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Sera woke up in their arms, a pleasurable fizz bubbling in her nerves.

She felt the weight of them either side of her; smiled as she opened her eyes and felt the pleasant ache of last night’s exertions.

Sera blushed deep red as she remembered, the heat of it pouring from her skin, adding to the glow of the two men’s bodies that were so affectionately spooned around her.

She was on her back but had fallen asleep facing Billy, on her left. He was still asleep, still happily nuzzling her breast, his leg drawn up over hers. Sera felt his breath across her chest, cool in and warm out. Billy shifted and his lips brushed her nipple, but he was still asleep.

Sera’s left arm was curled around his shoulders, holding him in place. She stroked the hair from his face, watched him dream for a minute, not wanting to wake him up.

She felt the muscular bulk of Jamie shift against her, and bit her lip as she realised why she’d woken up. His hard cock was hot against her hip, his hand across her belly flexed subtly as he grumbled something in his sleep. Like Billy, he’d drawn a leg possessively across hers, the combined effect spreading Sera’s thighs at an angle somewhere between relaxed and wanton, gently pinning her in place.

Sera turned to watch him, he’d curled up around her too but it seemed like the second her eyes locked on his, they opened.

He was surprised for a second, then a shy little smile tugged at the half of his face not covered by the pillow. His green eyes were still a little bloodshot, he normally went to bed around now, not woke up. But he looked, and felt, pleased to see her in Billy’s bed.

Sera smiled and tugged at his back with her arm around him. He leaned in for a slow kiss, his hand on her body stroking at her skin under the covers.

Jamie gave a low rumble Sera deciphered as a contented sigh, she wanted to hug him but each of the pair had fallen asleep on one of her arms and one of her legs. All she could do without waking Billy was lay there being kissed and touched, trying to reciprocate just with her lips.

Jamie ground against her hip, brought his hand to her breast and toyed with it for a while. Sera found herself enjoying the soft bondage aspect, it made every kiss and touch a tease, something in his control that she could only respond to as much as he let her.

He brushed her lips with his lightly, making her crane her head up to kiss him properly, then pulled back just out of reach and smirked at her eagerness.

“Good morning.” He whispered, watching her mouth as he continued to tease her with fleeting little kisses.

Sera bit her lip, then blushed as she felt Billy turn his head and begin kissing her chest. She remembered falling asleep like this, only it had been Billy kissing her goodnight and Jamie playfully nuzzling her breast.

“Good morning…” Sera purred as the tingling feeling of being the centre of their attention spread through her all over again. “Oh…”

“Mmm…” Billy chimed in, resuming in his obsession with Sera’s tits. He tugged her nipple between his teeth and sucked on it, she felt his cock rubbing against her other hip.

Jamie’s hand stroked the back of Billy’s head, then lifted up to caress Sera’s blushing cheek, lead her back to a slow smooch. He stopped teasing her, gripped her jaw softly and gave her the deep kiss she had been craving since she woke up.

Not to be outdone, Billy was now tugging and pinching one nipple between his fingers, and lovingly sucking and licking her other. Sera moaned and giggled as she considered that, in some ways, the two men kissing her were exactly alike.

She couldn’t really move unless she really tried, so Sera took the excuse to just lay there being touched for as long as they would let her. They felt alluring and affectionate in equal measure; Billy’s kisses were soft and eager, Jamie’s rough and teasing. Sera’s sensation was happily suspended somewhere between the two wandering mouths as Jamie moved down and they each took a nipple between their teeth.

“Guys…” She had a warning note in her voice; not that she wanted to stop, but that she couldn’t stop writhing if they were going to team up on her like that. “Billy…” This time her tone was pleading, though she hadn’t decided if she wanted them to stop or to go further. The clenching tingling in her thighs made her pant, the feeling overriding everything else.

“You’re so beautiful…” Billy said softly to her throat as he kissed there. Sera flexed involuntarily and then blushed, her head rushing with the relentless sensations.

“Mmm…” Jamie agreed with a smack of his lips around her nipple, every swirl of his tongue felt deep within her pussy as much as her breast. Sera looked down at them both licking and sucking at her skin, everywhere she was sensitive, anywhere that felt good to their playful mouths.

Even as she thought it, Jamie switched sides and teasingly kissed at her chest until Billy shared her taut nipple with him in a kiss. Sera managed to get her arms free beşiktaş escort now but could only gently stroke at the backs of their necks as they shared her, their kiss deepening as they took turns tonguing and sucking her breast, then kissing each other.

