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My wife was out. She was at a girls only party at a friends house locally, with all the girls she worked with.

I was home alone partly watching TV and partly browsing porn on the internet. I was on my favourite site watching various videos searching for my favourite subjects. I like to see guys flashing their cocks in public, (not something I would dare do) and watching women flashing to delivery guys and shoe salesmen in shops.

I came across one video where an old guy delivers water bottles to a mature lady. She teases him climbing up steps to store the bottles and flashing her knickers. Then she offers him a drink and they sit in the lounge. She cocks her leg over the chair arm and flashes her knickers again. Then she disappears upstairs and when she comes back and sits down again cocking her leg over the arm she has no knickers on. The guy is getting a great view of her shaven pussy. My cock was twitching and growing. I was longing for something like this to happen to me, how I wished I could be there I would have dived on her and licked that gorgeous pussy.

I decided to play this video on the big screen TV so connected it up and ran it again from the beginning. As it started playing I stripped off naked and lay back on the sofa with my legs up on the footstool and started gentle stroking my cock. I was getting hot as hell and by the time the sexy mature lady was showing her pussy again I was ready to cum. I wanted this to last a bit longer so as I was about to cum I stopped wanking and tried to let it subside. I could feel semen welling up in my cock and a small amount of cum dribbled out.

Now, recently my wife made me lick her pussy clean after I had cum inside her and to be honest, at first I was reluctant as I didn’t like the smell or the taste but I soon got into it and it wasn’t so bad. When I saw this cum on the tip of my cock I had an urge to suck it off. Obviously I couldn’t reach so I scooped it up with my finger and licked it off. I found this very erotic and I really liked the smell and taste and the feel of it on my tongue. I wondered if I could get more cum out without fully ejaculating and losing the desire. I kept wanking fast and then stopping as I felt it cumming. First couple of times nothing happened but on the third time I felt it rise again and more cum dribbled out. I scooped it up again and this time spread it on my lips and slowly licked it off. I did this three more times and on the last time quite a lot of cum oozed out and I kept scooping it up and putting it in my mouth. The next time I let it all cum and had a fantastic orgasm. I intended to eat it all but after cumming I no longer wanted to so I grabbed a tissue and started to clean up.

That’s when I heard a rustling noise in the corner of the room. This startled me a little but the next thing I heard really shook me. There was whooping and cheering and clapping coming from the indoor security camera. Then I heard my wife say “you dirty boy, wait while I get home.”

I dashed out of the room, my heart was pounding. I’d been busted and all her friends saw it too.

To explain, my wife’s phone was out of charge so she took mine in case she needed to ring home. She had done what I often do to her. Often, instead of ringing her I use the security camera app to look in on her in the lounge and talk to her through the camera.

I went for a shower and went to bed. I wanted to be asleep when she came home. No chance of that I was too nervous about what would happen in the future, particularly about when she had her friends round to our house. How could I face them. When they come they usually stay in the kitchen diner or out in the garden in nice weather and I stay in the lounge but inevitably our paths cross occasionally.

When my wife came in I pretended to be asleep. She came into the bedroom and came right up to the bed. I could smell alcohol on her breath as she leant over me. “He’s pretending to be asleep” she said. My heart started racing. “Who the fuck is she talking to?” I thought. “Pull the covers off him” said my wife. And in an instant the duvet was grabbed at the bottom and slid all the way off the bed.

I had been laid on my side but when this happened I instinctively turned and sat bolt upright unsuccessfully trying to grab the duvet. That’s when I saw Marie stood at the bottom of the bed.

She was a friend of my wife, a mature lady about 60 years of age, carried a fair bit too much weight and not particularly attractive but for some reason I found the fact that I was naked and she was looking at me to be quite a turn on.

“Get up” my wife said. “come downstairs with us”. I got out of bed and reached for my dressing gown. My wife stepped in front of me and stopped me, “Downstairs!” she ordered and beckoned escort bursa with her finger towards the door. I went towards the door passing close to Marie and she was looking me up and down. I glanced down at my cock and noticed I had a semi. The fact that she had seen this turned me on even more and by the time I got down to the lounge I had full erection. Not one I’m particularly proud of, in fact it embarrasses me as it’s quite small.

