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This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


Cheating with His Brother

Chapter 1

The demoness lounged sleepily at the round kitchen table, four tentacles undulating gently around her as the cougar perused the morning paper. It seemed strange to her to still have it delivered with so much digital media around them all the time, but there was a soothing quality to turning the pages that lulled her into a genuine sense of relaxation on a morning, even if she did not pay all that close attention to the stories. Too dark and dismal, fear-mongering, for her liking, she took stock of the world over breakfast and charged into the fray with renewed determination.

Well, she supposed it didn’t really count when she was reading it in the afternoon, but Ropes was hardly about to venture out in the cold and the snow when the lure of the fire bid her to warm her toes. Her husband, a glossy-scaled dragon who took better care of his scales than she took of her fur (even when it was at its winter thickest!), was no better when it came to storms, hunkering down into the warm and grumbling whenever he had to even set a single toe over the threshold to the outside world.

As if on cue, the red dragon trotted into the room at a light jog, sweat breaking out across his bow as he bounced from one hind paw to the other. Unable to keep still, he swept across the kitchen in a bustle of energy, pawing at the coffee maker before clearly deciding that he had not the time for coffee and instead grabbed himself a glass of water instead, gulping it down with great urgency.

Ropes smiled, tilting her head as the tip of her tail flicked hypnotically back and forth. Her husband fingered the ear-fins atop his head, jittery in his actions, but all she could think about at that very moment was how much she just wanted to get him out of that suit and reveal the yellow stripes cutting across his scales, feel that firm, hard chest as she moved over him, tentacles caressing wherever she revealed…

A demoness of lust, after all, needed to feed.

“Going out so early, honey?” She purred, whiskers quivering lightly. “I thought the meeting wasn’t for a little while longer. You’ve got plenty of time to get over there still.”

Her pale eyes glowed, but there was a warmth behind them as her husband leaned down to kiss her lips. The caress, however, was too brief for her liking and she leaned forward with a low growl as if to follow his path. Fyr chuckled and shook his head, briefcase in paw as he tugged at the collar of his shirt for what had to be the umpteenth time that day.

“Do I look okay?” He asked, turning from side to side as if that would give Ropes a better idea of how he looked, even though the cougar had seen the outfit rather more times than she cared to. “Not too much? Too little? Heavens, I don’t know how I should dress for this kind of meeting!”

Ropes sipped her coffee, an eyebrow raised. Concentration was more difficult than it really should have been.

“Professionally, darling. And you are nothing but professional to me. A dragon could not possibly look any sharper than you do right now.”

Fyr straightened, lips stretching into a smile.

“You really think so?”

“Oh, I do…”

Rising, the cougar fluidly closed the distance between them, fingers sliding around the back of his neck as she drew his muzzle into hers for a deeper, more lustful kiss than he would have deemed appropriate if anyone had been there to see them. Her lips parted, controlling his, and she darted her tongue into his mouth, playing with his more slender appendage and savouring the warming embrace.

Her fingers trailed down his chest, popping a button open on his shirt, and the dragon jerked as if he’d suddenly realised just what was happening, cheeks burning beneath his scales.

“Honey!” He chuckled, breaking the kiss. “You know I’ve got to go! Besides, it’s too cold.”

As she pouted, eyes narrowing, he hastened to placate her, holding his paws out.

“Put the fire on, maybe, and we can do something when I get back?” He said quickly, a smile appearing and vanishing as if he didn’t quite know how to soothe her need. “I promise, it’ll be just you and me tonight, nothing to disturb us.”

Ropes licked her lips, tentacles fluttering their tips. That was a rather appealing notion… Plenty of time for the two of them to enjoy one another in every one of the many ways she’d been craving. The demoness smirked. Maybe multiple times. She knew how to keep a dragon going past what he thought was his limit too.

“Oh… Alright then,” she relented, although raw need still tingled through her veins, a demanding edge that clouded her thoughts. “But be quick. I don’t want to be without you, darling, for a moment longer than I need to…”

And, as the dragon disappeared out ankara escort bayan into the cold to the truck, she wondered if he would hold true to that one.

It wouldn’t have been the first time.


“It’s nice for you to come visit, Kao,” Ropes giggled, an empty glass of red wine cradled between two paws. “Though I bet you were thinking to see Fyr a little more than me this time!”

