh baby?”

Lindsey was a mess; she was screaming and sobbing and moaning for more, and I gave it to her gladly, smiling down at her while my hips bucked into my baby. She clamped down on me like a vise, and then I felt my own release approaching, my muscles taking over until I couldn’t see, there was nothing but feeling. In that moment, I pressed a hand onto her back, holding her down on the bed. I shouldn’t like retraining my little girl, but blood surged to my cock. I pressed her down harder, so she couldn’t move. Judging by Lindsey’s mews and moans, timed with my thrusts, she liked it too. I held her down and took what was mine.

I came into her in powerful spurts, filling my child with my spunk. Only after it had cleared did I hear her words, “Give me your cum, daddy, give me your cum.”

Needless to say, last night had been the best night of my life. I had never had sex like that, not even close. Poor Lisa, I thought with a twinge. I loved my wife but that – that was something else. I already knew I couldn’t give it up.

I took a shower and went downstairs for coffee and breakfast. I wanted to bring Lindsey up something sweet. I don’t know how it was possible, but I already wanted her again. I hadn’t cum four times in a night in god knows how long. Lindsey had cum even more than me, but she was eighteen. The thought of that made me hard again.

I was sipping my coffee when I decided to check my phone. Instantly, I knew that something was wrong. I had a long string of texts and calls from my wife. I thought of a hundred things that could have gone wrong, and began to panic.

I opened the texts first.

Please, I know I said to go through with it, but I can’t. I’m so sorry. I just can’t live with it.

My heart skipped a beat. I scrolled through. Text after text of my wife apologizing, pleading with me not to make love to Lindsey. As soon as we left she had doubts. She had tried to let them go, but couldn’t. Please don’t go through with it, she asked me.

Her voicemails were worse. As the night grew later, and neither of us were picking up – she asked Lindsey to tell me to call – she started to panic. alsancak escort She thought it was a bad idea, she said. What if this destroyed the family?

I put my phone down.

Fuck. Fuck.

The first thing I felt was white-hot guilt. My poor, lovely wife, the woman I had loved for over twenty-five years, had been panicking all night. I hated doing that to her. And much as I wanted Lindsey, I never, never would have crossed this line without Lisa’s blessing. The woman I loved was in pain.

I thought about telling her the truth. I should, I knew. I’d just tell her that we did it, because I had never lied to my wife about anything significant before. She was worried the sex would destroy the family, but I knew already it wouldn’t. Lindsey and I had talked and laughed last night, in between sessions. She wasn’t afraid of me, she was cuddly and sweet like always. But then I thought of the conversation that we’d inevitably have: “Did you enjoy it?” Lisa would ask. I could hear the pain in her voice even then. I shivered. All it would do was put a picture in her head that she didn’t want to have. Then, I knew she would ask me to stop.

I thought about Lindsey the night before, her pretty little hands splaying her asscheeks open for her father. I thought about the taste of her perfect cunt. I thought of the way she clamped around me when she came, begging her daddy to make her feel good. She was a father’s dream, coming to me to worship her body. I remembered cumming inside of her, filling my favorite person in the world with my spunk. And, I imagined what didn’t happen, what couldn’t happen: I imagined my daughter round and heavy with my child, still riding me even then, her hands resting on her belly.

I took my head in my hands. Guilt rolled through me. But I knew what I had to do.

I called my wife.

“Lisa,” I said. “I got your messages—”

“I’m so sorry,” she said. Her voice was breathless. “I don’t know what came over me. I know I’m wrong here. I pushed you into it. God. It’s probably too late now, isn’t it?”

I could hear the hint of hope in her voice, and the stronger strain of agony.

“No, Lisa,” I said. “I couldn’t go through with it.”

It was easy to act. Even as images of my baby, writhing for cock, filled my mind, it was easy to tap into who I was just two weeks earlier, the man who couldn’t imagine mating with his own child. I told Lisa that Lindsey and I were just having a good time, but we’d gone to bed early the night before and not checked our phones.

“It was a mistake,” I said. “It was just a fantasy. The real thing… it was just too weird.”

“Oh. Oh thank god.”

The relief in her voice killed me. But I couldn’t give up Lindsey. I just couldn’t.

“I love you, Lisa,” I said. It was the first truthful thing I’d said all morning.

“I love you, too.”

I went back to the room with some croissants for Lindsey. I felt like absolute garbage, but the sight of her melted me. She was still sleeping on her belly, her body splayed out. If I looked from the right angle, I could just see her pretty cunt peeking out from between her legs. She was so adorable in sleep, and I was her father – I would never not think she was the cutest little girl in the world. She was my baby. But my cock stirred in my jeans. She was also mine now. My lover, my plaything. She’d promised me her body the night before. Over and over, she promised to be my whore. Well, I knew the truth. She was my whore, but also my princess, my chickadee.

I stripped off my clothes and joined her on the bed, on my hands and knees over her. She didn’t stir. I parted her long hair and took in her slender, smooth back, and started planting kisses on her spine. My baby began to shiver, but she didn’t wake. I kissed and licked my way down, until I reached the cleft of her ass, and licked her there. She smelled like sex and Lindsey, and my body reacted with a primal rush.

I heard her little murmur as I continued to kiss her more intimately. When I glanced up, she was rubbing her face against the pillow. I pushed her legs apart, her most intimate parts in my face. I licked her again from pussy to ass, and listened as she let out a long moan.


