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Matt stared out the window of the train at the boring scenery. Traveling around America by train had seemed like a good idea when he’d been planning his vacation, cheaper than flying and much more comfortable than a bus, but of course the train was late, and he was bored. He was tired of reading, and had already seen the video they were showing in the lounge car – The English Patient – twice. He was impatient to get into San Francisco, dump his backpack at a hostel, grab a shower, and see the city’s famous strip clubs and peep shows. Even if the reports were exaggerated, they had to be better than anything he’d seen back home in England. He glanced at his watch, sighed, and decided to go to the bar for a beer.

The stairs in the lounge car were narrow, and the train was rocking like a theme park ride. Matt was rounding a corner of the stairwell when the train lurched. He stumbled, nearly plunged face-first into the cleavage of the woman ascending the stairs, but grabbed the handrail just in time. An instant later, he regretted his good reflexes; the view down the woman’s blouse was spectacular, especially as her enormous breasts were shuddering with the rocking of the train. Matt regained use of his tongue, and said, “Oh, I’m terribly sorry, please excuse me.” He managed, with some difficulty, to raise his head far enough to see the woman’s face. She turned out to be an attractive redhead, with dark green eyes, and full lips parted into a brilliant smile. He guessed she was in her early thirties, about ten years his senior.

“That’s quite all right,” she replied, “No harm done, but I’m afraid I can’t get past you.”

“I’ll back up,” he said, stepping cautiously up the stairwell. By keeping a few steps above her, he was able to see her bountiful boobs as well as her face. He was nearly at the top of the stairs when he realized that this put her eyes on roughly the same level as his crotch, enabling her to see his rapidly swelling hard-on. With a slight cough, he stepped aside to let her pass.

“Thanks,” she said, a hint of a giggle in her voice. “I love your accent. English?”


“Thought so. I loved The English Patient. Student?”

“Is it that obvious? Yes.”

“On vacation?”

He nodded, smiled, and sidled past her, trying unsuccessfully to think of something to take his mind out of that heavenly valley. He took a beer from the fridge, paid and overtipped the barman, and headed back up the stairs, trying to remember the periodic table of the elements. He was concentrating so hard that he didn’t notice the woman walking back down the stairs until her tits smacked into his face. He stumbled back, feeling an unpleasantly warm feeling in his crotch… looked up to see that it was the same woman, holding an uncovered and half-empty cup of coffee… then looked down to see the coffee stain spreading across the front of his jeans.

“Oh shit I’m sorry,” said the woman. “I forgot to get sugar, I was coming back for it, are you okay?”

“Yeah…” he gasped. “I’m…”

“We’d better get you dried off,” she said. “There’s a dressing room in the next carriage. Come on.”

* * *

She hustled him into the dressing room, locked the door behind her, and reached for the buckle of his belt. “I’m Gloria,” she said. “I hope that didn’t hurt too much; would you like me to kiss it better?”

“What? I mean…” He reached for her, and kissed her on the mouth; she pulled his hands to her huge boobs, letting him feel almanbahis adresi their weight and the hardness of her nipples, then busied herself undoing his fly. “I’m Matt,” he gasped, when the kiss ended and his jeans fell about his shoes. She grinned at him, then dropped to her knees and licked up the length of his rigid cock. She planted a wet kiss on the head, then licked her way slowly down to his balls, taking one into her mouth gently, then the other.

“Feel okay now?” she asked a moment later.

“It feels wonderful,” he replied, his mind reeling, “but…”

“If you mean, have we met before, or do I do this often?” she said, “the answer’s no to both… but I’m on vacation too, and my vacation is nearly over. Now if you prefer, we can have a couple of drinks first,” she said between licks, “maybe even dinner,” and she slowly swallowed his entire eight-inch rod, swirling it around in her mouth before letting it slide out again, “maybe go to your sleeper – do you have a sleeper?”