I sat in my usual place on the sofa, put my feet up on the footstool and tried to hide my cock with my hands. My wife came in and sat next to me and Marie sat in a chair nearby.

“So, what’s this video you like to watch?” my wife asked. I just looked at her but didn’t speak.

“Put it on again” she said. I opened my laptop which was still plugged in to the TV and the webpage was still open. I pressed play. The video started playing and I watched it intently trying to avoid the gaze of Marie. When it got to the bit where the lovely lady cocked her leg over the chair arm exposing her knickers I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, Marie swing her leg over the chair arm. I looked over and could see her white knickers just like on the video. I looked up at her face and she was looking at me with a very slight smile on her lips. I continued to watch the video and also glance at Marie’s knickers.

When the lady on the video went upstairs my wife said, “Right, go get me and Marie a drink, sloe gin and tonic”. I got up and, sporting a raging hard-on, walked between the two of them to the kitchen and made them the drinks. When I took the drinks through for them I noticed my hard-on had softened a little. As I entered lounge Marie was sat up properly again and I gave her the drink. As I gave my wife her drink she said “Aww! look here he’s flagging a bit” as she took the drink in one hand and grabbed my cock with other. “this’ ll perk him up a bit” as she released my cock and pressed the play button. She had paused it.

I sat down and started watching the video again. This is where the lady cocks her leg over the chair arm again but this time with no knickers on. I glanced over at Marie hoping she would do the same but she was sat normal. I just stared at that lovely pussy and fantasised about licking it. My cock grew rock hard.

“Don’t you want to play with it now?” asked my wife. I didn’t answer. “Do it!” she said. I slowly started to stroke my cock and, with a quick glance at Marie, saw that she was watching me. This went on for a few minutes until the video lady gets up and starts bending over in front of the old guy pretending to be doing things but just flashing her pussy from behind.

At this point my wife rewound to the lady siting with leg over chair arm flashing her pussy. “Do you feel like like cumming yet?” she said. I nodded, but although I was getting close to orgasm I wasn’t sure there would be any cum after having cum so much earlier.

“Do you like other women’s pussies?” my wife asked. “Can you imagine licking it?” I nodded and found myself licking my lips. “Yeah, I bet you do” she said, “What about Marie’s?” she asked. I was shocked to hear her say that and glanced over at Marie to see her reaction. My heart skipped a beat. She had her leg over the arm again and this time she had no knickers on. I just stared at her pussy. She was quite hairy but her legs were spread so wide that her lips were apart and I could see that her lovely pink inner lips were open. I continued to stare.

My wife got up and turned on the main room lights. “Can you see better now?” She asked. I actually spoke this time and said “Yes, thanks.” I could now see between her inner lips and even see clitoris and her pee hole, she looked wet. My heart was pounding just like it does when my wife sits on my face still dripping wet after having a pee. I had to stop wanking or would have cum straight away. “Is that too much for you? My wife said. “No,” I protested, “I like it”. “I bet you’d like to lick that wouldn’t you” she said. “Yes” I mumbled, just holding my cock now without moving my hand.

“What do you think Marie, should we let him?” said my wife. “Only if he makes me cum” said Marie, “and I want to see him eat cum first.” “That’s fair enough” said my wife. “You know what to do, don’t you Den?”

I was concerned now, I wanted to lick that pussy so badly, I could hardly believe my wife wanted me to. I also wanted to wank and have my cum on my lips while they both watched me but was worried I would just blow the lot in one go. I very carefully varied the speed of my wanking to get the edge of cumming, all the time whilst staring at Marie’s pussy. The more I looked at it the more beautiful it was. I imagined what it would taste like. She had been at a party drinking a lot and presumably peeing görükle escort a few times. You can wipe with tissue but it still leave a urine smell on the lips and especially the hairs. I wondered when she last washed it, was just before she went out or was it this morning or was it last night. I was getting hot and bothered thinking about it, I got to hoping she hadn’t washed it for ages, I wanted it to smell strong of urine and normal pussy juices.

