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I had just got back from my enforced naked drive to take Marie home and my wife was still sat naked watching the porn video. As instructed I sat with her to watch it again from the beginning.

I soon got an erection again but this time it hurt slightly and immediately softened a little.

My wife noticed this and said, “What’s the matter love? Have you lost interest?” I told her I was still very interested and that seeing the lady teasing like that flashing her knickers made me hot as hell but that I was worn out and my cock was hurting. She just smiled and taking my cock in her hand started to wank it. She then leant over and started sucking it. She new how to get me off fast like that.

She was a great sucker but she would never let me cum in her mouth. When I was on the verge of orgasm she stopped sucking and started wanking again. I soon orgasmed and it hurt quite a bit. “Where’s the cum?” my wife squealed. I looked down and there was no cum. “Aww, he’s definitely tired” she said, meaning my cock, “We better let him rest.” “Lick my pussy for me” she ordered.

She lay back on the sofa where she could see the video and I got between her legs and started licking. I was still coming down from the orgasm and my cock still hurt a bit. I slowly and gently licked her pussy lips as if trying to lick her clean and gradually worked my way to her inner lips and then inside her inner lips and began pushing my tongue deep inside her pussy. She was quite wet and had started to move around a bit, clearly getting very turned on. At this point she said she needed a wee, so I move whilst she got up and went to the loo.

Whilst she was in the loo she shouted and told me to lay down on the floor. This meant she wanted to sit on my face which I love, so I grabbed a cushion and lay down with it under my head. She came back and immediately knelt down over my head and lowered her pussy to my face. It was soaking wet through. I love licking urine from her her pussy and she likes me doing it.

What she had done was hold her hand over her pussy and make sure she got plenty of urine all over her pussy and all around it too. I started licking first in the crease at the top her leg, one side and then the other. Then licking the trimmed hair above her pussy. Then licking and sucking on her lips. I then buried my face between her pussy lips even getting my nose in her pussy and trying to cover my face in her urine. I like to passionately kiss her afterwards bahis siteleri so she can smell and taste her own urine, she always seems to enjoy me kissing her like that.

As I buried my face in her pussy she was obviously getting really horny and she leant forwards, grabbed my cock, which had recovered from it’s resting flaccid state, and started sucking it.

Once I’d licked her totally clean I went to work on her clitoris and when she was getting close to cumming, she started sucking harder and faster on my cock. I told her I was going to cum so she could stop. But she didn’t stop. I told her her again and tried to pull away but she kept sucking and was taking my cock fully into her mouth. I tried to not cum and concentrate on making her cum but I couldn’t stop it. I had an intense orgasm that lasted much longer than normal. I felt my cock go rock hard and it really hurt but I was enjoying it. It wasn’t pulsing, it was just one long orgasm. My wife told me later that she’d never before felt my cock get so hard and last for so long.

Whilst this was happening I had stopped licking and my wife was now fucking my face. She was actually hurting my nose as she thrust against my face. I didn’t want to stop her though, I just pushed out my tongue as stiffly as I could and let her fuck my face. She quickly orgasmed and then sat more upright and just stayed there for a minute or two. She could have stayed there forever for me, but her knees were aching so she climbed off and lay on her back at my side. I turned on my side, propped up on my elbow and gently stroked her body. I leant over her and started to kiss her face all over.

When our mouths finally met, she parted hers lips a little and I let my tongue gently caress them. We started kissing quite passionately and she opened her mouth fully and covered my hole mouth with hers then pushing her tongue deep into my mouth and pulling it out and licking all around my lips. She did this many times for a few minutes. It was the most passionate and erotic kiss she has ever given me. It was during this that I noticed I couldn’t taste my cum in her mouth. I was a little disappointed because I have longed to come in her mouth and kiss her. I did it once when we were first married but she pushed me away so she could go get a drink. She’s never let me do it since.