“Me neither,” she said, licking his cockhead like a popsicle, enjoying the taste of his pre-cum. “But if you want to wait until we get off the train, we can.” She unbuttoned her blouse, giving him a wonderful view of her beautiful breasts. They were by far the biggest Matt had ever seen in the flesh, and almost as enormous as those in some of his favourite magazines; she was no Miosotis or Hitomi Tanaka, but she made the bustiest Page Three girl look merely perky. “Where are you going to get off?” she asked.

“If you keep that up,” he groaned, “all over your face.”

She grinned, and unhooked her bra, showing her huge hard nipples and cookie-sized aureoles. “Now, that’d be a waste, wouldn’t it? Sit down.” He obeyed, and she sandwiched his cock between her firm fuckable tits, running her tongue around her right nipple, then around his glans (now almost the same shade of crimson), then over her left nipple, then back to his cock, repeating the pattern while rubbing her knockers up and down his dick. Matt, who hadn’t been laid or sucked in months, and had only read about tittyfucking in softcore magazines, soon found himself on the verge of exploding. Jets of semen shot skyward; Gloria managed to catch most of it in her mouth, as though drinking from a water fountain, but some splashed on her face and some dropped back onto her boobs. As he sat back, his senses reeling, he watched her lick his jism from her cheeks and her gumdrop-sized nipples. “I guess we both needed that,” she purred.

“I obviously did,” said Matt, when he was sure he could speak. “Now what do you need?”

“I need to get off this train at the next stop,” she said, “find a hotel room, have a shower, then have you fuck my brains out. Then maybe we could break for dinner, which would give us time for one more fuck before I have to go home. How about you?”

* * *

The train pulled in two hours late, but they made up for it by combining the shower and foreplay. Matt had intended to let Gloria finish washing, but the sight of her lathering up her huge boobs was just too arousing. She’d noticed the new hard-on tenting his jeans, and began putting on a show for his benefit – playing with her tits, pulling on her nipples to get them hard, then turning around. He had a second to admire her back, and the way her magnificent mammaries were visible even from behind, before she’d bent over like an exotic dancer and looked at him from between her legs, giving him a superb almanbahis adres view of her neatly-trimmed pussy, succulent ass, and swaying tits. She’d parted her saturated swollen labia with two soapy fingers, letting him see inside… then turned around again, dropped to her knees, unzipped his fly, grabbed his cock, and gently pulled him towards the shower. She sucked him until he was rock-hard while he’d hastily finished undressing, and a few seconds later they were standing in the bathtub together, rubbing their hands all over each other’s bodies. “You’re seriously into boobs, aren’t you, Matt?” she said, as he fondled hers as though trying to guess their weight.

“Do you mind?” He delicately kissed the swollen nipples, teasing them, barely touching them with his feverish lips, then circling them repeatedly with his tongue. The hard nips tightened and crinkled even more as he licked them, and Gloria reached down to stroke his head and push more of her jugg into his mouth. He was barely able to get his lips around her enormous aureoles, but he had fun trying, and soon he was chewing on her swollen teats, gently but greedily, while Gloria fondled his cock and balls.

“No, just as long as you don’t forget the rest of me,” she said. “Do you want to go to bed? We’d be more comfortable. Last one there gets on top!” She stepped out of the shower, and ran towards the bedroom. Matt caught up with her a few seconds later, and grabbed for her; she responded by throwing him expertly onto the bed and leaping on top of him, her pussy hovering over his face.

“Judo?” he asked, as she licked the pre-cum from his cock.

“Jujutsu,” she said. “A girl can’t be too careful nowadays.” She deep-throated him for a few minutes while he licked her pouting pussy-lips, parting them with his tongue. Sweet juice trickled down as his tongue traveled down to her clit, and Gloria moaned around his cock. He slid two fingers into her wet slit and frigged her, feeling for her G-spot. A gasp a few seconds later told him that he’d found it. She stopped sucking his cock, and just lay on top of him for a few minutes while he made her cum, then whispered “Do you want to fuck now?” Without waiting for an answer, she reached for her handbag and fumbled for a condom. “Like I said, a girl can’t be too careful.” She sucked his balls while rolling the condom, and then positioned herself on top of him. She lifted her left boob to her mouth, and sucked on the nipple, then whispered, “Do you want to sit up a little?”