The blue dragon with his feet kicked up over the arm of the soft, plush chair opposite her laughed, the sound rumbling up from his stomach as if he had no option but to release it. Fyr’s brother, Kao, had a more relaxed air than the red, although their facial structures were clearly the same. Two black horns pushed back from his skull, unlike Fyr’s frills, however, and there was clearly much different between the older and younger brothers.

“I did think he’d be here,” Kao admitted, setting his own glass aside onto the coffee table. “He didn’t say anything about that meeting, maybe he just forgot to let me know he’d be busy.”

Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, Ropes shook her head.

“He is so scatter-brained when he’s obsessing over something! I don’t know why he has to focus on this freaking spray meeting so much. I know it’s to get the licenses, but we get the license anyway and it’s just a load of farmers pretending to be business-furs when we know the right deal is going to come through regardless.”

Kao sympathetically nodded and she laughed to herself, slouching off the sofa with the aid of her tentacles to get her back to her hind paws.

“But you don’t need to hear all of this, just having a whinge,” she chuckled as she topped her glass up in the kitchen, ruby liquid sloshing noisily into her vessel of choice. “Though isn’t it a brotherly thing to complain about them too? I don’t have brothers, as you know, so I couldn’t say so myself.”

Kao smiled and held out his glass for her to refill as she swayed back with a nearly empty bottle of wine, tipping what remained in for him.

She jumped, nearly dropping the bottle and lunging for her mobile phone, which had suddenly lit up with life on the table, a very familiar name on the screen.

“Oh! It’s Fyr now!”

Pressing the phone to her ear, she rasped a greeting in a voice that was only ever so slightly slurred.


Kao amused himself with a magazine, eyes flitting to the television remote as Ropes chattered. But he could not fail to take notice when the cougar’s voice cut off abruptly and she folded her arms across her chest, trapping the phone between her ear and shoulder.

“Well, yes, of course, I understand, but the weather isn’t really that bad and you’re only one town over, come on,” she said, a wheedling note entering her tone. “Isn’t there a cab you can take? We can get the truck later if you’re really that worried.”

Kao sat up straight as the cougar turned the phone off without saying goodbye, eyes flashing as her tentacles writhed and twisted, shooting out from her body before snapping all the way in again to her back.

“Are you okay?” He said, reaching out to her. “Is something wrong with the truck? I don’t mind driving over and -“

As kind as his half-formed offer was, Kao barely got half the utterance out of his muzzle before the cougar exploded.

“He’s not coming home at all now!” She huffed, venting her frustration with a stroppy little flick of a tentacle. “Honestly – can you believe him? Who wouldn’t want to come home to their wife on a night like this?”

She gestured at the closed curtains and the snarling storm outside, but Kao didn’t have eyes for that world and, instead, had them fixed on her. Ropes stiffened, eyes wide as she felt the dragon’s eyes rake down her form, taking in every inch of her as her breath quickened, just a notch.

“Oh, I wouldn’t know,” he said, blinking as he seemed to force himself to look away. “I’d always want to come home to a lovely cougar like you.”

“Are you staring at me?” She teased, prodding his chest with the tip of one finger. “Now, now, Kao… Should your eyes really be undressing a cougar like me?”

The dragon swallowed hard and yet did not pull away, his eyes slightly hazy from the relaxing effect of the alcohol. Completely herself again – it wasn’t as if a demoness, after all, could become drunk – Ropes dropped a kiss on his cheek, intending to leave her teasing at that. Regardless of how her loins burned, every last cell in her body screaming for the orgasm, the feeding that she knew she needed above all else, she couldn’t take something like that from Kao and, besides, Fyr had said he’d do something with her. Shouldn’t that really have been enough?

But Kao’s head turned as she went for his cheek and, suddenly, alcohol-laden breath washed over her muzzle and then her lips were parting against his. The scene played out, Ropes melting into it as if from a great distance away, connected and yet separate as she moaned into Fyr’s brother’s mouth, his dark tongue darting between her lips to dominate her mouth and curl around her mersin escort bayan own tongue.