That did it I was going to cum. I stopped wanking and pinched my cock between my finger and thumb trying to stop the flow. Thankfully it worked and the feeling subsided. I released my grip and with finger and thumb massaged my cock from base to tip squeezing cum out as I did so. I scooped it up with my finger and wiped it onto my lips as before and licked them clean. I squeezed my cock a few more times and got more cum to lick up. Whilst I was doing this Marie had started to wipe the wetness from inside her pussy on to her clitoris and started rubbing it. Her clitoris was glistening with the juices from her pussy. I started wanking again to extract more cum for me to eat. It didn’t take long and I was dribbling again, quite a bit ran down my cock and pooled on my belly. I scooped it all up and savoured every last drop of it.

Marie was rubbing her clitoris quite vigorously now and even slipped the finger of her other hand into her pussy. I could see lots of juice appearing around her lips and strings of it sticking to her finger that was going in and out of her pussy. I had to cum or I would burst. I wanked faster and soon shot my load. It didn’t spurt out but just bubbled out of the hole and ran down my cock.

I felt spent, my heart was pounding. I leant my head back on the sofa as I squeezed out the last drops of cum.

“Eat it!” said Marie. I looked at her and she was still working her pussy quite vigorously. “Do it!” said my wife “if you want to lick her.” Well, even though I had just cum and would ordinarily go soft immediately and lose interest, I still wanted to lick her pussy, I may never get this chance ever again. So I started to scoop up the cum and eat it. I didn’t mess about this time I just scooped put it in my mouth and swallowed. It wasn’t too bad, better than I expected and as I did this and watched Marie getting really aroused and masturbating fast and hard. My semi hard cock got hard again.

“Ok, you can lick her now” said my wife. I quickly knelt on the floor in front of Marie, she swung her other leg over the other chair arm and moved her hands. I noticed she sucked on the finger that had been inside her. My face was now about a foot away from her pussy and I just looked at it admiring it’s beauty. I could now smell it and there was definitely a smell of urine. I sniffed in hard to get the full aroma and I liked it.

I leant forward and put my tongue as far down as I could reach, almost to her anus and slowly licked all the way up to her clitoris. I did this several times and then started licking her lips one side then the other. I licked all around her pussy as if giving her a wash. I cleaned her up really good. It tasted of urine and a little salty. I was loving it. I went back to licking from low down up to her clitoris. She slid forward a little and lifted her legs higher. As I went low down now my tongue was reaching her anus, it tasted a little salty too. So I started running my tongue around her anus and then slowly up to her clitoris and circle that twice before going back to her anus. After a minute or two of this, when I went back her anus she put her hands on my head to hold me there and stretched her legs back as far as she could go to push her anus forward and this seemed to make her anus pucker up and bulge out. I started licking her anus and I could feel it start to relax and as I licked it started to open slightly and my tongue was entering her hole. She started making murmuring noises, it was clear she liked this. I kept on doing it trying to push my tongue deeper in every time until it was as far in as it would go then I left it there wriggling it about a bit. I occasionally pulled it out and went straight to her clit for a few seconds and then back to deeply bury my tongue in her anus again.

After a few minutes of this, as I licked her clitoris once more, she grabbed my head again and held me tight against her pussy. She started thrusting at me and basically fucking my face. I licked as hard as I could and she yelled out “YES! YES! YES! Several times as she bucked and thrust her pussy onto my face and she came. It lasted for about 20 seconds and I felt her get very wet all of a sudden. She relaxed and finally released me from her grip. I gently lapped up the juices that had just flowed being careful not to go bursa escort bayan near her clitoris which must be ultra sensitive now.

I slowly got up from the floor with a very hard cock sticking out. I looked at that beautiful wet pussy and wished I could fuck it right now.