Sera’s legs were still pinned, but she could feel the awakening heat of her pussy, the coiling tension being stoked by those whispering phantom jolts of pleasure arcing through Sera’s nerves. She flexed, surprised at how satisfying it was to writhe against their bodies, the soft restraint wasn’t what came to her mind the last time one of her boyfriends had suggested getting ‘kinky’.

“Are we really doing this?” Sera asked, ninety percent up for it, but hanging onto the remaining ten for propriety’s sake.

“Mhmm…” They both replied at once, the same breathy growl in different registers.

Someone’s phone saved her, though Sera wasn’t sure she wanted to be saved. Having them both like that again felt like too much for so early in the morning, but she wasn’t about to stop them just as it was getting good.

Jamie’s arm was long enough to reach across both of them to retrieve his phone, de-activate the alarm with an insistently squeezing thumb before slipping back under the covers.

“What time is it?” Billy asked with a frustrated groan, starting to rise.

“We’ve got half an hour.” Jamie replied, pressing Billy back down to the bed and then pushing the covers aside to reveal the three of them still cuddled together, Billy’s rock hard cock now in Jamie’s fist. Sera giggled at the visual, but then shut herself up as Jamie leaned across her to kiss Billy harder. “It’s your morning.”

Sera luxuriated between them, watching them kiss like they hadn’t seen each other in a month. She was going to ask what Jamie meant by ‘Billy’s morning’, but the display was distracting.

“God…” She whispered as they parted, feeling the building urge to writhe between them again, despite the fact it had been almost perpetual since she first saw them together.

“C’mere…” Billy drew her into a kiss too, the passion from last night was still there. Apparently his curiosity wasn’t satisfied yet, not that Sera minded indulging him again.

Sera let her eyes drift closed again and focused on the kiss, on Billy’s warm body against hers. She felt weight shifting in the bed and didn’t figure it out until Billy moaned against her mouth.

“Jamie…” Billy sighed as he broke the kiss and looked down to where Jamie was now sliding his mouth slowly and easily down onto Billy’s cock. “I’ve got to go to work soon…”

Sera’s skin heated as she watched Jamie confidently take Billy into his throat and slide all the way down until he was nuzzling Billy’s pubic bone, giving a low growl of appreciation. The look Jamie was giving Billy said ‘you’re not going anywhere until I’m finished with you’.

Billy arched under Jamie’s touch, his grip around Sera relaxing as he lay flatter on his back and surrendered to the sensation of Jamie’s mouth. Sera spooned against his subtly rocking hip and stroked her hand across his chest, alighting on his nipples as she circled them.

“Wow…” Sera, like Billy, could only watch; enthralled by the expression in Jamie’s eyes as he stared back up at his lover’s face. Billy stroked at the short fuzz of Jamie’s hair as he bobbed up and down slowly, sighing as Jamie pleasured him.

She hadn’t heard either of them say ‘I love you’ to the other yet, they hadn’t been together long, but it was definitely implied.

Sera shifted her thigh off of Billy’s, partly to let them have their fun and partly for a better view while they had it. Billy still had one arm around her and gripped her ass, partly to keep her in the bed with them, partly just to have a feel of her as he enjoyed himself.

Jamie’s head bobbed lower a few times as he sucked harder and then slurped on the head of Billy’s cock, smiling up at both of them as they shared another slow kiss.

“Mmm…” Billy groaned and thrust slowly against Jamie’s lips, Jamie moved with him and kept up the slow kiss-job until Billy chuckled, cutely frustrated. “Tease…” He accused.

Jamie growled again, making Billy shiver and tense up. Jamie lay between Billy’s parted legs and decided to tease him more by kissing slowly along the shaft of his cock and then lower, taking Billy’s balls into his mouth and seductively sucking on them.

Sera felt herself blushing and flexing deep within at the same time, biting her lip to hold onto the aroused whimper she made as Billy’s hips rocked against where she was still curled around him.

“Jamie…” Billy was writhing now, lifting up one knee to let Jamie dip lower. When Jamie growled again, Billy shivered in pleasure from the vibrations and Sera felt her clit pulse in sympathy.

Sera was panting nearly as much as Billy, her hands trembled as she sat up in bed to watch them, drawing the quilt around herself while the boys kept each other warm.

Jamie şişli escort was now pumping Billy’s cock with one hand whilst gently sucking, the reaction from Billy just about priceless. Jamie’s eyes held the rumour of a smile, and he eventually relented long enough to kiss his way back to the tip of Billy’s erection.