We continued kissing and caressing for a while and then I asked her if I could lick her her pussy again. She said she didn’t want cum again but canlı bahis siteleri I could have a lick if I wanted to, just leave her clitoris alone. So I knelt up at her side and she spread her legs wide so I could get my head in-between them and lick her pussy. I gently licked at her pussy, spreading her lips so I could reach the smooth soft pink inner parts. After a couple of minutes my wife pulled on my leg to get me to straddle her face, which I did. My cock was still very soft and very small. She put the cushion under her head and started to lick my cock whilst I continued to lick her pussy. This felt really nice as it got all wet and she licked my balls too and gently sucked them. She then took my cock in her mouth and very gently sucked on it for a while and it did grow a bit but only to a semi.

My wife then bent her knees and raised her legs up high either side of me to open her pussy wide and I started to lick more intently still keeping away from her clitoris. I kept poking my tongue in her pussy and then as I pulled it out I lick downwards towards her anus. She lifted her knees a little higher and I could see her bumhole bulging. I used my finger to circle it and tickle it and watched it relax and open slightly. My finger would now slightly enter the hole as I continued to caress with a slight pressure. I reached further down with my tongue and gently poked it into her bumhole. As it got wetter and she relaxed some more I was pushing it all the way in. My cock got harder and she started to suck it more. “Do you want cum?” I asked her. “Not yet” she said, “Come and fuck my mouth”.

This is some thing we do often. When we make make love I will often break off from licking her to fuck her for a few seconds (so I don’t cum) and then kneel over her head and let her suck me for a bit. I could never stop myself from thrusting in her mouth. I find that, even though I cum very quickly thrusting in her pussy, I can last ages thrusting in her mouth. It’s one of my favourite parts of sex.

Of course I duly obliged. I straddled her, one knee on the floor and the other foot on the floor. I can control the thrusts perfectly from there. I looked down at her face and occasionally stroked it and brushed her lips with my fingers whilst my cock was thrusting in and out of her mouth.

I paused when I got a bit too exited and let her slowly suck me and take the whole length in her mouth whilst I reached behind me and slid my finger into her pussy. When canlı bahis I was ready to take over again I removed my finger from her pussy and sucked it clean as I started to fuck away at her mouth starting slow and then as fast as I could move and then slow again. I was starting to feel ready to cum so I asked her if I should cum or stop. She told me to cum in her pussy. So I stopped thrusting and let her suck me a bit whilst I fingered her pussy again. She was very wet.

I pulled out my cock and my finger and knelt between her legs whilst she guided my cock into her wet pussy. I kissed her and then with my wet finger gently stoked her lips before licking the rest of her juices of it myself and then kissed her some more.

I slowly started to fuck her and felt myself building up for orgasm so I stopped and kissed her some more, then started thrusting again and felt it welling up again. This time I just kept going and fucked her faster and harder until the burning orgasm came again. This time, as I thrusted, my cock was pulsing as normal when cumming and it pulsed quite a few times. I kept fucking and was wishing it could last forever. The pulsing stopped but my cock was still rock hard and I still had that intense feeling that comes with orgasm. I continued fucking for about a minute after I had initially cum until that feeling subsided.

“Lie down” my wife instructed me. So I rolled off her and lay down on my back. My cock was now softening and I could feel it’s wetness on my belly. My wife got up and I looked up at her. She was holding her hand over her pussy and was smiling at me. She straddled my head with her feet and with one hand holding onto the chair arm she lowered herself over my face as she got near she lowered her hand from her pussy and looked at her palm before turning her hand and putting it over my mouth. I instantly smelt the semen. She wiped her hand on my mouth and then lowered her pussy onto my face. “Lick it clean baby” she said in a very gentle voice. It didn’t seem like an order like it had earlier in the evening, more like a plea for me to be nice to her. I started licking and could taste my cum quite strongly. If I’m honest, I’m not sure if I liked tasting it or if I just liked pleasing her. Either way, it doesn’t matter, I was enjoying cleaning her pussy and felt like I should be doing this all the time.

She asked me later if I liked her sucking me to orgasm and I told her it was fabulous. She said that she took a risk but guessed that I wouldn’t cum and if I did, it wouldn’t be much. She said she tasted a tiny bit but she was so worked up she didn’t care. She said not to get my hopes up, she wasn’t going to become a cum eater like me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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