And, oh, even with the tint of wine on his breath, his kiss was divine. His paws closed around her forearms, holding her to him, although there was no hint of her wanting to escape, to pull away and break the intimate moment of the kiss. Her breasts pressed warmly up to his chest as she stepped in closer, arms moving unbidden to wrap loosely around his neck, feeling the softness of his scales, surprising in contrast to Fyr’s much harder ones in the colder weather…

Yet it could not last forever, as commanding as it was. Somehow, one of them moved back just a fraction and then there was space between their lips again, both parties panting lightly from the depth of their kiss.

And what then? Coughing into her paw, Ropes rubbed the back of her neck and slid her gaze away from Kao, something akin to guilty (yet not quite so) pricking at her heart like the thorns of a rose bush. What should have been beautiful took on a darker edge with the knowledge of just who Kao was and, well, yes – what her husband would have thought of her kissing anyone else too! It just wasn’t done in their world! Even if Ropes came, many, many years back, from somewhere entirely different…

But she had to say something with the dragon staring at her with his jaws agape! What was it with drakes sometimes? Her words, when they came, however, were hardly any better.

“Wow…” Ropes blinked rapidly, tentacles loose and still against her sides. “Kao… I…”

The words stuck in her throat, need conflicting with moral obligation – and what was that idiotic way in the land of mortals, anyway? – but Kao took the decision out of her paws entirely. In an instant, his lips were on hers and the drunken dragon bore her back to the wall, a hiss rolling from his lips into her muzzle as their tongues tangled lustfully together.

The moment her shoulder blades pressed against the cool paintwork, lovingly layered over the primer, she was lost. Her demon heritage flared to the surface and she moaned, deepening the kiss as all four of the cougar’s tentacles wrapped around Kao’s arms, keeping him close to her so that even if he had wanted to pull away he simply could not have done so. Kao hardly seemed to mind, breaking the kiss only briefly to tilt his muzzle to the other side until they locked lips once more, barely breaking for breath as his fingers trailed down from her shoulders to her large, full breasts, grazing over where her nipples perked through the sheer fabric of her comfortable yet always tasteful house clothes.

The demoness in her hissed. He was hers! All hers! And she would have him as only a demoness of lust should.

After all, had she not been concerned with feeding of late?

“Ah…” Ropes panted heavily as she drew back, taking his paws in her own, fingers rubbing softly over the back of his. “You know… You don’t have to go home tonight if you don’t want to.”

It wasn’t as if she was going to let him leave anyway, but the dragon didn’t have to know that. Fluttering her eyelashes, she gave him her best pout, feeling something thick twitch up beneath their bodies: trapped, but not for long. Ropes grinned, baring her glistening fangs. Not long at all.

“You can have the guest room, Kao. Stay with a feline tonight, won’t you?”

Smirking, Kao nuzzled under her chin, pushing her head back and up so that he could get at her throat, kissing and nipping as she rumbled a hiss, tail lashing back and forth as her lusts grew. It was all she could do to not drop to her knees at that very moment and make sure that bulge pressing up to her stomach grew more, taking his cock into her mouth and slurping up every drop until he bent her over and gave her every inch her demon body yearned for.

She shook herself as he spoke, snapping her back to a very physical, erotic reality.

“I was rather hoping…” His words blurred together, the dragon blinking rapidly as he tried to smirk. “Hoping that I could stay in your room, Ropessss…”

She wasn’t so sure that the dragon had meant to drag out her name into such a sensual hiss, but hearing it come from his lips made her shiver, tentacles whipping out and away from him as she took his paw. The drake followed her as obediently as a puppy, tail winding from side to side as he walked with a surprising straightness for a male who seemed to be slurring his words with drink. Ropes giggled, heart in her throat and life thrumming through her veins, more potent than any liquor ever could have been.

Everything seemed to move very quickly from that point. Drunk on lust rather than alcohol, Ropes stumbled up the stairs as she towed Kao along with her, heart pounding and blood rushing through her veins with such force that it was a wonder that it did not burst demonically from her body. She’d heard that could happen. As it was, it only seemed to set her tentacles off into overdrive, each one winding around her new lover, her husband’s brother, as they sought to caress every last inch of the dragon.