“Please…” Billy closed his eyes and bit his lip when he said it. Sera saw the satisfied glint in Jamie’s eye and squeezed her naked thighs together for more sensation.

“Mmm…” Jamie answered, muffled by Billy’s cock again as Jamie took it back into his throat.

Sera remembered the heady thrill of having both of them making love to her, as well as each other, and wanted her best friend to feel it too.

“Unfair…” Billy mumbled after Sera gave him another quick, sly kiss and started stroking his chest. “Ganging up on me…”

Jamie’s low growl undulated in a chuckle as he rose and fell on Billy’s cock, sucking and licking as he watched his boyfriend getting the bi experience for the second time ever.

Jamie was now knelt between Billy’s thighs, one fist wrapped around the base of Billy’s cock while his head bobbed up and down in a steadily increasing pace, humming around it to give Billy tantalising vibrations along with the deliciously tight friction.

Sera broke off her kiss to watch Jamie working on Billy, and then nuzzled Billy’s cheek, feeling the need to tease.

“You fucking stud, Billy…” She crooned in his ear, borrowing Jamie’s line from last night.

Billy blushed, groaned, flexed beneath them both in the bed, and gave Sera a look that was half cute-accusal and half lusting need.

They kissed again and Sera, remembering something else from last night, caressed his hard nipple between her fingers and gently began to twist it this way and that, making Billy groan and Jamie growl in approval. She squeezed her thighs tight around Billy’s, rocked her hips subtly, not quite wanting to admit to brazenly humping his leg but still desperate to feel him.

Sera looked down at Jamie, their eyes met, another one of those high-bandwidth looks. Jamie winked, Sera nodded, and they both got back to driving Billy crazy.

“Fuck…” Billy was helpless with both of them kissing him, Sera teasingly slow at his neck and Jamie urgently hard around his cock.

He thought about holding back for all of two seconds, and then instead decided to just enjoy, and try to remember every little detail on the way to work.

Billy stroked one hand over Jamie’s scalp, rubbing at his short hair and showing his appreciation for the hard building surge of orgasm that was becoming impossible to resist. Having four hands stroking along his skin, hearing two sets of impassioned breaths as they focused on his pleasure, Billy let out a long pleading groan as Jamie lifted up a little and swirled his tongue over the head of Billy’s throbbing cock.

Billy got out one urgent ‘Oh…’ and then couldn’t do anything but writhe in place as the orgasm swept through him. He felt Jamie sucking every drop into his mouth for a taste, the intimate little tug of Sera’s teeth around his nipple as she watched, Jamie holding Billy’s hips down on the bed with his weight to stop Billy bucking him off.

Still trembling and melting inside his lover’s mouth, Billy stroked Jamie’s cheek and jaw as he continued to reverently suck on Billy’s pulsing, oozing cock.

“Oh fuck me…” Billy eloquently captured the mood. Jamie lifted up from Billy’s cock and swallowed the luxurious taste, rolling a little over his tongue to savour it.

Sera felt the duelling emotions in them, Jamie simultaneously wanting to jump Billy’s bones and soothe him gently back to sleep. He seemed to enjoy the conflict though, leaving him rock-hard as every breath came out as a low growl. Sera felt the deep warm squeeze of arousal as she vicariously enjoyed their pleasure.

“You guys are amazing.” Sera said, happily wriggling against Billy as Jamie went in for another long, soft, romantic kiss.

“Mmm…” Jamie purred agreement, now slowly sucking the tip of Billy’s tongue, making his lover shiver pleasurably. Sera watched as Jamie settled against him, wrapped in each other’s arms as they enjoyed the afterglow. They both watched her, Billy’s smile warm and blissful, Jamie’s soft and knowing.

“You’re pretty amazing yourself, Sera.” Billy stroked the hair from Sera’s face, weary for a minute as he caught his breath.

“Great tits too.” Jamie added with a soft purr at Billy’s neck. Billy and Sera both subtly shifted as the deep rumble sent shivers along their nerves. Now he’d enjoyed his lover’s orgasm, Jamie was urgent in his kisses and touches, aching to just flip Billy over in the bed and slide his cock into the wonderfully cute ass he had been dreaming of.

Jamie’s phone rattled on the smooth top of the bedside cabinet, he reached over to shut the thing up again and his mood seemed to shift.

“What would you like?” Jamie was all sweet little bahçeşehir escort bayan kisses and cute affection now, cuddling Billy for warmth in the bed. Billy’s hand snaked down to grip Jamie’s cock by the base, squeeze it in his fist.