I laughed against her body.

This time wasn’t fast or rushed; I look my time, languidly tonguing my daughter’s pussy and asshole. I tasted every crevice, kissed every inch of her. I pushed her up, a little, until her knees were tucked underneath her so she was even more spread. I couldn’t get enough of this view, all her holes open for me. I made a note that, as soon as I could, she and I should start preparing her ass for me. I wanted all her holes.

I spent an hour down there, spending long minutes on her clit, her lips, her holes. I inserted my tongue into her, wasn’t rough at all. Essentially, I worshipped her. Her moans were music to me. She wasn’t quiet; she moaned and chirped, called out my name, begged me. I listened and licked. I had buca escort chosen my little girl and I was going to enjoy it. If I was going to hell, I wanted to live it up here, and I wanted to make my baby damn happy while I did so.

Not to mention, I knew I had to tell Lindsey what her mother said. I would let her decide what to do next. And if this was going to be the last time, I was ready to make it count.

Lindsey was happy all right. I smiled against her cunt as my chickadee whimpered and moaned. While last night she had fought to pleasure me back, this morning, I was doing too good a job for her to even think about me. My little girl just let me love her as long as I could with my mouth. She spoke, just to thank me.

“Don’t thank me little one,” I whispered, blowing cool air on her clit. She screamed. “Daddy is very happy right now.”

Finally, it was too much for her, and I had to stop. She rolled onto her back and caught her breath while I watched, propped on an elbow. Then, finally, when she had a hold on herself, she smiled at me.

“Good morning, dad,” she said. Her cheeks were red. I could see she was nervous, despite all that.

“Good morning, chickadee.”

She touched my chest, her fingers like little flames on my skin. “How are you feeling? No regrets?”

I touched her pussy with one finger. It was too sensitive; she flinched. “Would a man with regrets spend an hour eating his daughter’s pussy?”

She blushed and hid her face in the pillow. I poked her, teasing her out of this shyness. She didn’t need to be shy with me. She peaked out.

“Can I do something for you?” she asked.

She’d sucked me the night before, but it had been fast, frenzied.

“Please,” I said, softly.

Lindsey smiled, then crawled down the bed. I lay on my back and watched her sweet, naked form crouch over me. She took me in her hands, clicked her tongue.

“You’re so hard already dad.”

“That’s from kissing you.”

She knelt down and laid my cock against her cheek. “So big dad. As big as my face.”

I hissed through my teeth, seeing my daughter press my hard cock on her face. She kissed the shaft softly. I felt a surge of desire and nearly forced her mouth onto me right there.

Lindsey let out a little moan and began to play with my body. I forgot that she hadn’t been with a man before. This morning, she looked at me and explored. She took me in, seeing a cock up close and examining it. She touched my balls, ran her fingers over my shaft, tasted my precum. I lay back and watched her play, until I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Kiss me, chickadee.”

She lowered her mouth onto me. I nearly bucked off the bed. She was a natural cocksucker. I slowly guided her head onto me as she sucked my tip into her hot, wet mouth. Lindsey licked me up and down, held my balls in her hand, and sucked me like she’d been born to do it. She knew how to please a man. I lay back and watched my blonde teen service me.

“Oh chickadee,” I sighed, petting her hair. “You were made for this.”

God, what a sight. I felt so filthy and wrong there, watching her. She with her big blue eyes and large breasts, her youthful face and her blush. I felt like a dirty john with his prostitute, like a king in a harem. Lindsey was my princess, my virgin sacrifice. Now, she was on her hands and knees, doing her very best to make me cum. I didn’t want to finish too fast – her lips and mouth felt incredible. But the sight was too luscious. I lay, watching her, until I felt it building. My hips thrust up of their own accord, and I took hold of Lindsey’s head. The sight of my hand wrapped in her hair, holding her sweet face down on my groin, did it for me. It was so wrong, so degrading. I was her father. I hated myself for doing this to her, hated seeing her like this, and yet nothing was more arousing. At the last second, I pulled out, and came all over my baby’s face.

It was the hardest I’d ever cum in my life. Seeing my daughter, the person I most wanted success and happiness for, so degraded with cum, her father’s cum, had the possessive side of me on fire. I cried out. Lindsey moaned, thanking me again and again.

“Oh daddy thank you daddy!”

When I lay back, spent, on the bed, I handed Lindsey my tshirt so she could wipe up.

Instead, she took her fingers and cleaned up her face, bringing every drop of my cum into her sweet mouth. When she was clean, she crawled against me and tucked into my arm. I held my daughter and felt tears in my eyes.

“You… liked that?” I asked. I felt I had gone too far. But seeing her accept my cum, a part of me that my wife and women before her had found gross, had me near tears.

“Daddy.” Lindsey kissed me on the cheek. “You’re the love of my life.”

I should have known this bliss could not last. Later, Lindsey did not take the news well about her mother. She thought her mother had approved everything, but when I informed her that her mother actually did not know about this, she was very upset.

“You lied to me.”

We were in our room, after lunch that day. I’d put it off as long as I could, until Lindsey reached for her phone to text her mother. My heart skipped a beat and I reached out to still her hand. I informed her that we needed to keep our lovemaking a secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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