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Mark woke up to rays of sunshine settling on his crusty eyes. It was 9:30am in the sunny city of California. He threw off his sheets and hopped out of bed. Going through his usual workout routine of sit-up, push-ups, chin-ups and all the other kinds of ups he worked up quite a sweat.

Yeeting his clothes in a basket he hit the shower. It was a chilly morning with temperatures in the low 15 so the warm fluoride laced water was a welcome respite. As the water cascaded down his back, he became painfully aware of his morning wood. Life had been stressful these past few weeks, what with a bunch of freelance projects coming through suddenly. While Mark was happy that his reputation was bringing him plenty of new jobs it did result in a lot of long nights smashing bugs and defragmenting segments. His testicles were slushing with pent up frustration just oozing to spurt out.

As he reached down to touch his throbbing erection, he heard the intro to Game of Thrones coming from the TV in the living room. His dick throbbed at the thought of what that signified. His housemate Alyssa was up early and lounging on the couch.

Alyssa was a no-nonsense fitness trainer who was also in school to complete her master’s in psychology. Their relationship was friendly and they both understood the need to give each other space. She’d been binge watching Game of Thrones for the last few weeks and was currently being mind blown as her favourite character, Robb Stark was being eviscerated at the Red Wedding.

Just as the credits began to roll Mark stepped out of his room to grab a cup of coffee to get a head start on his day. His train of thought was interrupted as Alyssa wished him Good Morning and he turned to respond. Alyssa was lounging on the couch in her cropped black lululemon yoga pants. Mark immediately turned away, but it was too late. Within seconds he wasn’t thinking with the head on his shoulders but with the one between his legs.

Alyssa smirked at his reaction. She intended to go for a run today but ended up getting caught up in the intricate politics of Westeros instead. She wasn’t surprised by his reaction what with her in her unzipped white hoodie and pink sports bra. She worked hard on her body and was proud of it.

Mark was inching towards the sink, turned away from her. He rushed into the kitchen and made a bee line for the sink. He noticed the dishes lining the counter and realized the perfect excuse to face away from the devilish cock-teaser.

“Thanks Mark, they’ve really been stacking up these past few days. I’ve been meaning to get around to them.” Alyssa shouted aksaray escort from the living room.

“It’s no biggie. I’ve got nothing on today anyway.” Mark replied.

Mark continued washing dishes as the intro to the next episode played in the background.

His cock had calmed down and he turned around to grab a quick bite from the fridge.

Big Mistake.

Mark spun right back around after catching sight of Alyssa stretching in front of the television. The sunlight caught her golden hair across her back in a tight ponytail. Her ass stretching the lycra material to its limits.

Mark did everything possible to stop himself from spurting in his shorts. He pressed against the counter top as he furiously rubbed last nights dinner plate.

Alyssa was having the time of her life screwing with the nerd. She always knew he had a crush on her but she didn’t realize the effect she had until recently. She’d never actually seriously date someone like him but maybe having a boytoy/slave wouldn’t be so bad. Only one way to figure out how submissive he was though.

Alyssa pauses the show and walks into the kitchen sneaking up behind Mark as he scrubs away.

“Need a Hand?” she asks innocently.

Marks jumps smashing his erect cock into the counter and splashing water on himself. Staining his shorts with a bit of pre-discharge.

“A little tense today, are we?” a giggling Alyssa teases.

“Sorry I didn’t hear you.” Mark replies, sheepishly looking at the dish in the sink. Alyssa snaps on a pair of bright yellow rubber gloves catching Marks gaze. How he hadn’t creamed his pants yet could honestly be chalked up to another one of the mysteries of the universe. He leaned forward against the cabinet forcing his erection flat against the cold wood. None of this slipped past the observant Alyssa who was stripping off her white hoodie. She tossed it on the living room couch.

“Can’t let it get dirty.” she shrugged.

The two continued stacking clean dishes for a few more minutes before Alyssa leaned across to grab a dish. Her hand brushed against the throbbing erection she knew was there.

“What is that!?!” Alyssa shrieked.

“Were washing dishes how do you have a boner?”

“Look it’s not my fault, I -i its Morn -Morning wood.” A flustered Mark tried to explain.

Alyssa was having none of it.

“I can’t talk to you with that…that thing point at me.” she told him sternly as she walked away. “Come to my room in 10 minutes and we can talk about your future at this unit. AND THAT COCK OF YOURS BETTER NOT BE SALUTING alsancak escort ME!” she added at the end.

