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Big Tits

All characters are fictional and it is no intent on the part of the author that they should represent any real persons, either living or deceased. Any resemblance is purely coincidental. All characters are written as being of the majority age of eighteen years.

The track whisked by under her feet as Cassie made another lap, fully enjoying the heat of the sun on her skin and the feeling of the breeze in her hair. Normally she would have had to contend with the track team doing their weekly work-out but today they were working inside and left the field open to her. She whistled as she passed the starting marks and only came to a halt after another half-dozen laps. By then her skin was coated in a sheen of sweat and she was breathing heavily. The team should be done with their work out and showers so, as long as she was quick, the Coach should not have a hard time with her using the showers before making the walk home. Grabbing up her water bottle and sweat towel she headed off the field toward the locker room and showers.

She had been right in one thing at least. Practice for the track and field teams was over, but the only showers and locker room available was the boy’s. She had stopped the Coach on her way out of the gym and been assured that she was going to be the only one in there and should not worry too much about the impropriety of cleaning up in the ‘other teams’ locker room. Cassie just nodded but made double sure to look around before ducking into the locker room.

The boy’s locker room was no different from the girl’s except that there were urinals mounted with the stalls and, not a big surprise, a condom dispenser as well. Cassie thought for a minute about wearing her swim suit into the shower – just in case – but seeing as nobody was around, decided to chance it and stripped out of her jogging shorts and the rest of her clothes. Pausing in front of the mirror she took stock of what she saw and decided that it wasn’t all that bad. Sure, her small c-cup breasts could have been a little larger but at least they were not so far gone that they hurt after she went for her runs. Her hips had been narrow for the longest time but between weight training class and jogging her body had finally caught up with her age and she had started to look like a proper young woman in the last year – not the scrawny tom-boy that hadn’t gotten much in the way of attention from the guys – and she thought of herself now as attractive. Not stellar, certainly not someone that would turn the heads of the most popular guys in school, but she had been getting noticed more often of late and that made her feel good about herself. The only thing that she didn’t really like about her body image had to be the thick growth of pubic hair between her legs and blanketing over her mound! The auburn tangles were just not that attractive, but she had not worked up the courage to trim them down, or shave them completely. With her appraisal over, Cassie stepped into the nearest shower stall and cranked on the hot water.

She was ten minutes into letting the hot water ease the soreness in her muscles when she thought she heard the locker room door slam almanbahis shut, and then the soft tread of sneakers on the concrete floors. Oh shit, she thought as she quickly shut off the water and wrapped a towel around her breasts and hips. Everything was covered, but her clothes were still ten feet away and Cassie was certain that she wasn’t alone anymore! Slipping on wet tile she collapsed on the bench next to her duffle bag and began pulling clothes out of it and trying to figure out what went which way. Her skin was still soaked and that made making the material do what it was intended to all the more difficult. Not to mention that she was agitated and nervous so her fingers were not wanting to work the right way. She was half way into her bra and struggling to straighten her underwear when he stepped around the corner. She gasped, dropping her panties in the process, and since her towel was already pinned underneath her and open, the boy got a free shot of her! He paused, a clipboard in his hand, and his eyes traced a line from the deeper shadows between her tightly closed legs to her trembling breasts, and then they read her face.

“Sorry” he stuttered. “I didn’t know anybody was still here. Let alone using the showers.”

“Coach said it was okay: stammered Cassie. “The other locker room was closed so he sent me in here to clean up . . .” She sounded in a panic even to her own ears and she wasn’t, technically speaking, even doing anything wrong.

The encounter was only becoming more awkward the longer that it was dragged out. She couldn’t stand up to pull on her underwear without flashing him everything, but at the same time she did not want to just sit here, wet and naked, trying to make small talk until he left. Cassie knew she recognized him from somewhere though – probably from one of her classes – but wasn’t quite connecting on his face. He stepped around her and opened the Coach’s office, deposited the clipboard that he had been holding, and then closed and locked the office again.

“Okay, all finished” he said. Sounding relieved. But that didn’t stop him from taking one more, long, lingering, look at her body.

Cassie felt heat creeping into her cheeks and her chest flushed in embarrassment, but this unlooked for attention was making her body react in ways that she would not have expected. It was tightening up in all the right places and reminding her of just how long it had been since . . . well, she had gotten laid. Growing up in a small town where the only extra-curricular activities revolved around getting high, getting drunk, and getting laid she had always opted for the less dangerous of the three and had not been a virgin since she was sixteen. Now that she was looking at high school graduation in a few more weeks it was no wonder her body was responding in such a way! Thinking back now she knew it had been, easily, three months, or more, since she had last had sex. As her unexpected company moved to step around her she stood from the bench and placed a hand on his chest to stop him. Her own hormones were raging and she knew that she was beyond the point of caring if anyone else walked in. His eyes slipped almanbahis giriş from her face and took in her body – now fully exposed – and from the tent growing in his jeans, Cassie knew that he was a little more than interested! Good, that meant that the rest of this was going to be easier than she had hoped.

