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Modern porn likes to feature men who submit to sexual abstinence through the wearing of a chastity device. Seeing this makes me wonder how many women also submit to the same discipline. After all chastity belts were developed at the time of the Renaissance for men to ensure their wives remained chaste while they were apart. As I sit here writing this I can confess that I am one such female wearer of a chastity belt and felt I should share my conversion to its positive virtues with other readers.

Three years ago my marriage broke down. My ex-husband had increasingly belittled me turning me into a nervous wreck. I had become very needy and insecure and looked for someone to fulfil the need for belonging that had built up inside me. Then I met David and after a brief courtship we moved in together. David is incredibly clever and soon saw the flaws in my personality which he wanted to help me correct for the better. He quickly started to impose control, discipline and order in my life which he felt I was lacking and would help me. Soon afterwards this discipline was enforced through punishment and other controls. I relished the way he imposed this discipline on me and it made me very comfortable in his presence.

After a period of acclimatisation, I was made to wear severe controlling foundation garments such as corselets or corsets. These would remain on my body day and night and sometimes be particularly tight but I felt happy enclosed inside them. Punishment görükle escort was also effected through whippings and later canings. David was an expert in dishing out punishment and exercising sexual control over me. I soon realised there was more to being a Dom than simply thrashing the backside of your sub until they cried. Frequently I would relish the application of the cane firstly to my bottom, later thighs and finally my breasts. After a session involving caning of my breasts I would lie in bed gently rubbing my breasts and moving my hand closer to the purple stripes left by the cane. As I touched them, it would sting and this would excite me. I could soon build myself up to a climax in this way and with my eyes shut could see David wielding the cane in front of me applying it just above the nipples.

Our relationship was very good as the exercising of control meant our love was very intense and sex was just heavenly. Then a bit of a bump occurred. My work asked me to spend six months in London. It would mean being away all week and it was not possible for David to come with me. David and I talked about it at length and we agreed that I should go for it. The opportunity was too good to miss and whilst control and restraint was exercised in our sex life, David did not hold me back or attempt to control my life in a way that would hinder me.

Over the weekend before I was to go away for my first week we had planned to spend the time together. bursa merkez escort David took me to lovely restaurant on the Saturday night and back home we made love until the early hours. In the morning I awoke to find the bed next to me empty I put on my robe and headed downstairs. When I found David I saw a large black box next to him tied with a big red ribbon. “The box is for you,” he said, “it’s your going away present.” I was intrigued, I had no idea anything like this was going to happen and so I eagerly opened it. I was a little bemused at the device I found inside and David could see this. “It’s a female chastity belt, I want to remain chaste while you’re away.” This was exactly the sort of thing he would do and I couldn’t wait to try it on. I slipped off my robe and he offered it up to me. It comprised a waistband with a hoop which passed around my vagina and anus. It was made of polished steel and had a neoprene liner to allow it to be worn for long periods of time. My vagina was shrouded by a perforated cover which continued round my bottom to part around the anus. The belt was secured by a lock on the front which was integral with the belt.

Being an engineer I expect David was fascinated more in its construction than its function and I laughed. After securing it, he removed the key and put it in his pocket. “I’m keeping this for safe keeping,” he said with a marked smile. I found I was able to leave the belt on and bursa sınırsız escort be fully clothed. It took a little getting used to but I soon did and it was nice to have a feeling of David on me when I was going away. As I undressed later that night I marvelled at the sheer beauty of the device which shined due to it’s polished metalwork.

David took me to the station the following morning and I headed to London for my first week away. As I waved David goodbye and sat down on the train I could feel the hoop of the crotch strap pressing against me and it excited me as it felt like David was touching me. In the evenings as I lay in bed alone I would stroke the belt and wonder what David was up to. I would get horny lying there but the custom design of the belt meant I couldn’t even slide a finger under it to stimulate myself leaving me a little frustrated.

Finally Friday came and it was time to head back home. David met me at the station and we drove back in silence as we were both extremely randy and wanted sex badly. At home the key for the belt soon appeared and David entered me straight after he removed it. My vagina was soaking and we had a very quick shag. Over dinner he asked me how it had been wearing the belt and I just replied, “lovely!” I was beltless over the weekend and began to miss it and enjoyed the ritual of its reattachment on Monday morning.

As my work in London nears an end I am hoping David will insist I continue to wear the belt during the week. I have grown to love the comfortable secure feeling it gives me and hope other women out there are chaste like me and have a similar feeling of loving the feeling of control being belted has over them when they are away from the one they love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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