“You.” Billy said, staring up into Jamie’s eyes. Jamie growled and kissed him harder then asked again, taking the excuse to whisper close to Billy’s ear, kiss along the nape of his neck as he waited for an answer.

“Alright then, toast.” Billy said, making Jamie smile.

Sera cuddled up to Billy again as Jamie stood up in the bed and walked off the end, his jutting cock bobbing nonchalantly ahead of him. Sera and Billy watched his ass as he walked away, Jamie seemed to take pretty good care of himself apart from a few scuffed tattoos and old scars here and there.

“Your morning?” Sera asked, reminded of Jamie’s comment.

“When he gets home he wakes me up, makes breakfast.” Billy explained. “When I get home I wake him up and make dinner.”

Sera grinned, it sounded cute as hell.

“And the blowjob?”

“Morale boost before work.” Billy chuckled, and gave Sera a wantonly affectionate nuzzle as she pulled the quilt around them. “I better take a shower.”

“We need to move soon?” Sera guessed, a little disappointed that she hadn’t had the chance to have him one more time. For a near-virgin when it came to women, Billy had seemed to have plenty of ideas. She’d intended to ask about that.

“I’m not kicking you out.” Billy kissed her lips again tenderly. “Stick around today, we’ll talk things over tonight, yeah?”

Sera nodded, momentarily unsure of herself again. But Billy saw this and pulled her close for one last kiss. It was more than their old peck between friends, but softer and less serious than the breathy, open-mouthed lust of the night before.

“Thanks Billy.” Sera savoured his lip between hers, blushed as she looked down at his body curled up with hers.

“Do me a favour and make sure Jamie sleeps a bit? He gets moody when he’s tired.” Billy stroked Sera’s back, then chuckled. “I bet you can find something to do.”

Sera blushed harder and cuddled him again. Billy gave her one more sweet kiss before getting out of bed, walking to the bathroom, and turning on the shower.

Sera thought about going with him, but given the morning’s stimulation she wanted to take stock and have a moment alone to think; she wrapped the warm quilt around herself and luxuriated in the stored heat of their sleeping bodies, breathing in the scent of men and sex and the shower gel they both used. The cool morning air contrasting the blood-heat of the bed made Sera wrap herself into a rough tepee of insulation, she crossed her legs and felt the tension in her body.

She sighed, thinking briefly about just slipping her fingers into her pussy and dealing with her lustful buzz right there. But then she smiled to herself as she thought about Jamie coming back to bed, wondered if he would be up for another round or if he would just want to sleep and wait for Billy to wake him up tonight.

Sera lowered the quilt until it was around her shoulders and huddled in place, the bed cooling with two-thirds of its occupants gone.

She looked around for clothes and then remembered Jamie taking them and throwing them into the laundry basket when she had tried to re-dress for bed last night, gently mocking her decency. For Billy and Jamie; the lazy, naked spooning was half the fun of sex anyway.

Sera stood up and found the bag of clothes Jamie had gotten for her as emergency supplies, since she hadn’t thought to pack before leaving her now ex-boyfriend in her house the day before.

Sera selected another pair of underwear from the pack and a soft white vest, both slightly tighter than she would have picked for herself but comfortable enough to lounge around in.

She needed a shower first though, and wandered into the living room in her quilt-wrap to wait for Billy to finish his.

“Here.” Jamie walked in with three mugs and a pot of coffee. Sera’s eyes flickered to the semi-hard bulge in the tight-ish jockey shorts he had decided counted as ‘dressed’ for now.

“Life saver…” She took a mug and sighed as he poured it for her, since she was still holding her quilt around her with one hand.

Jamie nodded and sat next to her on the sofa, leaving room on her other side for Billy.

Sera sipped her coffee and tried not to watch Jamie too directly, momentarily nervous after watching his intimate performance with Billy.

Jamie seemed to notice this, he reached up to brush Sera’s hair from her face, get a clearer look as he caught her eye.

Jamie wasn’t much of a talker. He saw the look, returned it with one of his own. Then he set down his coffee and leaned in close to give Sera a hug, brush his lips against hers just like he had in bed.

Sera could actually move this time, so she gave up on the notion of being dressed and let the quilt unfurl from around her as she hugged him by the hips, caught his mouth with hers and kissed him properly.

“It’s a shame Billy has to work today.” Sera said, while Jamie was softly kissing his way to her ear.

“He’ll be back tonight.” Jamie nuzzled against her neck, deeply kissed her cheek for a moment as his hands cupped her naked ass. “Stick around, I’ll keep you company.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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