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When Buddy was done ravishing Candy’s medium-sized, but soft and hot breasts, Buddy guided her towards the bed, where he sat at the edge of the bed, with his legs hanging over the end. He was planning on introducing her to some new experiences, and figured she might want to start with his 7-inch sucker.

“Is it me, or is his penis just gigantic??” she thought to herself.

Candy, reading Buddy’s motions and thoughts fairly well, got down on her knees, and lowered her head towards his stiff cock. With a coy smile, she looks up at him, just as she is about to reach her tongue out and lick the tip of his cock. She gives him a coy smile, “So how do you want me to start? Like this?” as she licks around the crown and all around the head of his bulging cock. Then she places her whole mouth over it, and starts using her hands to pump it into her mouth slowly, while licking the bottom of his shaft.

She can feel Buddy was pleased at her quick gesture and saw him lean back onto the covers. She climbed towards the bed, so that she could get a better angle at his dick, and she spread his legs some more, so that she could also wrap her right hand around his precious jewels. They were jiggly and soft, but just as she imagined, and she started massaging them carefully with her fingers, while moving her mouth up and down his cock. She heard him moan and looked up at him, to see that he was looking back down at her, with a desiring casino oyna gaze on his face. He loved that she was making eye contact WHILE giving him head. Dam, this girl was good!

He started thrusting his hips upward slowly, so that the tip of his cock could hit the back of her throat. He loved the way she sucked cock, and he didn’t know how much longer he could last.

Candy continued moaning and sucking his cock, and they both began thrusting upward in unison, faster and faster.

“yeah, that’s it, baby. I love the way you suck my cock. Take it all in. Oh that feels so good. Oh yeah… OHHHHH….” he lingers off as he concentrates on getting off.

The bed is rocking and Candy’s mouth is starting to get sore from keeping her mouth around this huge dick, and she wonders if he’s going to cum or not.

She finds out 5 seconds later, as a warm, salty, thick liquid starts spewing into her mouth, and she continues sucking onto his cock, sucking EVERY SINGLE BIT of CUM out of his cock, and swallowing every bit of this new strange liquid.

“Wow, Candy. You suck on me like a piece of hard candy! That was one hell of a blow-job,” and he lies back down, breathless. And Candy climbs onto the bed, towards his face, and kisses him sensuously and deep and hard, and gives him a taste of such juice that came out of his body. She was pleased that she impressed him. She wondered if this was the end…

While Candy canlı casino was sprawled on top of him, Buddy, could feel his penis stiffening up once more, as he felt her wetness on his skin, and her marshmallow-soft breasts on his hairy chest.

After a minute of rest, he rolls her over onto her back, and begins kissing her passionately, while moving his hands from her face, caressing every bit of her body, down to her pussy, and he begins preparing her opening for the real thing. He continues kissing her and rubbing her clit with his fingers, and then sticks his fingers into her opening a few times. He then starts to sit up on his knees, and with her knees bent, and her back on the bed, Buddy moves on top of her, and places his hips right in front of her pussy. She knows what’s about to come next, and she’s ready.

Buddy, careful not to hurt her or make her bleed, leans forward gradually and starts pressing the tip of his cock into her pussy hole. He starts pressing it forward against the tight walls of her ripe pussy. And after a couple of minutes, his dick makes it in almost all the way. He moves his dick in and out of her wet, and no longer tight pussy, and places his hands on her chest.

Meanwhile, Candy feels his large cock invading her vagina hole, and starts feeling her body tingling all over. Wow, this feels soooo good.

Buddy leans over and kisses her, as he thrusts his hard cock into her pussy, and they kaçak casino fuck and fuck and fuck and moan and moan and grunt and grunt, and “OHHHH…OHHH…OHHH…” back and forth.

“How does that feel?”

“It feels incredible!!”

“Who’s your daddy!!”

“You ARE!!! Oh my god, don’t stop!!!”

“I love it when you talk dirty. Your pussy feels so slick and fine.”

“HArder!! hARDER!!! Ohhhhh!!!”

“Ughhh!! UGHHH!!! OHHHH…uGHHHHH….”

they groan and rock back and forth until suddenly, Buddy feels he’s about to cum and he prepares to let it fly on out of his throbbing cock. He quickly takes his dick out of her pulsating, and dark-pink pussy, and completes himself onto her belly, with Candy lying down motionless, slowly moving, but probably recovering from her climax as well.

He bends over and gives Candy another long kiss, and he rolls over onto his back, drops down in exhaustion, and says “That was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in a LONG time. Thank you, Candy. You are truly amazing.”

Candy, long-winded but feeling pretty dam good after a great night of fucking, agreed, “No. Thank YOU, Buddy. You really knew how to make my body respond, and that was totally amazing for me as well.”

Buddy places his arm onto her chest, and rolls over onto her side. “You’re welcome to spend the night,” he says with a hopeful look.

Candy replies back with a grin herself, “Sure, why not? I have plenty more where THAT came from. hehehe.”

“Oh, is that so?” Buddy continued to smile, looking into her eyes.

and then they start kissing again…..

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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