They izle lost their clothes before entering the bedroom, Ropes groaning into Kao’s lips as the drake ripped her shirt and bra in one go, letting the scraps of fabric remaining trail from her shoulders. She managed to shimmy out of her trousers herself without tearing the button off and stepped to the side as the dragon somehow got both his jeans and boxers down around his ankles, eyes burning with a raw lust that she’d longed to see in Fyr’s eyes for far too long.

Perhaps the younger brother would prove a better fuck for a demoness after all she’d been through…

Ropes hissed through her teeth as she rendered Kao down to but his scales, yanking his t-shirt rudely up and over his head. The neck caught on his horns, leaving a hole, but neither noticed as Kao staggered back to the bed and sprawled on his back, a hard length of black dragon-cock jutting up for her attention.

Licking her lips, Ropes took a moment to admire her ‘catch’, the drake stretched out before her as if he was a feast to be enjoyed. And, oh, what a feast his lust would be to devour, filling her with the life-giving force that kept her seeking out the next to be fed on.

At least it was a mutually pleasurable feeding, it had to be said.

“Oh, Kaooooo,” she purred, drawing out his name into three syllables and flicking her tail back and forth as she stalked him on the bed. “What are you doing to me?”

Head clearly spinning with drink, Kao smiled open-mouthed at her and she wondered, if but for the briefest of moments, if it was wrong of her to be taking advantage of him in such a way. The moment, however, like all the times the thought had crossed her mind with Fyr and, of course, the partners that had come before that particular dragon was short-lived.

But he could not simply sit there without her attention forever – what kind of host would she be? Swaying her hips as she stalked up to the bed, Ropes folded her body over his, a paw running down his chest to his crotch where she curled her fingers around the base of his shaft. And, oh, what a shaft it was. The flesh gave ever so slightly beneath her fingers as she gave it a few experimental strokes, purring all the while, and Ropes licked her lips eagerly in anticipation of what was to come.

It was too good a treat to deny herself any longer.

“Such a nice cock you have for me…” She growled, running her tongue up the side, over the soft ridges. “Have you been saving this all for me?”

Kao sucked in a breath, but what would have been words only came out as a moan, the dragon slumping back as her lips descended down his cock. Gulping and suckling him softly into the back of her throat, the demoness let her tentacles caress his body, stroking over lines of muscle beneath scales that were, as yet, unexplored. But she intended to feast on and explore every last inch of him before the night was over.

The dragon scrabbled and tried to plant his hind paws into the carpet, legs dangling over the edge of the bed, but didn’t have the chance to find any purchase before her muzzle was bobbing on his cock as if she belonged there. Murring around his thick length, the cougar’s tongue explored every ridge and nuance of his dick, sinking deeper and deeper until her soft, slightly damp nose brushed the scales of his crotch. Any other fur of the mortal realm would have had trouble taking him all the way, what with the typically short muzzles of most furries, but a demoness, well – they had particular skills that Ropes was only too keen to show off.

Slurping on his cock, she shuddered as she pulled back, a string of pre-cum mixed with saliva connecting her lips to his shaft for a second. Her paws and tentacles massaged his shaft as she smiled prettily at him, upper arms pushing her breasts together deliciously as she squeezed them in towards her body. There was no way any hot-blooded male could not have enjoyed her for what she was, a fertile female in the prime of her life, and Kao groaned deep in the back of his throat, running his tongue down the side of his jaw.

But he was too luscious to not enjoy. Her muzzle dipped once more, taking him into the back of her throat as she swallowed quickly and her throat bulged with dragon-cock. And all the while her own juices soaked her inner thighs, the waving of her tail only serving to waft them towards the horny dragon as if she was calling him in. There could have been no better siren call than the scent of a female in need for a drake, however, and Kao ran his fingers down over the back of her head, enjoying the semblance of control as he forced her head to bob to his apparent whim. Ropes purred and let him have his moment. It would not be his for long.

There was nothing better than fresh dragon-meat in the morning. Well, evening. Night. No matter. It didn’t mean she couldn’t lust over him and feast, tentacles curling around to cup and cradle his balls. Trembling, Kao rocked into her touch, trying to look to see what her tentacles were doing and perhaps deciding that he was better off with his head back on the bed. Giggling around his cock, Ropes squeezed his balls in turn, massaging and fondling them in all the ways that only a being with extreme control of their tentacles could. Oh, the poor-lucky dragon was getting an education in more ways than one!

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