The bench was not the most comfortable of perches but Cassie did not care! She felt heat between her legs and a tension building in her loins and knew exactly what it was that her body wanted. Normally, she was not one to go in for getting any from random strangers, but since she wasn’t dating anyone at the moment and would not have risked masturbating in public, she didn’t really see anything wrong in doing what she was planning. Besides, it was not possible to rape the willing and she was happy to note that her new friend was proving to be more than willing. She had him stripped to the waist and his jeans were pooled around his ankles. The only thing stopping the two of them were his cotton briefs that were still in place. Grabbing those, Cassie yanked them down – making sure not to drag the rough elastic over the reaching length of his growing penis – and sent them down to keep his jeans company. One of her hands reached down between his legs and eagerly found the shaft of his cock. A loose ‘sausage grip’ was all that was needed and she stroked him until he twitched in the palm of her hand, signaling his readiness. Meanwhile her other hand had been busy at her mound, rubbing and teasing it until her palm and fingers were slick with her own juices. Pushing him down on the bench she stood above him, straddling his waist.

“Rub here” she instructed as she pushed his trembling hand against her eager snatch! “Ohhh” she breathed as that first contact took her. Meanwhile she bent at the waist, facing away from him, and swallowed the head of his penis and two or three inches of his shaft. She heard him breathe in and his body tensed at the sensation, but he did not stop rubbing at her mound! After just a few measured bobs of her head he was slick with her saliva and judging from the heat rising between her legs she was more than ready – no more foreplay!

Cassie groaned as she carefully angled his shaft to make penetration more comfortable for her and then she eased down onto him. The bulbous head of his penis sank inside of her, past her outer lips, and burrowed deep into her vaginal canal until she was stretched and felt her mound come into contact with his balls! He was all in and it felt wonderful! Riding him in a reverse cowgirl gave her an angle on her g-spot and she made shallow motions so that he could not pop out of her. Every bounce sent her arching toward her climax and she felt him grunting as his erection was engulfed in her tight, warm, and wet slit. In so far as getting sex on the fly was concerned, Cassie was beginning to see the appeal in it. She ground herself against him. Feeling the coarse hairs of his pubic regions against the soft skin of her ass and then focusing on the sensation of being almost completely filled with hard and willing cock! She had not had a lot of lovers, but this one was proving out almanbahis yeni giriş to be one of the better endowed ones. Closing her eyes she changed the angle of her hips just enough and on his next plunge was pleased to feel the swollen head of his cock brushing against the neck of her womb!

“Ohhh, sweet fucking god . . . “she groaned at the sensation of deep penetration!

Then, unexpectedly, he shifted and bucked his hips upward, that was all that was needed as Cassie toppled over the edge into her orgasm! She was only vaguely aware of her hips grinding against him as she focused on breathing and the waves of unequaled pleasure as they broke over her for what felt like eternity. Her hand was pressing against the swollen bud of her clitoris and her friend was still trying to move underneath her as she continued to come. After what felt like an eternity she calmed and her body relaxed, she was spent and glowing from her finish but sensed that her companion was not yet done. It would have been rude to just get herself off and then leave him with nothing.

“Mmm” she moaned. “Your turn” and she leaned forward until cool air came between the two of them and she crawled onto her hands and knees, her sex – wet and waiting – was presented to him!

Thankfully he did not disappoint. With her head down she couldn’t see anything but his upper thighs as he slipped up behind her and rubbed his penis down her oozing slit, feeling for her opening, and teasing her at the same time. Cassie reached down between her legs and began rubbing her own mound and then felt the pleasure/pain of deep penetration as he slipped back inside of her in one deft stroke! His hands, soft though they were, gripped her under her hips, and pulled her back against him on every stroke. Driving the breath out of her and nearly making her topple off the bench on more than one occasion. She grunted her pleasure with each one of those and felt the muscles in her pussy tightening and drawing him deeper into her, in essence trying to milk his penis into her waiting and wanting womb! He was not long at her – perhaps another five minutes – before his deep strokes became more irregular and erratic, his breathing a little faster, and then plowed into her until his balls slapped against her clit and the tips of her fingers . . .

“I’m coming” he gasped!

Every spurt teased her and Cassie could feel it pooling inside of her! She groaned but also tightened down, holding him inside of her until she felt the last twitches of him. Without another word he slipped out of her and fell back on his haunches. Sitting up and looking back she could see that he was already shrinking, his erection spent, it was returning to its normal, flaccid, size. Before it could get away completely though, Cassie was face forward in his lap and took it into her mouth again. Sucking at it as though it were a straw and she was most anxious to get the last drops out of it! He gasped – still over sensitized from his orgasm – but he did not pull away. She released him only after she had gotten her fill and watched as he hurryingly pulled on his clothes, straightened them, and then beat a hasty retreat from the locker room. She took her own time dressing now. Fully satiated, there was no more need to hurry and she walked out of the gym, a little sore for her experience, but fairly certain that it was not going to be her last.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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