“Oy, my turn now” said my wife. I turned to see her still sat on the sofa but she was stripped naked and was doing the same to her pussy that Marie had been doing. I was so engrossed in licking Marie that I hadn’t noticed or heard her moving and stripping off.

I immediately assumed the position and started licking my wife just as I had with Marie. My wife who had presumably seen all I had done with Marie, and obviously liked it, manoeuvred herself to exactly the same position and I licked her and tongued her anus exactly the same. She held me onto her anus for me to probe it with my tongue but maybe for not as long and she came much quicker than Marie had when I licked her clitoris.

“Now you can fuck me” she said. I spun her round a little on the sofa and with one knee on the sofa and a foot on the floor I lifted her legs up high and slid my throbbing cock into her pussy. I orgasmed in about 20 seconds and at first wasn’t sure if there was any cum. But then as I tried to thrust away with a softening cock I could feel the slippery cum on my cock. I pulled out and went to grab a tissue to wipe my cock but my wife said “whoa! come here” She started to wipe the cum and juice off my cock with her fingers and offered it up to my mouth. I was hers now, she owned me, I licked her fingers clean. She did this again until my cock was clean. Then she got up and told me to lie on the sofa. I knew what was coming next, she’d done this before. She put one foot up on the sofa and straddling my face she lowered her pussy onto my face for me to lick clean. I did so knowing that Marie was watching this and I was really enjoying it.

When she was satisfied she was clean enough she stood up and let me sit up. “How did you like your punishment then?” she said to me. “I loved it” I said. “You can punish me anytime you want.”

“Well, it was Marie’s idea that I punish you but I insisted she help me.” “She hasn’t had a fella for a few years now and I thought it would be nice for her too.” “Are you glad you came, Marie?” “Oh yes” she replied, giggling “In more ways than one.” “He’s a good licker.” “He does what I tell him” said my wife, “Don’t you dear?” “Always” I replied. “Right, take Marie home in the car” she said “and don’t be fucking her either.”

I went to get dressed but she stopped me. She went to the hallway and came back with my shoes and the car keys. “That’s all you need.” she said. “But!” I stuttered. “No buts! Just do it!”

It was now about 1.00am and as I went outside I looked around and it was very quiet so I jumped in the car quickly and waited for Marie. I watched as she said goodbye to my wife and saw them kiss. It was on the lips and lasted a couple of seconds. “Jeez” I thought “that was hot.” I’m now wondering if there’s anything going on there.

Marie got in the car and I drove her home. It was only a few streets away, maybe 3 minutes drive. I was kind of enjoying being naked with her fully dressed beside me. So I drove slow and tried to make it last. We never spoke the whole way but when we got to her house she said she hoped I’d enjoyed it and wasn’t too freaked out by all the girls laughing and cheering at me. I told her that I was a bit at first but now I was glad it had happened and found it really exiting. She said “Well that’s good, because some of the other girls want to see you do it again.” Really?” I asked. “Yeah, one of them can’t believe guys do that and wants to see it for real and another loved the idea so much she’s gonna try and get her husband to do it.” “Neither of them could come to yours tonight their husbands were picking them up. But when we have a do at your house ….. well let’s see what happens.” At that she leant over and with her hand on my leg, fingers brushing my semi hard cock, she kissed me exactly as she had my wife. She left the car and went into her front door waving me goodbye.

I drove home and managed to get into the house unseen. My wife was still naked and sat watching the video with another drink in her hand. “You took your time” she said, “you didn’t fuck her did you?” “No! You said not to so I didn’t. Anyway she might not have let me.” “Oh she would have, she asked me whilst you were getting the drinks if I would let you fuck her.” I told her I’d rather not and it wouldn’t be any good anyway as you cum so quickly. She couldn’t believe that you’ve never made me cum with your willy. She told me she didn’t mind she just wanted someone to cum in her pussy and especially if they lick it clean afterwards. “Well I doubt if I’ve got any cum left” I said. “We’ll see about that she said, “Sit down here and watch this lady teasing the old guy again.”

You can maybe guess what happened later. It was 4.00am before we eventually went to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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