“Okay.” He reached out for her, and she leaned forward and dangled her knockers in front of his face, the nipples less than an inch from his lips. He sucked as much of her jugg into his mouth as he could while she sucked his swollen cock into her hot pussy, and they settled into a rhythm as though they’d been partners at this particular dance for many years. She shrieked with pleasure as his thrusting rod hit her G-spot, and held tight while she rode him, almost smothering him with her boobs. Orgasm after orgasm hit her, and every time she came, her pussy clamped tighter on his cock; Matt found himself holding off from cumming, prolonging the fuck to give her more and more pleasure. Finally, she gasped hoarsely, “If we don’t stop this soon, I’m going to pass out. Can you get on top? I need to breathe.”

Matt, more than a little oxygen-starved himself, nodded; they slid down the bed and rolled over, eventually managing to re-arrange themselves into a missionary position. almanbahis adres He supported his weight on his hands so he could watch her knockers swaying and rolling as he fucked her gently, then, as he felt his own orgasm approach, he pulled out, stripped off the condom, and moved up her body until his cock was resting between her shuddering udders. Gloria looked down in surprise, then she squeezed her boobs around his dick. A few seconds of thrusting into that soft, silky valley was enough to send him over the edge; he began spurting semen over her face and her chest. She opened her mouth wide and stuck her tongue out to catch what she could, then rubbed his cum onto her nipples with her fingers while she licked the last drops from the eye of his cock.

“That was wonderful,” she said a few hours and another fuck later, as she walked around the room, picking up her clothes. “Can you call me a cab?”

“You live near here?”

“Pretty near,” she said, warily.

“I’ll be in town for a few more days…” he said. He knew he couldn’t afford to stay in this motel for more than two or three nights without blowing his budget, but she was worth it. Of course, if he could stay at her place, that would leave him more spending money…

Gloria shrugged as she fastened her bra, locking her treasures away. “Good. It’s a great city.”

“Can I see you again?”

She looked at him cautiously, then shook her head. “Sorry, kid. I only do this sort of thing when I’m on vacation.”

“You’re married?”

“What? No, I just work weird hours, and I don’t have time for relationships.” She walked over to the bed, sat down, and kissed him. “You’re a nice kid, I love your accent, and it’s been great bonking you – that’s what you say in England, isn’t it? – but we’d better leave it at that. If I were you, I’d check into one of the youth hostels, meet some girls your own age. Okay?”

He didn’t try to hide his disappointment. “Okay.”

* * *

He ate dinner at a restaurant in Chinatown, then returned to the motel and watched TV until he fell asleep. He woke the next morning in a bed that still smelled of dynamite sex, and after checking out of the motel and into a hostel, he headed for the strip shows on Market Street. He picked the show which had the biggest-busted woman on the poster outside, paid his money, and sat by the catwalk. He watched a few dancers strutting their stuff for a few songs, and sipped at his drink. The women were attractive, some petite and perky, some buffed and buxom, but none of them were as awe-inspiring as Gloria had been. A song ended, and a new woman danced on, her big breasts shaking enough to make him look up. He stared at them like a rabbit hypnotized by a car’s headlights, wondering whether they were as large as Gloria’s. Probably, he decided, though with her nipples not erect, it was hard to tell. He reached for his wallet as she hunkered down in front of him, and managed – with difficulty – to look up into her face. “Gloria!” he gasped.

The woman blinked, then burst out laughing. “Matt?”

“You didn’t say you worked here!”

“I didn’t think you’d approve,” she said softly, removing her top. He glanced at her nipples, noticing that they were beginning to swell. She looked at them too, blushed slightly, then bent her head and licked them as though it were just part of her act.

He grinned. “Just because I’m English doesn’t mean I’m stuffy. Can I buy you a drink?”

“Sure, when I’ve finished my set. Or we can go for a coffee when I get off… if you can wait.” She licked her nipples again, and he felt his cock stiffen.

“I can wait,” he said, with some difficulty, then laughed. “We English are known for our Patience.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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