With that she stormed off to her bedroom leaving a very erect Mark confused as to what just happened.

9 minutes later, Mark knocked on her door and after receiving permission he stepped inside. Alyssa was still dressed in her workout clothes and was sitting at the edge of her bed.

“Its not what you think, I’ve just been really bus-“

“Get in front of me!” Alyssa cut him off sternly.

Mark looked away as he moves in front of the stunningly fit blonde. He spread his legs and put his hands behind his back subconsciously trying to look as least threatening as possible.

“So… look, you’re a nice guy but you need to learn to control yourself. Can’t go having an erection every time I’m around you” she explained, lying through her teeth as that’s exactly what she wanted.

“I’m its just that you’re so…so…put together. Stunning.” Mark replied sheepishly.

“You put this vibe of being so in control of your life. It doesn’t help that you’re fit as fuck.”

Alyssa did everything in her power to keep from blushing or smiling. She let out a big sigh.

“Look I’m willing to let this all go and put this behind us. BUT there has to be consequences.”

“W-w- what kind…”a frightened Mark replied.

“If you agree to let me discipline you right here and now, I’m willing to overlook this indiscretion.”

This was it. This could change the dynamic forever. If he submitted, she knew she’d have him by the balls.


Marks short one-word reply sent a shiver down her spine. She told him to take of his shirt and he immediately complied. She admired his body. Not ripped but not quite fat. Just average.

She grabbed his shorts and yanked down. His throbbing erection sprung out bobbing inches from her face. His cock a fiery red roaring for release.

Alyssa placed her palms behind him and in one swoop had him over her knees with his pulsating dick radiating between her lycra encased thighs.

“Count each slap and say thank may I have another.” a very dominating Alyssa ordered.

A then she went off. Each smack echoing through the surprisingly spacious room.


Smack smack smack.


Smack smack smack.


Alyssa was having the time of her life completely owning this nerd.

Her nerd. He was hers now. The erection between her thighs confirming the amasya escort new dynamic. Mark moaned in pain. Or was it pleasure.


Alyssa hand grew tired, but she couldn’t relent now. He was in sub space. He was the most malleable at this moment and she had to make sure this morning would be etched into his mind. She leaned down and wrapped her gloved rubbery fingers around his balls. Her pointer finger rubbing against the underside of Marks hard cock.

“Somebody is having fun.” she giggled.

“Oh-oh god. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Just..-ju..-just please…”

“Please what?” Alyssa replied with mock confusion.

” I -i I don’t know.” a submissive Mark replied.


“Do you want to cum?”

“Yess.” a frustrated and confused Mark answered.

“Then answer my questions.”

“Where do you live?” Alyssa asked.

“Uhmm… here?” Mark answered confused at the question.

“Wrong you live in my queendom. You are my subject and I am your ruler.” Alyssa corrected him gently caressing his cock with her thighs.

She began lightly smacking and pushing Marks butt.

“Who’s your queen?” Alyssa quizzed him.

“You are.” Mark replied.

“And what’s my name?” She asked as she rubbed his erection faster between her legs. She noticed him starting to gently hump.


“Yes, but from now on you will address me as queen Alyssa. Say it!” she ordered.

“queen alysaa.” Mark whispered.

“Louder!” Alyssa demanded as she continued milking his cock.

“Queen Alyssa!”

“Now salute your queen!” and with that Alyssa furiously slapped his bottom as she stroked his cock with thighs. Mark let out a loud groan of pleasure as he surrendered to Alyssa’s dominance.

For 30 scintillating seconds Mark coated the floor and her lululemon yoga pants with all his pent up cream from the last few days. Both Alyssa and Mark formed a rhythm of smacks on his bottom as he continued to hump her lycra thighs at the pace she set.

“Quite a little bitch boy, aren’t you?” she remarked as she drained. his balls. She rolled him off her thighs as she stood up and straightened her pants. Mark lay on the floor panting and completely spent after being completely dominated. His semi-erect penis lying in a bright white puddle of his own discharge. Mark was absolutely enchanted by her complete control of him.

“This better be cleaned up by the time I’m back from my run. Or else.”

Mark looked up in a post nut daze to a radiant Alyssa standing by the door. Her flat stomach exposed under her pink sports bra. The same magical bra that kept her more than generous breasts in place.

Alyssa smacked her ass as a warning while walking out the door. Mark deflated cock twitched and spurted one last salute to her female dominance before deflating completely.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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